but that edit is shitty

Shitty Edit for the WIN.

But— this is kind of to make me feel better.
Hit like if it’s okay if I can send you random things — Tag you in anything I come up with bother you in IM’S  bother your muse in your ask — and so on. AND  // ask for Skype or discord. 

Plot random things with you — all that Jazz. I know it’s lame BUT I just want to feel comfortable with all of this – knowing I don’t ANONNY anyone. But yeah — I love you all already. 

anonymous asked:

mod, I've been to ask this but do you actually have anyone you know IRL reading this?

//Actually, funnily enough, I do. But just 2.

//one just screams at me about everything that happens no matter how small

//the other just makes shitty text post edits with the sprited OCs. Which can be….interesting.


Okay but if you edit out Peridot in that one scene in The New Crystal Gems, Lapis literally looks like she’s telling some kind of dramatic Shakespearean tale and getting super into it.

Alternitively, if you edit Lapis out, Peridot ends up pulling some 2012 Gangnam Style moves