but that is bad

Judith Mossman undergoing transformation from LOD values 0 through 6. LOD value 6 is the absolute lowest polygon version source will allow models to be rendered in on the default directx9 version of the game. By default all models in source games will be assigned higher and higher LOD values as they become farther away. 

If you would prefer that everything always appear in its LOD 0 value (the highest fidelity one), you can simply type r_lod -7 in console after enabling cheats. Inversely if you want to force the lowest quality model to appear type in r_lod 6.


Y’all listen to him say “Namaste” in that deep, sexy ass voice of his, I’m 100% going to hell right now but goddamn he’s worth it 🙊🙊🙊

Also like for a westerner he honestly did pretty good with the pronunciation 😍

I can’t believe we had to go through AoU, Dr. Strange, Ant-Man, BvS and Civil War for the past few years when we could have skipped all of them and jumped straight to all the amazing superhero movies 2017 has been giving us like

Starting from Lego Batman Movie to Logan to GOTG 2 to WW to Spiderman HC to Thor to Justice League ????? we have been so deprived and now we get to receive. Also Black Panther even though that’s next year. These are the movies I’m actually excited for they all were/look so good!!!!!