but that guy is annoying


💙Trans men aren’t Men Lite™
💙Trans men aren’t inherently smol little flower babies
💙Trans men aren’t a sexless, pocket version of Cis Men
💙Infantilizing grown trans men is creepy and gross
💙Trans men can like sex
💙Trans men can be very masculine
💙Trans men can be dominant
💙"All men" includes trans men

At first, I thought I hated seeing PDA plastered all over my social media accounts. Turns out that’s not true and I’m not bitterly single. 

I just hate seeing hetero PDA and I’m bitterly gay.


better run n hide before the boss finds out

I noticed something.

Go back to the the twitter videos.

The Chef, the Waiter and the Detective all have black lines across their eyes.

Just like Markiplier has in WKM’s thumbnail. And he’s dead.

But guess who doesn’t have black lines?


The Colonel.

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