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Loosely based on a scene from this fic. The fic itself isn’t exactly parental but the image of Roy struggling to get off the bed without waking Elicia is too adorable not to draw

anonymous asked:

Here, a nice but challenging ask for you. Top 10 favourite SH accounts?

Oh jeeze. I don’t like playing favourites but I’ll give this a go.

In no particular order:

- @amorverus
- @littleprincessshum
- @hwob
- @magnusandalexander
- @confidentalec
- @monstersunderyourbed
- @harryshmjr
- @f-f-f-fight
- @simonmagnus
- @matt-daddario

And because I feel awful at leaving people out:
@phildrawsfanart, @pastelbane, @dadario, @meliorn, @philipcarlyles, @maghnvsbane, @champagnemagnus, @jinglebanerock, @bi-leigh-bi, @downworlder-bane, @magnusearcuff, @magnusbaene, @mundanelion, @sunnyalec, @shadowrld, @softdario, @maialec, @maiarobertes, @maiaslightwood, @alecfancywood, @alec-magnvs, @izzybabewoods, @dimshums, @madzieloss, @hail-andfarewell, @highwarlockkareena, @lightwoodsiblingsx, @warlockragnors, @claryfightwood, @daddarios, @daddarimoo, @lightwoody, @banewest, @baneandgone, @itscuteust, @flirtymagnus, @aleclightbaene, @s-erendipitiness, @silaspanto, @maleccrazedauthor, @catchmyheart, @doddario, @shadwhxnters.

If I missed anyone out I’m sorry!