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bittyholtz pining

“Why are you being so rude to Jack?” Bitty asked, cornering Holster in the kitchen of Jack’s apartment. They were there for the Falconers’ home opener and the “quiet gathering” Jack had planned for after had turned into a semi-kegster, sans kegs. Half the Falcs had shown up, including Mashkov, who was currently chatting with an incredibly star-struck Ransom.

Holster frowned. “Why are you avoiding him?” He shot back, only feeling slightly guilty as Bitty’s face crumpled for a split-second before returning to an annoyed purse.

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All Started With a Song Part 10 // Conor Maynard

Word Count- 2221

Summary- Conor sees your cover and contacts you

A/n- (feel free to change the friends name I was just too lazy to write y/f/n that may times) here it is! this is way longer than i thought it would be and i didn't get to half the stuff i thought i would. so i re-planned everything. there will most likely be 13 parts now! i hope you enjoy. 

p.s. nothing crazy happens, this is mainly a filler chap. sorry if you were expecting drama!


You guys headed to bed rather early that night. With all that happened and your plans for tomorrow, you guys needed the beauty sleep.

At 6 o’clock on Sunday morning, you three left the hotel and started your adventure. Alice had looked up a really nice café for you guys to have breakfast at. She got some pancakes, Olivia got an omelet and you settled for a bagel.

“So where are we headed to first?” you asked before taking a sip of your tea.

“I really really really want to go to the walk of fame.” Olivia pleaded. “Can we please go there?”

“Of course Liv!” you smiled. “We’ll head there right after we’re finished eating.”

She squealed and clapped her hands, causing Alice to snort.

“You are too awake,” she mumbles, taking a forkful of pancake.

“Hey, don’t judge me. I’m just excited,” Olivia frowned.

“Oh, you know I love you,” Alice laid her head on Olivia’s shoulder. You quickly opened the camera app and snapped a pic.

You posted it on your Instagram with that caption:

i have the cutest friends ever… btw expect lots of pic today and tomorrow #sorrynotsorry

“Awwww, Al look at what Y/n posted. She’s so cute!” Olivia gave Alice her phone.

“She’s so sweet, let’s post one of her.”

You laughed, “No, please don’t.”

“Aw c’mon. You’re adorable babe.”

“Fine, but I get to approve the picture and caption,” you emphasized the and.

“Deal! Make a pose!”

You rested your elbows on the table and your chin on your hands, flashing the camera a small smile.

After a few moments of intense typing Alice handed you her phone, “Is that okay?”

Cannot thank @y/i/n enough for this trip. Love you lots babe xx

“You’re so sweet Al,” you handed her phone back to her.

“Alright, here’s the bill. Are you ladies all finished up here?” the waiter asked as he handed you the receipt.

“Yep!” Olivia smiled.

“Do you think I could get a to-go cup for my tea?” you asked.

“Of course,” he turned to walk away when he stopped. “I’m sorry to bother you. But are you guys from the UK?”

You three started laughing, “Yes, we are,” Alice answered.

“Oh my gosh, really? Would you mind if I ask you a few questions?” he instantly took a seat next to you.

“Of course not, whatcha wanna know?” you smiled.

“Is it always rainy?”

This caused you three to erupt in laughter yet again, but stopped when he frowned.

“Oh love, we’re not making fun of you. It’s just cute,” Liv placed a hand on his and smiled.

“But to answer your question, no. Sometimes it’s really nice out. But most of the time yes, it’s rainy.”

“It’s not even always rainy, just really cold.” You added.

“I’ve always wanted to go to London,” he sighed. “Is it worth taking a trip to?”

“I can’t answer that without bias, but I think coming here was definitely worth the trip. If that helps.”

He stood up, “Well my name’s Clayton.” He pulled out a piece of paper and began scribbling. “If you girls need anything, here’s my number. I’m free whenever after noon.”

“Well thank you Clayton. That means a lot,” you smiled.


After that cute little meet up you girls grabbed an Uber and went to the Hollywood Walk of Fame. It was so much fun. You girls had races to see who could find this person first or who could find a ‘James’ or ‘Amy’ first. You may have looked crazy to others but you three knew it was all in good fun.

You were only here once, why wouldn’t you make the most of it?

After the Walk of Fame you three headed to any and every shop that the London didn’t have; which was a lot. You hit lots of clothes shops, make up shops, and so so many candy shops.

You picked up something for Alex and a few gifts for your mom. Alice got something for Brandon, but insisted it was for her friend that ‘you don’t know that well’. And Olivia, of course, got something for Sean.

After what felt like a lifetime you guys finally found an In-N-Out. You all had been craving it ever since Sabrina took you guys to it your first day in LA.

While you three munched on your burgers, you just chatted about anything and everything.

“What time is it?” Alice asked.

“Just past 11,” you clicked your phone shut. “So what’s next?”

“Honestly? I want to go back to the hotel and take a power nap,” Alice sighed, Olivia vigorously shaking her head in agreement.

“Okay, I’m down for a nap. Then the beach?”

They both smiled signally they were okay with that.


“Wake me up at two,” Olivia sighed, falling onto her bed. You laughed and watched as Alice copied her movements.

You walked out to the balcony and sat up against the wall. You were tired, but you didn’t want to sleep. You didn’t want to miss anything LA had to offer.

You knew you shouldn’t have, but you texted Anth. It was a low blow honestly. But you were bored and didn’t have any clue as to what to do. You opened SnapChat and clicked his name.

You sent a simple selfie with a caption:

any fun activates you know of in LA?

You scrolled through Instagram while waiting for a response. You noticed Conor posted a new picture.

You knew it would hurt, but you couldn’t not look.

It was of him sitting of the edge of a bench, it was nighttime. He was facing away from the camera.

He captioned it:

C’mon LA, you have yet to let me down. Please don’t change that.

There were hundreds of comments that ranged from ‘ARMS’ to ‘why are you sad :(’ to ‘i hate when he doesn’t tell us what’s going on’.

You were hesitant, but ended up liking the picture anyways.

SnapChat from anth.melo

He sent a picture of him in front of a mirror of what seemed like a gym. You could see Conor on the side, but it was only an arm. You cringed at the fact that you knew it was Conor simply by an arm.

His snap read:

sorry y/n, kinda busy rn.

You sent another selfie with a frown:

okay, but we NEED to hang out soon. i leave in two days :(

You closed your phone and went back inside. After sliding off your shoes and plugging in your phone, you slid into your shared bed with Alice.

A few minutes of shot eye wouldn’t hurt.


“Y/n!!!!” you heard someone shout.

You shot up from the pillow, “What?!” you shouted back, not having opened your eyes yet.

“Its 4:30!” a voice, you recognized as Alice sighed. “You had one job. One bloody job!”

“Oh, sorry. I fell asleep and forgot to set an alarm.”

“It’s okay, we can still go to the beach!” Olivia piped up from her spot in front of the mirror.

“I guess,” Alice sighed.

“Haven’t you always wanted to see a sunset on the beach?” you asked, getting out of the bed.

“Yeah,” she smiled. “Let me check when sunset is.”

You bent down and grabbed your shoes.

“It’s at 6:04, should we invite anyone?” Alice asked.

“Like who?”

“Clayton!” Olivia jumped up. “Please invite him!”

You smiled, “Okay, I’ll invite him. But i can’t promise anything.”

You sent him a text that read:

Heading down to the beach to watch the sunset. Care to join us?

You sat your phone down and began braiding your hair.

“Did he text back?” Alice asked.

“Check my phone, I’m kind of busy.”

She stood up and walked over to where your phone was sat on the bed.

“What’d he say?”

“Nothing, but Anth texted snapped you.”

“You can open it up if you want,” you said, closing your eyes to focus on the pattern.

After a few seconds you heard a gasp, “What’s wrong?”

“Look! “Alice shoved your phone into your face. On the screen was a selfie of him and Conor and it read:

Okay, we’re free tomorrow

He was smiling and Conor was sporting his signature ‘kissy face/pout face’ look.

You stared until it disappeared, then you let out a sigh.

“What’d he mean by that?”

“I asked him if he wanted to hang out,” you said, sticking out your tongue as Alice snapped a picture.

“Oh, well.” She smiled, helping you up. “Looks like we got plans for tomorrow!”

You three changed into your swimsuits and packed a bag. You were going to go to the beach no matter what, Clayton being there was just a plus.

Your phone dinged and the girls sat, eyes wide; waiting for a response.

Of course! Meet me here in 10 minutes.

The link sent you to your Map app. There was a blue line from the hotel to a beach about 5 minutes away. Due to it being so close, you three decided to walk. As you left the hotel you sent him a quick text back.

see ya soon xx


As usual Anth and Conor stayed up late doing whatever they do. Most of it was just joking around. But part of it, a very small part, was very deep.

“Mate, I gotta ask,” Anth sighed.

“I can’t answer it. I know what you’re going to ask. And I honestly don’t know. I was jealous and upset. I just-” he sighed, looking at Anth. “I messed up.”

“Well do you like her?” Anth asked hesitantly.

“Of course I do! I liked her before I met her. But I overthought everything. I assumed she didn’t like me, so I wanted to make her feel how I felt.”

“Do you want to be with her?” Anth questioned again.

“That’s the thing. Like, I don’t know her. But I want to. And I want to see what it could become, but I don’t want to give us a chance and it be awful and I have to break her heart again.”

Anth remained silent as Conor poured his feelings.

“I’m just so angry. At myself. But also her. And I know I have no right to be mad at her. But she’s just so perfect. And I want to hate her and just forget about her. But I can’t, because whenever I see a girl, I notice that she isn’t Y/n. But I don’t know if she’ll ever forgive me. And I just want to punch myself, every time I remember what I did.”

Conor knew there was more to how he felt, he just wasn’t ready to admit it.

Anth stood up and put his hand on Conors shoulder, “Well, how about you sleep on it. And tomorrow we go to the gym; work out all the anger. Then afterwards, you can talk to Y/n.”


Conor and Anth didn’t make it to the gym until a little before noon. Conor woke up to Jack spamming him. Jack lost the keys to his apartment so he begged Conor to tell him where his extra set was.

Conor really didn’t want Jack to be at his flat alone. Who knew what the kid would get up to? But after a few minutes of Jack begging (and almost crying, almost. it doesn’t count if the tear didn’t fall) Conor told him to message Alex.

After that, they were about to leave but then Anth realized he forgot that he planned to Skype his grandparents. Knowing he couldn’t let his friend not call them, Conor sat in the guest room while Anth chatted with his grandma and grandpa about various things.

After Anth’s grandma finally said goodbye, they headed to the gym. On their way they stopped to get juices.

“Mate, the Strawberry Mango is way better than the Green Machine,” Conor dragged on as he walked aside Anth.

“Stop playing dude, the Green Machine is the best!”

“You’re mad, y’know that right?”

“Nah man, you’re just stubborn.”

When they arrived at the gym, they both popped in their headphones and got to work on their preferred workout equipment.

Within the first thirty minutes, Anth could tell Conor was more upset than last night. He was lifting way more than his body could handle, but every time Anth would bring it up Conor would brush him off.

“Mate, your calves don’t need that much weight,” Anth chuckled, pulling out a headphone.

“Why come to the gym if you’re not going to push yourself?” Conor asked, standing up.

“If you say so,” Anth said, grabbing his phone to change the song. He scrolled through his notifications. He went to close it, but then he noticed your name. Why were you snapping him?

He walked over to Conor, opening the snap.

“Hey, look at this.”

Conor looked at the screen then turned around.

“So do you want to?” Anth followed him

“Not really,” he muttered.

“Okay,” was all Anth said. He sent a picture of him in front of the mirror.

A few seconds later Conor said, “I don’t know what to say yet. But tell her we’re free tomorrow.”

Anth just smiled. Conor was head over heels for you and him trying to hide it was so cute.


A/N: So, this is my first smut, and I’m super nervous about posting it. Sorry if there’s any mistakes, it was a bit rushed since I wanted to finish and submit it in time for Smut Week. So I did the best I could, especially since all my knowledge of what sex is like comes from fan fiction or friends. Hope you enjoy some AU Negan!

Summary: Being the kind and helpful student you are, you join Coach Negan after school to help grade some Health quizzes. One little accident occurs, and one thing leads to another.

Word Count: 3,033 words

Pairing: Teacher! Negan/ Student! Reader

Warnings: Smut, Vaginal sex, Oral sex, Inappropriate behavior in a classroom, Swearing

Tags: @negansmutweek @negans-network

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Anon asked: For hs au angst- maybe something where dean and Cas are best friends and the entire school knows Cas likes dean except for dean (too paranoid about people realizing he likes Cas to notice) and some school bullies give Cas a fake love letter from dean. Cas tells dean he feels the same way and dean is really confused. The bullies laugh and Cas realizes it’s fake and runs away and starts angsting all over the place so dean has to calm him down and then happy ending where dean says he likes Cas too

Castiel walked into the high school on the first day, keeping his head down and trying to stay pout of everyone’s way. He almost made it to his locker before he felt hands on his back, shoving him. He fell into the floor, smacking his head against the linoleum. He looked just in time to see the jerseys of several football players go by and hear their laughter.

“Stay out of our way, fag!” One of them said and the others laughed again.

Castiel said and pushed himself up a little, quickly gathering his books. Another pair of hands appeared and he looked up into the face of his best friend. They stacked the books and Dean helped him up off of the floor.

“You okay, Cas?” He asked, brushing his fingers over the red spot on his forehead. Castiel hissed a little, but nodded.

“I’m fine.” Dean looked doubtful, but he didn’t push.

“I went by your house to pick you up this morning,” He said, as the continued down the hall. “But your mom said you had already left.”

“I walked,” Castiel told him. “I figured you’d have Sam and Lisa and I didn’t want to get in the way.”

“You’re never in the way, Cas,” Dean leaned against the lockers next to Castiel’s. “Besides, me and Lisa broke up.”

“What? Why?” Dean shrugged.

“It was just getting old, I guess.” It was Castiel’s turn to give the doubtful look. Dean laughed a little and threw his arm around his friend’s shoulders.

“Seriously, Cas, we just weren’t into each other anymore. It was summer fling.”

“Right.” They stopped in front of Castiel’s home room and he studied Dean for a moment. “You’d tell me if you weren’t okay?”

“Course I would.” Castiel nodded and gave Dean a small smile before going into his classroom. He took a seat beside Charlie, who immediately started questioning him.

“So, Dean and Lisa broke up.” Castiel rolled his eyes at her and pulled his book from his bag.


“And? He’s single now. You have to go for it!” Charlie exclaimed.

“There is nothing to ‘go for,’ Charlie. Dean is straight.”

“Oh, puh-lease. It’s so obvious that you guys have something going on!”

“All that’s going on is our friendship,” Castiel mumbled, hiding behind his book. Charlie was quiet for and a moment later she was in front of him, gently lowering his book so that she could meet his eyes.

“You should at least give it a try, Cas. The worst thing that could happen is that he says no.”

“No, the worst thing that could happen is that our friendship would be ruined. Just let it go. Nothing is ever going to happen.” Castiel buried his face in his book again, hoping that she’d go away. Charlie sighed and ruffled his hair lightly before moving back to her desk.

Castiel hoped that that would be the only time his and Dean’s relationship would be called into question this year.


The first few weeks of the semester went smoothly enough. Dean remained single, though he did hook up with quiet a few girls when he had the chance. Mostly, though, he spent time with Castiel and Sam, watching movies and playing video games. Castiel didn’t even mind when Dean chose the same five movies over and over again, he was just happy to bask in his presene for a while.

The bullies didn’t give Castiel much trouble either. Occasionally he would be shoved into lockers or have cruel names thrown at him, but they ignored him for the most part.

One day, Castiel was walking down the hall, a bit late because he had stayed behind in his English class to ask about an assignment, when he was suddenly surrounded by a group of boys in jerseys.

“Well, look what we have here, boys,” Gordon Walker said, an evil smile spreading over his face.

“Please, leave me alone,” Castiel said, looking at the floor, as if making eye contact would cause them to attack.

“Please leave me alone,” Gordon mocked, stepping closer. “We don’t want fags like you in our school, Novak. Watching you and Winchester together, makes me sick.”

“There is no romantic connection between Dean and myself,” Castiel told them, hoping that it would sway them enough to leave him alone.

“We’ve still got to teach you a lesson. You don’t need to try to recruit anyone else.”

Castiel wasn’t sure which of them struck first, but before he could try to get away they were all hitting him. He curled innon himself and tried to protect his face, praying that they would be bored with him soon.

“Hey!” All the jocks froze as a voice echoed down the hall. Castiel caught a glimpse of Bobby Singer, one of the teachers and a close friend of Dean’s family, storming towards them. “Don’t you try to run from me! Get back here, you’re all going to the office.”

Castiel ended up sitting by himself outside the principals office with an ice pack on his face. The door opened and the other boys filed out.

“We’re going to get you for this, Novak,” Gordon growled as he walked by. Bobby laid a hand on Castiel’s shoulder.

“You alright, kid?” Castiel nodded. “You let me know if those botys bother you again, okay?”

“Yes, sir. Thank you.”

The principal made Castiel fill out an incident report and informed him that the other boys had been expelled for three days and would sit out several games. Castiel thanked him and went to class.

He was getting his stuff out of his locker at the end of the day when gentle hands grabbed him and spun him around. Castiel looked at the floor as Dean took in the bruises on his face.

“Jesus, Cas,” He said, softly.

“I’m okay. Bobby caught them before they could cause any serious harm.” Dean shook his head, smiling a little.

“I can’t leave you alone for a second, can I?”

He threw his arm over Castiel’s shoulder and they walked out to the parking lot, Dean questioning Castiel about what happened as they went.


Castiel opened his locker and a folded piece of notebook paper fluttered to the floor by his feet. He placed the books that he didn’t need in the locker and shoved the rest into his backpack before stooping to pick it up.


I don’t really know how to say this out loud, so I tried to make it make since here.

I like you. I have for a long time, I just didn’t realize it. I tried to fight it atb first because you’re my best friend and I don’t want to lose you, but I’m sick of fighting it.

I want to be with you, Cas. Let me know if you feel the same way.


Castiel stared at the note, shocked. He looked down the hall and saw Dean leaning against his locker. Their eyes met and he smiled at Castiel in a way that made his heart race.

Castiel took a deep breath, summoned all of his courage and walked down the hall to him.

“I do.” Dean’s brow furrowed in confusion and he tilted his head a bit.


“Your note,” Castiel said, dread filling his stomach as he held the paper out. “I want to be with you, too.”

“Cas,” Dean said, looking at the note, then meeting his eyes again. “I didn't–”

Loud laughter echoed down the hall. Castiel and Dean both looked at the same time and saw Gordon and the others watching them. The note slipped from Castiel’s fingers as he realized what was really going on.


He didn’t stay to hear whatever Dean was going to say. He ran for the quickest exit, ignoring the shouts of complaint that came from the students he pushed out of his way.

How could he have been so stupid? What could possibly make him think that Dean actually wanted him? He had ruined everything.

He wondered if Dean would be willing to overlook this and continue being friends or if they would just never speak again. He was so worried about what happened that he didn’t notice the car pulling up behind or the boy calling his name.

“Cas!” Castiel cried out in surprise as Dean grabbed his shoulders and spun him around.

“I’m sorry,” Castiel babbled. “I don’t know how I could have been so stupid. Obviously you would never–”

He was interrupted by Dean’s mouth on his his. The kiss lasted just long enough to take his breath away and leave him wanting more.

“I may not have written that note,” Dean said, softly, his lips still brushing against Castiel’s as he spoke. “But it was exactly what I could never say.”

Castiel wrapped his arms around Dean’s neck and kissed him again, making a mental note to thank Gordon and his cronies for bringing them together.

shastar24  asked:

Oh ok I'm so sorry!! I didn't know about the rules it was a simple prompt but long to type so I'll just say show Amy proving the ultimate proof of love in hug form like she normally does but it had the angle of saving him which is the best proof of Love's definition. Thanks so much!! Sorry again!!

Please don’t be scared by the post with all the rules and purchases!!! You can still ask for prompts and not have to pay a dime! It’s an option for those who would like more than just this. And it’s cheap! :Db It also hasn’t been set up yet, so don’t worry and be happy now~<3

And no problem ^^ I enjoy it!

(x) Used with artists permission, please support her as well! (Also, if you know where the Christmas broadcast of the Japanese voice actors singing this then please- LINK ME CAUSE I WANT TO HEAR IT *cries*)


It had been over a year since she had seen him…

She hovered by her window, sitting down and looking out the window, bored and depressed.

It was tiring… wishing she could somehow… transfer these feelings of longing and how much she loved him to him.

She stretched her arms over the windowsill, as if figuratively trying to send a ‘signal beam’ through the tips of her hand to Sonic. Hoping… somehow… they would magically reach his heart and let him know how much she missed him.

Suddenly, as she wiggled her fingers and smiled the pleasant thought of him halting in his run, only to look back over his shoulder in her way- there was a huge explosion.

Instead of fear, there rose adrenaline with excitement.

She was worried what was happening, but absolutely no fear, just some jitters from shock.

She raced down the stairs of her home, pulling a jacket but realizing it was probably super warm out and tossing it in a hurry to her couch, and then bolting out the door.

Not bothering to lock it in her frenzy, she almost ran off without letting the door fully closed, and swished her arms about in circles to stop her momentum. Turning around, she shut the door and locked it quickly, before dropping the key and scooting it under the mat.

Another explosion.

Her eyes shot up, and she raced towards the sound, giggling like a true girl in love.

A little odd for any outsider to witness someone getting so excited over explosions close to their own home… but if anyone knew Amy, or Sonic for that matter, they knew that if there was excitement- there was none other than Sonic The Hedgehog on the scene.

Rushing into the forest, she came out on a clearing and ducked slightly at the wind blast of further explosions.

Moving her arms from shielding her face, she gasped as she leaned forward, seeing the meadow on fire and Sonic’s weary self lifting off of the ground, his breath looking horse and hard, seeing as he was sweating from the fire around him and the effort being put into the fight.

He crooked his arms, hoisting them up as he summoned more power to him.

He cried out as energy burst from him, his Super Form radiant in the flames, before a figure flickered out in front of him…

As the figure walked, the sparks of the flames would curl over his metallic feet…

Finally, she saw through the blur of heat….

Metal Sonic’s glowing red eyes.

They rose to life like they were also powering up, burnt already but not melted yet, he mimicked Sonic’s actions, and his engine roared a returning battle-cry.

The two slammed their heads together, spiraling the fire upwards before it whipped out of existence, just the burning around them remained as they strained in the air to push the other back…

A power struggle of epic proportions.

“Sonic!” Amy cried out, stepping forward.

The two’s eyes twitched to look back at her.

Bad move…

Amy suddenly realized this… and stepped back.


Sonic tried to pull Metal’s attention back to him, but he already broke from the headbutt and crushed a hand against his skull, keeping Sonic down as he sent a missile out to Amy.

Responded prepared, she summoned her hammer and whacked it away. The explosion knocked her back though, and she flinched a moment with a cry of fright.

Falling back, she tried to get her bearings again, before seeing Sonic smashed to the ground at incredible force, and Metal lay a heavy bombardment of missiles down on him…

“NOOO!!” Amy quickly got up and raced to him, jumping out to try and knock some fire-power away.

As if by random luck, she managed to swing and knock one missile into exploding; which pushed back two to three others coming down after it.

But with that act came a price…

She fell next to Sonic, the front of her body twisted on it’s side; crushing her into the small crater created by the heavy downpour of attacking missiles.

She strained her face at the momentary pain before leaping her body forward and trying to crawl to Sonic.

This looked bad.

Badder than any situation she had before been kept in.

“Sonic… Sonic, please!” she shook him, but Metal Sonic held his place in the air… he stopped his attacks only to see if his objective had been accomplished yet.

He was like a shimmering death… looming over the two from the sky filled with smoke and small flares from the fires.

A morning star that shone at night’s wake.

“Sonic..!” Amy cried out, seeing him not stir and his super form fading.

She heard a engine roar and looked up, “Metal, no!”

Metal Sonic brought up his arms, holding a large platoon of missiles behind him.. they steadied themselves as fire raged behind them…

They would descend at any minute.

She turned back to Sonic, tears starting to from in her eyes.

“I missed you… I missed you so much, Sonic… please.. don’t make me have to miss you again.” she moved a hand to his face, feeling his slow breathing as more of his chaos power was draining from him…

His face looked war-torn and exhausted… she had never seen him so drained of life before, so thinned on youthful energy…

He wouldn’t last another downpour…

She moved her hand and looked up, glaring to Metal Sonic.

She got herself up on a knee, looming herself over Sonic.

“I won’t let you win, Metal!” she cried out. “I won’t stand for it!”

He narrowed his eyes.

The missiles shot down.

She gasped and turned, embracing Sonic as she closed her eyes, her back exposed to whatever may befall them.

“I don’t want to wait!” she declared in finally her fright and fear taking over her. She was desperate now, crying as she clung to him.

“I never want to wait to see you ever again!”

in a split-second… almost with a heavenly glow, Sonic’s body rose in light and power…

She felt her body… almost floating as the power soared around her in small, yellow, whimsical whisks around her.

Caressing and seeming to lick or bend around her, she looked down to notice Sonic’s eyes slowly open, his super form restored fully as he smiled.

He put his arms around her and looked up.

Amy looked to see the blast of his renewed strength had sent a sphere of forceful pressure out around them.

It completely pushed back Metal Sonic’s missiles, and left him making robotic noises of distress, seeing them fly out in incalculable directions before one surprised him and crashed into him.

He was thrown back in a streak of black smoke, and crashed somewhere far, far and away.

Breaking from Amy, Sonic smirked and took off like a comet towards where he had disappeared too.

In amazement, still caught up in the alluring feeling of relief and renewal of life, her quills suddenly came down and the healing energy left her entirely, slowly floating her back to the ground.

“…Sonic?” she had never experienced that kind of sensation from his Super Form before…

“What…” she blinked, before gasping and putting her hands up to her mouth. “That was amazing!” she praised, before wobbling to her numbed knees, still apparently taken aback by all that happened, and started laughing in small spurts.

She caught herself from falling and rushes to her feet, stumbling a bit out of the crater before looking around her.

“Beautiful…” her head scanned the surrounding environment in wonderment.

The light that Sonic had produced gave energy to the life under the ashes… flowers and new plant life had grown around it, on the burnt trees now lush and green with life…

There was no sign of destruction, only rebirth.

She wasn’t sure how this could happen but she crawled out and fell down again, happily landing in some daises that had their petals and pollen splash out into the air, softly floating in it’s breeze.

It was surreal… the sky was still filled with smoke… slowly clearing up but oh, the sights of bright green and vibrant colors all around her… an exact opposite of the destruction that once made her fear, even for an instant, that this could never be possible.




“Sonic.” her eyes batted a second.

She rose up and turned herself towards the sky.

“Ohhh..! Hmph!” She smashed her hands on the ground, puffing up her cheek. “He left me again!” she pouted, before sighing and drooping her head down.

“Heh… oh well.” she looked up with a understanding smile. “Maybe it’s just meant to be… me waiting for him like this…”

As she seemed to get herself together and leave, a sonic boom grabbed her attention, and turned her eyes skyward yet again.

She panicked for a moment and scrambled away when she saw a yellow streak of blasting glory coming straight back her way, and ducked into the crater again.

Shivering a second, she suddenly lifted her head to peek and see that there was no explosion.

The light just flashed and suddenly… he was hovering just off to the side of the crater.

“Amy… What you did was crazy.”

That voice…

It was so reassuring for some reason, as if there was no reason to fear anymore.

She immediately bore an open-smile on her face, and tried to rush out of the crater.

He stepped onto the ground and offered her a hand.

“W-well…” she was pulled towards him after taking his hand, shocking her a minute before getting her feet situated… and her blush under control.

“What better way to say… w-what I needed to say,.. then with a hug?” she smiled up at him, but there was a faint sweat drop on the side of her face.

Was she still not going to say it?

Sonic’s eyes bent to a holy grace, as suddenly he dipped his muzzle down to her.

“I would say that you should take more caution when telling me what you… need to say.” he kidded a moment, before chuckling under his breath and closing his eyes a moment. “But I know you wouldn’t listen.”

She giggled too, putting a hand up by her mouth before noticing how close they were.

Were there things… in his eyes… that he wanted to tell her too?

It’s true that he kept holding her… even after she had got her bearings straight again…

“Sonic… I-”

He suddenly embraced her.

“I think you’re right.”

He admitted.

Her eyes blinked in puzzlement.


She questioned, tilting her head cutely and shifting her eyes about over his shoulder.

“…I think the best way to put it… is also in a hug too.”

She was thrilled he understood, her eyes lighting up at him saying that, and then embraced him as lovingly and passionately as she could.

“Emmmm-EM! I love you, Sonic The Hedgehog!”

To her surprise? He smiled and closed his eyes, retaining the hug just a little… bit… longer…

than ever before~<3

You Didn't See Anything

Prompt: I broke the teacher’s rolling chair and I don’t know that you know it was me

Pairing: Septiplier


It was lunch time at Vanguard High School and Jack McLoughlin was bored. So, instead of sitting with a bunch of people he didn’t know, he went to one of his teacher’s classrooms to eat.

When he opened the door, he noticed that the teacher wasn’t there. He looked around for a second before going straight for the teachers desk. The reason he did this was because the teacher had a rolling chair that everyone loved to sit in.

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you can't keep pretending this didn't happen, because guess what IT DID!

This is inspired from the list of @ships4you‘s prompt list (Link here). Hopefully you enjoy this crazy one.

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“OPIE!” You shouted as he tore out of the crowded lot like a bat out of hell. 

The early morning sun was just peeking over the horizon as you stood there, alone in nothing but a sheet, watching the man you just slept with drive away on his custom Harley. 

Tears gathering in your eyes as you pulled yourself back towards his dorm, fearing what would happen if your brother ever saw you in this state. 

That had happened three months ago,

 you had not seen the man you harbored a crush for since, oh how you missed his gentle eyes, welcoming smile, his soft features, which also could strike fear into the heart of men. 

But instead of that, you were forced to stare into the evil eyes, and surrounded by the sinister laugh of the small stick, which seemed to be taking up my entire bathroom counter. And as the timer of my phone filled the air, the second line reared it’s head to join the laughter of the first. 

 And that is when the idea of planning Opie’s funeral crept into my head. 

You sat inside the sweltering car for a while as you played with the hem of your tank top, the thought of exposing your newly found out truth to your only brother made the very blood in your veins run cold. 

Your brother could be a gentle man at times, especially when his little sister is involved, but to most he was cold, hard, tough. You feared you were about to meet that part of him, for you were not married, or in a relationship, you lived in a rundown one bedroom, and had zero job security and no set hours of work. 

You were in your own little world until you heard the light knock on your window drew you back to the surprisingly quiet parking lot. Your tinted windows showed the familiar smile of one of your best friends, his eyes squinted as he grinned at you, and you couldn’t resist as your hand pulled the handle of the driver side door. 

“Juice my dear, put those pearls away fore ya blind someone.” You jokingly barked as you stepped into the warm heat of the afternoon. 

“Sorry to disappoint but I can’t. See my beautiful best friend has finally has come to visit the lowly bikers." 

"Hey, one of those bikers is my brother, and if I told him you spoke that slander about him, he may have to get a new tattoo by the end of the night." 

"Well maybe we shouldn’t tell him.” You laughed at the fear in his eyes, the sound filling the lot, and when you looked the garage of Teller Morrow, you saw a familiar set of eyes watching you, causing the vomit to creep up your throat, and your feet to carry you as fast as they could to the bathroom, before the morning’s juice made a reappearance. 

When you finally recovered, and opened the bathroom door, you saw him standing in the denim jumpsuit, grease covered him, as he wiped his hands on the rag in his pocket. Your own weight leaned against the frame of the door. 

“Well thank goodness Juice didn’t clog the John again while trying to bid his panty collection, otherwise the whole bathroom be a mess.” You joked as his eyes bore into you. 

“You ain’t ever thrown up since you were 7 and got the flu.” He was so matter of fact as he looked at you. 

“I been drunk plenty of times Lowman." 

"Yeah but you never puked from it. What’s wrong?" 

"Happy, nothing is…" 

"Don’t you dare lie to me Sis. I know when you…" 

"I’m pregnant.” You cut him off, fearing you would lose the ability to tell him if he continued on with his sentence. 

“Excuse me? Mind saying that one more time.” His voice and features were dark as he took a step closer to you, causing you to quickly inhale before you answered quietly, “I’m pregnant." 

 "And who might the father be?" 

 You were silent, not daring to speak a word as he exhaled, "Well when is the last time you had sex." 

 "You know damn well when that was.” And with that he was gone, you knew deep down he knew who the father was… 

“Happy stop.” You pleaded as he went to the lot, his eyes wide with rage as his words were soaked in venom, “Winston, get your ass out here." 

Opie turned, looking at you first before he noticed Happy’s expression, "Hey killer, whats…" 

His sentence went unfinished as Happy’s fist met his bearded face, blood gushing from his nose as Happy punched again, and soon the two were on the cement ground, Opie not able to get a single punch in as Happy’s fist made light work of his face. 

Finally five other Sons were able to get him off, and you immediately went to Opie’s side, as Happy screamed, "you fucking asshole." 

"What the hell did he even do Hap?” Jax screamed over Happy as he held back an arm. 

“Got my fucking sister knocked up, that’s what. That’s why he fucking vanished! HE FUCKED HER!" 

"And I LIKED IT!” You screamed back, quickly standing in front of your brother, “he didn’t force himself on me, didn’t force me to do anything! I agreed, and yes we were drunk but Damn It, I LIKED HAVING SEX WITH HIM! He only ran because when he woke the fuck up he regretted every minute of it, but I will never regret having sex with Opie! Or having his bastard child!" 

And he can’t keep pretending that nothing happened between you both cause Guess What? IT DID!“ 

"Do you not think I know it did, I have the proof growing inside me now Asshole! Why do you think I have been avoiding the lot for months, I don’t want my kid to be fatherless like we were." 

"Do you really think he wants to be the father of your…" 

"HAPPY JUST SHUT THE FUCK UP FOR ONCE IN YOUR LIFE!” You screamed at the top of your lungs, the stress of the whole thing overwhelming you. 

 And then Happy did something awful, as the sound of flesh meeting flesh filled the air, and the light thump of your body hitting the cement followed. The front of your body laid against the cement, struggling to even fathom what had just occurred, as Tig fought to restrain his arm again. And as you laid there, fighting tears back you felt someone gather you in their arms. 

“Shhhhh [Y/N]. It is just me.” Juice whispered as you buried your face in the crock of his neck. 

He gently placed you in the passenger seat of your car and as he rounded the front that was when you noticed your once light-wash denim shorts were stained red. 

It was hours later, the hand imprint was now clear on your face, your frame covered in an itchy gown as you waited patiently for someone to give you what you could only imagine was bad news for you. 

However the news would probably bring relief to Opie, and your brother. 

Juice had somehow fallen asleep in the chair beside you, his hand rested in yours as he slept, but your eyes remained glued to the off white walls until you heard a light knocking at your door. 

“You look bloody awful.” You smiled as Opie entered the room, his face cut up, and bandaged, but looking better then it had in the lot. 

“You’ve looked better yourself.” He answered as he took a seat beside you on the other side of the bed, Juice stirring only a bit before another snore filled the space. 

“Man could sleep through the end of the world.” You joked, looking away from Opie and towards the sleeping man beside you. 

“I don’t regret it.” Opie whispered, your breath hitching as he continued, “I should have never left that morning. I was just terrified when I thought about it more, and while I was happy with my choice I knew Happy would detest to it, and even to the thought of me dating you. So I ran from my fears, and now I fear I have ruined what could have been." 

"Opie,” you whispered, slowly turning back to him, “I have loved you since the moment I met you, I slept with you because the alcohol made me see how foolish it was to be without you. And I would like nothing more then to go on living the rest of my life with you, even if it means leaving all this and my brother behind." 

"You would do that? For me?” He replied, tenderly placing his hand over the swollen red mark on your face. 

“Oh course I would." 

"I’m hoping it won’t come to that.” Another familiar voice added as you looked away from the love in Opie’s eyes, and into the regret of Happy’s. 

“I never meant to do this to ya Sis, I was just so caught up in all the yelling that…" 

"Happy, you are forgiven, however you gotta know that I want whatever it is Opie and I are, and while the whole ordeal would be easier with your approval, I will not leave this just because you dislike the fact your baby sister is dating a Son." 

"Sis, as long as he treats ya like an old lady, and not a crow eater I will be fine. However I may never forgive myself for what I did to ya today, and what I did to…" 

"Miss Lowman.” The doctor interrupted as the three of you turned your attention to him, “I need ya to come with me to the ultrasound room, and maybe wake up the father so he can…" 

 "Oh Juice isn’t the father, if you don’t mind actually I would like to go in alone.” You softly answered, prying your hand away from Juice before leaving the room and the three men in an awkward silence. 

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“You really love her.” Happy finally said after several minutes. 

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“I do. I think I always have, however I have also always been afraid of you." 

Happy chuckled low, "good." 

And then the room was silent again, five more minutes passed before Opie said, "I can’t believe they thought Juice was the father, kid better not come out looking like him." 

"Hopefully it don’t come out looking like you either, seeing how your face is all fucked up." 

"Hey that is all on you brother, you are the one that fucked up my beautiful butter face.” Opie joked, causing Happy to let out a low chuckle before allowing a moment of silence, “I think it will be fun having another little one running around the lot." 

"Yeah, plus he will have the greatest uncle in the world." 

"Well hopefully his greatest uncle in the world didn’t just ruin his chances of being born.” Happy spoke, as they wheeled you back in, your eyes red rimmed and glassy, tears still fresh in them, as regret filled Happy’s. 

“Well gentlemen, if you would kindly wake up her boyfriend, you and Miss Lowman may leave.” The doctor informed the room before leaving you all in silence again.

Finally Happy broke the silence with a sob. 

“Why are you crying?” You asked, watching the killer before you start to break down slowly. 

“I didn’t mean to hurt you, or the baby…. I feel so guilty about being the reason you lost…." 

"Happy, the baby is fine.” You smiled, as Opie sighed in relief, Happy’s eyes watering as you wiped a tear of joy away, “Doctor said he was as surprised as me when he saw that the baby was fine. Set up another appointment next week to double check, but as far as he can tell, we are gonna be parents." 

Opie didn’t say a word as you looked at him, however he quickly stepped forward and crashed his lips into yours, deepening the kiss until Happy cleared his throat. 

"Well then, shall we go celebrate?” Happy suggested as you slowly stood up, looking at your brother, “yeah, and over dinner we can discuss the real scary part of this." 

"Sis I know nothing about child birth…" 

"Oh no.” You interrupted him, “I meant tellin Ma." 

 And you all left the room, chatting and laughing, forgetting the sleeping biker boy…..

The Clato AU where Clove and Cato win the 74th Hunger Games instead of Katniss and Peeta. Hunger Games AU.

The cannon signals the death of the small, wiry-bodied boy from 10. After a struggle at the base of the Cornucopia, he was brought down almost too easily by the pair from Two.

      Clove and Cato wait for the arrival of the hovercraft to take the body, but there isn’t one, and it sends Clove shouting into the air, “Hey! What’s going on?” Her hand to her head, closing over the gash left there from the fight. Her split lip stings when she yells.

      Cato suggests, rubbing at his forearm, “Maybe it’s the body. Come on, let’s move away.”

      So they do. They walk over to the lake, and both take much-needed drinks. She tries to remember if in past years you have to distance yourself from the final kill, but her brain so muddled, she can’t; why else would there be a delay?

      As Clove stoops to take another gulp of the lake water, Claudius Templesmith’s voice breaks over the speakers.

      “Greetings to the final contestants of the Seventy-fourth Hunger Games. The earlier revision has been revoked. Closer examination of the rule book has disclosed that only one winner may be allowed,” he says. “Good luck and may the odds be ever in your favor.” There’s a small burst of static and then nothing more.

      They just stand there, staring at one another. Two Careers, making it to the end—it’s not surprising at all. What is, though, is that they haven’t pounced at the other yet at the chance of winning. That in the ten seconds of silence later, both of them are still alive—not one of them with a sword to the heart, or a knife to the throat.

      They’re shocked. 

      Only one of them can go home. 

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Jacob Frye x Reader

On the tenth day of Edmas, Captain Kenway gave to me…

The festive scent of mistletoe wafted towards you when Evie sprinted by, your already jumping nerves standing on end. She had, after all, promised to get revenge for the little prank you had pulled on her and Greenie. (Honestly, how were you to know that they’d get so angry over a little bit of water?) So here you were, sitting on the defensive as she ran by, the same position you’d been in for the past week.

“Presents!” A voice singsonged, Jacob following his sister’s pace as he nearly barrelled into you, stopping himself just short of your knees. “Oh, hello, love!”

He was wearing a wide grin, the green and red lights reflecting in his hazel eyes. You swallowed down your feelings, something you were accustomed to doing around Jacob, and smiled, chuckling heartily at his behavior.

“Someone’s happy.” You teased, cocking a brow.

He shrugged, the corners of his jacket brushing against the red tint to his cheeks, a sure sign that he’d been drinking before he arrived here.

“What’s not to be happy about?” He questioned, dropping himself beside you with a soft thud.

His sudden weight caused your body to inadvertently move closer to him, the light glow of the fireplace hiding the rising blush of your cheeks as you tried to shuffle back to where you had been sitting. In your efforts, you only managed to brush your fingers along the back of his hands, your eyes going wide and your breathing halting.

“Sorry.” You muttered, pulling away your hand as if it’d been burned.

“It’s quite alright,” he assured you, looking to you beneath half-lidded eyes.

His chest puffed out as he stretched, arms pulled tightly back. You tried to avert your eyes, too enraptured by the tantalizing amount of muscle contracting beneath his shirt. His stifled yawn shook you from your own desire, your gaze swiveling towards the door that Evie had left through.

“You look a little stressed.” Jacob observed, leaning back against the black fabric of the couch.

He looked like a king sitting there; his hands cradling the back of his head, his lips tugged in a lazy smile, and his legs crossed on the ground before you.

“If Evie vowed revenge on you, I’m sure you would be too.” You pointed out, grumbling incoherently when he lifted his legs and dropped them down across your lap. “Really, Jacob?”

He shot you a wink, his calf muscle flexing on your thigh as he repositioned his ankle.

“Just trying to get comfy, love.” He smirked, bowing his head as if in thanks. “And about Evie, she won’t hurt you, then she wouldn’t have anyone to talk about Greenie with.”

You rolled your eyes, draping your arms over his legs. Ever since you bugged her about it, Evie had taken it upon herself to tell you every ‘riveting’ detail of her and Henry’s relationship. She obviously needed a place to vent at times, and you were more than willing to help her out, but there were a few details you’d rather not have. She was doing it to get a reaction out of you, obviously, but you played off nonchalance well.

It was apparent when you met Evie that she wasn’t going to tell you much of her personal life, so you spent years prying. Eventually, you broke through to her, and she’d tell you when something bothered her or when something made her happy. But when she met Henry, she started to go close-lipped on you again. It was your duty as her friend to be sure she was getting out her frustrations in a healthy manner, so you’d convinced her to start talking to you about it again.

She was none to happy about having to explain the details of her relationship, choosing to talk about the dreadfully boring parts to get you to stop asking about it. You didn’t, of course. Now, she was aware that you were going to keep asking anyways, so she would tell you in turn for information on your own life. And by ‘information’ she meant your oh-so-obvious crush on her brother and how that was going.

“Oh, please.” You huffed, nudging the back of his leg. “She’d just talk to you about it.”

Jacob moaned, dragging his hands down his face in dramatics.

“I’d rather not.” He drawled dryly, exhaling a large breath as he did so.

“Better protect me then.” You joked, meeting his gaze.

“Yeah.” He breathed, a spark of something behind his eye causing your heart to stutter.

What was it? The intensity was startling, his hazel orbs being highlighted by something stirring deep within him. You swallowed, a deep sensation burrowing itself inside your stomach.

“Jacob!” Evie called, both of you snapping out of whatever had settled in the air between you. “(Y/N)!”

Your head whipped to the doorway, a breath being drawn from your lungs at the interruption.

“Shall we?” Jacob asked, pushing himself to his feet with a long, drawn out groan.

He turned to face you again, holding up his hand in offering. You gladly took it, ignoring the strange sparks that shot down your arm at the feel of his skin against yours.

“If she tries to throw something at me,” you murmured, Jacob still holding your hand as you walked slightly behind him, fearing Evie might throw something. “You’re going to be my shield.”

He chuckled, the sound smooth to your ears, his thumb rubbing small, distracting circles on the skin of your hand.

“Of course.”

You laughed nervously, training your eyes ahead. The bright colors of the living room faded into a darker, less festive mood as you walked towards the kitchen. The cheerfulness seemed to drain from the environment as you got closer to Evie, almost as if your thoughts were actually on display. As the older twin came into view, she wiped the smirk off her face, settling with a stoic expression.

“Yes, Evie?” You asked, feigning indifference.

She met you with a pointed stare, eyes unsubtly dropping down to where Jacob intertwined your fingers. After a moment of you fidgeting, she cleared her throat, smiling as if she was pleased with herself.

“Mistletoe,” she said, pointing one dainty finger to the ceiling.

You followed her line of direction, dread pooling low in your stomach as your eyes met that green and red ornament of death.

“Evie.” You growled, ignoring the twins altogether in favor of glaring at the festive decoration as if it’d personally offended you.

“I didn’t make the rules.” Evie defended herself, holding her hands up in surrender as she smiled slyly.

She gave you a knowing look, the mischievous twinkle in her eye causing you to grit her teeth. Of course her act of revenge would be something like this and not the random flying dagger you were expecting. Hell, you’d take that dagger over this any day.

“Should I feel offended that you’re so against the idea, love?” Jacob smirked, his devilishly handsome features furthering your anger. Or maybe you felt fear. Whatever was happening within that strange heart of yours, it included a lot of negative emotion.

“Fine.” You sighed, facing Jacob wholly.

He didn’t look as cocky as normal now that you were facing him, something decidedly tentative driving his movements. A gentle hand traced the line of your cheek, the gesture sending jolts to your heart. Maybe the mistletoe wasn’t such a bad thing. That didn’t mean you wouldn’t get Evie back later though.

Astray -Part 28-

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His body simply moved, living in the feeling for skin against skin and seeking his blood over his knuckles. The sounds were muted from his ears, only focused on beating Jimin. His fists transferred the pain he felt because of him into his face. He lost control, his mind becoming animalistic; protecting what he believes is his and only his.

Not her too. Not her too. You can’t have her too, you selfish bastard.

“Jeongguk!” He stopped, his fist so close to hitting that bastard’s jaw and he was pulled off. The sound of your scream shocked him out of his mindless state and he looked at you. You had tears in your eyes, not looking at him but the man that laid on the floor with a smug smirk. You helped Jimin up, checking his face and worrying about him.

What about me? Why not me? Do you know what he’s done to me? What he’s done to us? Why are you touching as if he never did anything to me?



“Quit staring at me like that.”

“I don’t even know who you are anymore, Jeongguk. I know Jimin is wrong for flirting with your girlfriend but she let him.”

“I’m sick of this. I’m sick of you always defending him. He flirted with her after he left you. He left you. He didn’t even give you a second glance and yet I’m in the wrong? For what? I’m just protecting who I love.”

“So that means you can act like a gorilla? Beating down everyone that touches what’s yours. It’s funny. You’ll fight for her but you didn't…”

“Y/N, don’t.” He grabbed her arm, making her bite her lip and look down. Why does he still have a power over you when he left you?

“I’ll take you to the infirmary, Jiminie.” She shot him a tearful gaze before taking along that bastard to the infirmary. He punched the closest wall, pain shot from his knuckles down his arm and he held his fist. He sunk to the floor and sat down.


“Leave me alone, Mira.”

“Why did you…?”

“You’re my little sister and he’s a scumbag.”

“I like him.”

“You what?!”

“It was when I came up here, I saw him practicing in one of the empty rooms and I fell for his grace. He’s kind, sweet but he’s so stuck on Y/N..”

“What’s dad going to say?”

“Do you really think he cares about what happens to me?”


“Nobody is there for me. Maybe I’m some hormonal teenager but I know that this isn’t some infatuation. I really like him, oppa.”

“Even after what he’s done to me?”

“He’ll made it up to the both of us before he can stand a chance. This isn’t about me though, what was that before?”

“I was mad that he was about to take away something that I care about again. You’re an annoying little sister but I didn’t want him to take you away from me. You’re the only thing I have now.”

“You haven’t lost her yet, oppa.”

“Didn’t you see the way she looked at me?”

“That was hurt in her eyes,” he listened to her, knowing she hadn’t finished speaking, “she was hurt that you were ready to fight for me, ‘your girlfriend’ but you didn’t fight for her.”

“I don’t understand women.”

“That’s why you have me, your personal translator.” She bumped shoulders with him, making him laugh a little at the large smile on her face. She looked like Ronald McDonald with that face and he looked at his bloodied knuckles. These fists… He easily became lost in the way his fist connected with Jimin’s face, his body only aiming to causing him pain and nothing else.

“Let’s go home.” The bus ride home was spent looking out the window, Mira singing along to her music off key and he compared her voice to a dying whale which got him a death stare and a punch in the shoulder.

“Jerky brother.”

“Bratty sister.” He had the last word as they exited the bus and climbed up the stairs, seeing you fumbling with her keys. You looked distracted, skipping over your keys a few times before opening your door.

“You could have said something, stupid.”

“Sometimes, I want to hit you.”

“I want to hit you all the time, though.”

“You, have no respect.” He pinched her ears; he enjoyed knowing that he could temporarily tame her with a simple pinch of her ears and she would immediately quiet herself.

“You’re low.”

“It’s not my fault that you’re short and you decided to flaunt your ears, my fingers are itching to pinch at them.”

“That sounds sick, you perv.”

“That’s your interpretation, I meant I like when you can’t sass me.”

“I’m not that sassy.” She mumbled to herself, the both of them knowing that was definitely a lie but he overlooked it and went into his room. He grabbed some clothes, changing in the bathroom and Mira taking over his room. He lied down on the couch, Mira coming along to sit on his chest and he kept hitting her back until she removed herself from sitting on his lungs.

“There’s other seats, Mira. Do I have to train you as a house cat?”

“That’s offensive. I can never be domesticated.”

“I’m sure a leash and a few tugs at your tail will change that.”

“That’s just abusive, oppa.”

“Desperate times call for desperate measures, Mira.”

“Cruel. You’re cruel.”

“You almost crushed my lungs with your body.”

“Are you saying I’m fat?”

“You’re not as light as a feather–”

“Oppa, you’re terrible.”

“Thanks, I’ve been working on being evil. It soothes my dark soul.” She rolled her eyes, sitting in a chair and he looked up at the ceiling. Mira was complaining about girls in her classes, talking distastefully and he stared at the ceiling.

I don’t even know who you are anymore.


It’s funny. You’ll fight for her but you didn’t-

“Earth to Oppa.”


“For someone who has two sets of ears, you’re still a pretty shitty listener.”

“Well, you’re just talking about some girls in your classes. I don’t really care about them.”

“Maybe Unnie is better off without you; you’re not good at least acting like you care. You’re just like ‘yawn, I’m bored’ and it’s insensitive.”

“I thought honesty was the best policy.”

“That’s what guys that don’t get girls say.”

“But I get girls.”

“Oppa, you have this ‘lone wolf’ complex and no girl wants to taint that plus you look like a Goth minus the eyeliner. I mean all black every day. Ever heard of colour, oppa?”

“Ever heard of respect?”

“I’m trying to help you, you jerk. You make me want to wear a hat to cover up my ears, you sadistic-”

“I dare you to finish that sentence, Mira,” she scoffed, crossing her arms and he continued, “By what? Helping me get another girl? All I want is Y/N. When all I can think about is Y/N. She liked when I was a lone wolf, while I looked a Goth and she didn’t leave me until I pushed her away.”

“You’re such a sap, it’s a little sickening.”

“You like Jimin, little miss emotionless. Plus, were you blushing when Jimin was flirting with you?”

“Shut up. This isn’t about me; it’s about you and your terrible fashion sense.”

“Okay, Fashion police. Just give me a ticket and go.”

“No, this needs my direct intervention. We’re going shopping tomorrow.”

“Mira–” Yet again, a knock on the door interrupts his sentence and Mira skipped to the door. She came back with two boxes of pizza and opened a box. She shoved a slice into her mouth, gooey cheese sloppily hung from her lips and she made eye contact with him.

“Oppa, weren’t you the one who taught me that staring is rude? Wait,” she scooped the stringy cheese into her mouth, wiped her mouth and he still stared her down.

“When did you order pizza?”

“While I was changing.”

“With what money?’

“The pizza guy has a crush on me and I just give her a peak on the lips.”


“I’m not judgemental, oppa.” She ate another slice and he just digged in, there was no point in trying to figure the whole story. It was going to be harder to get answers especially when she had her favourite food in front of her. He watched one of her stupid dramas, hearing his sister gush over the main actor and he wasn’t even that good looking.

“Can you shut up Lee Jong Suk? His lips are bigger than his career.”

“He has the perfect pout, his eyes are dreamy and he isn’t a grumpy pants unlike someone.”

“I’m not grumpy.”

“Whatever you say, oppa.” She covered her ears, looking back at him and he kissed his teeth. She fell asleep halfway through his favourite movie, her head resting on her hand and he watched the rest while he ate another slice. He lifted a sleeping Mira who mumbled quite a bit in her sleep, mostly Jimin’s name and calling him an asshole that he smiled at.

“Sleep tight, baby sis.” He laid her down to which she mumbled, ‘don’t let go of me, you dickwad’, it tempted him to give her ears a good yank but she cuddled into the pillow with her hair messily covering her face. He pushed it back and went back to his couch.

He turned his head on the couch cushion before falling asleep.

“Oppa~ Wake up!”

“YAH, wake up or I’ll,” she paused before thinking of something, “kiss you!”

“I’m up!”

“Oh, thank god. I don’t think I would have went through with my precious lips on your disgusting face.”

“I have a handsome face. Where are your glasses, Mira?”

“One, ew no you don’t. Two, I wear contacts now. Now, up.”

“What do you want from me on this Saturday morning? More food? Just eat leftover pizza.”

“I made myself breakfast because you took too long to wake up, it’s really hard.”

“Of course it is for you, spoiled brat. Do Oppa a favour and let him sleep.”

“What kind of annoying younger sibling would I be if I didn’t bug you? In all seriousness, we’re going shopping. Like right now.”

“No, we’re not.”

“Yes, we are. I need to make you a proper member of society and a guy that Unnie can take out without having to claim you’re her friend’s brother to spare herself the embarrassment of calling you her boyfriend.”

“You’re very shitty at pep talks, you know that. Excuse me while I cry myself to sleep at how cruel you were to me, Mira. Oh my pitiful life.”

“I don’t appreciate the sarcasm, oppa.”

“I don’t appreciate being woken up before 12, Mira. Go by yourself and don’t spend too frivolously.”

“Oppa.” She whined and he turned over, only to have Mira pulling on his arm.

“Let go, Mira.”

“Oppa. Come on.”

“You’re so annoying.”

“I know. Can you please come?”

“I dress perfectly fine.”

“No you don’t, you need this intervention.”

“Dear god, my life has been noisier since you came here.”

“You don’t have to live, oppa. You can be revelling in the finer things in life.”

“Wise words coming from you? Have I really hit rock bottom or am I dreaming?”

“Is that giving me the go ahead to pinch you?”

“No, you psycho. Let me enjoy this dream a while longer.”

“Oppa. Let’s go, now.” He felt her body weight on his back and his face being squished into the pillow.

“Will you get off my back if I do?”


“Fine. Now, get off my back.” She got off his back, letting him get some oxygen and he changed into a white top with black jeans.

“You need to get out of this 14 year old end stage, be a man Oppa.”

“I am.”

“That’s what you think.”

“Hey!” She started speed walking and he chased her outside. It turned into a race, Jeongguk sneaking up on her and tickling her sides while she laughed uncontrollably.

“What did you say about me, Mira?”

“S-stop, you’re so childish.” She tried to shove him off, only making him tickle her more until the bus showed up. They showed their bus passes, sitting in the back and he looked out the window. Mira put an earbud in his ear, listening to soft piano.

“Since when do you listen to classical music?”

“It helps me fall asleep. Plus that other oppa made it for me.”


“He said I was an angel and would do anything for me.”

“Fucking creep.”

“Oppa, I’m an angel.”

“I’m pretty sure you’re the sprawn of Satan with that mouth of yours, traumatizing me since the day you could speak. I miss when you were cute and couldn’t speak.”

“You were only 2.”

“So? Best two years of my life.” She hit his arm as he laughed and they rode the bus to the mall, Mira dragging him off the bus. He walked lazily, already feeling the weight of the shopping bags that he had to carry. She took him into a store stocked with crisp dress shirts, suits and other formal wear.

“Mira, do I look like I’m made of money?”

“Stand still.” She held up a shirt to his chest, the colour an atrocious shade of green and set it back on the rack.

“Doesn’t match your eyes, hm.”

“Are you listening to me?”

“Oppa, it’s not that pricey.” He grabbed a random shirt off the same rack and checked its tag seeing it was a 50 dollar shirt, pulling Mira by her wrist out the store before a sickly sweet sale associate convinces her to make him try on that ridiculously expensive clothing.


“I didn’t want to agree to this but at least try not to make me broke, Mira?”

“No promises.”

“We’re going to home.”


“Fine, then I’ll leave and lock the door when I get home.”

“You wouldn’t do that to me, would you,” he looked away and before meeting her eyes with a smirk on his face, “you’re so cruel. Fine, I’ll try to find good and cheap clothes, Mr. Stingy.”

“I have to feed this mouth.” He pinched her lips, getting a hard slap to the shoulder and he tugged at her ears. She pouted, walking away from him and entering another store. He followed her into the store, seeing less formal clothes but it was different from his usual style.

“Look, over here Oppa.”

“Oh, are you two dating?” The associate approached them faster than the other store and he smiled at the both of them

“Never.” They both said at the same time and the associate cleared his throat.

“She’s my little sister.”

“Ah, I see.” Clearly you didn’t, since you were foolish enough to think that a girl like her would be my girlfriend.

“I’m afraid my brother had committed such a fashion crime that I have to buy him a new wardrobe. Can you help me pick out a few styles?”

“Of course, that’s what I’m here for.” They started tossing outfits at him, making him almost drop from the weight and they shoved him into a dressing room. He grudgingly wore the first outfit, annoyed by the amount of pastel there was and showed the crowd as if he was a model in a fashion show.

“Oppa, why is your walk so sluggish?”

“Quit picking out me and let me get out of this.”

“It’s not right for him; he looks a zombie that just got a rainbow to thrown up on.”

“You’re right, next.”

“You’re bossy and sassy, I like that.”

“You better not be flirting with my sister.

“Oh, scary. Cute butt tho.” He went into the dressing room as they both laughed and he changed into 3 more outfits, all being sent back because it “didn’t match his complexion”, “he made it look more Goth than usual”, and everyone’s favourite, “you look stupid.”

“Can you two pick something?”

“Oh my god. Oppa, for once in your life, you actually look presentable.” She grabbed the collar of the jacket, fixing it before smoothing out the jacket, he felt dumb. He was wearing a blazer with a white shirt, black jeans and his converse. He hated anything that seemed formal, the last time he put on a suit was to his mother’s viewing.

“You’re literally the worst little sister ever. Can I take this stuffy coat off–”

“Oppa, it fit you perfectly. Doesn’t it, Minhyuk?”

“You’re a first name basis with the sales associate?”

“My job is not only to sell you great clothes at an affordable price; it’s to help you find that fashionable confidence. You might have the look but you need the attitude and some people need clothes to pull out that prowess.”

“Plus, Minhyuk is amazing. Finally, a man that understands the different between princess and asscher cut.”

“A- what?”

“I’m sorry, Minhyuk. My brother is like one of those artists that disconnect themselves from reality so he’s not as culturally educated as I am.”

“It’s okay, but artist? He look like a total jock with those muscles.”

“I know he’s so lame.”

“I’m right here–”

“So, yes to this outfit?”

“Ring us up. Oppa, go change back into your clothes.” He sighed, changing as Mira told him to before walking up to the register and paying. He was surprised at how cheap it was, probably due to Mira being best friends with the associate and he didn’t question it as long as he didn’t have to break the bank.

“Can we go home now?”

“No way, you need a new haircut.” Haircut. New haircut. He dropped the bag, breaking off into a sprint before Mira jumped on his back, locking her arms around his neck. She wrapped her legs around him and he still tried to run away.

“Oppa, please. Let me make you over.”

“I’m not one of your old Barbie dolls, Mira. I don’t need a haircut.”

“I know just the place okay, and they know about us. Come on, please.”

“They won’t cut too much hair, right?”

“Of course, I promise.”

“You lied to me.”

“It’s not my fault you’re gullible, Oppa.”

“And what did you do to my hair?”

“I freed your forehead, you look so much better.”

“I’m not thanking you.”

“Do you know how much money I put into you?”

“I do, it’s nothing.

“Let me correct that, do you know how much time I put into you?”

“I didn’t ask for this–” She placed her finger on his lips when he saw you walking into class, you looked pretty drained and Mira pushed him in front of the classroom.

“You’re such a jerk, Jeongguk. I’ve given you everything and you just take me for granted. I was desperate enough to want attention from someone that I even went to Jimin because he acknowledges me unlike you.”


“Don’t, Jeongguk. Let’s not see each other anymore.” Did she really have to be the one that dumps me? I could have dumped her much better but hopefully this stops Y/N and me from hesitating toward each other.

He entered class, going through the whole lesson looking at his easel and stealing glances at you. You still ignored him, probably still upset at him for hurting Jimin and he just went home. He gave Mira some money to stay somewhere else for a few nights, wanting to coax you without any distractions. You were standing outside your door when he came into view of his door and yours. He watched you scramble to get inside but he stopped your hand.

“I missed you.”

It’s now or never

I miss this baby ;-; My hands hurt a bit but meh, what do you guys think ^^

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idk if anyone even wanted anything like this but i had this idea and it just

from this fic: “Running into one of Hook’s former cremembers had been a blackmail goldmine.”





They had developed quite the bizarre group of drinking buddies after returning to the Enchanted Forest.

It had started innocuously enough, with him deciding (not entirely altruistically) that Hook shouldn’t be left to drink alone after a long day of endless cleanup, which had absorbed a surprisingly-morose Ruby (who had never wanted to return in the first place and seemed to be constantly looking for someone who, as it was increasingly becoming certain, had gone back to his own world), and then a much-needed breath of fresh air when Robin decided they were all entirely too depressing and should appreciate all the good things they had to drink about, with Leroy as a transient member and Tink showing up every now and then and once he had even caught Robin drinking with Regina (although she’d excused herself and ducked out the moment she’d seen him).

All things considered, he probably shouldn’t have been there at all; there had recently been whispers of a threat, something that had Regina on-edge, and – much as they’d been willing to leave her be – all talk had immediately jumped to finding Emma, since Regina wasn’t confident that her magic alone could fend off whatever she feared was coming.

(Of course, that had perked Hook right up.)

He should have been at the castle, but it was frustrating to stand there in the ruins of his home after dark and he’d needed the fresh air and he was just tired and needed a break, and so here he was, standing at the bar to drink alone the way he’d always looked down on people for doing.

It was at the bar, ordering his drink, that he met him.

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Pregnancy Series - Part 5: Not Your Typical Love Story

A/N: I’ve been super busy this week so thank you so much for being patient with me!! I really hope you like this part, we get a small glimpse into the past! Let me know what you think! xx

Part One
Part Two

Part Three
Part Four

*15 weeks*

“So my mum and sister are coming next week and they really want to hang out with you, get to know you and stuff but I told them that I’d have to run it by you first…” Harry trails off; taking in a giant breath as he finally stops his nervous rambling.

“I want to talk with Liam,” You announce casually, not paying any mind to what he had just asked you.

“I- what?” He asks perplexed after a few moments of confused silence, “Where’s this coming from?”

“Well I’ve talked to Niall and Louis since the, um, incident,” You tell him, scooting a little closer to him on the couch as you attempt to explain yourself, “And they were very sincere with their apology, so now I think it’s time to speak with Liam.”

“I don’t think that’s a good idea,” He shakes his head, closing his eyes as he nervously tries to think of a valid excuse for his disagreement.

“Harry,” You sigh, forcefully grabbing his chin and turning his face towards you, “You told me that he’s called you every single day for the past 2 weeks, I think we should be adults about this, babe.”

“Yeah but, what if things go wrong again,” He whispers lowly, his voice barely audible as he silently pleads with you to reconsider, “I don’t want things to get worse ‘cause I don’t want to lose either of you.”

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greaser!cal pt3

thank you for requesting this!!! (this might be the last part maybe???)

also warning this is very long and like dry sorry

“ok so you put your middle finger on this string, and your pointer on this one.” calum said softly in your ear sending your senses into cardiac arrest. you didn’t realise how close you two actually were.

it started raining halfway through your day on the beach with calum causing the both of you to retreat to his bedroom and find refuge on his bed. you were sat in between his spread legs, him softly instructing you on how to play the guitar. he has been trying to teach you for about an hour now but honestly you could barely remember a thing. with one arm tightly around your waist, pulling you flush against his chest, and the other over you hand, guiding your fingers over the frets, you could barely pay attention. all you could focus on was his hand over yours and his hard chest pressed against your back.

“y/n.” he whined. 

“yeah sorry?”

“babe, you blanked out again.” he teased, resting his head in the crook of your neck, his warm breaths tickling you. you allowed yourself to lean into his embrace, muttering on about how you were being lulled to sleep by the rain. 

cal took the guitar from your grip laying it gently on the floor before repositioning himself to make you more comfortable. he pulled the duvet over you both and watched with a gentle smile as you turned your body to face him, and wrapped your arms around his torso snuggling into his chest. you felt his chest rumble when he softly chuckled at you. he kiss the top of your head before pulling you tight against his chest, allowing you to gently fall asleep.

“goodnight sweetheart.”


you didn’t want to be here, but mom insisted. because it was apparently important for you to ‘socialise with teens your age’. some rich kid was throwing a party and everyone was invited, even the sad new girl. you found yourself mindlessly wondering around the big ass house, winding up in the kitchen.

“hey y/n.” someone called out to you. you looked up to see trevor waving you over from the beer pong table. 

you and trevor got on undeniably well. you both had the same shitty sense of humour, were into the same shows and both hated the leather jacket boyband. 

“i didn’t think you would come, parties don’t seem like your thing. you look great by the way.” he said bringing you to a quieter corner of the kitchen. 

“thanks. my mom was worried about me becoming an anti social pessimist so, here i am.” he laughed at your reply and was ready to say something when his friends asked him to join their game of beer pong. 

he wrapped his hand around your wrist again, nodding you over to the table. “cmon, be my partner. i’ll teach you all my secret beer pong tricks.” trevor stood behind you with one hand steadying himself on your shoulder and the other around yours with a damp ping pong ball in your hand. 

“right so bend your knees a little.” he instructed bending down together with you. he then bent your wrist slightly, “angle your wrist to about here. and then throw.” he flicked your wrist down sending the ball into a cup on the opponents side. 

he cheered out boyish-ly, pumping his fist in the air stupidly causing you to giggle at his antics. you gave him a victory high five and a small hug and was ready to turn back to the game before you were rudely interrupted.

“sorry i need to borrow y/n.” shit, how did he find you.

before you had time to reply you were being pulled out of the house, into the backyard.

“what the hell calum let me go!” he ignored your protests and continued to drag you. only letting go when he cornered you.

“what the fuck do you think you’re doing. just because you think i’m trash doesn’t mean other people have to think so. i’ve ignored you like you wanted why are you trying to ruin my friendshi-”

a pair of soft lips cut you off mid rant. cal cupped your jaw with his hands bringing your face close to his. you tried to resist, and refused to kiss back. but you couldn’t help it, your resolve slowly slipped away and gave in. you started moving your lips with his allowing yourself to relax in his grip. there was something so comforting about being back in his embrace. you missed him, missed this. mmm, what were you mad about again.

he pulled away when you both ran out of breath, resting his forehead on yours staring right at you. the both of you said nothing. you didn’t know what to say. what the hell just happened. all you could feel was your heart beating out of your chest.

“i’m sorry. i don’t hate you. i just, i couldn’t stand there and watch you with him. i miss you, so fucking much. i know i’m being selfish but i can’t watch him slowly win you over. i don’t want to share what we had, especially not with him.” he said softly, rubbing your cheek affectionately with his thumb. and you bought every damn word. until, you heard michael shouting for calum. 

you abruptly pushed him away and tried to walk, but his strong grip tugged you back into his chest. “please don’t go, please.” he begged again. 

“if i’m such a shameful part of your summer then i think it’s better if we don’t see each other. fuck you if you think you i will jump right back into your arms whenever you want. i trusted you calum, i actually fucking liked you. you’ve fucked me up enough why can’t you just let me get over you.” you spat at him trying to stop tears from spilling out.

you desperately tried to wriggle out of his grip. michael was getting closer, and you didn’t want to be around when cal switched back into being an asshole.

cal cupped your face with his hands forcing you to look at him, and the look on his face made you want to pull him into a hug. “i know i’ve been a dick. but i don’t want you to get over me, because i know i can’t get over your. i didn’t know what to do when you walked up to me. i’m the school’s fuckboy. i’ve flirted with everyone and everything. and that’s not the side of me i wanted you to be around, ok? i like you so damn much, and i was so scared you would hate this side of me and i panicked. i stupidly thought i would still have you out of school. i’m sorry i hurt you, i’m sorry i humiliated you. i promise our summer meant everything to me, you’re not some summer conquest to me, you are fucking everything. i know i don’t deserve you, but i want you so fucking bad. i can bring that calum back for you, i just need you. i’m sorry y/n, please forgive me.” he tried once more. 

“cal i don’t want to be your dirty little secret. we’re clearly two very different people and we are both after different things. i’m not going to allow myself to be some trophy for the school’s fuckboy and i’m not going to ask you to ruin what you have in school for a summer romance. please cal, just leave me alone i don’t want this.” 

“y/n, please don’t do this.you don’t mean that. don’t ignore what we have. i just wan-”

“yo mate where did you go the party’s just getting started.” a clearly drunk michael interrupted. thank goodness. 

you quickly ducked under calum’s arm and ran as fast as you could, dying to go back home. you heard him call out to you, but you shut your eyes and tried your best to ignore him and keep going.

other stuff i’ve written                             ask/request for stuff please


Fandom: Kagerou Project

Characters: Kisaragi Shintaro, Kuroha

Pairing: KuroShin

Warning: AU, Gore, Angst

More fire, more gunshots, more screaming, more deaths. His heart palpitated inside of his chest, bones creaking and groaning in cruel, anguished glee. He could see it.

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Request: Heeelllooo :) I really want to say that you're a great writer and do not stop writing! Can I pretty please get an imagine with Chuck? I didn't see any with him. And like you joined Dean,Sam and Cas few years later and you meet him, but he already knew you were coming or something like that?????

Sam and Dean were really excited to introduce you to this Chuck guy. They said he was a little nerdy and weird, but overall he was pretty cool. They didn’t go into specifics about how they knew him, but you didn’t care, any friend of the Winchester’s is a friend of yours. 

You get out of the impala and Cas appears next to you, scaring you shitless. “Cas!” You exclaim.

“Hello, Y/N.” He answers, oblivious to what was wrong. You don’t correct him though, he seems happy, and you just can’t be mean like that.

Sam and Dean knock on the door, and you appear behind them. A few moments later a man answers, wearing a very nice suit. “Hey guys!” The man, Chuck you assume, greets.

“Hey, man. What’s with the get-up?” Dean asks.

“Oh, this? Nothing, just saw it and thought I’d wear it today.” He says, looking around until his eyes land on you, “Hi!”

“Hi. I’m Y/N.” You introduce yourself, holding out your hand.

“Chuck.” He responds. He holds your hand for a little longer than necessary, but you don’t mind, he’s kind of cute. “Oh, right!” He says, like he just remembered something, “come on in.” He opens the door wider, and you all squeeze through the doorway.

The house was very nice, homey. It looked normal, a couch and TV in one room, a dining table in the other. Various pictures and art thrown on the wall, you liked it. 

“You clean up?” Sam asks, looking around in awe.

“Yeah.” Chuck answer, looking at you. It’s getting a little creepy, but you ignore it. They said he was a nerd, maybe he was also anti-social. 

“So, any more visions?” Dean asks.

“Visions?” You ask Dean, confused.

“Sorry, we didn’t explain. Chuck is a prophet, he sees the future.” Sam explained to you.

“Oh, that’s cool!” You exclaim, wishing you had cool powers like that.

Chuck smiles a little at the compliment, and responds, “Some, nothing important though." 

"Nothing important? Don’t you think we should decide that?” Dean replies.

“Fine, I’ll get you my journals.” Chuck sighs, leaving the room.

“He’s not as weird as you made him out to be.” You point out.

“Yeah, he’s acting strange.” Sam says, confused.

“I think he’s nice.” You state.

Sam and Dean roll their eyes, knowing that you think the best of people. Sometimes they get tired of your happy, nice attitude, sucks for them. A few moments later Chuck comes back, a stack of notebooks in his hand. “Nothing important, huh?” Sam asks, looking at the pile.

“It’s mostly boring stuff. You meet Y/N, which by the way, very cool,” Chuck comments, talking about you saving Sam and Dean from a Wendigo. “And then just you guys hanging out, a hunt here and there. Really, the only things that I see from the future is somewhere in this pile. I just can’t find it." 

"So, what? You want us to look through these and tell you what’s already happened?” Dean asks, sounding exasperated already.

“Sorry. I told you, it’s boring.” Chuck defended himself.

“Just give me a book.” Sam commanded.

“Me too, I can help.” You offered, and Chuck handed you a book, his handing touching yours for a moment, causing your heart to flutter. Shit, you’d known this guy for like five minutes, and already you had a crush on him? Chuck smiled at you, and his eyes lingered for a moment before quickly turning to give a book to Cas and Dean.

After what felt like hours, but was really only hour, singular, you found a book on the future. “Found one!” You exclaimed, excited. You started reading, and were surprised to find it all about you. Chuck walked up behind you, read a few lines, and quickly snatched the book out of your hands. “Hey!” You protested.

“Sorry, this one, is um, not finished.” Chuck said, not coming up with a very good excuse.

“Just like I wasn’t finished reading it. C'mon, that one was all about me!” You beg.

“I’m sorry, but this one, um, isn’t for reading." 

"What do you mean?” You asked.

“It’s just, um, you, uh, really don’t want to read it.” Chuck said, trying to convince you to drop it.

“Why? Does something bad happen?” You ask, startled.

“What? No! It’s just, this is really, really descriptive, and I’ll just tell you what happens in this one, okay? You go on a hunt, kill the thing, no problem.” As Chuck tells you this, you see Dean sneak up behind him and grab the notebook. “Dean!” Chuck exclaims, spinning around to get the book. Dean easily holds him off, though.

“I just wanna read a little!” Dean explains, opening the book. Chuck stands there, looking at his feet, playing with his hands. As Dean continues reading, a huge smiles comes across his face. “Well Chuck, you were right, this is descriptive." 

"Let me see!” Sam says, and Dean throws him the book.

“Guys…” Chuck protests, but stops once he sees there’s not stopping them.

As Sam reads, he has the same reaction as Dean, actually laughing at some points. You start to feel bad for Chuck, and say, “Guys, just put the book down.”

“Oh, no. This is gold. Come read.” Sam says, beckoning to you. You look at Chuck, and see his face grow red. You were about to decline, but heard Sam laugh again, and curiosity got the better of you. You’re not saint.

You walk over, and begin reading, occasionally glancing at Chuck, to see he hasn’t moved, and is not looking anywhere near you. You read the first line, Y/N, with her eyes sparkling and her face red from exertion, smiles. (God, she’s beautiful.) Anyway, Sam pushes Dean and Dean grabs Sam, causing him to stumble, everybody laughs. Y/N’s laugh is like honey, and infectious. (I just want her to laugh near me, in person.) 

Your face heats up, as you realize that Chuck likes you. “This is so nice.” You say, looking up.

Chuck’s face is red, but he finally looks you in the eye, “I didn’t realize it was in the pile. I’m sorry.”

“No! It’s really beautiful. Thank you.” You want to explain that you like him too, but Sam, Dean, and Cas are right there, there’s no way you could do it now. 

“Is that why you’re wearing that outfit?” Sam asks.

Chuck’s face becomes redder, and he nods. Your face grows red too, finally realizing that he knew you were coming. He cleaned his house, and wore a nice suit just for you. 

Well, fuck it. Chuck needs to know that you’re not freaked out by this. Sam and Dean will probably make fun of you forever, but you can deal with that. You get up, cross the room to Chuck, and hug him. He’s shocked at first, and his body tenses, but once he realizes what’s happening, he wraps his arms around you. You whisper in his ear, “What are you doing Friday?" 

You can hear the smile in his voice, "My visions say I’m going out with you.” You laugh, and continue to hug him. The beautiful moment, however, is broken up by Sam and Dean making kissy noises, while Cas stares at you two. Maybe you should have asked Chuck to go into a separate room to talk….

(I hope you like it!)



You and the 4 boys were currently in a car driving to the venue the boys were playing to tonight. You and your boyfriend Calum sat in the back and the rest of the boys sat in front of you (7 seater car). You were almost to the venue and there were thousands of fans banging on the windows. 

“Okay, we’re here.” the driver announced stopping the car. Luckily we stopped at a place where their were barriers so we would get completely mobbed. Ashton opened the door and was the first one to get out. When he opened the door all you could here was high pitched screaming, but you got use to it considering you hang out with Calum a lot. After Ashton was Luke and then Michael. Once they got out we put the seats down and climbed over them. Calum held my hand and got out still holding my hand I followed after him. Hate from the fans on twitter didn’t really bother me cause they were just people sitting in their room being jealous, but to hear it come out of someones mouth is different.

“What is she doing here Calum?!” One fan shouted 

“Calum you should date me, Y/N doesn’t deserve you.” Calum tensed and squeezed my hand tighter. He tried to ignore the fans and continue walking towards the venue while I was on the verge of crying.

“Why are you even dating Y/N she’s so ugly.”

“Y/N’s just dating you for fame.” Thats when you felt tears down your cheeks but you were trying to hide it. You hugged Calum’s arm.

“Calum, you would be so much better without this slut you call your girlfriend.”  Someone said and thats when Calum snapped. 

“FUCK YOU, Y/N IS PERFECT THE WAY SHE IS I LOVE HER AND NOTHING CAN CHANGE THAT!” Calum yelled them and pulled me closer to him as we walked away from them. You got into a room and you were a mess. Calum hugged you tightly as you cried into his chest.

“Baby it’s okay, don’t let them get to you I love you so much and you know that." 


When you started dating Ashton you knew there was going to be lots of hate but you thought you could handle it and ignore it. You had a past of cutting but you’ve been clean for over 6 months now. On twitter you didn’t really see much hate or notice it so you just thought that most people were okay with you being Ashtons girlfriend. Last night you went out to a club for a girls night out with your best friends, Ashton didn’t come, hens the ‘girls night out’. Your best friends made you where a short dress because they thought you were getting boring ever since you got serious with dating, Ash was fine with it though so you just wore it. You wore a pretty skin tight black dress with black lace sleeves and chest. You wanted to leave the club early so you could get home by at least 1am. You left the club and there happened to be one paparazzi there waiting for anyone special to leave. Apparently I was special enough, he was shoving the camera in my face and asking me questions, which none of them I answered, I wasn’t drunk so at least I was sensible. The next day a few pictures of you leaving the club were all over twitter. It just so happened to be that there was a guy leaving as you were but everyone thought you were fucking behind Ash’s back. 

'She’s such a slut why would she do that to Ashton’

'She doesn’t even love him anymore, well she never did so’

'I told you she was a slut, fucking guys behind Ashton’s back thats so low’

'Why did ashton even like her in the first place she’s so ugly’ You were reading through all the hate and you felt an erg to cut, but you really didn’t want to disappoint Ashton. You read through a few more tweets and you were a complete mess you were sobbing at all the mean things people were saying. You got fed up and went into the bathroom locked the door and found a blade. You drew the blade across your wrist while crying. Why do people hate you so much.  

"Y/N?” You heard Ash call out but you ignored him and continued. He must have heard you crying cause you saw the door knob move as if he was trying to open the door.

“Y/F/N OPEN THIS DOOR RIGHT NOW!” He yelled through the door but you didn’t respond.

“Y/N please.” He said like he was gonna cry. You gave in a opened the door slowly looking at him. He pulled the door open all the way and hugged you so tightly. “You told me you would stop." 

"I tried Ashton, but there was all this stuff on twitter and I-” You cut yourself off and cried more. 

“Please don’t do it again, it scares me so much. I’ll always be here for you remember that.” He said only hugging you tighter. 


You just finished a shower and decided to get on twitter while waiting for Luke to come home. You got on and saw your name trending worldwide; you clicked on it and it happened to be hate. Stupid enough for you, you read through the tweets. 

'Y/N is such a slut look at all these short dresses she wears.’

'I bet they just hired Y/N to date Luke’

’@Luke5sos why are you even dating Y/N she doesn’t deserve you’ these hit you hard, really hard. As you kept reading through the tears were streaming down your face. You wanted to stop, you needed to stop, but all you could do was keep reading. You didn’t even notice when Luke came home. 

“Hey Y/N I’m- Oh my god are you okay whats wrong baby.” He said rushing over to you. You quickly closed your laptop before he come see what you were going through. 

“I’m fine I was just watching the fault in our stars.” You lied. Luke gave you a look knowing you were lying. He opened your computer and saw you were on twitter, he strolled through the tweets and the look on his face got really mad. He turned to you and saw the look on your face and his face softened. You were covering your face crying in your hands, he took you in his arms and hugged you tightly, hand on the back of your head bringing you closer to his chest. 

“Y/N, you’re the most perfect girl I’ve ever met, please don’t let things like this get in your way. I love you so much and I hate to see you cry, just please promise me you won’t read these again.” Luke said. 

“Okay.” You said into his chest. He kissed your forehead and you both just stayed like this for awhile.


The last time Michael found you crying because of hate he flipped a shit and almost yelled at the fans on twitter, luckily you stopped him, but you knew how angry he gets about this kind of stuff. He offered you to tour around with him and the boys on their Australian tour. You were a bit skeptical at first because you knew fans would either hate on you more or yell at your face if they saw you, but you gave in to him and now you’re on tour with the boys. Everyday you went on twitter you saw a shit load of hate but you’re so use to it now only some hurt. Today was the Sydney show so you wanted to see them in the perspective of the fans instead of backstage. You got standing tickets so you were pretty close to them and you could actually see their faces clearly. Michael was checking up on you almost the whole night. Currently they were in-between a song just talking about random shit and thanking the fans for everything they’ve done.

“Wait Y/N?” A fan asked noticing you. 

“Yeah that me?” You questioned

“Oh. Well I just saying I know a lot of people who don’t like you.” She said which I thought was very rude.

“What why?”

“Cause you’re ugly, fat, you don’t deserve Michael, he could do so much better and you’re a weak ass bitch.” She said to your face and pushed you. You fell back onto the hard concrete floor and knocked out. You woke up in a room, you looked around and noticed it was the boys dressing room. You begin to sit up and you saw a colorful haired boy rush over towards you

“Holy fuck Y/N are you okay?” Michael asked very worried, you nodded.

“What happened?”

“Well this bitch pushed you and you fell and hit your head so you passed out, I saw you and I kinda yelled at the bitch and flipped her off. Anyways the people brought you backstage and the paramedics said you didn’t need to go to the hospital you just needed rest. So after the show I just waited here until you woke up which was only like 30 minutes, but holy shit don’t ever do that again you scared the shit out of me I love you so much and whatever that girl said to you just ignore it okay?” You nodded again smiling and hugging him.

suddenly I can’t think of anything but Gabriel with braids

  • like, maybe, he’s depowered after the fall and his hair starts growing out
  • first he doesn’t even notice it but pretty soon it’s always getting in the way and annoys the hell outta him (pretty much like every other human thing that he now has to, not choose to do)
  • (and Sam is totally half-babying him, half-teasing and challenging him to learn all the things he now needs in order to survive as a human, and he finds himself thinking along the lines of ‘adorable’ rather than ‘annoying’ more and more as time goes by)
  • (that is, of course, a source for constant mocking on Dean’s part, which only makes Sam roll his eyes and say nothing until one day he snaps and says “Mind your own angel, Dean” pointing at Cas who is struggling with the coffee maker. Dean gapes at him but doesn’t find any witty retort so he closes his mouth and stomps his way to Cas. He never brings the subject up again)
  • got a bit carried away there so back to Gabriel
  • as soon as his hair is long enough he does it into two French braids (they are the easiest way to get all the hair out of the way while it’s still somewhere betwen long and short)
  • when he gets to the kitchen that morning Dean is the only one who tries to tease him for looking girly (Cas, obviously, doesn’t think it’s something out of the ordinary and Sam is too busy staring to say anything)
  • Gabriel just raises an eyebrow at Dean and says “Well, maybe I should invest in some dresses then, help you kick your heteronormativity down a notch?”
  • Dean is immediately on the defence “Dude that’s not what I meant”
  • Gabriel retorts with “Aren’t you getting a little tired of this whole overcompensating thing?” before walking out of the kitchen
  • “What about breakfast?” Sam calls after him. 
  • “Not hungry” comes the reply and then they all hear the door slammed shut
  • Sam really wants to yell at Dean but he knows it’s pointless so he just gives him a wtf is wrong with you look and goes after Gabriel

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Super Bowl IXLIX

“The guacamole and chips are ready, the beer is just right, and the game is about to start.” Connor listed off as he placed the bowl of tortilla chips on the coffee table. The TV sounding off softly as Troye yawned and stretched his arms.

“Babe, do you even care about sports?” Troye questioned, before taking a tortilla chip and dipping it in the guacamole. 

“Not particularly,” Connor shrugged. He leaned back on the couch as Troye rested his head on Connor’s shoulder.

“Then why are we watching it?” Troye sighed, scrolling through his Twitter time line.

“The commercials are the best. Plus, halftime show.” Connor shrugged. Troye complained about how Connor’s shrug was uncomfortable and unnecessary. Connor kissed the top of Troye’s head as his form of apologizing causing the younger man to blush and bury his head into Connor’s neck. It didn’t matter how many times Connor did small forms of affection, Troye could not get used to them.

Ten minutes into the game, and both men were already bored out of their minds.

“I think I’ll just go to tumblr now.” Troye commented, taking out his phone for the who-know-how-many-times now. “Oh, wait. That guy’s hot. How come we didn’t notice him?”

Troye’s phone laid abandoned on the couch as Troye sat up straighter to get a better look.

“That booty, ya know I think I might take American football into closer consideration.” Troye laughed, turning to face Connor. The annoyance was so evident that a two-year old could notice it.


“You keep talking about this guy, but you’ve cleared missed out on half of the team. Like your guy’s booty is nothing compared to the guy who made that cool-looking trick with the ball.” Connor defended. Troye wasn’t sure if Connor was being serious, or if it was just Connor’s jealousy acting up. Connor was a funny one when he got jealous. 

They continued watching, Connor pointing out the hot guys that caught his attention. Which happened to be a lot. Troye decided to keep his comments to himself for the most part now that Connor would counter with something about his guys. 

“But will any of those guys be able to love every little single thing about you like I do?” Troye smiled, muting the TV. 

Troye moved onto Connor’s lap. Legs straddling Connor. Troye’s right hand caressing Connor’s face. While his left settled on the back of Connor’s neck. 

“Will any of them give you all the happiness you deserve?” Troye whispered. His breath hit Connor’s ear, causing chills to go down the older man’s spine. 

Connor was going to let his hands roam Troye’s body, and kiss the life out of those plump lips of his, and have his way with him, but Troye jumped off his lap.

“I’m getting a beer, do you want one?” Troye asked, walking to Connor’s kitchen. 

“We were in the middle of something!” Connor yelled, exasperated. 

“Were we? Hm, I hadn’t noticed.” Troye laughed, reaching in the fridge for the beers. Troye came back and handed Connor’s his before sitting down. Connor smiled as he shook his head, opening his beer. 

Troye watched Connor as he moved the beer to his lips. 

“By the way, it’s not like they’ll ever be able to make you scream like I can.” Troye smirked. 

Connor chokes on his beer, questioning if he had heard Troye correctly. Coughing, and spilling most of his beer on himself, he turned to see a smirking Troye. Leading Connor to believe that he had heard correctly. Connor watched as Troye’s eyes traveled down to his stomach.

“What a shame for you to have wet yourself like that. I guess you have to take it off now.” Troye smiled politely, batting his lashes at Connor.

“Guess I do. Don’t want to have a sticky stomach, right?” Connor smirked, pulling the shirt off in one quick movement. 

Troye didn’t even bother hiding his evident staring. There was just something about flat-haired, shirtless Connor that always managed to make Troye want to fuck him senseless. In the bedroom. In the living room. In the bathroom. In the ca-

“You’re missing the game.” Connor’s voice cut Troye off of his thoughts. 

“Oh, you want a game?” Troye bit his bottom lip, knowing how crazy it drove Connor.

“Maybe,” Connor smiled that ‘Only for Troye’ smile of his, “What type of game are we talking about?" 

Troye places his hand in the inside of Connor’s leg before using his other to pull his boyfriend closer. Connor easily complied to being brought closer. Troye glances at the coffee table, just what he needed catching his eye. He smirks as he leans closer to Connor, watching as Connor closes his eyes. 

"MARIO KART!” Troye exclaimed happily, grabbing the game’s box from the coffee table. 

Poison and Wine: A Sherlock x Reader Fanfic

Chapter 10: Seven Devils

When he heard the news, he shut down. He stood, staring at John with a blank look on his face. That was when John knew that you and the detective had a thing going on. Sherlock only shut down when he was given information he had never thought of (much like when John had asked him to be his best man). Sherlock never thought that anything would happen to you, and now he was dealing with it the only way he how – running off to his mind palace.

Before telling him the news, John knew that Lestrade had phoned Sherlock, telling him that (Y/N) had yet to arrive to the scene. Sherlock didn’t think anything of it, scolding the detective-inspector for waking him. When another hour passed with no sign of (Y/N), Greg phoned John, and John’s thoughts immediately leapt to the conclusion you had been kidnapped. John told him to check the cameras outside the building, and to call him back if he saw anything that suggested kidnapping. John told Mary of the situation, apologized for leaving, and then went straight over to Baker’s Street to talk with Sherlock. On his way over, John received a call from Lestrade informing him that his suspicions were correct – you had been kidnapped nearly two hours ago now.

John sprinted into the flat, taking the stairs two at a time in order to get to the detective quicker. As he entered the flat, Sherlock began to question why he was there, why he wasn’t with his family. That was when John broke the news, and that was when Sherlock broke.

As John watched Sherlock’s face stay the same, he realized that Sherlock really had no idea what to do. John muttered a curse word, quickly dialing Lestrade’s number into his mobile to figure out what they were to do next. Sherlock was too far-gone in his mind palace to register what John was saying, what he was doing, what was to be done. He tried to picture your face, but that just made him recoil further into his mind. He couldn’t think, couldn’t do anything.

Then he thought about what could be happening to you. He thought about the kidnappers, the ways that they could be torturing you. And that flicked a switch. John noticed the darkness clouding his friend’s eyes, and, without realizing it, took a step away. Sherlock’s posture became more poised, and his hands buttoned his jacket quickly. He picked up his phone, ringing Mycroft.

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