but that haaair *~*


Recently days had consisted of taking Dahlia and Scarlett to the new toddler park that had opened across the street. Ember usually invited Gabe over on the weekends, since the girls loved him.

Dahlia: GABBLE, GABBLE, GABBLE!!!!! !! !!!! 

Gabriel: Oml child its Gabe, if you keep saying that I’m gonna have to call you turkey!

Dahlia: URKY - URKY!!! 

 Gabriel: Haha, who knew Isaac Stroud could have such cute genes - I never would have guessed - 

Ember: SHHHH!! Don’t say that name in front of them!! 

Gabriel: Ummm why? He’s their fa - 

Ember: SHHH! I - I don’t want them to know okay? It’s something they’ll have to know when their older…when the right time comes…or never… 

Gabriel: It’s gonna bite you in the butt later in life but okayyy your choice! 

Scarlett took her mom’s hand and pointed towards the slides. 

Ember: You want to go the slides honey?? 

Scarlett gave her a toothy smile and tugged on her hand. 

Ember: Sliiide, baby. Say ssssllliiide! 

Scarlett just stared back, pulling more on Ember’s hand. Ember sighed and let the kid lead her to the playground. Dahlia had started trying to talk, and she wouldn’t stop - Scarlett on the other hand…never said a word. Lavender told her that her time would come…but it was just taking so long…. at least she seemed content with it! 

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I'm so happy for you, Mom!I just came home from Poland visiting my family so I know it wasnt as exciting as you meeting your friend but i kinda know how you feel on a smaller scale

ah we’re mememing eachother out