but that doesn't mean they're not in love with her

wow…….i can’t wait for domestic sanvers.

i can’t wait for alex to be Nervous because she’s never felt like this, never been able to be with the person who made her feel like this, so she’s going to second guess everything. is she doing this right? is what she just said okay? and maggie? well, maggie probably hasn’t been with someone who makes her feel like this either - who gets her, who understands her, who isn’t going to call her a sociopath for loving her job. maggie’s probably going to have to deal with the impulse to push her away, to keep her at arm’s length. maggie is going to have to actually let alex danvers in. 

If you don’t think Percy still gets flustered around Annabeth, then what are you doing?


#brandon hugging his murderer #i mean his mother