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in your opinion, is solas a cat or a dog person? :)

Is it weird that I go both ways with this?

He’s the Dread Wolf, so obviously it would make sense that he’s a dog person, right? He obviously likes wolves enough to adopt them as his own personal symbol (even though someone else came up with the name, he still took it as his title)… so one could easily assume that he prefers canines. 

But then I keep picturing this:

I am far too attached to the idea of him going about his day, offering absent-minded head scritches from time to time or letting a cat curl up in his lap while he reads. I feel like his temperament would suit a cat.

All I can think about is how much I need Robron to hug.

Whether it’s tonight or Monday, I need them to hug.

Like just wrap their arms so tightly around each other they could each possibly burst.

I want them to squeeze each other so hard as if they never want to let go.

I want them to breathe each other in and realise there’s no way they could ever truly be apart.

I just want them to get swallowed up in each other, I want everything that has happened to scare the shit out of them and open their eyes to all of their issues and demons and I want them to realise that they will get through it, that they will do anything to get through it, that whatever happens, they will somehow get through it.

And I just want them to be completely wrapped up in their world and I want them to love each other even more than they already did, if that’s even possible, and I want them to cement it all with the tightest most desperate and loving hug they have ever shared.

And when they eventually let each other go, I want them to look each other in the eye and know that they will be okay, that as long as they’re together they are strong and united, and whatever they face they will face together.

I want Aaron to feel safe and I want Robert to feel strong and understanding and I want him to look after Aaron and I want Aaron to grow and be strong and accept and trust that Robert is not only his everything, but that he’s Robert’s everything too. I want that to be the moment he realises that nobody has ever or could ever come close.

And then in a few weeks time I want them to have the wedding they deserve.

overall i hope louis never forgets how extremely proud jay is of him and that he will always strive to do his absolute best in the same way jay did her absolute best in raising the most amazing kids and always being louis’ rock. i have no doubt louis will do everything in his power to show all he can do for jay and im so so so proud of him. i love you so much louis

He had hair of straw and
Fingers of ice and
Suitcases under his eyes to catch all his thoughts and
Cracked-glass eyes like he was off his rocker and
I always thought he made the sun shine
—  cracked glass // abby, day 155 // day 4 of @thesuburbanghosts’s weekly prompt january 16 - 22