but that he could have been doing so much more

On The Edge With You (Spencer Reid x Reader)

My first Reid smut! Just an idea that popped in my head. PWP. Spencer Reid x Reader smut. The reader wonders just how Spencer gained his stamina in the bedroom, he shows her just how he gained that skill.

“Spencer, can I ask you something kind of,” You hesitated, “Personal?” You were both on his couch, you lying down with your feet in his lap. It was one of his rare weekends without a case or paperwork. You both opted for a quiet night in after going out to lunch.

“Sure?” He said looking up from his book, a little concerned. “We’ve been together for months Y/N, I hope you know you can ask me anything.”

“How do you last so long in bed?” You blurted out, trying to ignore the heat rising in your cheeks. You didn’t mean for it to sound so accusing. It was a valid question though, just the night before you came three times before Spencer even seemed close to finishing. It got you curious, and even a little worried.

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I just rewatched the prequel trilogy for the first time in YEARS and I have to say, they were nowhere near as bad as I remembered.

I mean, yeah, the direction was shit and made the actors seem like they’re awful (which they aren’t, most of the cast is made of very decent actors) and the writing was kind of ridiculous but the story? The story is amazing.

And it really just reminded me how horribly everyone in Anakin’s life failed him, with the exception of Padmé.

Obi-Wan did love Anakin like family but he should have fought harder to keep Anakin more distanced from the Jedi and from the Senate when it became abdundantly clear that he was too unstable to handle it. But he, and the rest of the Council, just saw this unbelievably powerful young man and they used that power.

Most of all, they (and Padmé) should have opened their eyes and seen that he was being manipulated by Palpatine. But instead, they encouraged him to get closer and closer to Palpatine to spy on him and report back.

And they left him in the clutches of Palpatine who gave him everything he wanted - someone who believed in him, who didn’t exclude him without reason, who didn’t discount his feelings. They failed Anakin in exactly the same ways that Ben was failed so much later.


Watching the prequels again also really cemented why I hated how the sequel trilogy ended. Anakin’s life was nothing but pain, loss, failure, and disappointment. He never had a chance against everything that happened to him.

Anakin’s tragedy continued through the original trilogy where we see him truly stripped of his humanity, always abused by his Sith master.

And despite that, we see Anakin redeemed at the end, but only through death. At the very least though, his death is genuinely mourned. His loss is felt deeply by his son who, despite it all, still loved him. Anakin is forgiven and he is allowed to come back as a Force ghost. And he comes back as Anakin, not Vader. The young, vibrant man he once was who died as soon as Vader was truly born.


And therein lies one of the many ways that the sequel trilogy was so incredibly unjust to Ben Solo. Like Anakin, he was tormented his entire life. He was manipulated and abused. Everyone who should have protected him failed to do so and Ben was lost, giving rise to Kylo Ren.

But, unlike Anakin’s change into Vader caused Anakin to die, Ben was simply lost behind Kylo Ren. He was torn between the two sides rather than entirely lost to the dark side. He was more primed for redemption than Anakin could have been.


Kylo Ren actually tried to shake loose the things that kept him bound to the light, unlike Anakin who had everything ripped away from him. And despite Kylo Ren’s efforts to sever the light that was causing him so much pain, he was NEVER able to succumb completely.

So strong were his innate ties to light and goodness that he could not give in even if he tried. He wore a mask trying to convince the world and himself that he was solidly evil, but it was a facade that no one entirely believed.

Palpatine was able to fairly easily bring Anakin into the darkness. But even with all his efforts, all his desire to possess this last Skywalker, he could never own Ben Solo.


So strong were his ties to the light that he could never bring himself to harm Rey. He didn’t even kill Finn when he easily could have - why? Was it his innate goodness? Was it that he knew killing Finn would hurt Rey deeply?

His lightsaber was the perfect way to express his anguished personality. Unstable, over heated, unusual. Always shimmering with a passion and energy not typical for a lightsaber, whether it was a Sith saber or a Jedi saber.

Like Rey, he was neither a creature purely of light or darkness. Both were perfect mixtures of grey.

And then, we lose Ben Solo.

It is beautiful because he saves the woman he loves so much.

It is also abrupt, unexpected, and unceremonious.

He is not mourned.

He is not remembered.

He is just gone.

He was made to be mourned and remembered less than even the most evil characters we see. His loss is treated with less concern than anyone ever gave to a red shirt in Star Trek.

His life and his death are both devoid of meaning.


The boy, lost and broken, who was failed by everyone who should have protected him. The boy who crawled from the pit of death to answer the call of the light. The boy who so desperately wanted to be free of pain that he was willing to break his own heart.

The Skywalkers - all of them - deserved better. But especially Ben Solo. His life was reduced to nothing. His death was reduced to nothing. His redemption was reduced to nothing.

And that is my biggest beef with the end of the sequel trilogy. I loved the prequel trilogy because it humanized Anakin in preparation for his redemption. The sequel trilogy humanized Ben Solo in preparation for … nothing. Just an unceremonious death and to be forgotten by everyone.

He deserved better.

A PAX Proposal - Jacksepticeye x Reader

Summary: Sean surprises you after his panel at PAX with an unexpected proposal.

A/N: Fluffity fluff fluff. I didn’t use any specific gender pronouns.

Warnings: None

Word Count: 857


Originally posted by lum1natrix

“Okay, so, that’s all the time we have for questions today, and I wanna thank you all for coming out.” Sean spoke into the microphone, moving away from the podium, and walking to the front of the stage. You were watching him with a smile on your face. You were so proud of him. For the past few years, you had supported him, travelling with him to every event he’d been invited to, and sticking by him through thick and thin. He always told you how much he appreciated what you do for him. Hell, you’d even quit your job so you could move to Ireland to live with him. And you’d decided to make a career out of editing videos. Not just Sean’s videos, but other YouTuber’s as well.

“Just before I leave though, I have one more thing I need to say, or do. So, Y/N, can you come up here please?” Sean said, triggering screams from the audience. You looked up at him, surprise written all over your face. You’d already been told that Mark wanted for you and Amy to go up on stage later for his panel, but you certainly hadn’t been expecting Sean to call you up as well. You awkwardly stood up from your seat, sliding past Ethan to escape the row you had been seated in. With the help of security guards, you make your way up on to the stage, where Sean walks over to you with a smile.

“For those of you that don’t know, Y/N and I have been together for quite a while now.” Sean said, turning to look towards the audience. “And I know what you all must be thinking, how on earth do they put up with my obnoxious yelling and screaming? Well, they’ve been asked that question many times before, and the same answer is always given.” Sean handed you the microphone, for you to give your answer.

“With immense difficulty, he’s very nearly unbearable.” You said, causing laughter to emerge from the audience. Sean made a sound of protest, joking of course, before he took the microphone back from you.

“Anyway… I don’t think I, uh, talk about it enough, or tell you guys enough about this, but Y/N has been the most supporting partner I think I ever could have asked for.” Sean said, now facing you again. “And I honestly don’t know what I’d do without them.” He looked towards the audience. “You guys have no idea how many times Y/N has actually rejected my attempts to be romantic, because I was supposed to be filming.” He put a hand on his hip, giving a fake exasperated look, before throwing his hand up in the air as if he were frustrated. “I mean, who does that?” The audience laughed again.

You were actually getting a little embarrassed. You were rarely ever in the limelight, and Sean didn’t publicly acknowledge you often, respecting your privacy. And one of the questions currently going through your mind was ‘why is he doing this?’ You had no clue where this was going, and hundreds of fans witnessing your confusion wasn’t really helping.

“Y/N already knew who I was, and what I did, when we first got together.” Sean continued his mini speech. “And they knew what would come with dating a YouTuber such as myself. They’ve had their fair share of hate, which I’ve addressed in the past, and yet they still make sure that I’m putting my channel, and you guys, above them, which is something I never asked for, or encouraged. But it’s absolutely insane that they understand how important you guys are, and how they make sure you get what you deserve.”

You spotted Mark walking onstage, walking up behind Sean. You grew even more confused. What was going on? Were they planning some sort of prank?

“Y/N, you’ve put up with so much shite because of me. And I’m so grateful that I managed to find someone like you.” Sean ran a hand through his hair, a clear sign that he was feeling nervous. But what about? You were still completely oblivious. “I, uh, had to ask Wade how I was supposed to do this, as he’s got the most experience out of us when it comes to this sort of thing.” He continued. “And he said to just do what felt right, and so I’m gonna skip the rest of the mushy stuff, and just say it.”

Mark, who was now standing next to Sean, handed his friend a small box, and you swore your heart had skipped a beat. Was this what you thought it was?

“Y/N L/N.” Sean said, getting down on one knee and looking up at you. The sound of his fans screaming was near to deafening, and you could hear the sound of dozens of cameras starting to record. But you couldn’t take your eyes off the green haired dork in front of you.

“I love you Y/N.” He said, opening up the box, and revealing a ring. Your breaths got shorter, all you could think was ‘oh shit’.

“Will you marry me?”

The Count (the old guard, joe/nicky)

okay, I have only two headcanons so far for The Old Guard and I was going to try to work them both into fic BUT just in case I don’t, here’s one of them:

Joe and Nicky try to keep their death count even.

After hearing that they eventually can die, joe and nicky have an almost superstitious practice of trying to make sure that they die the same amount of times. Sometimes this means one literally throwing himself in front of the other so that they take the bullet and do the death. Sometimes it means purposefully lowering your weapon at a certain time. It always means keeping count of how many times you die. And how many times the other person dies. And comparing afterwards.

Sometimes they check in mid-battle, mid-situation; more often they wait until after. After the blood and the extraction and it’s usually when they are home and they aren’t embarrassed of it, not really, this obsessive counting and matching, but usually, usually, they wait until it is just the two of them again. Until they are somewhere soft and quiet and–

“Six,” Nicky says as he reaches under the hem of Joe’s shirt to help him pull it off. The action isn’t a prelude to anything, they are too tired for that, it’s just that Joe had been stabbed in the shoulder and though the wound isn’t there, even after a thousand years, Nicky still assumes that sometimes Joe must be sore from the injury. 

It’s not a prelude, but he drops a kiss close to where he thinks the wound was anyway.

“Seven,” Joe replies, more a grunt than anything as he reaches for Nicky’s belt. Their clothes are clean, it’s been days since the raid, but it will be nice to get out of them anyway. 

Nicky sighs to himself, more in annoyance than anything else. The sheets are clean and the floor is carpet; they’ll have to do this in the bathroom. And the bathroom is one of those modern all-white things and he’s not sure they have bleach on hand. If only pills and poison didn’t take so long and hurt so much.

“We could–” And there’s a hesitation that means Joe is going to argue against it; as he does sometimes. Only when it’s Nicky’s turn, of course; but Nicky shoots him a glare. They’ve had this argument before. He’s not having it again. Joe’s throat clicks as he swallows one word and spits out another “–go outside. Less clean up.”

“Then we’d have to put clothes on again,” Nicky replies. “And someone might see.” He steps out of his pants on the way, grabbing Joe’s gun from the bedside table. He moves quickly. He wants to get to bed. 

He settles in the tub and blinks when Joe follows him. Then smiles. It’s something he loves about Joe; that he can still never quite tell when Joe is going to let Nicky handle it himself and when he is going to come watch him. It seems to be a 50-50 shot. Sometimes Joe can’t do it, can’t make himself hurt Nicky again, will only burst in after he hears the gunshot, while other times–

“I love you,” Joe says softly, taking the gun, and it’s in a language Nicky doesn’t need to identify because he knows those words in all of them. And then he’s lowering his head for a kiss and Nicky raises his chin and–

The shot hits him in the heart but he doesn’t feel the pain. Or if he does, he doesn’t remember. 

What he remembers is Joe already wiping the blood from his chest with a warm towel as he wakes.

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commune is such a good spell you guys

I just really, really like that Matt chose to frame the wildmom’s answer to Cad’s last question as faith in him, in particular. Not ‘yeah you have that spell dude I gave it you lol,’ which it easily could have been (and gameplay-wise, is. Jester has that spell too).

But nah. After she gently turns his head to look at the volcano (which in my head, was her invisible hand under his chin, because soft), he asks “Do I have the power to fix this?” and she fills him with warmth and basically goes, “You? Of course.” 

Which is just so much more evocative, and had a HELL of a payoff at the end of the episode.

It also reminded me of two things earlier in the campaign:

1) When he asked if he could fix the corruption out in the wastes, and she said, “It’s too big to be fixed.” And how petulant that made him. At her, which is so interesting.

2) The wildmom specifically and clearly telling Fjord that she, a goddess, couldn’t pull the darkness out of him, and then in episode 99 Cad just goes ahead and does it anyway. Like. “well first of all with the power of love anything’s possible, so jot that down.”* And it’s hard and it’s painful for both of them but he does it, this thing that was supposed to be impossible.

Like. C’mon.

It’s an idea that’s also been developing in Jester’s arc, which is that clerics can be more than just what their gods make of them. That there’s something original in the mortal soul that can work its own miracles, beyond this-or-that-spell, such to the point that a god can come to develop faith in them. It’s what Beau was clumsily trying to communicate when she was like, “Don’t you think Jester is actually more of a god than The Traveler is?” 

Anyway. I just thought it was neat. Also a welcome boost in confidence for Cad, who is having a hell of a week.

*your mileage may vary on whether the love is platonic or romantic you know where I stand but. You know. Love all the same.


the russos really just said “fuck mental health, fuck the millions of people who saw tony stark as a beacon of hope, as a symbol for change, fuck all the people who believed in him, fuck all the people who cared about him, fuck all the people who struggled but pushed forward because he could too, fuck all the people who saw him as their hero, fuck all the little kids that now only know a world where their hero dies, fuck all the people who struggled and struggled and struggled but loved tony because he did too, fuck all the teenagers who saw him as a role model and as an inspiration, fuck all the people who looked forward to the future because of him, fuck all the kids who grew up and developed anxiety/mental illness and saw themselves in him, fuck them.”

the russos made a pretty damn clear mark to me. that heroes, no matter what, no matter how hard you try, no matter what you do, no matter how much you struggle, no matter how much you want something, no matter what you’ve been through, it doesn’t matter, because your heroes die.

tony stark was so much more than a superhero. so much more. he was an icon. a beacon of hope.

a happy ending wouldn’t have been cliche. it wouldn’t have been “overdone.” it would have told every single marvel fan that has ever struggled with anxiety or depression or PTSD or anything, that this wasn’t forever. that they could be happy. that they could get their own happy endings. 

thanos is tony’s anxiety. tony dies to stop him. he doesn’t get a happy ending. he doesn’t get to tuck his daughter into bed. he doesn’t get to kiss pepper goodnight one last time. he doesn’t get to see his daughter’s graduation, or grow old with rhodey. he doesn’t get to do any of that. he dies. 

i feel genuine, honest to god disgust over what the russos, over what marvel has done. not just because i’m “attached” to a character. but because tony stark has sacrificed himself, time after time after time. it’s old. we know he’s willing to die for the greater good. we see it in IM1, we see it in the Avengers, we see it in AoU. we see it over, and over and over again. we know he can.

but he won’t get a happy ending. and every single person, just like me, who has struggled and been inspired, been hopeful because of tony, this is a massive slap in the face to them. this is a “fuck you.” this is a “fuck you, no. you don’t get a happy ending. you can do all you can, you can do everything and anything, but you don’t get a happy ending. screw you.” that’s what the russos are saying.

tony stark is a symbol for hope. and now, he’s dead. 

i hope the shock and the sick twisted idea of a “dramatic” ending is worth it to the russos. i hope that it’s good enough for them, knowing that thousands of teens and kids and adults alike will go to sleep and wake up knowing that their hero is dead. 

tony stark is dead. 

pepper will grow old alone.

rhodey will always, always, always, be missing his best friend. 

Morgan will have nightmares and her dad won’t be there to make them any better. She’ll graduate with one seat missing. She’ll be told that her dad was a hero, but all she’ll have is faded memories and an excruciatingly painful hologram. 

Morgan Stark will grow up without her dad. With only one parent for parent-conferences. Morgan Stark will grow up remembering fragments and pieces. She will be told what her dad was like. 

Morgan Stark will grow up without her dad. 

like, like you

Pairing: Bakugou Katsuki x Reader (x Todoroki Shouto??)

Summary: He’s the one who turned you down, so why is Bakugou feeling jealous when he sees you with Todoroki?

Notes: Multiple POV switches, also if this sounds kind of dead it’s because I died rewriting it after tumblr deleted my first version :)))

“If you keep pining after him, nothing’s going to happen!” 

You sighed and hugged your pillow closer to your chest, curling up into a ball on your bed as you looked at your pink friend from the corner of your eye. “I don’t know…maybe it’s better that way?” 

“Listen. If anyone has a chance with Bakugou Katsuki, it’s you,” Mina said. “You two are close friends, right?”

“If by close friend meaning one he doesn’t threaten to incinerate as much as everyone else,” Jirou said from where she was dealing Uno cards to Ochako and Asui on your floor. 

“Which is an achievement in itself,” Uraraka mumbled. 

“I say you should ask him out,” Ashido said. 

“Okay, I’ll do it!” you said, sitting upright on your bed and looking at your friends with shining eyes. 

“You will?” Asui asked. “You’re really going to do it?” 

“Yeah!” you said. “I mean, what’s the worst that could happen?” 

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i’m not saying that you can’t criticise the harry potter series - be my guest, we do that enough, and there’s a lot to criticise - but i keep seeing so much bad-faith criticism based on the fact that people have had 20+ years to think about these books and think of more ‘rational’ ways the characters could have acted, despite the fact that the characters are 1. literal kids/teens and 2. not supposed to be completely logical all the time because they are human beings with character flaws that make mistakes. 

i’m talking stuff like 'why was harry so angry in book 5?’ because he had been deliberately cut off from important knowledge of and communication with his friends, ignored by his mentor, left in an abusive household, and dealing with a lot of post-traumatic stress. also he’s 15. stop acting like it’s a plot hole for characters to have flaws or people to make mistakes

Cruel Summer

ABOUT: You finally get to head out on tour with Shawn, but find out he has to pretend to be with Camila. A little warning, this may turn into a love triangle with Connor if I choose to make it into a series. 


Part 2 l Part 3


Originally posted by mendes-shawn

You had been waiting for school to let out so that you could join Shawn on his tour, and today was finally the day that you would get to see him. Truly, the thought of this day was what fueled you, and had been the only thing getting you through these past couple of months. You and Shawn had done all that you could to stay in touch with daily texts and facetime calls, but it just had never felt like enough. You could tell he was distracted, and he had every right to be. He was traveling to all of these amazing places, and you didn’t like the idea of holding him back because he had to talk to his girlfriend who was halfway around the world. 

You two had made it work though, and now you wouldn’t have to worry about holding him back, or him missing out on anything because now the two of you could do it together. Your reunion had been everything that you could have wanted or expected it to be, but it was incredibly short lived as you made your way into his hotel room and sat down on his bed. You knew exactly how you wanted this moment to go, but it was clear that something was bothering him.

“What’s up babe?” you ask with a bit of a raised brow, just wanting him to spill it.

“So I know this was supposed to be our Summer, but my team is really adamant about me and Camila playing things up and acting like a couple in order to boost sales and popularity for Senorita,” he hesitantly explained. You could tell that this wasn’t something he wanted to be telling you, but that didn’t mean this hurt any less.

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Panic Attack

Pairing: Billy Hargrove x Reader

Request: Love, you do such amazing work! 😇 I have request for Billy where Billy and y/n are in a secret relationship. She gets a panic attack while hanging out w/ the party & steve & robin - they try to comfort her but it keeps getting worse. y/n tells them to call billy & they are all confused but do so. billy arrives shortly after the call & is a protective little soft bean who calms the reader down. and the whole party realizes that they are dating and ships it. 

Requested by: anon

Word Count: 921 words

Warnings: panic attack, soft,protective!Billy, concerned!party, fluff

AUTHOR’S NOTE: thank you for the request! I loved the idea and i hope you enjoy <3



Originally posted by skarsgardangel

You let out a laugh at something Steve had said as you sat on one of the couches in Mike’s living room. Max and El were under your arms, snuggled into your side as they shook against you with laughter. 

You were having a movie night with the party, Steve and Robin. You were currently on your third movie and, surprisingly, everyone was seated and watching the movie instead of running around or arguing. 

You looked around the room, smiling at the people you called family, you just wished your boyfriend was here too. You and Billy had been dating for a few months, secretly, and contrary to popular belief, he was a real gentlemen. He treated you like a princess and he’s been there for you through tough times, especially your panic attacks.

You had been having trouble with them a lot more recently. You’ve had them your whole life but recently they’ve been much worse; you guessed it was because of all of the stress you were feeling with college and your future lately. Billy seemed to be the only person who could calm you down from them, he always knew exactly what to do. He told you he used to get them after his mom left so he had some experience.

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Let’s take a moment to analyze, shall we? Now I know we underplay the cake scene because it could have been so much more and I, myself, am bitter that they didn’t talk on screen about everything that happened.

That being said.

Let’s look at this cake


Now. Let’s talk about how it looks. This is a very messy cake decoration wise, which tells us that Venomous probably made this himself. And thinking about Venomous, what does he usually do when he upsets someone he cares about? he buys them expensive, shiny things in hopes it’ll make everything better. But the fact that he decided to *make* something for him shows how much he cares about him and that he is trying to change. Its a very small detail but I think its really beautiful ;w;  He really is sorry. Look at how ashamed he is. He wants him back. My heart.

With Intent

The very last thing anyone had expected when Jiang Cheng sent a marriage request to Gusu Lan with Wei WuXian’s name on it was for it to be accepted.

Jiang Cheng hadn’t been serious with the offer.  Yunmeng Jiang was still weak from the Wen’s burning it. Thrown into leadership so suddenly, even though he didn’t flounder as much as anyone would have expected, he had still thought he’d have years before his father peacefully stepped down, in the chaos of battle he’d done his ancestors proud.   After the war was a different, and somehow more dire struggle.  

He had neither the numbers, nor the sheer force his father had had.  His new disciples had far exceeded any expectations – but they were still new disciples.  Not a one of them had yet made a name for themselves.  None of them had the influence, clout or connections even his father’s outer circle had commanded.

All of his sects power lay with himself and Wei WuXian.   Mostly Wei WuXian.

As much as it galled him to rest on the strength of the awe and fear Wei WuXian now commanded, there was little else he could do.  The Jin clan was nominally an ally, would be closer once Jiang Yanli married her peacock, but Jiang Cheng wasn’t fool enough to think that made them friends.

He’d already lost some of the land he’d fought so hard to regain to Jin Guangshan “helpfully” relieving him of the burden.  More would have been lost if loyal civilians hadn’t questioned the sudden yellow robes in their cultivator saviors and come to ask the Jiangs.  Jiang Cheng didn’t have the power to remove the infestation – not yet – but he could march to Carp Tower in barely controlled rage and stop it from spreading further.  

He had no doubt the only reason Jin Guangshan had listened to Jiang Cheng’s barely polite assertion that he could handle the rest himself was Wei WuXian’s black presence at his shoulder.  

Jiang Cheng didn’t have the power to push back the Jins.  Wei WuXian had the power to crush them utterly.

He’d left Carp Tower that day victorious, but with a deep sting of humiliation.

He needed more connections.  There was no way he would rely on the Jins.  He didn’t particularly like them to begin with, and he was becoming more and more convinced by Wei WuXian’s dark mussing that Jin was seeming conveniently like the new Sun of the cultivation world, voice pitched in that new way of his that carried exactly as far as he wanted it to, but still sounded soft and intimate and a little chilling even to him.  Jiang Cheng didn’t like the way Wei WuXian unsettled him from time to time now. The Sunshot Campaign was over, but as time moved on he was beginning to realize that, unlike himself, Wei WuXian didn’t seem to be moving past the darkness that had overtaken them all during the war.  Even his friendliest smiles had an edge to them, something remote and frantic always hovering at the tremulous edges.  That aura of perpetually being one step from rage and violence hadn’t disappeared with the Wens.

Caught between looming subjugation and dependence on power that wasn’t his, and that he was less and less convinced he should be leaning on, Jiang Cheng began to reach out in other ways.

Meetings and banquets and so many damned gifts…he wished he had his mother here.  She’d always navigated the waters of hospitality and decorum like a queen while wielding  her temper like a fine blade.  She could have told him how to reign the temper they shared better than he had been.  Far too often it had crippled him instead lately.

After another disastrous meeting with a lesser clan that ended in them nearly wetting themselves in submission and running like dogs with their tails between their legs, Jiang Cheng had consulted the wisdom of his predecessors.   The tombs and ledgers that had survived the fires and raiding Wens under the heavy defensive arrays had proven unspeakably dry reading, but fruitful.  Debts he could call in, old alliances he could refresh, his attempts to bolster his power and influence outside the Jins had had a more calculated and deliberate air to it and disguised his niggling desperation.  

One particular scroll had also suggested marriage.  He was not ready yet to marry himself, so he’d initially dismissed it.   As he began to run out of connections to strengthen, it drew his attention once again, this time more seriously.  Particularly the instances of marriage offers acting as an excuse for leadership to meet in a cooperative mood, talks that could turn into enduring friendliness and other contracts even if the marriage didn’t occur.  

So, he decided to extend an offer with Wei WuXian’s name on it – the only person other than himself with enough reputation to be put forth in a formal marriage offer.  He sent it to Gusu mostly seriously – the Lans had been good to them when they were down and a closer alliance would be beneficial – and partly joking.  The look on Wei WuXian’s face when he told him.  He’d been more animated in his brief panic and the following hysterical laughter when Jiang Cheng revealed it wasn’t intended to result in an actual wedding had been more liveliness than he’d seen in his friend in a long time.  

It had felt good to see him laugh.

The formal acceptance letter was written on the heaviest, finest paper Jiang Cheng had ever held and done in the richest ink he’d ever seen.  The writing was so neat and crisp it seemed almost impossible a hand of flesh and blood had written it.  Lan XiChen’s signature had a tiny flourish on the last character.

“On behalf of Gusu and the Lan sect, the offer of marriage from Yunmeng Jiang is formally accepted.   As a cultivation partner to the proposed Wei WuXian, Lan Zhan, courtesy name Wangji, Hanguang-Jun  eagerly accepts.  To this marriage Gusu Lan shall…….”

Lan Wangji.  The name glared up at him. Lan Wangji.  It didn’t make sense.  Lan Wangji?  Jiang Cheng’s eyes passed over Wei WuXian’s name again.  They couldn’t have confused him for a woman.  They….Lan Wangji?

Jiang Cheng’s brain refused to cooperate.  The document provided more than a generous alliance.  If Lan XiChen was sincere and followed the promises outlined here, and he had no reason to think the other sect leader wouldn’t, then Yunmeng Jiang would have backing the likes of which he’d never hoped for.  This wasn’t just alliance and cooperation.  This was a full partnership.  The large-scale sect equivalent of becoming blood brothers.   Outlined in Gusu Lan’s stark, uncompromising, utterly transparent wording was an offer to essentially marry their sects. Such a thing hadn’t been done since before the five great sects came to power.

An offer like this was not something he could casually refuse.  Yunmeng Jiang would never recover face if they turned down such an unprecedented and sincere offer.  And it was sincere.  He’d come to know Lan XiChen well enough during the war, and regardless, there was no duplicity or ambiguity in the wording here.  

And to offer Lan Wangji?  The Second Jade of Lan and arguably one of the strongest cultivators Gusu had produced in centuries?  His only brother?  There wasn’t a sect in existence that could back out of this and not look completely mad.

He couldn’t turn this down.

He couldn’t turn this down.

Jiang Cheng began to panic.

This was not supposed to happen!  It was supposed to be a bit of a joke.  Get a fresh connection to a sect they were already friendly with, a foot in the door to bring them closer.  Maybe, at most, possibly get a few amusing meetings between Wei WuXian and some Lan woman before both sides politely backed out and moved on to some trade negotiations.

It wasn’t…he didn’t mean…he’d never meant for Wei WuXian to be actually engaged!  Not just engaged – promised into a cut-sleeve marriage with Lan Wangji to benefit his own goals.  His brother…Wei WuXian, who flirted with every pretty girl he met!  How would he handle being engaged to a man?  Wei WuXian’s shameless teasing of Lan Wangji and a few other particularly handsome men rose unbidden in his mind.  Jiang Cheng swiftly steered his thoughts away from Wei WuXian and Lan Wangji doing…things…cut-sleeve things.  Things that were beside the point.   That would be Wei WuXians business to deal with after he told him-

He would need to tell Wei WuXian.

Suddenly paranoid, Jiang Cheng darted a glance at the door, but no black-robed figure appeared.  Where was he?  Probably out drinking somewhere.  He’d be back soon enough Jiang Cheng thought with an acute dread.  Carefully folding the pages of the document, Jiang Cheng stuffed it back into it’s very formal envelope, stuffed the envelope into his robes and ran out of Lotus Pier.   Mounting his sword, he set off as fast as he could for Carp Tower.

He really, really needed Jiang Yanli. Right now.


A week away was a rare luxury.  Lan XiChen almost hated to return to Gusu.  

Stepping up as sect leader had been as without incident or difficulty as he could have hoped for.  Due to Qingheng-Jun’s near-constant seclusion, a lot of power a sect leader would normally wield had come to him very early in life, so taking the full weight was a simple enough thing.  He hadn’t realized until father passed quite how much clan responsibility had been handled elsewhere.  

Approvals for marriages, resolving disputes, these were expected; acting as landlord, lord and judge to the civilians that paid the taxes and rents that kept their coffers full was more involved than he’d expected.  The Lan were the main sect of Gusu and therefore entwined, but the landholdings that made them so belonged exclusively to the Lan clan and therefore could not be delegated to the sect.   He could on occasion give tasks to Uncle or Wangji, but they were most often occupied with their own tasks – Lan Qiren with teaching the next generation and Wangji with leading their cultivators in excursions outside the Cloud Recesses.  All the Lan cousins close enough to entrust anything to had died in the war.

He’d long since grown accustomed to managing the separate accounts, but arguments about fences and who’s cow was whose and grudges started not because a beloved family member was killed, but because a pig got loose one too many times five generations ago…these petty things tried even his patience.

He’d come to appreciate a break away.  

Nie Minghue’s most recent request for assistance had come at an excellent time – an argument between two herders about who had rights to a calf that one man’s prize steer had sired on another mans prized cow had begun to heat up.  He was able to leave it to Wangji, who had probably undiplomatically skipped all the formalities and walked straight to the source as usual. It rarely resolved anything long-term, the parties involved would certainly find something else to fight about soon enough, but it did resolve the immediate issue quickly – common folk were usually too shocked by Lan Wangji’s beauty and jade-like stillness to continue on an argument.

Greeted only by a few juniors at the gates, Lan XiChen paused and sighed in resignation before heading to his office instead of the Hanshi, fully expecting to hear another long lecture from Uncle about letting Wangji handle things and start rumors of heavenly beings descending to pass judgment on the ownership of cows.  He was not at all expecting his brother to burst into his office shortly after and set a thick sheaf of paper in front of him with eyes burning bright and eager.

“Sign this.”

Lan XiChen blinked down at the uncommonly rich paper covered in writing he recognized as Wangji’s. Bemused he pulled it closer.  He read three lines, then had to start over.  Slowly, then once again, and a third time quickly, Lan XiChen read through the proposal.  This was outrageously generous to Yunmeng Jiang.  This was more than bordering on disadvantageous to Gusu. Though precisely worded and perfectly in line with all previous, precedent-setting documents, some phrasing clearly lifted directly, it had obviously never been so much as glanced at by a clan elder.   Despite the quality of it’s writing, this proposal acceptance had undoubtedly been written overnight.   Lan XiChen stifled a groan. Wangji had a talent for thinking deeply and cutting to the heart of a matter, but the intricacies of greed and the avaricious pride between the sects often eluded him.  He was also incredibly rash, though few believed it.  His pretty face and quiet nature along with Lan XiChen carefully keeping him away from such things had saved him from causing an incident with his forthright way of dealing with things thus far.

This was as forthright and whole-hearted a proposal as one could write.  All that was missing was a promise of the moon and stars and eternal love.

Finally tearing his eyes from the document, he looked back up at his brother.  Lan Wangji’s eyes kept darting to the marriage agreement that would sign his own life to join Gusu Lan and Yunmeng Jiang.  His eyes seemed almost molten with an intense, passionate wanting.  His fists clenched the fabric over his thighs as he very nearly vibrated with anxious, eager energy.

Lan XiChen looked again at the proposal, written in Wangji’s own hand, to marry Wangji to Wei WuXian.  Unnoticed until now, the Jiang’s initial proposal was set aside on the desk, faintly crumpled at the edges as if clutched in shaking hands.  A helpless smile flickered over his features.   He couldn’t approve this.  The elders would never allow it.

“Wangji…” Lan XiChen cleared his throat.  “Wangji.  This is a marriage you want?”

“Yes.” Wangji said, too fast and too earnest.    His eyebrows drew together in a startlingly open display of emotion as a pleading look Lan XiChen had not seen since they were very young crossed over his face.

Oh no.

He dithered a moment, skimming through the document again.  The elders would never approve this.  It was…a lot to give.  A lot to trust to another sect….but…Jiang Wanyin was a good man.  Fierce, loyal, brave to a fault, and he was raising his sect to emulate just those things.  It was a lot to give, but Gusu had more to give than Yunmeng Jiang just now.  Lan XiChen rather thought he liked the sort of person Jiang Wanyin was.  He’d sworn brotherhood to Nie Mingjue after all.  What was swearing his sect to loyalty to a sect that upheld righteousness in a different, but not so dissimilar way?

He would lose a lot of favor and approval from the elders if he did this.

What wouldn’t he give for his brother’s happiness?

Fully understanding exactly the sort of situation he was creating, even if Wangji didn’t, Lan XiChen signed the document and watched joy and eager anticipation light his brother’s face.   Any lingering hesitation vanished.   Nothing else mattered as long as Wangji was so happy.  And Wei WuXian…Lan XiChen had many conflicting thoughts on the demonic cultivator, but Wangji’s mind was clearly set.  One thing was certain though, Wei WuXian had best treat his brother well, or Lan XiChen would deal with him personally.

Ordering Wangji to give the parcel to their fastest messenger, he decided to wait a few hours to tell Uncle.  Let it get enough of a headstart they couldn’t recall the offer.

With a helpless fondness, Lan XiChen watched Lan Wangji snatch the package and all-but run from the room. Scrubbing his face with one hand, he reached for ink and paper to write to Nie Mingjue.  It looked like he would need to call in the favor he’d just earned a lot sooner than expected.

Underestimate -- A Billy Hargrove Smut Blurb

Anonymous Said: “Billy smut prompt!!! I just saw this on a post and thought you might like to do something with it: “Open your eyes, sweetheart. i wanna watch you fall apart.”

Summary: it’s smut yall 

PAIRING: Billy Hargrove x Reader

Word Count: 1257

Warnings: SMUTTY

A/N: look this was just supposed to be a blurb but it’s obviously a bit longer. Regardless, I hope you enjoy my first real smut on here.


Originally posted by chasemisprintedlies

“Open your eyes, sweetheart. i wanna watch you fall apart.” He mumbled above you.

The mere words could have caused your body to ripple in a high but you refrained. As close as you were to cumming you wanted to hold out for as physically long as possible.

Sex with Billy was unlike any other you had experienced, though that list wasn’t long. Compared to the others you had slept with no one could make you orgasm like he did. You were convinced he had super powers, the way his fingers moved in and out of your pussy like slow burning lightening. Or how his tongue curled around your clit until you were screaming for release. Or maybe it was how he thrusted in and out of you, his hips swerving against yours as he managed to find your g-spot every time. You couldn’t remember the last time he didn’t have you trembling against the sheets.

This time though you wanted to wait, to sustain the overwhelming pulse of pleasure he was filling you with for as long as possible to give you the best orgasm possible...after he came.

Billy had this strange need to get you off before himself, a superior need. Something you had assumed made him feel dominant. So you would wait it out.

“Y/N.” Your eyes fluttered open, breathlessly darting your eyes upwards to meet his darkened blues. His face was flushed with color and beads of sweat, bottom lip caught between his teeth as his released a quick, shaky, moan. “Cum.”

You shook your head. Instead of following his demand you dragged your hand up his spine, nails dancing against his skin until they both rest on the back of his neck. Your actions caused him to raise his eyebrows in confusion, melding together before he faulted.

Billy’s body was beginning to shudder, the beating of his pulse matching almost perfectly with the throbbing of his cock buried deep inside of you. He was going to cum.

“W-What are you doing? Hey—“ his hand which previously rested at the side of your head grabbed the point of your chin, taking it between his index finger and thumb before directing your attention. “What are you doing?”

If you had the strength to you would have smirked, giggled even. But the two of you had been going at it all night and as much as you liked to brag about your stamina in comparison to Billy’s you could feel yourself wearing out.

His thrusts started slow due to his focus now retaining on you not cumming, but you couldn’t have that..not when he was so close.

“Mh-mh.” You hummed, shaking your head once more before doing the unexpected.

Using the strength in your core you curled your hips, rolling both of your bodies until you were quite literally sat on top. Shock resonated all over Billy’s face, his expression priceless and most definitely something you would remember. He opened his mouth to speak out of surprise or disapproval but you cut him off.

Slowly your slick pussy slid back down his rock-hard dick, gliding your way back to his base until you were stuffed just as perfectly as before.

“Oh-h fuck.” Billy groaned aloud. He appeared as though he didn’t even know what to do with himself, the pleasure created by your warmth completely overwhelming.

His skin rippled in waves of delight and he swore to himself you had never felt so fucking good before. Billy loved your body, watching you come out of your shell in ways he knew only he had inspired. And he knew this was one of those moments.

His hands found your waist, clasping around the skin as he buried his digits in. You griped, directing your palms to his chest before grinding your hips forward and backwards moving leisurely to find your own rhythm.

The movement aided in the build up of the knot burning in the pit of your stomach. Rotating back and forth with a mission to make Billy spill.

“Babe—Christ, if y-you keep moving like that I’m gonna—“ you cut him off, leaning forward until your breast were pressed against his bare chest and your lips were on his. Tongue slipping between them you kissed Billy with all of the movement he had done to yours a million times before. Those kisses that made you hot without a second to think. You wanted to make him cum after all, so you had to make it good and pull out the tricks.

“Gonna what Billy?” You purred against his skin, the tip of your tongue drawing over his bottom lip before you kissed him once more. He hummed in response, a whine beginning to rupture from the back of his throat to which you interrupted.

You sank your teeth into his lip, dragging it from his lips and nibbling the heated flesh. It earned a growl, the noise rumbling in his chest which vibrated your palms. A smile curved the corners of your mouth before you drew back, spine straightening as you refocused on riding him.

Swiveling and twisting you released a sharp out cry just to egg him on as you deepened his cock inside of you.

“Ohhh fuck m-me.” His eyes tightened shut, words catching in gullet. The pleasure had nearly reached its peak, blood pumping so hard into his cock Billy was sure he was only moments away from cumming inside of you.

If this was any other situation he would’ve stopped, if your pussy didn’t feel so good wrapped around him or his pride got them best of him he would’ve flipped you back onto your back long ago. But that wasn’t what was happening here, no, this was an experience even Billy Hargrove couldn’t pass up.

Which is why he didn’t hold back the twitches or the begging for you to ‘Keep going. Yeah baby just like that.’

And it made your whole body light up in a flame. You of course were just as close to cumming, that knot in your stomach an instant or so from coming undone. But you didn’t get the chance to, because Billy did first.

Without any control over his body Billy’s hips bucked upwards and the boy whimpered, mouth agape to speak or mutter something. He was unable to though as he quite abruptly sputtered into you.

It was hot and seemed never-ending. It just kept going and going until the friction of his cock jerking uncontrollably against the walls of your pussy sent you over the edge.

The earth stuttered on its axis as you quaked on top of Billy’s sweat covered figure. A familiar sensation of fire pooling in your abdomen caused you to rasp out a cry into the dark of your bedroom. Shockwaves of immense pleasure rippled in your skin until you froze up and let it all flow through you.

Losing all strength in your body you collapsed on top of your boyfriend’s chest, both of you completely exhausted and panting for breath.

“Shit.” Was the first word Billy managed earning a laugh from you. He dragged the loose sheet resting at corner of the bed over your post-sex glowing skin and let out a sigh. “I didn’t know you had that in you.” He mumbled in amusement against the top of your head to which you responded with another giggle.

“Shouldn’t underestimate me then Hargrove.” Billy snorted and shook his head, dragging you closer to his side.

“You’re right. Remind me not to anymore.”

A/N: send me the holy water thanks 

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{PART 1} Ultramarine // Jeon Jungkook Vampire!AU, Soulmate!AU


Paring: Jungkook x Reader

Genre: Vampire!AU, Soulmate!AU, Fantasy, Angst, Smut, Fluff

Song Rec - Any Other Name by Thomas Newman

[ Ultramarine Masterlist ]

Summary; Your life was simple and quiet, which wasn’t the worst thing. You actually quite liked it due your hectic past. You lived in the city and had a stable job. A little bit boring but it paid your bills. As the CEO of the company you worked for was going to be making an appearance at the office for the first time in the 6 months you had been working there, tensions were high, but you weren’t expecting much…

A/N; This the first part of a new series im starting!! It started out as a request however I decided to make it into a series :) So if you like it please make sure to tell me so I know people actually like it lol anyway, enjoy!

{Part 1} {Part 2} {Part 3}

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Here he is! The final Amigurumi I’ll be taking to Katsucon is Azymondias from The Dragon Prince!

I’ve been dying to make Zym since season 1 first came out, and I’m so glad i could add him to the pile of brand new amigurumi to debut at Katsucon this weekend!!

I think my whelpling pose suits Zym so much, and it was fun altering the pattern for his paws to have his correct amount of toes. I actually quite like these paw patterns a lot and plan to use them for more dragons in the future.

How do you all like Azymondias? If you still havent seen The Dragon Prince on Netflix, seriously, go watch it. Right now. Go.

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Harry Styles Vocal Health on SNL

Hello!  So first and foremost I wan to put out there how much I love Harry and his voice.  Dear god it’s SO COOL and unique.  I love how when he’s in good vocal health he has all these different textures to it- the gruffness of his chest voice, the purity of his falsetto, the power of his belt.  When the studio version of SOTT came out I couldn’t sing his praises enough.  His voice sounded SO HEALTHY.  He was making such good choices!!!  Everything was relaxed and well supported.  He let the song build naturally.  He MUST have gotten some solid vocal training over his break because that isn’t something that can just happen over night.  I was very impressed and very proud.  I was also a bit nervous to see if these changes would hold when he started performing live….and…..it looks like I had good reason to be nervous.  

Here’s the thing. There are a few reasons I’m so hard on Harry in particular when it comes to poor technique. First, compared to the other guys, his technique is the only one that’s actually physically DAMAGING.  Could the other guys benefit from proper training?  Sure.  Of course.  Every singer can.  Even those who have been singing for years still should train on a regular basis.  But the other boys’ bad habits are just that- bad habits.  They aren’t going to do long term damage, not the way Harry’s are.    The second reason is BECAUSE I know he can do (AND HAS DONE!!!!!) so much better!!   I know he’s CAPABLE of so much more and so yeah, I’m hard on him because of that. And finally, I know exactly what he’s doing physically and exactly what’s going through his mind because I have the same exact bad habits and I can see him using the same exact thought process as to why he slips into these again.

Harry is the Ultimate Performer. He wants nothing more than to put on a good show for everyone, even if that means sacrificing his own vocal health.  Now, that’s isn’t a HUGE problem…until it KEEPS happening.  Which is what happened with OTRA.  And possibly might be happening now, although that remains to be seen.  One performance of one song slips into an entire show of this slips into two shows of this slips into the entire tour and wham, you’ve got nodes.  I think the biggest problem with Harry’s performance last night is he doesn’t trust the material or HIMSELF to sell it the way it is.  He feels he needs to overcompensate and big Big and Bold right from the start and that song is not built to be sung that way.  He started at a level that he couldn’t sustain throughout the entire thing and had nowhere to go.  That’s when he ran into trouble.  

As soon as he opened his mouth, I knew it wasn’t going to go well.  Don’t get me wrong, he sounds fantastic in the beginning…but like I said, there was nothing for him to build upon because he already started it at too high a height. His voice sounded raspy to me too, raspier than usual.  That can be caused by a few things- he could have been dehydrated (you can’t sing right if you don’t pee white!), he could have been tired (we know he’s a morning person and that show is pretty late for him), he could have strained his voice at the concert the night before, he could have over rehearsed, he could have smoked a bit.  I don’t know what the cause was, but he didn’t start off the evening in the best vocal health, especially for a song that’s very difficult to sing.  I also think he KNEW that so again, he tried to overcompensate for that by pushing.  

There is so much tension throughout his whole body, particular his shoulders on up.  I’m sure a lot of that is due to nerves.  I’ve said it many times before and I’ll say it again: the SNL stage is one of the hardest venues for artists to play.  There’s something particularly rough about it.  He’s also always had problems tensing up his face when he sings, but it what was particularly striking to me was that he did it during the falsetto parts.  That should have been EASY for him to sing.  That’s something light and relaxed.  Almost a break from the tension of the rest of the song…and yet he looks like he was in pain.  Which makes me wonder if he WAS in pain.  it’s hard to tell, but it almost seems like the second time he does it he pushes it more to a mix than a pure falsetto. 

It’s notable to me how relaxed the second syllable of  “bullets” around 2:44-2:48 is compared to the rest.  THAT is what the whole thing should have sounded like.  it’s relaxed and he’s got a great vibratto on it that comes straight from the diaphragm there- compare that to how tight “bullets” are the second time he sings it in that phrase at 2:58ish-3:04.  Why did you change what you were doing, sir??? In fact, to me it seemed like he KNEW it sounded good the first time and did his cute li’l dance and then came back to it feeling like “yeah I got this…” and then tightened right back up again.  because he didn’t trust himself.  

Thennnnnn the bridge happens.  And this is what i mean by he had nowhere to go.  THIS should have been his first belt it out moment.  but he pushed too hard too quickly and his voice just…wasn’t there.  It was tired.  The first scoop up to the first “we” was off key because of it and I think he knew it which made it even worse and MORE tense to the point where he just didn’t have the vocal agility to flip into his fasletto again for “learn”.  And then we’ve got the “it’s just what we know” which was just a poor choice.  I have a feeling he nailed that MULTIPLE times in rehearsals and mannnnn if he was in good vocal health how killer would that have sounded!??!!?  But instead, we got what’s called harmonic distortion which is SUPER VERY YIKESY AND A BIG SIGN OF HOLYSHITYOU’REDOINGDAMAGE (i sincerely hope he has an appointment with an ENT this week and gets scoped to check that out).   This was another instance of him trying to put on a great show and overcompensate for what he probably felt was lackluster vocals (which for the record WERE NOT THAT BAD.  I’m picking it apart because…well, it’s what I do.  and i don’t think I would have had too much of a problem if it weren’t for the super damaging choices he ended up making).  

From there he’s thinking “Oh shit that was bad…I REALLY fucked up…better step up my game and make the end better!” and once again tries to overcompensate and push a voice that’s already been pushed to the brink.  there just wasn’t more in there for it to give.  He couldn’t sustain it.  He had already given everything that there was go to give.  

When it comes to ESNY, it was a much better performance.  I think it’s partially due to the fact that it’s an easier song to sing and partially due to the fact that he was playing guitar so he wasn’t as much in his head (Side note: CAN YOU BELIEVE HE FINALLY BLESSED US WITH HIS GUITAR SKILLS?????).  His belty part towards the end wasn’t as good as it could have been, but I think that’s just due to the fact that his voice was kinda shot and that’s the best it was going to be.  It wasn’t TERRIBLE and obviously it could have been better, but I am curious to hear the studio version to see if there’s more belting that he just wasn’t comfortable with last night.  I could have done without the facial affectations because it just adds more tension and tension is bad, kiddos  But I think it’s a stylistic choice and I’m trying to pick my battles here.  Additionally, as we’ve seen in gif form his li’l neck vein was popping out so yeah he was tensing up pretty good there…but again, it wasn’t as terrible as it could have been since the song itself isn’t as taxing vocally.  

All in all, the performances were great, especially if you’re not as picky as I am. I know this was his first time singing live in well over a year and SNL is high stress and it’s his first time out there ALONE.  I’m curious to see what happens on Graham Norton and if he improves his technique. I’m also really curious to see how he’ll be on tour as well. I do wonder if he’ll lower the key of SOTT so it’s not as taxing.  No one would really notice and it would make things a little easier on him. It’s just frustrating because I know he has it in him to do it well.  We’ve HEARD him do it well.  But he just doesn’t trust himself enough to do that and that kind of breaks my heart a little.  Thankfully, he’s young and has time to learn.  He can still break these habits and make new, healthier ones and learn to trust himself more.



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you were an Avenger, and one of the most politically incorporated ones. you were constantly invited to fancy balls and all the top designers fought over being able to make you custom made dresses.

you were in your room in a corsetted princess dress while three designers figured out if they were going to add lace or sheer or both.

you heard a knock and Thor entered, immediately getting fidgety, “Stark said you had yet another ball to attend this evening.” Thor said casually.

you grinned at him through the mirror, noticing how he never seemed to get comfortable or figure out how to stand. “Stark is correct.” you answered, “what do you think of the dress so far?” 

Thor smiled, “beautiful as always.” he stood there awkwardly for a few more seconds just looking at you, “anyways, Stark also mentioned that everyone is busy tonight so you’re going alone.”

“Yeah, its tough, I usually like having one person I know but I guess things happen.” you shrugged.

“well now that I’m back on Earth, if you wanted, I could go with you. I’ve never been to one of these formal events I hear so much about.” Thor offered, “however I have been to a Ball before, we had many on Asgard.” 

you turned to look at him and your designers whined a little, you smiled, “really? you’d do that for me?”

“of course. you already have to go to every single formal event, why make you go alone?” he said nonchalantly.

“thank you! I’d love it if you came with me! want to meet me at the jet at six?” 

he nodded and with another little smile left. one of the designers working on your dress sighed, “that man is so in love with you it hurts.”

gif credit @generalhxu thank you to this gif maker for giving me permission to use their gifs! look at this beautiful man! look at this beautiful gif! im in love with this blog <3 <3 <3 

Something Different

Taehyung x Reader

Genre: Smut

Warnings: lingerie, oral (Taehyung receiving), dirty talk, a little degradation, creampie

Author’s Note: So, I’m back with another installment of NSFW imagines for the couples from the Toddler Series! You do not need to have read the Toddler Series (or any of my other series, for that matter) in order to read this, since it’s a stand alone. Despite the current Second Pregnancy Series that I have ongoing right now, all 7 of these imagines are set before the members are expecting their second (or third, in Hobi’s case) child. I hope you guys enjoy them!


Originally posted by minietaes

“You know that you don’t have to do this, right Y/N-ah?”

“But I want to!” You whined childishly.

“And that’s why you’re still in the bathroom right?” You heard Taehyung chuckle from the other side of the door and you couldn’t help but to roll your eyes. You were clad in a light pink negligee, with matching tights and white heels. You had teased Taehyung all day, sending him pictures of the lingerie when it was still in it’s package and little video clips telling him how much you couldn’t wait for him to come home so that you could take it off for him. You had even sent Spencer to spend the night with your parents; that’s how confident you initially were in seducing your man. 

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anonymous asked:

Could you please do a captain of the football team Steve and tiny adorable nerd Tony fic. Thank you I love your work.

I am weak for this trope tbh ahhh! ~1.5k, established relationship, high school au stevetony


Tony started going to the Friday night football games last fall, because Rhodey made varsity, and he was one of Tony’s best friends. Also one of his only friends, but that wasn’t the point. Tony wasn’t into high school football any more than he was into high school itself, but for Rhodey, he sucked it up. He bundled up in as many layers as he could pack onto his smallish frame, and sat on the freezing bleachers with the rest of his classmates. He didn’t understand all the rules, but everyone jumped and screamed and leapt out of their seats at the same time, so it wasn’t hard to fake it. 

Now, their senior football season, Tony can admit that he might just like the games after all.

“That’s just because every game ends with you and Rogers shoving your tongues down each other’s throats!” Rhodey argues when Tony voices this. “You were vocal about your disdain for, and I quote, organized enthusiasm and neanderthals running around in tights.”

Tony’s face heats. He could admit that this change of heart might have…  a lot to do with Steve Rogers. 

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Alternative uses for pillows

((More smut and with a female reader, but that can be edited on request!))

It was the perfect timing. You were downstairs watching a tv show and thought he was still away scaring breathers. Little did you know, Beetlejuice was not only back from his occasional work, but he was in your room. And he was overwhelmed.

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