but that is going to change

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Yeah I noticed the change too but like the same thing happened to a girl in my class one day she legit looked completely different. So I think he just hit that point where just looks different.

but that still doesn’t explain why or how that kind of thing happens. I’m not the kind of person who can notice a drastic change in someone and just shrug it off like “eh it happens sometimes” because… that shouldn’t just happen. that’s not normal.

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Seeing you made me really hopeful. I'm a haafu who doesnt look Japanese at all and I get shit like that constantly.

aa rip us dude orz it sucks

Who you are today could be light years different than who you were a year ago, if people don’t recognize that, they’re probably stuck in the same ways they’ve always been in. And that my dear is when you run, if people don’t understand change and hurt and pain and growth, they don’t deserve the chance to understand you.
—  2017 lessons

no more apology texts. no more reckless highway speeding. no more scribbled poetry in the back of spanish class. there is nothing left to lose. there is nothing left for you.

you haven’t seen me since i dyed my hair and it’s nice to have something you didn’t get to ruin. i’m dressing different too and lipsticking my way out of the girl you tore apart. i can finally breathe easy. i can finally be grateful that i never really meant it when i kissed you.

look, it’s me without you. look, i’m doing just fine. look, goddamn it, i’m lighter than i’ve been in months. there are seven billion people on the planet. i don’t think you matter so much anymore.