but that joke has already been done

there are two types of kuro fans when it comes to watching the book of atlantic:

one half of the fandom: oh noes! precious sebas-chan is going to get hurt! omg I’m literally gonna cry at that part! omg!!!!1111111

other half of the fandom: YEAH KICK HIS ASS UNDERTAKER FUCK HIM UP

Each Type Doing Homework

Due tomorrow? Do tomorrow - ESFJ, ENFJ


Teacher says: ‘’please take out your homework’’… *HOLY SH*T. WAS THERE HOMEWORK?!* - INFP, INTP

Spends 2 hours on youtube - Does one fifth of the homework - Spends 2 hours on youtube - Does on fifth of the homework - Spends 2 hours on youtube - Does one fifth…. ‘’HOLY SHIT ITS ALREADY 2AM’’ - ISFP, ISTP

Ok……LETS GET THIS HOMEWORK DONE!!!  *6 hours of intensity later*……. DONE! :) - INFJ, ISFJ

*Is at a party* ‘’OMFG HOLY SHIT, DID I HAVE HOMEWORK?! nah, probably not’’ :) (has an essay that hasn’t been started due tomorrow) - ESFP, ESTP

Gets… The… Homework…. DOOOONEEEE!!!!!!!!! - INTJ, ISTJ, ENTJ, ESTJ

excuse me for going off on a tangent here

but here’s something I’ve been thinking about a lot lately:

being a new (or at least somewhat recent fan) to Homestuck can be such a strange and confusing experience, especially when it comes to the fandom? like the fandom is its own massive living, breathing entity in a way. it has a solid 7 years of inside jokes, theories, AUs, popular fan content, cliques & clubs, established and built-upon fanon, and of course, heavily debated Discourse™ that would take months to scratch the surface of if you’re unfamiliar with it.

for someone unexperienced who was never there for that, who comes in all fresh and unknowing of the lurking behemoth that is The Fandom Of Years Past, it’s overwhelming and kind of intimidating to just jump right into it. you never know if some headcanon you thought up will accidentally step on the toes of established fans. if some idea you have has already been done countless times before by much more skilled people. if something you say or do out of ignorance will be perceived as a microagression you will never step out of because you just truly didn’t have a clue

even for me— someone who’s been in this fandom for about a year now— I still learn new facts, or see popular content for the first time, or read about a hotly debated topic I’d never considered, on a near daily basis. I worry a lot about whether or not I’ve unthinkingly pissed someone off with my lack of knowledge, or rehashed a stale and unoriginal idea that older fans are already bored of seeing. I can only imagine I’m not alone in that either

I don’t think there’s any way to accurately or properly encapsulate the experience or knowledge of the older fandom for newer fans, but I really wish there was.

anonymous asked:

I don't get it. Yang spent most of her time taking care of Ruby and being the Mom figure in the Rose-Xiao Long household. How come most fans see Yang as the wild type of teenager before her Beacon days? She's always depicted as the young carefree party flirty drunkard horny teenage girl. Something's not right here. Care to enlighten me?

because she’s blonde and shows off her cleavage and she was introduced putting on a flirty act to get information from a criminal information broker and a lot of people didn’t get that it was an act - so she’s dismissed as a promiscuous idiot who goes out drinking (when i mean, growing up in an environment with a depressed alcoholic and… god whatever was going on with Tai for god knows how long, that’d probably turn a lot of people off the drink for life), doesn’t do well or pay attention in class and makes stupid jokes that are often inappropriate and most of the time at someone elses expense

and then they turned around and acted offended when Emerald called her a bimbo

but essentially, it’s the very thing the opening of the Yellow trailer told people not to do, which was to make assumptions based on the surface Yang presents, which everyone ignored, presumably because boobs

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