but that isn't the point of the character

  • Bi character is only stated to be bi by the creators outside of the canon source: "That doesn't count at all, they should have at least mentioned it in the source material!"
  • Bi character is said to be bi within the source material: "That doesn't count, because it was only mentioned!"
  • Bi character's sexuality is an important part of their character: "Here we go again with the thinking mlm and wlw's lives revolve around their sexualities, ugh!"
  • Bi character has a love interest of the opposite gender: "So they're basically straight, the creators just want Woke Points™."
  • Bi character has a love interest of the same gender: "So they're basically gay, like nice try but bi people are still underrepresented and this isn't representation."
  • Bi character has more than one love interest: "Classic stereotyping bi people as promiscuous, god!"
  • Bi character literally exists in media at all: "This is somehow bad and problematic!!"
Reblog if you think Bucky isn't a useless character!!

My brothers are literally telling me right now, as I type this, that Bucky is a useless character and that he needed a whole movie to “just be saved.” (like homie, what? )help me prove a point to them and reblog if you think that Bucky is not a useless character!!

podcasts wot i listen to

this is a rec list of sorts

okay, so, in the order i listened to them:

  1. welcome to night vale - everyone and their mother has heard of wtnv, it’s the first podcast most people listen to, and it is deserving of that fame! funny, creepy, weird, and great on representation, it is an exceedingly well written and thought out podcast. in case, for some inexplicable reason, you haven’t heard people banging on about it enough, it is in the format of a local radio show in the small desert town of night vale, where every conspiracy theory you’ve ever heard is true.
  2. the orbiting human circus (of the air) - ngl, this is my comfort podcast. it is the nicest sounding thing i’ve ever listened to. the way voices and music blend together creates a plethora of delights for the ears. the story of the first season follows julian, janitor of the eiffel tower, and tells weird and wonderful stories that are pure magic. the second season is a different story, but is just as beautiful.
  3. within the wires - the format for this one is so. clever. it had me hooked from the beginning to the end, and the writing and the way the story unfolds is genius. it is quite unsettling, but in a good way if that makes any sense. it is told in the format of relaxation cassettes addressed to you, the listener, in a medical facility.
  4. alice isn’t dead - okay, so, i’m not really a horror person, but alice isn’t dead is too good for that to matter. it features absolutely stellar acting from jasika nicole, and brilliant writing from joseph fink. it follows a truck driver as she journeys across america to find her missing wife, and encounters strange and horrific things along the way. 
  5. wolf 359 - this was my first non-night vale presents podcast, and boy did i like it! the characters are endearing and complex, the pacing of the story is perfection itself, and the soundtrack! hoo man, the soundtrack is awesome. the podcast follows the uss hephaestus station in orbit around the dwarf star wolf 359, and features crew antics, strange happenings, and feels.
  6. wooden overcoats - i have to be honest here, i love podcasts, but the us-centric nature of them made it really nice to find one made in the uk. as an english person, wooden overcoats was a refreshing touch of home. plus, it is very funny. it follows rudyard and antigone funn, funeral directors on the channel island of piffling, as they deal with the arrival of eric chapman, a new opposition to their monopoly on funerals.
  7. eos 10 - i love this podcast. i love it so much i can barely formulate words. it is funny, and heartwarming at times, with characters that i just want to bundle up and hug. it is about life in the medical section of space base eos 10, and details how the main characters deal with medical emergencies, addiction, deposed alien princes, and (alleged) terrorists.
  8. the penumbra podcast - another favourite! it has a great format, alternating stories about juno steel, a non-binary, bisexual, PI on mars, with other stories set in different locations, including but not limited to lesbian bandits in the old west and a disabled knight in a high fantasy setting. every episode is consistently stunning, and i guarantee you will fall head over heels for the characters.
  9. the bright sessions - you may have heard this summary before, but ‘superheroes go to therapy’ sums it up accurately. to be more precise, it follows the practice of dr joan bright, who provides ‘therapy for the strange and unusual’. the superheroes are known as ‘atypicals’ and the episodes detail how their powers affect their lives. it tackles themes of isolation, involuntary testing, ptsd, the difficulties of being a teenager and many others. the characters and acting are awesome!
  10. inkwyrm - this is an amateur podcast written and produced by high schoolers, and it. is. so. professional. the team have gone above and beyond to create an awesome podcast, with great characters! the voice-acting is really good and they’re great on lgbt+ representation. it follows the crew of inkwyrm magazine, an intergalactic fashion publication produced from a space station.
  11. marscorp - this is another one for my sorry english ass. the humour is very good, i have laughed out loud in several places! the setting is on point and i love the characters. (please, can i hug david knight?) it follows e.l. hobb, who is woken 400 years late from suspended animation and now has a degraded, sloppy first attempt at colonising mars to get into shape.
  12. alba salix, royal physician - so i only started this one today, but i’m loving it! i’m two episodes in and already know that the characters and worldbuilding are great. it’s clear the writers know their fantasy, as it effortlessly pokes fun at tropes of the genre. it’s laugh-out-loud funny and i can’t wait to listen to more. the podcast follows alba salix, physician to the king and queen as she deals with a helpful-to-the-point-of-annoyance fairy assistant and an apprentice who just wants to learn dark magic.
Proof That Jughead is Aromantic - Masterpost

*so we know he’s asexual in canon. but he could still feel romantic attraction!!1!1

what’s this? a screenshot from the writer’s twitter??? doesn’t prove anything. that’s just one comic. i’ll put an asterisk next to the comics by this guy to prove he’s the only one writing Juggie as aro.

i’m not convinced. that’s pretty open to interpretation; he’s probably interested

well… maybe that could mean he’s aro?

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being part of a fandom gets a lot easier once you realise there’s more than one way to interpret a character

The types of ship-haters you will encounter in any fandom:
  • Type 1: Chooses to ignore the romantic tension and will classify the relationship as “brother-sister”. May not actually have a sibling if they are this type.
  • Type 2: Disapproves of the white, female character getting together with the man of color, no matter how decent of a person they are. Doesn't like being called racist but may intentionally or unintentionally say something racist to make their point.
  • Type 2a: also works in reverse. However, the people who don't like women of color getting together with the lead white guy are much more vocal than the typical type-2 people.
  • Type 3: Will argue that straight pairings suck and will make arguments that (insert female character x insert female character) or (insert male character x insert male character) have better chemistry.
  • Type 4: shipped one of the less popular ships on the show. They are typically nice people since even though their ship isn't happening, they knew what they were getting into.
  • Type 5: "Did the writers have to put the (insert female character) in a relationship? Why couldn't she be a strong, independent woman?"
  • Type 6: "This ship is TOXIC AF. Here, read my dissertation on why this character and this character should not be together".
  • Type 7: Will argue that the chemistry and romance are forced and the writers suck for forcing this upon us.
  • Type 8: Will argue that one of the characters in the ship is boring. This usually means the character is decent, is not a complete mess, and is actually a good fit for the other person in the ship. Will also argue that the angsty, unstable, dangerous character is "exciting" and "fun".
  • Type 9: Will ignore the canon ship because for some fucking reason, they think the main villain has better chemistry with the lead female / male character. Even if they're presented with facts that the lead character HATES the villain, they will still dismiss the canon ship in favor of their bizarre crackship. Will also make excuses for the villain's behavior.
  • Type 9a: To add to the previous point, it doesn't have to be the villain. As long as they're unstable and dangerous...and a cis, straight white male.
  • Type 10: "I don't care if it's based on a comic book / book / video game / insert other medium, I still don't like it and I think the adaptation should make some changes."
  • Type 11: Will argue about the age difference, which is typically not a problem unless it's like a 20-year gap.
  • Type 12: Will voice their displeasure through memes.
  • Type 13: Will voice their displeasure through gifsets / photos / fanarts / manips
  • Type 14: Will voice their displeasure through really aggressive fanfics.
  • Type 15: The Newcomer ("Hey, I'm new to this fandom but I really hope this character and this character don't end up together. Maybe my opinion might change in the next few episodes / chapters"). By default, these people either turn into shippers or remain as haters.
An Open Letter to People Who Say "This character isn't autistic," "Stop trying to take the character away from us," "They're just quirky," "Stop projecting onto the character," etc,.

Hi, as an actually autistic person, saying these things doesn’t automatically make them not autistic. The thing is, us autistic people have a point of view that allistics and NTs lack; we see those traits in other characters because we see them in ourselves.

And so what if it’s projecting? Let’s not forget about the other characters NTs and allistics project onto. People do that all the damn time and it’s totally fine. People have headcanoned Hermione Granger as a woman of color and now it’s almost a universally-accepted headcanon. But it used to have opposition. That’s how many great things start out.

Believe me, I didn’t used to think Luna Lovegood was autistic, but I had no idea we could headcanon characters as autistic. But when @silly-autistic-luna pointed it out (and I hope you don’t mind me tagging you in this), it started to make sense to me. Luna had officially become my favorite Harry Potter character before I found out about the headcanon and I even related a lot to her, but all I knew was that we were both outcasts. The possibility of her being autistic hadn’t even occur to me. So when I found out, how did I react? I said “Huh. I never thought about that.” But she was still my favorite character, even after that. In fact she became even more of my favorite character and I started to realize I kinda was Luna.

To say that a character is just quirky is saying “this character can’t be autistic because they’re loveable and their quirks make them loveable. Autism is a bad thing and should be treated as such, therefore we don’t want it anywhere near our precious angel.”

Aka, you’re ableist.

As for taking the character away? Autistic people are a minority. Even with the increasing statistics, much of the world is still allistic or neurotypical. There are billions of neurotypical characters in media and only a small handful of canonically autistic characters, especially for us women. By saying that a character CAN’T, under any circumstances, be autistic, that’s saying “we don’t care about your happiness or your need to feel comfortable in society like we do, so we’re going to deny you the right to relate to fictional characters even though we do it all of the time.”

Who’s REALLY taking the character away from who?

And if I’m still not getting to you, try this. Think of your most favorite character. The one you say you’d love no matter what. Now imagine that they ARE autistic. Would you still love them as they are? If not, you need to rethink your love for the character.

Especially if it’s Luna Lovegood. If Luna were to find out a favorite character of hers was autistic, she would still embrace it. She wouldn’t shy away from it. Her character embraces those differences whole-heartedly. If you say you love Luna Lovegood, but would question or deny your love for her if she was canonically autistic, you miss everything the character stands for and need to rethink your perspective.

-Savage/Informative Luna


  • His father beat him his entire life. He was never good enough and a constant disappointment to a man who never hesitated to raise his hand to Tyler if he did something he didn’t like.
  • Said father died before ever giving Tyler his approval.
  • He formed a close attachment to his Uncle Mason who was later murdered for no reason, other than the fact Damon didn’t like him and/or to spite Katherine.
  • He then had to continue having close conversations, fighting alongside and/or helping the people who murdered his uncle.
  • He found out he was a werewolf and was forced to make the turn after his own best friend, the one person he trusted most in the world, tried to kill him.
  • Not only did he have to deal with the change, he also had to live with the guilt of Sarah’s death.
  • He was manipulated and played by other werewolves, who had him distrusting everyone he thought he knew.
  • He was then forced to turn into Klaus’ first successful hybrid, evoking the sire bond that ruined his life.
  • He turned to and fell in love with the beautiful Caroline Forbes. So in love that when Klaus forced him to bite her against her will, he left Mystic Falls in an attempt to break the sire bond.
  • He broke every single bone in his body over and over again in an attempt to break the sire bond.
  • His body was taken over by Klaus.
  • He was willing to let everyone kill Klaus despite knowing he could die too because of the sire line.
  • He tried to help others break the sire bond. Their freedom was so important to him that he was willing to have himself placed in concrete with Klaus inside him, just to give them all a chance to run and/or find a more permanent solution.
  • His attempt to help his fellow wolves resulted in the murder of his mom, the only remaining family member he had left. This also led him to be betrayed by someone he thought he could trust; Hayley.
  • He was forced to go on the run for months out of fear Klaus would kill him if he ever returned home.
  • He gave Matt Donovan his freaking mansion because he wanted his human friend to be safe from vampires while he was gone.
  • He risked his life to come back for Caroline’s prom.
  • He risked his life again to return for Bonnie’s funeral.
  • The woman he loved then slept with the man who murdered his mother.
  • It was him who helped everyone realise Katherine was inside Elena’s body.
  • His body was possessed again, this time by a Traveler. He fought against this possession with a strength so strong, he was able to take back control long enough to warn his friends. This possession later killed him.
  • He spent months trapped on the Other Side alone.
  • His childhood friend, Bonnie, had to sacrifice herself in order to bring him back to life.
  • He had a chance to be human again and fought valiantly to remain so.
  • He wouldn’t become a deputy because he ran the risk of triggering the werewolf gene again.
  • He then had to kill his dying girlfriend to trigger the curse for a second time, becoming a werewolf again.
  • He left Mystic Falls and joined the Armory in the hopes of doing good with his life.
  • He was put in a coma by Damon for no justifiable reason. 
  • He survived this coma and was then murdered for nothing more than a plot line that went nowhere because Elena didn’t even mention Tyler’s death when she woke up. He was murdered because Julie Plec was lazy and clearly had no idea what to do with the final season. He was murdered and no one mentioned it again, apart from in The Originals and that was just because they want some bone.
  • Tyler died believing his face would serve as a reminder for of the moment Damon gave up. That he would be the one person Damon would never forget killing, but lol. His murder was never, ever mentioned again apart from a brief flash in Damon’s mind.
  • He left all his research to Matt, knowing his friend would continue the good work he’d been doing. It was this same research that helped them against the Sirens.
  • Tyler now spends his afterlife watching over Matt Donovan.

thatgeekgirlinthenerdcorner  asked:

Don't think that your art isn't perfect. Yeah, as years could go by your art style may change, but that's a different story. Your art is amazing and wonderful to look at. You are a GREAT artist. Not many people could do the things you do. You know how to do full body, and any pose you put your characters in seems to be flawless. And don't get me started on your coloring skills. I will fangirl as I go on about the colors. Point is your art is amazing. You are amazing. So don't be scared to show -

……You make me blush/// ///
I just not always self-confidence,I think this is part of my personality

it is not easy to change,but Thank you for everything!!

anonymous asked:

I died a bit when in The Bedroom Scene, Lance took a step back when Keith said he should stop worrying about who flies what and focus on his missions. Like keith my boy I know you are trying to be A Leader here but could you miss the point by another mile? don't blame him though, it isn't exactly his forte to do it.

that scene was very in character and wasn’t meant to solve all of lance’s issues right then and there (lance has been said to have a show spanning arc, after all) because keith doesn’t even know the extent of lance’s insecurities in the first place, since he’s never explained the root of them to anyone, really. we, as viewers, know the extent of it… but no one on the team does. i feel like people forget that tbh… because i’ve seen people shitting on the team, especially keith, for teasing lance and not getting the fact that he deals with a lot of self worth issues. but the thing is, i’ve been over this in previous posts but… they don’t know their teasing is affecting him because of that confident exterior he puts up. they don’t know about his self worth issues because he talks himself up all the time when he’s around people. friends tease each other and that is common knowledge, they are not doing it to be malicious. you can tell for them, it’s all in good fun… we know everyone cares about lance, values him and trusts his abilities… and even though lance most likely knows they aren’t teasing him to intentionally hurt his feelings, it definitely still gets to him… which is why he really really needs to actually talk about this in depth with someone.

we can’t blame the team for not picking up on it because lance masks it extremely well… and we can’t blame keith for not realizing the deeper meaning behind the whole conversation lance had with him in his room. as i’ve already talked about in previous responses and as we all already know, keith is a loner and is shown to not be good at social interaction, comforting people or picking up on things. basically, he’s not that good with stuff that involves other people, in general, because of his lone wolf nature, his past and how closed off he usually is. like you said, it isn’t his forte. so, of course keith misunderstood… of course he didn’t pick up on it… first, because lance hasn’t really let his insecurities show until now, but even in this scene… lance doesn’t explicitly explain why exactly he’s feeling this way. lance knows keith is not good at this stuff because lance, himself, is good at this stuff… because it has been made a point in the show to show us how lance is very helpful to keith when he doesn’t understand things. lance knows keith did not get the point and that is why he did walk away from this interaction feeling a bit better than he did beforehand. he knows that, even though it was poorly executed, keith was trying to reassure him. he knows he was trying to cheer him up when he said “and lance, leave the math to pidge” and that is why he genuinely smiled back at him… 

this scene played out exactly how it should have given how these two are individually, and how their relationship is, at this point in the show. it would have been out of character for lance to voice the full extent and reasons behind his insecurities right away, i think… since lance does seem to try very hard to keep up his confident, happy-go-lucky exterior around others. the progress he has made with starting to somewhat talk about it is realistic and in character. it would have been extremely out of character for keith to be able to pick up on the deeper reason behind lance being worried about being left out… and it would have been extremely out of character if he was able to comfort lance better and reassure him better with words alone, because at this point… keith still isn’t that good at this, especially with words, but he tried and it helped a bit. he then proceeded to give up piloting red after saying “shiro” could pilot black, just so lance didn’t have to be left out and not have a lion. those two scenes are obviously meant to tie in with each other. keith took what lance came to him about to heart and that is a big and important step for keith and his character. it didn’t end up mattering because “shiro” was denied by black, but still. we were able to see that keith was trying to make sure that lance’s worries were not realized.

some people are saying that keith unintentionally made lance’s insecurities worse and lance left his room feeling worse than before… but i don’t think that’s the case… because like i said, lance knows that keith isn’t good at this stuff and he knows he was trying his best. this didn’t resolve his insecurities, but it didn’t make them worse either. they’re going to get worse because lance keeps bottling them up, not because of this interaction. lance left keith’s room genuinely feeling at least a little better, the smile on his face was genuine. the new light in which lance was viewing keith was genuine and special… this interaction opens the way for them to have a BETTER, more personal interaction like this in the future… it’s a stepping stone on the path to them opening up to each other more, understanding each other better… with lance actually explaining his insecurities in full to keith. once keith actually understands, he will be able to help more, i think… because he knows that lance is very skilled. keith knows lance is important and brings something to the team that no one else does. not to mention, lance is now the next person after shiro… that hasn’t given up on keith. he has stuck by his side and had his back basically all of season 3 and that is undeniably very important to keith. lance has become very important to him. keith even opened up and acknowledged his mistakes with lance. he never does that. he was extremely vulnerable in that situation and he sounded absolutely wrecked… that whole scene was just… very symbolic, beautiful and intimate. lance was able to bring him back up and get him back on track. i know lance has become extremely dear to keith, someone he now relies on and looks to in times of need. so, once he actually knows about the core of lance’s insecurities… i am certain he’s going to be there for him and reassure him about his importance on the team the best he can.

LGBT+ Fiction Rec

I thought it would be a good idea to put together a list of lgbt+ fiction and stuff I have found. This list is far from complete and there are plenty more out there, these are just a few of some I enjoy. Feel free to add some of your own.

*Most of these are centered around gay guys. Unfortunately, I haven’t been able to find many lesbian centered works.

  • Welcome to Night Vale (podcast/book)
    • Imagine a town where every conspiracy theory is true. That's Night Vale. Radio host Cecil Palmer reports on the weird happenings in this small desert town and falls in love with a scientist named Carlos (and his perfect hair). There are five-headed dragons running for mayor, dogs that are literally Satan, mystic beings named Erika (who are definitely not angels), civilizations underneath bowling alleys, and so much more. There is a really diverse cast of characters and several lgbt+ characters (besides the main two). It has some horror elements but it’s more science fiction.
  • Yuri!!! On Ice (television show)
    • Japanese figure skater, Katsuki Yuri, comes in last place at the Grand Prix Final and returns home defeated. After a video uploaded of him skating to his idol Viktor Nikiforov’s (a Russian skater with 5 Grand Prix gold medals and considered to be the best out there) routine goes viral, Viktor himself shows up at Yuri’s place and becomes his coach. With Viktor’s help, Yuri attempts to win gold at the next Grand Prix Final and they both sort of fall in love along the way. Features a pretty diverse cast and doesn’t play into stereotypes. It’s considered to be in the sports genre but it has some romance moments in it.
  • Always Raining Here (webcomic)
    • Carter wants to get laid. Adrian is heartbroken. After Carter fails to get Adrian to have sex with him, the two end up becoming friends and have misadventures together. This is one of the cutest and most pure relationships I’ve seen (even though one of the very first things Carter says to Adrian is “We should bang”). There is some slight sexual content but nothing too major.
  • Check Please! (webcomic)
    • Eric Bittle joins the Samwell Men’s Hockey team but quickly realizes that this is way more intense than his Georgia hockey team and the team captain Jack Zimmermann isn’t making things any easier for him. There are lots of pies and you’ll end up learning about hockey. Lots of healthy relationships and does a wonderful job at portraying characters with mental illnesses. They’re also good friends with the Yuri!!! On Ice fandom.
  • Alice Isn’t Dead (podcast)
    • By the makers of Welcome to Night Vale, a woman becomes a truck driver in order to find her wife, Alice, who has been considered dead (she isn’t look at the title). She encounters a not-quite-human serial murder and ends up being chased by him wherever she goes. She learns more and more about her wife and finds out things better left unknown. Another wonderful portrayal of mental illnesses. It’s much darker and scarier than Welcome to Night Vale and I would not recommend listening to it at night.
  • Knight’s Errant (webcomic)
    • Wilfred is on a quest. However, being imprisoned in a city under siege puts a halt on their quest. Fortunately, they have a prison guard on their side. This one is different from the others since the main character so far isn’t in a relationship of any sorts (and doesn’t show to be in one anytime soon). There is a side relationship that will make your heart melt and Wilfrid is just a really likable character (they also don’t have a confirmed gender yet. It’s pretty likely they’re non-binary though). Also despite being set in a medieval European town it does feature some pocs which is nice.
  • Requiem of the Rose King  (manga)
    • The previous ones have featured very healthy and loving relationships but this one is a bit different. It focuses on Richard the third of York who is intersex in this case. This causes some really messed up and really confusing love triangles. There is some incest (not very large at least for now) in it and large age differences so if that bothers you then I would advise against this. Despite all this Richard is in a pretty cute relationship but it’s pretty tragic at the same time. If you want happy gays stay away from this. Also features gore and violence.
  • 19 Days (manga)
    • The adventures of Jian Yi and his best friend Zhan Xixi. This one is another cute one. Their relationship goes at a believable pace (but sometimes it feels like it’s taking forever) and there is a pair of very lovable side characters to go with it. Some sadness but nothing life ruining at this point.

ron weasley is so important

we need characters who have doubts and don’t always hide them. we need characters who are embarrassed, we need characters who have a bit of prejudice, and we need characters who can be selfish, because it actually gives them someplace to grow. it makes writing them important, because they are natural people.

ron weasley is everything we need, because in all his flaws, he matures, and he’s loyal, and he owns up to his mistakes. it’s important for readers to know that it takes time and effort to get to that point. recently i’ve been noticing this thing on tumblr where a naturally flawed person or character is completely disregarded and attacked, and i get it. we want to correct things, but ron weasley is the perfect example of being – well – normal, and actually transforming into a better person. he’s the prime example of the “problematic fave” because he’s awesome, and has flaws. but the thing is, that itself is normal, and we can’t treat it like the plague.

ron doesn’t refuse to change, and he doesn’t want to hurt people, but in his youth and jealousy, he can’t really help the way he acts all the time. and that’s completely okay, because what matters is that he actually tries to get there. but it lets readers who are familiar with “problematic traits” feel some sort of comfort, because things like jealousy and embarrassment can’t just disappear because someone tells you you need to get better.

i think this was already clear in the books, and i know we all praise book ron because he’s witty and a great friend, but it’s also really important to not only acknowledge his flaws, but accept and embrace them. because it’s cool to see someone like ron, who went from belittling house elves to wanting to make sure they were safe for example, actually go from point ‘a’ to point ‘b’

so seriously PLEASE REMEMBER RON’S FLAWS. don’t just attack a character because they have undesirable traits because lots of us can relate to ron, and he’s a huge source of inspiration and admiration. he shows us it’s possible to not be the “scum of the earth” just because we have resentment and doubts and insecurities

  • Rin: Haru and I are the main characters, so that means that we are the love interests!
  • Rei: So what does that make us?
  • Rin: *points at Rei, Nagisa, Makoto, Nitori and Sousuke* You boys are the homosexual supporting cast!
  • Hub: nooo!! We can't make Knock Out and Breakdown gay bc there's kids watching this ;;!! Besides this show isn't focused on relationships!!//except maybe Arcee and Cliffjumper BUT THAT'S BESIDES THE POINT!! CYBERTRONIANS DON't HAVE A SEXUALITY!!
  • Cartoon Network: I mean we already have a show about space rock lesbians so?? Fuck it. Here's a character that's probably definitely their kid. Go 'Wild'
  • What she says: I'm fine
  • What she means: People interpreting On My Own as an unrequited love song are completely missing the point of the entire song, not to mention Eponine's character. Why do they do this why must I see this all the time? The point of the song is flat out her saying that she's not in love with Marius at all, but rather the IDEA of being with Marius ffs. It has nothing to do with unrequited love. She's basically saying "I have nothing to live for and I'm lonely af so it looks like my fantasies are the only thing keeping me alive at this point." Eponine is in no way a simple victim of unrequited love, she's a victim of shitty circumstances and abuse who feels like NO ONE loves her and when this guy was nice to her she attached herself to him despite not ACTUALLY being in love with him at all. Fuck unrequited love, the love was never there, and THAT is what makes Eponine such a tragic character.

This panel means so much to me

They’re talking about Drift and Rodimus, and in a lot of media, this would have been a “joke” where the punchline was basically “our main characters, gay? ha! what a ridiculous thought!”

But there are tons of same-gender couples in the comic, even among the main characters, and that changes things. The typical homophobic punchline doesn’t work, because the idea that Rodimus and Drift could be a couple isn’t ridiculous. This panel could even be foreshadowing! Lug is wrong, but it was a reasonable conclusion to come to, and the narrative treats it as such. And speaking as a bi woman, that is just…really, really nice to see.

ok. wow.

let me just start by saying: deh deserved everything they just won. they really, really did. i know there’s a lot of haters out there, but honestly, this show has changed so many lives, including mine.

i’m so, so proud of the whole cast and crew for coming so far. i love each and every one of them, and i hope they know how much they mean to us. the music is gorgeous. the actors are amazing. the message is so important, and it resonates with high schoolers everywhere.

dear evan hansen made me feel like i could be found. because honestly? i feel like evan a lot of the time. a shit ton of anxiety, always feeling like i don’t fit anywhere, like i’ll never make a difference. and i think there are so many people who listen to this musical and relate to evan’s anxiety, jared’s insecurity, connor’s depression/anger issues, and alana’s high-functioning anxiety, and that’s why its so amazing. because its real. the characters are all so real, they’re all morally gray, and they’ve all got their own battles with mental illness to fight. and each and every mental illness was portrayed so perfectly. listening to it makes you feel like you matter, no matter what.

anyway, my point here is, i love this musical. you can hate deh all you want, but please don’t say they didn’t deserve to win. because oh my god, they did. <3

Tbh, I don’t understand why some people have to vilify an author when (s)he makes a point or states a fact about the world or characters THEY created, just because people don’t agree with that. Its their world, their characters. If you don’t agree, write fanfictions; that is what they’re for.

Cosplay progress update: I have obtained the wig for my Pantoran Jedi, and have refined the makeup to the point where it is ready for field testing. So far, both wig and makeup seem to hold up decently well during basic lightsaber combat activities, as this video demonstrates. I might change the wig styling a little after more combat testing, but I like how it swishes during Soresu spinny times.

imagine hating women so much that you can’t even handle a beautiful canon friendship between two female characters because you’re too threatened by the fact that they’re romantically shipped by the fandom