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serious question.

for people interested in makeup and games: would you watch a video of an overwatch character inspired makeup look/tutorial? not cosplay, just inspired by the character? or game inspired makeup in general?

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That's a nice icon you got there

Anonymous said: mom is the dancc

I suppose I could explain lol. Yesterday my follower count reached a level of dankness and my eggplant mafia, aka “the metafam”, aka @guyinlovewitheremika suggested I used the icon @leapingtitan made for me a few weeks ago. 

@kuchenackerman made one as well

They love me.

*sigh* Where is the line of professionalism between “the customer wants these changes, so I should make them” and “the customer doesn’t know what they’re doing that’s why they paid me to do it, and that change is bad”?

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1. Hi! Firstly I want to say how amazing Bullet Boy is already and I can't wait for future chapters, you never fail to provide amazing content. But I also wanted to ask you how do you manage to write the setting of your stories so well? This is mostly relating to hoc but also other fics with unusual ( unusual isnt the right word but i cant think of one to describe it) settings and plots. How are you able yo be so accurate and knowledgeable when it comes to writing abt mob aus or even the +

2. the underground hip hop scene for bullet boy? All your aus are so well written and seem so real with all the information you include. I write from time to time and I always struggle with writing about something that i’ve never experienced. Do you have any tips? I really hope this wasn’t a bother!

Well, dear anon, though I do try my hardest to research and gather a lot of info for my fics, sometimes it can hard or downright impossible to find decent info on certain subjects. Or, the info that you might fine might not be compatible with what you want to write.

When it came to HoC, for example, though I did a lot of research it was actually a Neo-Seoul for the sake of the story, rather than an accurate representation of Korean gangs (Taste of Ink is actually a more accurate portrayal of Korean gang behaviour, with the brawls and revealing of tattoos for example). However, I did try and paint an accurate image of other aspects, like guns, drugs, other countries and as good an attempt that I could make at police activities.

My stories aren’t /accurate/ so to speak, because they are works of fiction, but they are inspired by reality. I think that that’s an important way to look at research, because no one can write a completely accurate story unless they themselves are, for example, a police informant, a drug kingpin, a hitman, etc. because only they have the actual experiences required for the story.

Therefore, whatever research you can do is perfectly fine! There’s no “acceptable” level of research required for writing, for even a little is as good as a lot.

My advice is, if you’re writing about a topic like gangs/drugs/etc. that watching documentaries and reading up on the subject on trustworthy website is the best way that you can get info. It’s hard finding info on niche subjects, but whatever you can find is great!

You don’t have to have experienced something to write about it, that’s the beauty of writing!


I’m so exhausted and my head hurts but Christ am I proud of myself for finally talking about shit to my dad!
I’ve been incredibly overwhelmed lately (as you guys know from my text posts) and I really think I should see a therapist so… I managed to bring up how everything is killing (metaphorically) me right now and although I only managed to bring up a few more specific things (like my problems functioning socially) and didn’t really mention ASD, he was incredibly understanding and was grateful I talked about it. It went better than anticipated I guess. I was afraid he wasn’t going to take me seriously, but he did fortunately.
I might stop by my gp’s office tomorrow to see if she can refer me to someone or recommend me some people or places to go to.

Today I was teaching my campers how to start a fire with flint and steel. As they grew increasingly frustrated, I mentioned that in a real survival scenario, they might use other tools and flammable materials at their dispense, like a camera lens or isopropyl alcohol.

I turned around to help two kids arrange their tinder. “Hey Ship, watch this!” called a voice. I looked over my shoulder to witness my favorite student create a fucking flamethrower by igniting aerosol sunscreen. 

When the screams of surprise stopped, I said, “Good job. Very resourceful. Now please don’t do that again.”