but that information is unnecessary

While i personally havent seen these, I have seen ones that are critical of laineys gender and I want to address that: we have enough of an argument without these aligations. This information is unnecessary and none of our business and neither will further our argument. We should just drop it. There is MUCH bigger shit to focus on. I’ve seen a couple of posts talking about laineys appearance as well and I think unless you’re talking explicitly about onisions connection to laineys changing appearance that shouldnt be discussed either. I do fully condone making fun of onisions ugly mug as he is openly mocking of others and deserves to know what that feels like amen and have a wonderful day

8 Things Successful Students Do

Hey everyone! A lovely man named Mike Strangstalien, MA, MFT, LPC, NCC decided to compile a list of 8 things successful people do. He has been working on this list since 1994 and continues to update this list as he does more research. I decided to share some of his amazing work here with you all by summarizing his main points. Enjoy and good luck!

1. They raise their hand in class.

Now, this may seem trivial and sometimes you’re left with the question, “How can I speak up in class if I don’t even know what I don’t know?”. However, its been proven that people who raise their hand and ask questions tend to do better. If you are unsure of a question to ask, a good technique is to go home and review the material and the next day at the beginning of class, ask your question. This not only gets you to actively participate in class, but you begin to think about the information you learned and are able to commit it to long term memory.

2. They establish routine and structure.

During the day you should try to complete your homework so that at night you can spend your time studying, reviewing and consolidating. Its been proven that studying something before bed can commit it to long term memory. Doing work at night when you’re tired can lead to poor performance and may not commit things to memory if its the first time you’re seeing the information. 

Also, try to go to bed BEFORE 1:30 am! Why is this important? Your serotonin is used up during the day (about 90%)  and is reassembled if you get to bed by 1:30. If you go to bed past 1:30 twice in a row, you miss your key opportunity to replace it and you’re left with only 10%! Do this again and you’re down to only 1%. This affects your concentration, focus, attention, motivation and memory. 

3. They go to office hours.

Those who go to office hours at least 8 times during the semester yield, on average, 0.5-1.2 grade points HIGHER than their non-attending counter parts. The main reason people don’t go to office hours is a fear of looking “dumb”. However, if you just admit to your professor or TA that you’re completely lost, they can help re-teach. Remember to be honest about your confusion because otherwise they may start their explanation off the assumption that you already know something and you’ll have wasted your time and your professor’s. This can be the difference between a C and an A! 

4. They prepare for each lecture.

Preparation for each lecture is essential. Begin by reviewing any information from the last lecture within 24 hours of first receiving this information, otherwise you lose valuable time to commit it to long term memory. Additionally, quick read assigned readings so that the lecture can consolidate what you read. After the lecture, spend about 5 minutes summarizing the major points and look up any vocabulary you didn’t recognize. This all compiles into the three-read principle. 1. Read the textbook (or other materials) beforehand. 2. Reread after the lecture and try to find the main points in the reading. 3. Reread a third time and write notes as though you plan to teach the information. This means simplifying and not writing down unnecessary information. 

5. They remain actively involved when learning, attending lecture, and while studying. 

I have a post about active studying techniques which you can find here. Active learning requires not only that you consciously try to pay attention, but also that you maintain your motivation to learn the material, the willingness to complete the tasks at hand needed to learn it, and saying to yourself, “I am excited to learn something new and I am thankful that I have the opportunity to do it”. Remember, there are kids in other countries literally dying for the right to an education. Your education is luxury, not a right. Additionally, every 15 minutes, stop and ask yourself, “how does this fit into the main idea,” and “what is it that I just read and how can I form study questions from it?”. 

6. They take responsibility for their learning.

Although your professor is there to provide you with the information, it is not their job to make sure you learn it. Often times students fail because they expect the professor to try hard to help them. This is a harmful way of thinking and it can lead to failed exams. Those who take responsibility will make sure they seek help when they need it and they will make sure they search for resources outside of what is provided. If you’re really struggling with a concept, try Kahn Academy, YouTube or asking a TA. Its up to you to earn the A, not your professor. Also, keep track of your own grades and assignments that you turn in. This way if you need to see someone for help, you’re not disadvantaged because you waited until the grades were updated online after you threw away graded papers. 

7. They understand the work load and are prepared to study 7 days a week.

Not everyone can study for hours on end every day. For this reason, those who are successful make sure they break down their studying into 25 minute intervals. Additionally, make sure you touch on this information every single day to keep your brain ready for the class when it comes time and you can avoid procrastination. You also need to be prepared for repeated exposure. This means reviewing the same material 3-7 times. This highly increases your likelihood to not only learn the information for exam, but not become guilty of the “pump-and-dump”. This is especially helpful for anyone pursuing medical school or graduate school. 

8. They have no use for negative self-talk and they are honest with themselves.

You cant commit things to memory if you feel down or you are angry with yourself! Those who are successful maintain the mentality of, “I know that hard work and commitment will lead to success,” and, “I am capable, intelligent, and worthy of excellent grades”. They also understand that any grade they receive is earned and not given. Additionally, they understand that even at the end of the day, if they get bad grades they know for a fact that they tried their hardest. Self-criticism can be more harmful than good. Never scold yourself for missing homework, doing bad on an exam, or being confused. Instead, search for ways to actually CHANGE your behavior. A change in you mentality may sound silly, but it may be the difference between having the motivation to study a little harder and laying in bed feeling bad about yourself. BE HONEST. If you are really struggling and going to office hours and studying isn't helping, drop your pride and try to find a tutor. If a tutor isn’t in the books for you due to financial situations, explain this to your professor and see if you can schedule more one-on-one time. 


A lot of us have difficulty when it comes to learning all types of new information. Especially when we’ve got other priorities to worry about. After much experimentation, I’ve found that the following tips helped me make the most of my time and also helped me plan much more fruitful study sessions!

- Designated Study Area.

A coffee shop, the library, a desk, or even your bed. Figure out where you are most comfortable studying - The right location provides comfort, no distractions and is quiet. Another factor to consider is timing. Are you a morning person, an evening person or a night person? Combine the time with the location and there’s your study area!

- The Key to Success is Time Management.

Plan your time using a simple schedule template, or make a simple to-do-list. The trick is to complete short tasks in a reasonable amount of time; like going over 5 pages of a textbook in approimately 15 minutes. Keeping a written schedule keeps you in line, and this way you won’t forget the tasks you need to complete for the day!

- Note Taking.

Personally, I like to keep a hardcopy of the days lecture and just scribble down any information that I think is important. BUT, there are some pretty cool note-taking strategies out there that you can utilise. Check out The Cornell Method, Mind Mapping, and the Split Page Method. Active learning produces more results than passive learning - so write down those notes and stay active!

- Meet the Syllabus.

The syllabus outlines the most important learning outcomes/ learning goals, and thats pretty much all you need to plan a productive studying session. 

Bid farewell to all that extra, unnecessary information. 

- What is your learning style?

Are you a visual, auditory, verbal or kinesthetic learner? Experiment with all 3 and find out which one works best for you. You don’t necessarily need to stick with one! Do you study better alone or do you prefer group study?  

- Bite-sized Learning.

Do not try to cram in a huge amount of information all at once. Instead, try breaking information down into learnable, manageable chunks. Combining this method with tip #2 will help you make the most of your time.

- Review, Review, Review!

It’s scientifically proven that the more you review material, the easier it’ll be for you to recall it when needed. So, take another look at your notes a couple of days after you make them, then again a week later, and so on.

These are the main tips I’ve found to be of help, and I hope they’re of use to everyone else!

Expedition to Sol2487-3 Pt.3

Still shocked from the total annihilation of our ship and half of our crew, whereas another one was grievously wounded and at death’s door, we retreatet into the field again.
That pitchblack winged avatar of doom wasn’t alone anymore. Hordes of them circled in the sky and stalked through the shredded pieces of our ship, scavenging the mortal remains of our crew, of our comrades, of our friends.
And there was nothing we could do about it. Even with full force, our weapons would barely harm even one of those sick bastards, let alone drive the whole flock away. So all we could do was accept, retreat and reconsider our situation - or going nuts, like Üprrkl, a Pjörecian scientist under command of Dr. Proaxl.
“We’re done for! We all gonna die! Abandon all hope, for there is no chance we’re gonna make it! Our ship - gone! Our supplies - gone! Our respiratory systems - at 35%! Our…”
It was my first mate Xato Nexgrra, who attended to him. Calmly he put his weapon away, crawled over to the shivering, babbling formerly rational man. He sat down before him, showed an understanding glimpse. And hit him full throttle with all fifteen of his whip like limbs right in his face.
The scientist, completly taken by surprise, obeyed speechless while rubbing his left face knob.

Dr. Proaxl made a harrumphing noise - how exactly, without a throat, has kept me riddling ever since. I apologised to her.
“I’m afraid one of the ship operating squad under my command laid a hand - or fifteen - on one of your squad members. It shall not repeat.”
“Oh, you shouldn’t apologise. I wanted to thank you, Xato Nexgrra, for I would have slapped him myself if I had arms. It’s no help giving in to despair. We have to focus on surviving, and first in securing treatment for Loxxar Kraes. We were able to stop the bleeding for now, but he indeed won’t make it if we can’t prevent an inflammation of the wound and stop his pain. It’s at dangerous levels right now.”
“J-just leave me behind” coughed the wounded soldier, and it seemed to drain all virtue out of him.
“NO WAY!!!” I had to hold back an emotional shivering, for it was not my words alone, but nine out of ten of us said it in chorus, even the lower ranks went all out and ignored military discipline to decline his demand. Alone Üprrkl didn’t say anything and I didn’t care whether it wasn’t his opinion or he just had accepted to shut the hell up.
Loxxar Kraes barked stertorously and closed his eyes, but his mime told me he felt proud and gratefull of his men and the rest of us.

“Allright, we can’t stay here, we have to move to find shelter, maybe supplies or even medicine. The road is out of the question, those flying spawns of hell would tear us apart. That round fluffy thing from before was at least peaceful when we didn’t try to touch it’s food. So through the woods, it is. Praxx, Rae’krotar, you both carry Loxxar Kraes. Dr. Proaxl and her squad around you, and Xato Nexgrra at the back, Lsrl Krck and Koarl cover the sides, I’ll take the lead. I’d say we follow the course of the road, maybe we find the sentinent life form and can request their help. Weapons alltime at the ready! Let’s go!”

Our formation ranged carefully through the terrain. After some distance, Dr Proaxl closed op to me.
“Loxxar Kraes is a fine soldier. Not many could endure this level of pain that long. But we have to hurry.”
I didn’t answer, just grumbled for myself.
The doc’s nebulous body touched my arm and immediately her voice rang inside of my mind: “Do you believe it would be wise to force contact to this world’s inhabitants?”
Under normal circumstances, this violation of my personal space would be considered grievely rude both in military and social ways, and if this would be any other day, Dr. Proaxl would be the last person in the whole universe who would nonchalantly cross that line. But this was not normal, this was not every other day, and we were not a IFPS ship’s crew anymore, we were cast aways, brothers and sisters who shared a gruesome fate.
And I realised immediatly, she only asked me in mind so the others couldn’t hear it and fuel up their doubts and latent despair.
“Have we any other choice?” I thought.
I didn’t get an answer.

Time was against us, in more than one way. We all knew that Üprrkl had hit the nail on the head. And any stand - the IFPS’ standardized unit of time - brought us nearer to the end - of whatever it might be. We swapped our positions, so everyone had once to carry our wounded companion, but it did’t help the fact all of us grew hungry and tired and slowed down.

“Let’s rest. It’s no use if anyone of us broke down. 20 stands to regain some stamina.”
“Wouldn’t it be nice to have something to eat?” asked Koarl.
“I ain’t gonna touch those grains!” yelled Rae’krotar.
We had seen some shadows of what might be those fluffy round beasts or any other lifeform of this planet. But since those shadows didn’t bother to come closer to us, we had no mentionable encounter since the disaster with our ship. And we intended to keep it that way, so we took some detours to avoid getting too near to any scattered grains crossing our path.
It was Üprrkl. Xato Nexgrra’s slapping had shut him up for quite the time, but eventually he started to murmur his “we gonna die, we gonna starve, we gona suffocate” again and no one had the virtue to slap him again - at least hard enough so it would have any effect. So we decided to ignore him.
“Just what the heck is your probl… oh.”
“Seems like we gonna be the food.”
Behind our backs, two glowing yellow eyes glanced through the long shadows of the streaks. As I could recall, they were even bigger than that winged black bastard’s ones, and both of them starred at us simultaniously, frontal. The black pupils were narrow slits, and in the cornea we could see our own reflections.
“Those eyes are aligned to create two overlapping fields of view, capable of exact depth perception. It’s a predator!” proclaimed Üprrkl. What an unnecessary piece of information. As if those fangs and claws wouldn’t be self-explanatory. The body of the creature, probaply even bigger than the black flying monsters, huddled up, not in a defending way, but to prepare for a jumping attack. Even if you could only assume the whole size - most of it was covered by the shadows - one could tell the attack was imminent.

Suddenly, the earth shattered.
“KI…KI…KI..HE…KI…KI…KI…” It was a deafening noise, followed by an earthquake. And another one. And another.
“Those are steps!” screamed Üprrkl. Oh I began to hate his constantly uttering of the obvious.
The monster ceased preparing his attack and looked up to the sky. Up to it’s full size and coming one step into the light, it was so frickin’ huge it could have swallod one of us at whole. But there was something even more frickin’ Xaleates damn huge bursting through the tops of the cultivated grass: A giant! A frickin’ gigantic giant! With a head taller than a mountain and limbs longer than our former ship’s supply tunnels, with five appendices at their ends, forming grotesk claws like parts of construction site vehicles.
The gigantic limb reached for the “smaller” monster’s neck and pulled it upwards. The “little” monsters hung like a sack, obviously devote to its unavoidable fate.
The giant lifted the monster to its breast and hold it firm, then it threw its glance onto us. Parallel eyes! A predator like nothing comparable in the universe!
“OH… IT… U…! I… SA… UR… SHI… CRA… AN… TRY… TO… HE… U… BUT… U… WE… GO…” growled the giant. We were to frightened to move just a single limb, let allone run away. Only Dr. Proaxl - who hadn’t limbs - could move. And she went straight up to the giant, levitating right to his head.
“No! Doctor!” I screamed, but she ignored me.
The giant stared at her with wide opened eyes, studiing its prey to the fullest.
Dr. Proaxl had now reached its head, passed the enormous jaw with teeth big like daggers, meant to crush anything between it. Then she went straight for a single prominent knob in the middle of the giant’s face - and touched it.
The pupils of the giant widened vastly as Dr. Proaxl entered its mind.
“Oh, what pleasant surprise!” her voice chimed down to us. “It’s this world’s  sentinent inhabitant. It’s willing to help us. And it’s a pup.”

the minyard bond

The Minyard twins rarely get along. Nicky spent good hours of his life playing therapist but the two were impossibly stubborn. Eventually they would be able to align each other’s interest by having a mutual hatred for something or someone, but that was difficult because Andrew was pretty apathetic and Aaron rarely wanted to correspond. 

until one day they just did. 

It was a fluke, unloading the bus at 3am and exhausted. Neil was half asleep already, side of his face bruised up from the force of his helmet being shoved against the glass wall. Matt had whistled when he caught sight of the bruising, commenting on what a good thing it was that they wore helmets if that was the result. They had won but it was a long game, referees making it rain cards. 

Andrew was hauling up one of the bags of goalie gear when Aaron said almost thoughtfully from behind him, lifting a cooler up-”Hey what if we had a third twin named Arnold but he lives in a mansion and has a pony would that be fucked up or what”

He had turned around and given his twin a look. “I should’ve eaten u in the womb”

They didn’t mention it again that night, trudging their way back to their respective dorm rooms, watching Matt try to get Neil walking in a straight line. 


Two weeks later after a light practise Andrew turned to look at Aaron in the locker room. “I bet Arnold would wear polo shirts.” Everyone gave him a weird look but Aaron gave a surprising wolf like grin as he shoved his helmet deep into the locker. 

“Boat shoes.” 

The two nodded to one another and then returned to their own respective silences. 

It was Kevin who announced what everyone else was thinking. “What the actual fuck?”


It was a constant thing, either Andrew or Aaron bringing up Arnold’s not real existence. “He’d eat kale chips,” Andrew decided. 

“Probably does charity work.” Aaron would nod in agreement. 

“Competitive chess player,” the two declared in perfect harmony. 


It was Neil who had the misfortune of being paired with Arnold Mayes from his mandatory English elective. It was his worst class due to his tendency to scramble up verbs and tenses (it was hard to keep strictly English when German, french, Polish and bits of Spanish would creep in.).

He wasn’t thrilled about working with Arnold, due with the guy’s insistent belief that they were somehow good friends (hopefully sliding further along that relationship, the way Arnold would hint.) and also the fact that Arnold Mayes had a slight resemblance of Andrew and Aaron with his blond hair and attachment to wearing black. He was quite a bit taller though, close enough to Kevin’s irritating height. 

Andrew discovered first, his class partner, and immediately in the middle of Arnold introducing himself pulled out his phone, opened the rarely used snapchat app that Renee had coaxed him into downloading and took a picture of the still talking Arnold to send to Aaron. 


Both despised Arnold. There was an unsettling way about how he liked leaning closer to Neil, in Andrew’s opinion, and he refused to figure out that Andrew and Aaron were not the same person. They were also highly biased against his basic existence. 

Neil came home one day to finding Andrew sitting at his work desk looking proud and was informed that he wouldn’t have to meet Arnold the following the day since he did his work for him. He threw a handful of printed papers at Neil that landed in a flutter. 

“That was unnecessary.” Neil informed him as he looked at the pages explaining how stupid the project was. “Pretty sure my assignment wasn’t drawing a picture of Arnold choking on-what are those? His shoes?”

“Yes.” Andrew said smugly. 


“How exactly are you going to kill him? He’s taller than both of you combined.” Kevin asked post practise when Aaron mentioned the partner. 

“Break his knee caps.” Andrew stated smugly when Aaron said at the same time, “Tackle the piece of shit.”

Kevin looked alarmed. 


Aaron came home from a late practise to find Neil and Arnold sitting at the kitchen table together, the space in between them somehow shrinking as Arnold slid his chair a few inches closer each time. Neil was close to tilting out of his chair in his efforts in subtle avoidance, jabbing aggressively at a flow chart. 

He yanked a chair out from the other side of the table and shoved it in between the two, plopping down stubbornly. “This looks stupid. Did you design this chart, Arnold? This is such a stupid chart.” 


Eventually Arnold Mayes went away after the project was completed (this was ensured by Andrew grabbing him in a dark alley and holding a knife to his throat) but the general hatred for possible Arnold Minyards remained an essential element to their conversation. They would comb through twitter, facebook and instagram for all users with that name and block them. One reporter was banned from attended press conferences because his name was Arnold and blond hair was a major red flag for the two (the reason was never really decided well but at the time it slid by surprisingly well until three years later Allison stated in an interview about them still bonding over hypothetical triplet status.)

It got to the point they would send each other Christmas cards out of sheer spite, rather send one to each other than an Arnold. (”You know Arnold isn’t real?” Neil asked one day as Andrew was focused on picking out a suitable card. 

“You know that bitch might have a manson?” Andrew retorted, picking one with a cat on the front.)


No one really understood the Arnold thing. 

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anonymous asked:

Hey I know your probably super busy but I just wanted to ask if you could make a super short story on tumblr of you meeting stretch cause i really ship you guys i was just wondering what would happen if you ended up meeting each other. Your amazing Senpai!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Just wanted to tell you that.

*A chance to self-insert myself with Stretch and incorporate my x-ray headcanons that no one asked for in one go?  You know I’m all over this!  
Also, thank you, my sweet anon-kohai!  <333  The fact that you ship me with him enough to want to read this makes me happy.  You’re a sweetheart.

*Oh man, lemme lay some first person on you guys.  I’ve been writing in second for so long that this felt all kinds of wrong.  

As I walked through the ER, I glanced down at the order in my hand, wondering what I was about to walk into.  The registration was woefully incomplete, with only a placeholder “John Doe” name and a generic birthday, so I wasn’t sure what sort of patient to expect.  Usually, those sorts of placeholders were used if the patient was incapacitated or in some sort of traumatic accident–yet the doctor had only ordered an x-ray of the forearm, instead of the usual chest and pelvis films.

It was probably a drunk without an ID that slipped and fell.  Wouldn’t that just be my luck?

Either way, from the cast cart situated outside the room, it seemed like they had already fixed the fracture without getting x-rays beforehand.  That’s weird, but I shrugged it off.  They probably had films done at another hospital.

I knocked on the door to announce my presence, and then swung it open, my usual speech already on my tongue.

“Hey there, I’m Ty–”

The sight inside the room caused me to trail off, my professionalism wavering.  There were two people inside, one seated on the edge of the stretcher with his sleeve rolled up and a bright blue cast on his arm–obviously my patient–and another clinging to the man’s opposite arm and wailing.

“I’M S-SO SORRY!  IT’S ALL MY F-FAULT!  WHAT ARE YOU GOING TO DO TO PAPY NOW?!”  the crying man asked, his grip tightening protectively on my patient’s–Papy’s?–arm.  

I was so thrown off that I completely blanked for a moment.

These two men were skeleton monsters.  

Monsters had separate hospitals–healers, magic, and all of that fun stuff–so, any that were mistakenly brought to ours were immediately transferred out.  We simply didn’t have the means to treat them.  I’ve never had one as a patient, and they haven’t exactly been welcomed with open arms into my city, either.  I’ve seen a few here and there, but never…

Never skeletons.

“Sorry,” I blurted, brushing the hair back from my face in a nervous gesture.  I dropped my gaze to the order clasped in my hand, as if I could glean some sort of new insight, but really–I just wanted to try not to stare.  

And boy was that difficult.

“I’m from X-ray.  I’m just going to get a couple of pictures of that arm,” I explained, while the distraught man sniffled.

“PICTURES?”  His brow furrowed.  "WHAT’S X-RAY?“

“Pictures of, ah… bones,” I replied, noticing the way my patient’s grin suddenly widened.  From the look on his face, I could tell he was amused.  

“considering i’m a skeleton, i’d say i’m pretty photogenic,” he claimed, which made me relax.  Oh geez, at least we’re addressing the elephant in the room.  

“They just want to make sure the bones look all right inside the cast,” I mentioned with a smile, since the other man still looks so baffled.  I could only assume that’s why they would order the x-ray of a skeleton monster.  


“Nope, won’t feel a thing.”  I turned my attention back to my patient and opened the door wider.  "We’ll just go down the hall, Mister… Papy?“

"papyrus,” my patient corrected, standing from the bed.  He chuckled and shrugged slightly.  "you can call me stretch, hun.“

There’s something about his lazy smirk that made me blush, and oh man, he’s a skeleton, and I needed to get it together.  

"I’M COMING, TOO!” the other skeleton insisted, standing as well, but Papyrus stopped him with a gentle hand to his chest.  

“nah, bro, you can stay here.  it’ll only take a minute.”  


“just relax and watch some tv, ok?”

He looked as if he wanted to protest further, but as soon as his eye(lights?) shifted to the cast on Papyrus’s arm, he deflated and nodded.  

“hey.”  Papyrus set his good hand on the other’s shoulder, his expression gentle.  "i’m ok.“


I didn’t correct him, instead marveling over the gentleness Papyrus showed him.  The other skeleton still seemed distraught, his cheeks a strange shade of blue–just like the tears prickling the corner of his eyesockets–but he managed to smile brightly.  

When we stepped into the hall, Papyrus closed the door behind us.  

“sorry ‘bout that.  that’s my bro, sans.  he’s never seen me hurt before.”

I lead the way, though couldn’t help trying to sneak glances of Papyrus’s bones.  Most of them seemed to be covered by his oversized orange hoodie, but he was wearing shorts, and from what I could glimpse of his knee and tib/fib, the anatomy looked strikingly similar to a human.  

“It’s no problem.  It’s sweet of him to worry about you.  What happened to your arm?”

“i’d rather not cast blame.”  He winked, lifting his cast slightly, and I realized he just made a pun.  Gentle, charming, and funny?  He’s hit all my weak spots.  "it’s nothing i’m too broken up about.“

I grinned like an idiot.  I even slowed my pace from what my friends call my ‘hospital speed’ to meander beside him.  He’s easy-going, in no hurry, and even with his slouched posture, he’s much taller than I am.  

"You’ve never broken a bone before?”

He shook his head.  "first time for everything.  have you?  i heard human bones can break pretty easily.“

"No broken bones here.  Are monster bones stronger than human ones?”

He shrugged.  "dunno.  a lot of monsters don’t have bones, but probably.  never seen a monster break anything.“

"Really?”  I couldn’t keep the surprise from my voice–and slight disappointment.  X-raying monsters and seeing how different their anatomy is would be so interesting!  I opened up the door to the x-ray room, twisting to face him while he follows me inside.  

He grinned wider.  "yep.  hate to break it to ya, hun, but this may be your only chance to x-ray a monster.“

"Well, I do have to admit, out of all the monsters out there, the fact that I’m x-raying you is kind of hilarious.”

“almost as if you already have x-ray vision, huh?”  

“Pretty much, yeah.  Have a seat here… Stretch.”  He’s charming enough that I tried out the nickname he gave me, only for Papyrus to hold my gaze the entire time he moves to sit down.  There’s something about his grin that made me feel a little nervous, and I hoped my face didn’t look as red as I thought it did.  It certainly was hot all of a sudden.  

On the end of the table, there was a digital detector already set up, the x-ray tube positioned over it.  Papyrus rolled up the sleeve of his uninjured arm, exposing the bones of his radius and ulna–and I couldn’t help but stare.  The anatomy looked just like a human arm, although his carpal bones were more solidified.  

He had me a little confused, so I pulled the order sheet out of my pocket to check which arm was ordered–but he only looked amused.  "so, is it broken?“  He held up his uninjured arm, quirking a bony brow.  How was  he even able to move his brow ridge, anyway?  His skull doesn’t even have any sutures along the top; it’s all just smooth bone.

Oh god, I’m staring again.

"Legally, I can’t tell you.  I just take x-rays; I don’t read 'em.”  I shrug, reaching over him to grab onto his casted arm and slide it into the center of the detector.  

He chuckled.  "honey, it isn’t an x-ray.  it’s my arm.“

I definitely started blushing now.  Shit, from the way his lazy grin curved up around the edges, his eyelights twinkling with mirth, it must be one of those obvious, fierce blushes.  

Can skeletons blush?  

Now isn’t the time to find out, c'mon.

"Also not a doctor,” I insisted, trying to concentrate, but… dammit, it was hard when he kept looking at me with that grin.  His voice was low and smooth, and I found myself wanting to hear more puns.  

I positioned his casted arm and then fixed the collimator light on the tube to encompass all of his forearm.  He watched intently, flexing his phalanges outside the cast.  I don’t even really need to touch his hand to get him in the right position, but… I’m curious.  So, I reached out and touched his fingers under the guise of straightening his arm.  His bones were smooth and warm.

“ever touched bones before?” he inquired, and I felt as if he were trying to fluster me–to call me out for my curiosity.  Instead, I just smiled and met his gaze with a shrug.

“A couple of times, actually.”

His smirk faded, and he gave me an incredulous look.  "seriously?“

"You’d be surprised.”  With him flustering me, I start to walk back to the console behind the wall to shoot the x-ray, but then I notice the lead shield is still on the table.  "Whoops.  Hang on, lemme lay this in your lap.“

He leans back a little, keeping his arm in place as I lay the heavy lead across his pelvis.  "what’s this for?”

“Protection.  It keeps the x-rays off you.”  I gave him the vague speech I give the curious kids without a second thought.  However, Papyrus doesn’t buy it.  

“why’s it only across my legs then?”

Eh, he’s an adult; I can go into more detail.  "It protects your reprodu–… ah…“  I trailed off awkwardly when I realize again that he’s a skeleton.  

Does he even have…?

Papyrus’s grin turned absolutely shit-eating.  "my…?”

So much blood rushed to my face at once that I felt light-headed and absolutely mortified.  Why did I have to be so awkward?  "Your reproductive organs,“ I stated, trying to regain any sort of professionalism despite the fact that I’m burning right now.  "The radiation we use is minimal, but it’s still for the best to always be protected.”

I can’t meet his gaze anymore.

“yep, guess there are some bones that need protection.”

Does that mean he does have..?

Hoo boy.  I nodded, humming my assent as I turned around and went to the console.  By now, a few other techs have started peeking around and making loud, surprised noises over the fact that my patient’s a skeleton.  I swung an arm back at them in an effort to make them shut up, and when I glanced through the window to the exam room, Papyrus is waving at them with his good arm.  

“Don’t move, all right?”

“sorry.  that spiel about protection was just so moving i couldn’t help it.”

Someone help me; I can’t stop laughing.  

I took the x-ray and waited for the image to pop up on the screen.  I’ve gotta admit, I was curious to see how badly he broke his arm, as well as how the ortho doc fixed it.  Would the bones really stay together inside the cast, or did they plate it with some wire and then cast it so the bones wouldn’t shift?   Will his bones heal at the same rate as a humans, or does magic speed up the process? 

The image that pops up on the screen was unreadable.

It was bright white and blurry, as if his arm had been moving, with faint grays where the cast outlined his arm.  I stared at it for a moment, while my other coworkers moved to try to peek around my shoulder.  

“how’s it look?  break it to me gently.”

“Uhhh…”  If it’s white, that means the x-rays didn’t go through it, and I didn’t see him move his arm.  "Lemme try the next view.“  I walked around the wall and hold my arm out straight to simulate the positioning.  "Gimme a karate chop.”

Papyrus complied, though he seemed skeptical.  "did the first picture take?“

"You might not be as photogenic as you thought,” I responded with a shrug, which brought his grin back.  I reached out and grabbed his hand, rolling his thumb back slightly in an effort to get his bones directly on top of one another.  As soon as I let go, Papyrus rolled his hand back in.  

I grabbed his hand and rolled it back again.  "Keep it like this,“ I instructed, and his fingers lightly curled around my thumb.  

"if you say so, hun,” he replied in that smooth, low voice, and I reluctantly pulled my hand away.  That look clearly stated that I’m blushing again, that he was aware of what he was doing.

I headed back to the console and took the second x-ray, bumping up the settings in an effort to penetrate his bone.  Just like the first, it turned out bright white and blurry.  "It can’t be a mechanical issue because my marker showed up…“ I murmured both to myself and my nosy coworkers, pointing at the R beside his cast, denoting which arm it is.  Papyrus seemed concerned by the way I was staring at his films, so he scoots the chair back and stands, setting the lead shield on the edge of the table.  

"is it ok if i come back there?”  I nodded, and Papyrus turned the corner to look at the x-rays.  He stared at them for a moment, before shrugging, seemingly unperturbed.  "welp i ulna see a white blob.“

"Looks like your bone is different than a human’s,” I responded, feeling a little disappointed.  Maybe it has to do with his magic?  Magic might not be able to be penetrated by radiation.  Or maybe his bones are just comprised of something radiopaque–it could be a number of things.  

“ah well, it’ll be ok.  monsters heal fast.  i just came because my bro insisted, anyway,” Papyrus remarked with a shrug.   He’s definitely one of the most chill people I’ve ever met, I’ll give him that.  

“Well, that’s all I can do.  Lemme walk ya back to your room.”  

I lead him back into the hall, and even though the x-rays didn’t work out… I felt reluctant to take him back.  Maybe it was because he was the first monster I’ve actually spoken to for this long, and that’s interesting.  Or maybe it’s because his bones are fascinating.  

Or maybe it’s because he’s funny and seems kind toward his brother, and my stomach actually twisted when he looked me in the eye and grinned.

“so… what time do you get off work?”

I faltered in my steps and nearly tripped.  Is he asking what I think he’s asking?

Unfortunately, I work late.  

“Midnight,” I replied with a wry smile.

Papyrus hummed, slowing his steps.  "do you like pancakes or donuts?“

"Love 'em both.”  My heart’s racing.  

“welp, i know a place that stays open 24/7.  muffet’s.”  Papyrus reached into his hoodie’s pocket and handed me a wrinkled card.

                                                 odd jobs

A phone number was listed below.  

“text me if ya wanna grab a bite to eat.  trust me, you donut want to miss the food.”  He winked, and I found myself thinking that I really didn’t want to miss out on the company, either.

“I might take you up on that.  For the food, of course.”

“hmm… i think i might be able to take x-rays now.”

“Why do you say that?”

Papyrus grinned, leaning in close to me as we approached his room.  With his mouth directly beside my ear, he murmured, “because i can see through you.”

Okay little shits I want to say some words about the Earp Sisters- particularly my darling Willa

I see a lot of you guys have been giving her quite a bit of flack- you know for hating Waverly and shooting Nicole and unleashing a writhing tentacle beast on Purgatory. Now these are all very bad things. But I’d like to take a moment to explore how we got here. And as a clinical child psychologist specializing in abuse and trauma- I have A LOT to say about these three. Because OH BOY do they run the spectrum of child abuse outcomes in the real world.

Now, I want to start by saying all three of the Earp sisters were born into an abusive household. But the three had some very different experiences of abuse/neglect, and environment is SO important on child development. Like genetics is some basic groundwork but really it’s environment that does most of the shaping. In this analysis, let’s start youngest:

Waverly Earp. Now Waverly is like an ideal outcome from abuse. Clearly this girl was born with a hell of a lot of resilience in her genes (that Earp? legacy). She can bounce back from a crisis. But, she kinda got it easiest of the three: she was only in the homestead until she was 6- after that she was raised by Gus and Uncle Curtis in what was no doubt a much healthier, stabler household. Now see age 6 is important- because personality is generally done developing just before puberty- about 10 years of age. This factoid of personality development will come up again later, but for Waverly, being removed from a toxic environment at a young age meant she actually had a chance to unlearn/recover from many of the more nasty potential effects of severe neglect (she was by far the most neglected I mean a demon was her best friend and NO ONE KNEW) as well as the sibling abuse inflicted by Willa (blackmail, sadism, power plays- not a good sign in a child). 

Now does the abuse still affect her? Hell yeah! She still lived through it and it changed her permanently- you see it in how she needs love and attention (why else go for Champ as soon as Wynonna leaves town? She needed ANYBODY) even at her own expense. She downplays herself, but simultaneously wants to be important (the Heir- cause you know her dad only cared about the Heir). And you know what I think? She didn’t resist telling Wynonna about Nicole because she was scared what she would think. No. Wynonna of course doesn’t care. No she didn’t say anything because she didn’t want to even risk Nicole getting involved in the toxicity surrounding the Earp family. She wanted Nicole separate to keep her safe (remnant thought process from Willa using what Waverly loved to blackmail her). But still, even with all of this, she is not as severely affected as she would’ve been if she had stayed neglected and abused for say, 12 or 13 years. Waverly had intervention, and real world case studies of severe emotional neglect have shown that a child as old as 5-6 can bounce back remarkably well in the right care. I mean to where you wouldn’t know they had been through Hell- at least not immediately.

Wynonna Earp. Middle sibling, mix of neglect and abuse. She is the most moderate/common outcome from abusive childhoods- with healthy and unhealthy coping mechanisms and personality traits meshed together. Like Waverly, resilient as hell, because she lived in that environment for 12 years, and unlike Waverly didn’t get a healthy stable home afterwards. No she got the foster care system and juvie and unhelpful counselors who essentially gaslighted her (unintentionally but it’s still gaslighting) which does no one any favors. So Wynonna had way more negative environment time, yet she still held on to her “good” side- she has a moral code she follows, she cares for those close to her, she’s able to have a healthy relationship with at least one person (Waverly). I’d almost say she’s shown the most resilience of the three. Now her childhood experience is interesting, because she’s in the middle of this spectrum. She didn’t receive the full force of Ward’s attention because she wasn’t the Heir, Willa was. So that’s less aggression abuse from him, instead she was more neglected by him. But her very close age with Willa put her close to that aggression abuse as she experienced it vicariously through Willa. She saw what he did to Willa by way of abuse and Waverly by neglect, and seeing that affected her. It made her so, so protective and parental. Of both Waverly and Willa. So while Ward may not have done much direct abuse to Wynonna, she still lived it. And it affected her to make her a caretaker. 

It’s also a form of displacement on Wynonna’s part- to be a caretaker. The prospect of caring for herself is far too daunting but caring for another? More doable. Taking a caretaker role also helps her regain some sense of control, none of which she had when she had to witness Ward’s abuse and couldn’t help Willa or Waverly. Now some of you may be asking: “Didn’t she see Willa abuse Waverly? How could she still care for Willa?” Remember she had known Willa much longer than Waverly, and on top of that she knew WHY Willa was so callous and aggressive- she knew first hand why. So she explained it away because she loved Willa and saw she was broken and I’m willing to bet when she witnessed the sibling abuse, she stepped in. I have a feeling Willa did most of it under the radar. Hell I bet even Wynonna got some verbal or emotional abuse at times from Willa, but she went with it because it was less severe. And again she would explain it away. And in Willa’s absence, Wynonna idolized her even more, and she became a myth of herself. Her good qualities remembered over her bad ones. Waverly had a different experience seeing as she didn’t HAVE any good memories of Willa.

Now to the contentious point. Willa Earp. Now I’ve taken you through the personality development of Waverly and Wynonna. You see how they came to be. Now I’m going to show you how Willa came to be. As the Heir, Willa was THE focus of Ward’s attention. And this is where it begins. If she had been neglected she may have actually had a shot, ironically. Because Ward promoted aggression, antisocial behavior, and created a culture of fear. We’ve only seen glimpses but he was taking her out in the middle of night telling her how everyone would die and it’d be her fault. He was creating a paranoid soldier. Now this is awful for a child’s development, especially personality. Remember she lived under Ward’s thumb for 13 years- her personality had long since formed, and it formed to cope with constant fear and a desire to gain some semblance of control over her situation to stay safe. And to keep Wynonna safe. I do not doubt she loved Wynonna- but she loved her how she LEARNED to love another human. Ward had no problem hurting and scaring Willa in a horribly misguided attempt at raising her. She knew as a child that fathers are supposed to love their daughters. So Ward’s abuse must have been how you love (in the mind of young Willa), and you see her applying this with Wynonna. She was more than ready to kill Wynonna because she truly believed it was a kindness and a show of love. 

Did Willa ever love Waverly? I do not think so. Because Waverly didn’t show up until Willa was already about 8 years old and completely bonded to Wynonna. And, I think she was too busy to learn to love her, which I’ll explain more later on. Even in a healthy family, it’s not uncommon for an older sibling to resent a younger one, but add in the way Willa has been treated and raised up until that point, and you get the extreme response of sibling abuse. Now you might ask “So why didn’t Wynonna do the same? Why did she get parental while Willa got aggressive?” and the answer is (for the first time in this whole spiel) likely genetics. 

A quick lesson: everyone is born with a specific type of temperament, which in short is how a child naturally deals with their emotions. Do they sorta “go with the flow” of their emotions, are they a powder keg with strong, uncontrollable emotions, or some mix? Temperament forms the building blocks of all further personality development, and it is far far from destiny. But it’s a genetic predisposition to regulate your emotions in a certain way. And it is interconnected with that resilience I’ve mentioned previously. 

Resilience, if you aren’t sure, is a child’s ability to cope with adversity. The greater the resilience, the more likely a child is to come away from adversity without major psychological harm. A highly resilient child, is more likely to have a “good” temperament (moderate level emotions, relatively easy to work with) whereas a child with low resilience is more likely to have an “at-risk” temperament (very strong emotions that are difficult to regulate). Wynonna, with her obviously high resilience, clearly had a “good” temperament growing up. Willa, most definitely was an “at-risk” temperament (her losing her cool at the slightest provocation with Whiskey Jim for example), and combined with the severe abuse and aggressive environment, that temperament blossomed into the rest of her personality. 

A third vital ingredient in this is called cognitive load. What that refers to is basically how much mental effort/energy the brain spends performing a task or tasks. There is a finite amount of cognitive load the brain can handle, and so it must apportion its time as it sees fit. If there’s a lot of stimuli (external and internal) to deal with, the brain will prioritize, again, as it sees most fit, leaving out “unnecessary” information. EVERYTHING take some cognitive load, from thinking through a problem, to emotional regulation, to social relationships. And we all know you can only juggle so much.

Now let’s combine these three concepts together in Willa. Willa was born with an “at-risk” temperament, which means she has BIG emotions and cannot regulate them well. That takes a LOT of cognitive load to manage. She also has lower resilience to adversity, and some of resiliency’s power comes from a LARGE capacity for cognitive load. You are more resilient if you are better able to process and work through adversity instead of getting drowned in it. So low resiliency=low cognitive load capacity. This already low cognitive load capacity had to deal with emotional regulation of a veritable firecracker, so it’s mostly busy doing that. Add in her forced focus on Ward’s “training” (skills and cognitive tasks) and abuse, and her close bond to Wynonna (a social relationship to manage and someone to protect) and her poor brain is overloaded. It can’t handle any more responsibilities. So when Waverly comes along she sees another potential responsibility and says no. So instead Waverly becomes not only a nuisance to her (she’s got enough to focus on already), but an outlet for her frustration and pain. She has no control with Ward, but she can control Waverly like he does to her. She can feel big, and what kid doesn’t take comfort in feeling big?

Another major thing I want to point out with adult Willa is her obviously stunted emotional and social development, which is no surprise. I’m willing to bet growing up she really didn’t have any friends besides Wynonna, so all of her socialization happened in the Earp homestead (not a great place as has been clearly demonstrated). Willa shows an understanding of the world that is basically that of a preteen. It’s shown as a black and white understanding of other people when she tells Wynonna of the citizens of Purgatory “They hate us Wynonna, they’re evil they deserve that thing!”. It also plays into her lack of emotional regulation, because even a child with an “at-risk” temperament tends to improve some as they age because they learn ways to cope. Willa never did. Now not only did Ward contribute to this stunted development but so did being isolated by Bobo and Lou.

And finally it is here where I will address the Stockholm Syndrome briefly. Only briefly because while she clearly has it- believing Bobo loves her- it did not create Willa as she is. That happened long before Bobo. Bobo used what Ward had started, that’s probably part of what drew him to Willa. Bobo’s influence sure as hell didn’t help because all he did was reinforce everything she had learned up until that point. But Stockholm alone did not make Willa. It’s a much more complicated story and it is tragic and it is one that needs to be heard. She is a product of fear and pain and the need to survive, and while her history does not change the fact that as she is now she is a villain, she is a villain worth sympathy. Because the poor thing never really had a chance from day one. So I dare you to instead take a look at Willa not as the evil lesbian-shooter, but as a scared child trained to be a soldier who is solely responsible for everyone’s lives who cannot handle the pressure and needs to escape and doesn’t know any other way but destruction.

How to Write a Resume LIKE A BOSS

So you’re ready to assume some responsibility and apply for your first job (or your fifth job or your fiftieth job) and you want some tips on writing a good resume, huh? Well, are you are in luck because 1) I’ve edited and proofed so many resumes I could probably write one for each of my friends without their input and 2) I’ve actually taken some classes on this shit. So, basing this primarily on comments I’ve made while correcting someone else’s resume (and while looking at my own for reference), here are my tips on writing a resume.

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Writer’s Tip: Avoiding “Authorism” Metaphors and References

Part of POV writing means getting into a specific character’s head. You explore the world from their view, their opinions, their memories. However, one of the simplest things that can rip the reader out of the story is when the author uses a memory, reference or metaphor that they are familiar with, but the charatcer isn’t.


Allura held the device in her palms, running her fingers over the rounded buttons and dials. It was roughly the size of an Xbox controller. “This thing will help me travel through time?” She asked.

There is nothing wrong with the paragraph, except for the fact that Allura has most definitely never seen or held an Xbox controller. She has no knowledge of it. Even if one of the paladins had described it to her in conversation before then, it probably wouldn’t be her first go-to for comparison. She would probably reference something fictional from her own culture.

Allura held the device in her palms, running her fingers over the rounded buttons and dials. It reminded her of a Xental, a trendy handheld device from her teenaged years on Altea. “This thing will help me travel through time?” She asked. 

While the audience may not know what this fictional item is, they can infer its looks and purpose from Allura’s opinions and memories of it. Or, you could simply skip the comparison altogether and go with describing the object as-is.

“You guys are acting ridiculous,” said Pidge. “You remind me of an episode of Hey Arnold.”

Again, not entirely wrong, but this statement dates the author, and misrepresents the character. First of all, Voltron the show is set in the near future of earth, so media references probably haven’t been seen yet and would need to be invented.

However, if we’re going with contemporary references or a modern AU, Pidge, assuming she is around 14-15 years old, is too young to have watched a show that aired from 1996-2004. It shows that the author is familiar with this reference, but it’s inappropriate for the character.

Keith watched the robot shift back and forth on its six feet as it readied itself to attack. It was a graceful action, hypnotic and smooth. It reminded him of a waltz.

This one is a little trickier and it requires the author to really consider what Keith’s backstory is and what his go-to references are. Does Keith know what waltzing is? Yeah, generally, probably about as much as the average person. Has Keith ever watched waltz dancing? Maybe on TV at some point.

But the question is, would he use it as a prime reference?

And, in my opinion, probably not. Waltzing is not in Keith’s mind because of Keith’s lifestyle and choices. The reference comes across as authorly because it deposits information that is not natural to the character onto him and endows him with information and experience that is either unnecessary or inappropriate.

A better mental reference would be to link it to Keith’s extensive fighting experience.

Keith watched the robot shift back and forth on its six feet as it readied itself to attack. It was a graceful action, hypnotic and smooth. It reminded him of his capoera classes at the garrison.

This helps to build and solidify Keith’s character, rather than distract from it. It takes Keith’s known attributes, that of a fighter, and gives him a bit more logical backstory. He’s referencing a direct experience he’s already had, rather than an abstract one like waltzing. This is the difference between deepening the story and pulling the reader out of it.

It’s true to “write what you know” but you also need to balance that with what the character you are writing explicitly or implicitly knows or doesn’t know. When you write POV, you are writing from that character’s experiences and memories and references. Keep that in mind when you use metaphors and similies and keep them in line with the character.

Otherwise your readers will be able to peek behind the curtain and see the author there.

Writer’s Tip #2: Placing your characters in a scene with Google Images

Writer’s tip #3: What is the ‘Shipping Funnel’?

I'm going to be crystal clear to you, Voltron fandom

The production team and creators of Voltron are actual adults with actual lives. They aren’t going to listen to some whiny children on Tumblr. They’re not going to take your word for it and reveal all their information just for your shippings/pairings. It’s absolutely stupid and unnecessary.

Voltron: Legendary Defender is about five heroes defending the galaxy against an evil empire ran by a fictional alien species. Do you really think they’ll focus 100% on ships and age just for your pleasure? No. That’s not what this show is about. This show doesn’t revolve around romance. And even though there is nothing particularly wrong with shipping, you can’t just expect this show to center around everything romantic. There are certain shows/movies for that.

You can’t be biased on the story/writing either. The writers CAN write. Just because they’re not listening to your whining, it doesn’t mean the content is poorly written. That’s not how it works!

Criticizing the pacing, characterizations, and screentime = good criticism
Whining about your ship being irrelevant = bad criticism

TRY to be mature about it. What do you get out of telling the writers to kill themselves? To telling people who don’t agree with you to kill themselves? To insult the show even though you claim to be a fan over a ship? If that were the case, you were NEVER a fan in the first place. You NEVER cared about this show in the first place. You complain, complain, and complain with such poor basis and articulation and that’s tiring.

Disliking and disagreeing with something is one thing. Arguing, whining and cursing over something so insignificant is another.

Reverse Psychology

Rosie Watson-Holmes possessed many extraordinary qualities, but she was a typical eleven-year-old in one respect: she found her parents’ behaviour mortifying.  It wasn’t her dad’s insistence on wearing hideous jumpers, or her papa’s tendency to leave random body parts in the freezer.  Those quirks she could tolerate.  No, what drove Rosie ‘round the twist was how sickeningly in love her parents were.

Of course, Rosie was glad that her dads loved each other.  She never had to worry — as so many of her friends did — about constant fighting, separation, or divorce.  Loving each other would be fine, if they would just keep it to themselves.  But no.  They had to parade it in front of the world: staring at each other like besotted bush babies, walking hand-in-hand down the street, even calling each other pet names in front of her friends.

When Rosie tried, in a mature and perfectly reasonable way, to suggest to her parents that they might want to consider keeping their private lives, you know, private, the response she got was wholly unsatisfactory.

“Are you worried that people might talk?” her dad asked.  

Before Rosie could answer, her papa said, “People do little else.”

Then they gave each other one of those looks, and her dad said, “At least your papa isn’t ripping my clothes off in a darkened swimming pool,” and the two of them burst into completely inappropriate giggles.  Two grown men, behaving like love-struck teenagers.  They were hopeless.

So, the direct approach was a failure.  Time to try a different tack.  After some research online, Rosie decided to conduct an experiment.  She laid out the parameters in her notebook.  

Question:  What can be done to eliminate test subjects’ public displays of affection?

Background Information:  Test subjects believe that it is unnecessary to conform to social norms, because “It’s important to just be yourself” (Dad) and “Most people are idiots” (Papa).

Hypothesis:  The use of reverse psychology will result in a reduction in test subjects’ PDA.        

Method:  Chart baseline levels of PDA for one week.  Implement reverse psychology strategy by leading test subjects to believe (erroneously) that classmates’ parents are more openly affectionate with each other, and suggesting that in order to fit in test subjects ought to be more verbally and physically demonstrative in public.  Chart levels of PDA for a second week, and compare data.

It was soon clear that Rosie’s experiment had gone horribly wrong.

The hand-holding had been replaced by walking down the street with their arms fully around one another.  The occasional “Sweetheart” and “Darling” and “Honey Bee” had become a constant stream of “Angel Baby Cake” and “Cuddle Bunny Lumpkins” and “Shmoopsie Pookie Pie.”  Determined to see her experiment through, though, Rosie forced herself to smile and tell her parents how cute they were.

On the third day, Rosie walked into the flat with a friend to find her dads actually snogging on the sofa.  With an embarrassed squeak, she dragged her friend up the stairs and slammed the door to her room.

John pulled his lips away from Sherlock’s to ask, “Should we let Rosie know that we’re on to her?”

“No.  This is her experiment.  Let’s wait for her to draw her own conclusions.”

Written for the @sherlockchallenge March prompt: Experiment Gone Wrong.

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anonymous asked:

Idk if you already know this but here's some unnecessary information for the prompt with judas: there's actually a theory that judas only betrayed jesus because he believed in jesus the most and thought that it would make the whole process faster, thought that jesus would then perform a huge miracle that'll make everything better. That jesus just needed a little push, kind of like: the worse the situation the greater the outcome. Anyway i love heartbroken judas who just trusted a little too much

my favorite judas theory is the one where his betrayal is an unavoidable fate, and jesus approaches him ahead of time to the effect of ‘this needs to happen and i trust you to do it,’ and judas is essentially like 'i love you with every atom in my body so of course i’ll help you achieve this resurrection,’ because it allows him the agency we don’t often give him, even though it doesn’t change the tragedy of it all. but oh man, that theory is fascinating! it makes his hurt feel so palpable. i appreciate the idea of a judas who trusts so much that it sends the whole world reeling

Wrong Place Wrong Time (33)

Part 33 of an ongoing series, enjoy :)
A fanfic for a more Mature audience due to violence and language. Read at your own risk :)

Themes=😖,🌟,💣,🎭 ,. (☠️- Harm towards characters, Strong language and Adult themes.)

Summary: You end up in the wrong place at the wrong time and it has negative repercussions. Main characters include: Reader and EXO.

Part 1  Part 2  Part 3 Part 4  Part 5 Part 6  Part 7 Part 8 Part 9 Part 10 Part 11Part 12  Part 13  Part 14  Part 15  Part 16  Part 17  Part 18 Part 19 Part 20Part 21 Part 22 Part 23 Part 24 Part 25 Part 26 Part 27 Part 28 Part 29 Part 30 Part 31 Part 32  Part 34  Part 35 (Final)

Word Count: 1,600 

A.N: I was going to make this part/chapter longer, but then it would’ve made then next chapter a little harder to write about. It’s kind of hard to explain. But long story short I needed to keep this chapter short so that 34 would make more sense when I get to it and so that there was an appropriate build up for the coming drama. I hope you still enjoy it regardless.

“What the fuck are you talking about Y/N, what’s going on?” Jongdae frowned, pushing you out of the way from blocking the TV screen.

“Jongdae I’m not joking! There’s a bomb in the basement and it’s currently counting down as we’re wasting time in here. OUT, NOW!” You screamed. Everyone stood, looking at each other hesitantly, still deciding whether or not you were telling the truth.

“CHANYEOL, MINSEOK I’M NOT LYING!” You grabbed Ara from Kris’ hands and ran out of the living into the hallway and out of the door. If the boys wanted to blow up then that was their prerogative, but you and Ara were sure as hell not dying. Not today.

Finally realising that you were being serious the boys began filing one by one out of the house. You were shivering in the cold, Ara shaking and crying in your hands, you were bouncing her up and down lightly to comfort her, but her crying wasn’t reducing very much. Kris walked over to you carefully lifting her out of your arms and pressing her against his chest.

“Its okay baby girl, Daddy’s here, don’t cry.” He rubbed her back gently, kissing the top of her forehead. 

“Shit, Kyungsoo’s taking too long.” Jongin hissed, turning back to face the house and running inside.

“Hurry up! You’ve only got about 3 minutes left.” You called at Jongin, your heart beating fast, wheelchairs could be a bit difficult at times. You just prayed that it wouldn’t take them too long.

“We should move away from the house, before it blows up on us.” Chanyeol shouted, dragging your arm and pulling you away from the house. The rest of the boys were following closely behind you. You were scared now, there was a bomb in the house but Red was dead. So unless it was someone who worked for Red knew where you lived and was looking for revenge that only left you with one plausible answer to the current situation that you found yourself in.

Someone in this house was trying to kill you all.

You tried shaking the thought out of your head. Why would anyone in this house want to kill everyone, Including themselves, since every last one of you were in the house at the same time. It didn’t make sense. You tried thinking of who it could be but you couldn’t quite come up with a credible answer. As far as you were concerned Kris and Jongin had proved themselves to you all, besides they didn’t sabotage the killing of Red, if they were really on his side they would’ve prevented his death and they didn’t do that. You weren’t too sure about Tao’s character, but to be fair much like Jongin and Kris, if he really was on Red’s side he would’ve prevented Red’s death so that meant he was definitely on your side. You shook your head again. No it couldn’t be one of you it had to be an outside job. But how did they get inside of the basement. You just couldn’t calculate it all.
You let out a deep breath when you saw Jongin running towards you pushing Kyungsoo in his wheelchair; Thank God they had made it in time. Jongin was panting for air by the time he had reached you, bending over and placing his hands on his knees.

“You –you okay Kyungsoo?” He wheezed, looking up at him.

“Yeah. Yeah I’m good, thanks for that.” He smiled softly at Jongin, wheeling himself a little bit closer to you. You hugged Jongin for a second or two letting him go again, you were glad he was safe and thankful that he had safely got Kyungsoo out.

“So hang on a minute.” Kris said, shaking his head in confusion and lightly bouncing Ara up and down in his arms. “What happened, because I don’t even get what’s going on right now?”

You turned around to face him. “I went to the basement to put some shopping in there, since it would take up too much space in my room, I came back to living room to watch the film with you guys then I realised that I hadn’t had Chanyeol’s necklace on, so I went back to go and find it. I heard this quiet noise, looked under the table seeing a bomb.” You were still shocked, so your sentences were not 100 percent coherent, but they were enough for Kris and the guys to understand. “Who the heck would do this to us?” You frowned staring around, trying to see if you could get any type of reaction from anyone in particular.

Minseok looked around too. His eyes widening in fear as he looked back towards the house.

“SHIT! SEHUN’S STILL ASLEEP!” He began running back into the direction of the house faster than you had ever seen him run before.

“Minseok no! There’s probably only one minute left on that bomb, you might not make it.” You ran after him involuntarily, but felt a strong hand pull you back by your wrist. You didn’t even care to register who it was all you could do was be terrified for Minseok right now.

“I can’t just leave him there!” He called back and continued running until you could no longer see him in your field of vision.

Your breathing was heavy and your hands were shaky. What if he didn’t make it out in time? You had already lost Minseok once and you really weren’t prepared to lose him again. Especially now that you had established how you felt about each other.

“Oh God!” You whined, looking back at Chanyeol. “What if they don’t make it back. And on top of that I’ve lost your necklace forever Chan. I’m so sorry.” You pressed your hands against your mouth to try and stop yourself from crying.

“It was just a charm on a chain Y/N you can get another one anywhere, stop moaning about it.” Junmyeon hissed at you.

“That’s not all that was on there.” You sighed. “I attached a gift on there that a family member had given me last year.” You looked disappointingly at the house.

“Jesus, Y/N would you stop moaning, you can buy a plain silver ring anywhere nowadays just be glad the house hasn’t blown up with you inside of it.” You nodded, he was right you should really be counting your blessings and thanking God that you were alive right now.

But then you turned around to frown at him.

“Wait, I didn’t mention that.”

“What?” He frowned his brows at you, pushing Kyungsoo’s chair even further away from the direction of the house.

“I most definitely lost my necklace in that basement. I had bought crates of sanitary towels and I stored them in the basement, I most definitely had my necklace on up until that point, I know because Ara was playing with it, it must have tugged off at some point when I was placing the sanitary towels away.”

Junmyeon turned around looking at you with a disgusted expression. “Okay well thanks for telling me about this extremely unnecessary piece of information. I’m glad that your monthly cycle works and you’re getting your periods Y/N, congrats you can have a baby.” He clapped at you sarcastically. But you kept a straight face, looking at him doubtfully.

“But nobody goes into the basement. None of us use it.” You continued, ignoring his earlier sarcastic comment. And looking back out the house. Where the heck was Minseok, why was he taking so long. Your heart began to beat irregularly out of fear. “You just told me that I could buy a silver ring anywhere.”

“Yes. Yes I did, because you can. How can you be complaining about a silver ring, when Minseok and Sehun aren’t even back yet, they might not even make it out alive at this point and all you can focus on is a stupid fucking ring!” He took a step forward in your direction and shouted in your face.

“That’s not the point that I’m trying to make. Shut up and let me finish!” You pushed him hard in the chest, causing him to stumble back slightly. “I never mentioned the ring that I kept on the necklace. I’ve always worn it on my finger. So how did you know it was there? Unless you saw it. Unless you went in the basement.”

“What?” He scoffed looking up at you.

 “How did you know that Junmyeon?”

The boys were staring at the both of you intensely now, more so at Junmyeon who still wouldn’t answer your question.

“My-Myeon how did you know that?” Baekhyun stuttered, looking closer at Junmyeon with distrust in his eyes. All eyes were on Junmyeon now, waiting for him to answer.

“What?” He repeated again, frowning at Baekhyun.

“JUNMYEON ANSWER HER FUCKING QUESTION! HOW THE FUCK DID YOU KNOW THAT WHEN SHE NEVER MENTIONED IT?!” Baekhyun screamed, his chest was heaving up and down and his fists were clenched; his knuckles turning white.“She never mentioned the ring so how did you know about that piece of information, hmm? Unless you were in the basement.” He said stabbing Junmyeon in the chest with his index finger. “What were you doing in there Myeon? Checking your bomb were you?” Baekhyun’s eyes were burning into the back of Junmyeon’s skull. Waiting for him to deny it, but still he remained silent.


Your eyes widened in fear as you whipped your head towards the house that had blown up into flames, like an intense firework in the dark night time sky.

“NO!”You screamed.

Sehun and Minseok still hadn’t returned.

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What Scenes to Cut

If you’re finished with your first draft, you might be wondering how to cut down an overloaded novel. Chances are your novel isn’t exactly where you want it to be and you might need to trim the fat, so take the time to learn what should and should not be included in your story.

Here are a few ways to determine what should be cut from your novel:

First, let’s talk about filler. Filler is unnecessary information added to your novel that does nothing to tell us about your characters or advance the plot. In other words, your book shouldn’t have any filler. Your book’s momentum will be ruined if you add filler.

Does the scene explain your character in some way?

If a scene is necessary to character development, there’s usually no reason to cut it. However, if a scene doesn’t help build a character or doesn’t explain anything additional about your character, you should consider cutting it. There’s no need to repeat the same information over and over again. Consider combining scenes that spread the same message.

Does the scene move the plot forward?

Obviously your story needs to keep pushing forward. We need to see the plot advance and it needs to make logical sense. If the scene doesn’t move the plot forward, nor does it help reveal something about character, it should most likely be cut. Each scene should build on the one before it and should add something significant to your story.

Is your scene necessary for transition to the next scene?

Since you can’t just cut abruptly from one scene to another, you’ll need transitions in your novel. Even though they might not contribute to character development directly, it gets your characters from one place to another. If a scene bridges the gap between one important moment to another, you shouldn’t cut it.

Do all my characters play a part?

Sometimes certain minor characters can either be cut or combined with other minor characters. I’m not saying you shouldn’t have characters that play a small part, but they should at least play some part in your story. It can be hard to cut characters, but sometimes it’s necessary to make your story stronger. Anything that you feel will strengthen your novel and cut down the excess is something you should pay attention to.

Don’t be afraid to cut sub plots that aren’t working.

If there’s a part of your story that just doesn’t feel like it’s working out or doesn’t jive with your story, don’t be afraid to cut it. You can always replace it with something stronger, so don’t feel like anything you cut is a loss. You’ll be able to make your story more powerful.

-Kris Noel

DEH as Things My Mom Has Texted Me/Convos We've Had
  • Evan Hansen: *a photo of a puddle of milk* A little spilled milk. Bc there's a saying no use crying over spilled milk and I just came across a giant puddle of milk and it's funny.
  • Jared Kleinman: All I want right now is to go to KMart to avoid this situation and you KNOW how much I hate KMart.
  • Zoe Murphy: Literally why would you do that what the fu- heck?
  • Alana Beck: *photo of a meme that says "Me: don't be weird at this social event. Also me: give strangers unnecessary information about serial killers.
  • Heidi Hansen: I really want these sunglasses but honestly they're too hip and cool for me what do you think?
  • Cynthia Murphy: You need to learn tact, girl. You can NOT just ask for money outright. You have to manipulate grandma.
  • Larry Murphy: You can always exit your room if you need me, I can't always text.