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Burrito Blanket Batmom - Bruce Wayne/Batfamily x Reader

I kinda love the idea of a “burrito blanket” batmom haha, and since I thought the request from anonymous I received was quite similar, I mixed them up together. Hope you’ll like it, particularly you @dannysanime, as usual, feedbacks are very welcome :) : 

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-Are you alright mother ?

It’s early in the morning when your youngest son finds you in the living room, wrapped in a blanket on the couch, eyes wide open and not really looking at anything in particular. You don’t even react as he approaches you. 

-Mother ? Hey ? Mom are you alright ? 

Finally, you turn your head to look at him, blanket all the way up to your chin and wrapped around your head (and all around your body really, your face the only thing peering out of this burrito you made of yourself), you say in a croaked voice : 


Damian is immediately worried. It isn’t often, if not never, that you complain. That you let things get you down. You’re the cheery one of the family. You and Dick often are the ones that see the positive things in everything, so, seeing you there, laying on the couch without even the TV on, and looking as if you were completely done with life…Well, it worries your kid. 

You realize that he’s concerned about your well being when he kneels in front of you, and put his palm on your forehead. Oh, sweet boy. If only everyone could see him as you saw him, if only he’d be as nice with everyone as he is with you…No one would ever call him “brat” anymore. 

-I’m not sick honey, I’m just…I’m just….erf…

-…You’re just “erf” ?

You shrug your shoulder. Or at least, Damian thinks you shrug your shoulder, he isn’t really sure, seeing as you’re wrapped tightly in that damn comforter. 

He’s not sure what’s wrong with you, but he still wants to help. 

-Hum…Is there anything I can do for you ? Do  you want coffee ? Something to eat ? Or do you want me to go put a movie on or something ? Anything, really ?

You smile weakly at him, and it makes him frown. Your smiles are never weak ! They’re always so bright, warm, beautiful ! They always make him feel better, not matter what. Awkwardly, he brushes a few fingers against your cheek, and your smile widens a  little. Here. Better. 

-You’re already doing a lot my boy. 

“My boy”. He loved when you called him that. It made him feel…It just made him feel loved. And like a part of the family. Your son. But of course he was your son, you never saw him in any other way, even at the difficult beginnings…

He kept on brushing your cheek lightly, putting some strand of hair out of your face. You managed to take an arm out of your blanket, and caressed his hair lovingly, he laid his head next to yours, kneeling on the floor in front of you, and you just shared a sweet mom/son moment…So much that you both fell into a deep and comfortable slumber. 

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seareyes  asked:

Stiles/Derek + why do you guys think stiles is a defenseless human being? He is literally the only one that can knock Derek out. (Bonus with Hale Pack)

I’m sorry this is so late omg. i hope you like it!

It’s Isaac who really notices first that Stiles isn’t exactly the defenseless human he pretends to be. 

Here’s what happened:

The pack is practicing fighting to prepare for any danger that may come their way, but Stiles sits on the stairs and watches because he is “enjoying the view” as he says with a wink towards Derek. (Really, how Derek doesn’t know Stiles is into him is beyond Isaac, but he’s not touching that with a ten foot pole).

After everyone has done their allotted practice, Derek makes Stiles stand up and try his hand at fighting him. It goes very quickly with Stiles landing on the ground on his back and Derek looking smug.

The thing is, it looks like Stiles completely threw the fight. Like he barely winced when he hit the ground, and he hit it hard that would make any human at least cry out in pain. 

Boyd is next to notice. 

It happens on a summer evening when they’re planning a party with the pack. The celebration reason? Lydia and Stiles perfected a formula of wolfsbane that slows down the wolves’ metabolism enough to get them drunk. Boyd isn’t particularly excited, but Erica is so that’s why he’s helping them carry kegs out to the backyard of the newly built Hale house.

He grabs two, one in each hand, easily, but he knows from experience as a human that these things aren’t light. He is definitely taking advantage of some werewolf strength. However, Stiles grabs one easily and doesn’t look like it really is taking a lot of effort for him. 

Huh. Maybe Stiles isn’t as weak as they all assumed.

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reading between matches. wonder what genre she likes? 

been inspired by @paladinsheadcanons, and drew a proper tyra after ages of not drawing!!! id honestly love to draw any hc i could, but two days of my weekend’s not enough for it;;

Valentine’s Gift for @peanut-milk for the @aftgexchange.

The one where Andrew and Neil have their first official date( On Valentine’s Day no less. Blame Allison.)

“So, what did you get your monster for Valentine’s Day?” Allison asks, as she idly types away at her phone.

Anger bubbles up in Neil, “Allison, he’s not—“ he begins, but gets cut off by her.

“Sorry, I meant to say Andrew, your boyfriend. What did you get him for Valentine’s Day?” she gives a quick glance up at Neil, whose face appears slightly flushed at the remark. A smirk forms on her lips, “Don’t try and deny that. I won’t let you.”

Neil sighs and runs a hand through his hair, “Nothing. Why would I?” At those words, Allison stops typing away on her phone and sets it down next to her. She arches a brow at Neil, “What do you mean ‘nothing,’ it’s Valentine’s Day, Neil. That one day of the year specifically designated by capitalism to celebrate your love with your partner. Which is Andrew, in your case.”

Love. He lets the word wash over him. He doesn’t know if that’s the word he’d use. It’s a word too overused all around him but too underused in his own life for it to mean anything to him.  He doesn’t think any word is fit to describe what he and Andrew have and yet—

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A Sweet Offering

Anon Request: You know that cottage scene when Rhys explains Feyre how the mating ritual works and she cooks him food and accepts the mating bond? I want something like that but with Nessian D: ignorant Nesta and a self-conscious Cassian!!!

Here you are dear anon! Nesta makes blueberry muffins for the first time and offers them to Cassian which leads to a confusing mix-up and Cassian being a flustered mess.

“Why? Are you disappointed you didn’t get to catch me with my shirt off?”

“Absolutely not,” Nesta said, but the faint blush on her cheeks revealed otherwise. “I’m more disappointed that you have yet to cease your vulgar remarks.”

“Vulgar? Oh sweetheart my mouth can do much more vulgar things,” Cassian implied with a wink. “Maybe one day I can put it to use for you if you’re brave enough.”

A sweet aroma greeted Cassian as he walked into the House of Wind.  He would recognize that scent anywhere.

Blueberry muffins.

Immediately Cassian considered hurrying straight toward the delicious meal that awaited him after a long day of training. Yet his feet remained firmly planted as he paused in the doorway knowing that no one else, but Nesta should be here at this hour.

Curiosity pushed Cassian to investigate. He followed the scent through the halls until it led him directly to the kitchen. For a moment Cassian simply stood in the doorway.

Nesta was sitting at the table in front of a plate full of blueberry muffins. She seemed lost in thought as she raised a muffin to her lips and took a cautious bite.

Cassian’s gaze was riveted on her movements. Watching closely as her tongue swiped across her top lip to find any few remaining crumbs.

The Commander of the Illyrian army swallowed thickly as his mouth watered. He loved blueberry muffins, but he would like nothing more than to press his own lips against Nesta and get a taste of her mouth as well.

Just the thought of is made Cassian strain against his pants. Especially when Nesta closed her eyes and let out a contented sigh.

Cassian bit the corner of his lip to hold back the groan that threatened to release from his mouth. Before daring to enter he gathered as much confidence and composure he could possibly have.

“Never thought I would hear that noise come from your mouth,” Cassian said causing Nesta to stiffen and snap her head toward him. “But I’m sure there are other ways to bring out such pleased sounds. Perhaps I could offer assistance.”

“The only sounds you’ll be hearing is ringing in your head once I knock sense into you,” Nesta grated out. “Shouldn’t you still be out training?”

“Why? Are you disappointed you didn’t get to catch me with my shirt off?”

“Absolutely not,” Nesta said, but the faint blush on her cheeks revealed otherwise. “I’m more disappointed that you have yet to cease your vulgar remarks.”

“Vulgar? Oh sweetheart my mouth can do much more vulgar things,” Cassian implied with a wink. “Maybe one day I can put it to use for you if you’re brave enough.”

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Cinderella (Part 3)

Summary: Two men: One decision

Pairing: Jeon Jeong-guk (Jungkook) / Reader

Genre: Slight Angst / Smut

Words: 2.3k

A/N: This might be the last part because I’m out of ideas to continue….If you want to keep the story alive just help me out with some ideas :) lol

Part 1 | Part 2 | Masterlist

“There was something I wanted to ask you.” He cut to chase.

“What’s up?” You smiled.

“I want to get back together.”

You felt your breathe stop causing you to cough. Did you hear him correctly?


“I know and I’m so sorry, you probably want to kill me but I just needed time to…..I don’t know be on my own.”

You had so much going through your head right now. Only a few days ago you would of immediately jumped on board but now you ran into another problem. Your feelings for Jungkook. And you definitely had strong feelings for him but your old lingering feelings for Illhoon were still there.

He noticed you not saying anything. “(Y/N)?”

“S-sorry.” You stuttered.

“So….will you take me back?”

“I’m gonna have to think about this.” You softly spoke.

“Yeah I completely understand.” He sweetly said. Then you got up and headed towards the door. You decided to get your drink to go. You know it’s an obvious choice to whom you should choose but thinking about all the old memories you had with Illhoon was leaving your mind all boggled.

You made your way all the way home so you can breathe, the stress was giving you a killer headache.

You threw yourself on the couch digging your face in the pillows and let out an inaudible scream.

“(Y/N) are you okay.” You didn’t even noticed your friends were around during your mini break down.

You mumbled into the pillow clearly not being heard correctly.

“What?” Lalisa said amused.

“Why does life have to suck.” You whined once you lifted your head.

“What happened?” Rosé asked.

You finally sat up and pouted. “Only a few days ago I had no guy into me and now I have two.” They both looked at you confused.

“Illhoon wants to get back together.” You clarified.

“What? No way.” Rosé said.

“You said no, right.” Lalisa spoke over Rosé.

“I said I’ll think about it.”

Lalisa stood up annoyed. “What do you need to think about…he broke up with you because he wasn’t happy how do you know he won’t do it again.” She had a good point.

“It’s an easy decision (Y/N), now it’s Illhoons turn to get over you.”

They were right. You felt broken for a few months when you both split. You still had feelings for him but you had three years of memories. But now it’s time to start new ones with Jungkook.


You camped out in your room for the next few days. You ignored Illhoons attempt to meet up again and you lied to Jungkook saying you were sick. You just needed a few to yourself, to clear your head. You felt like a coward. You made your decision but you didn’t know how to face it. Illhoon was such a sweet guy and you hate to see him hurt.

After you got out of the shower you got dressed in comfy sweats and was about to blow dry your hair when you heard a knock at your door.

You groaned as you got closer. You were really hoping no one would bother you, as you were all alone. When you opened the door you were surprised from who it was. Illhoon.

“What are you doing here?” You asked innocent.

“You haven’t been answering my calls or texts.” He said concerned.

“I know….I just need time to think.”

You moved to the side to let him in. “I’m so sorry (Y/N).” He sat down. You followed and sat down on the couch next to him.

“Don’t be.”

“I feel alone without you.” You slightly smile as he turned to face you. “I miss you.” He whispered. You felt frozen as he leaned into you. You closed your eyes when you felt his lips on yours.

You didn’t know what to do. You knew you didn’t want to kiss him but for some reason you couldn’t pull away. His kiss was bringing you back the memories that you missed.

He didn’t take the kiss any further as he pulled away. “Does this mean you’ll take me back?” He whispered.

You opened your mouth to answer when you heard another knock on your door. Who could that be?

“Hold on.” You got up quickly and answered the door. You felt your heart stop seeing who it was. Jungkook?

“Hey.” His killer smiling making you melt. He pulled you into a deep kiss making you forget that Illhoon was right behind you.

“You said you were sick so I bought you some ice cream and I thought we could watch movies or something.” He said, after he pulled away. God, why was he so cute?

“(Y/N)?” You heard Illhoon linger behind you.

“Whose this?” He asked distraught.

“This is Jungkook.” You hesitated. “We’ve been going out.”

Jungkook was frozen with confusion trying to put the pieces together.

“You’re in a relationship, but what about the other day….or two minutes ago.” Illhoon was even more confused.

“Wait….what happened the other day?” Jungkook asked defensive.

“Nothing….he wants to get back together but I didn’t know how to tell you.” You looked at Jungkook but turned to Illhoon.

“And the kiss?” He asked.

“You kissed him.” Jungkook spoke up.

“No he kisse-.” You started, but Illhoon interrupted.

“It’s because shes still in love with me. Right?” He turned to you.

Jungkook laughed sarcastically. “That didn’t stop her from sleeping with me.” They were neck and neck that you had to step in between.

“Both of you stop.”

“You told me you broke up.” Jungkook started getting angry.

“We did.” You confirmed.

“But you want to get back together, yeah?” Illhoon asked.

You didn’t answer.

“Are you still in love with him?” You looked down.

“It’s fine don’t answer.” Jungkook started towards the door. “I’m not going to compete with him….if you want to be together that’s fine.” Jungkook looked disappointed and walked out the door.

“Jungkook wait.” You started after him but stopped. “I’m sorry Illhoon but can we talk later?”

“No (Y/N).” He looked at you hurt. “It’s a simple yes or no question.”

“Please.” You begged. He sat down annoyed. “I don’t want to lose either one of you.”

“But you only want me as a friend?”

“I’m sorry Illhoon.” Then you left.

You continued to run after Jungkook. You saw him about to cross the street. “Jungkook please wait.”

God decided to work against you as you accidentally skipped the last step of the front of your building sending you flying forward. You screeched in pain as you sat up. You even had the marks to prove it, you scrape your exposed knee off the sidewalk.

You saw Jungkook running towards you concerned. “You okay?”

“No.” You whined.

You looked down sulking until you started hearing laughter from above you. Jungkook was laughing at you. You felt like you reached your lowest and he was laughing at you.

“Why are you laughing?” You whined again.

He got down and sat down in front of you. He still had a smiled evident in his face. “I’m the one whose suppose to be upset.”

You felt butterflies in your stomach.

“Hey you’re bleeding.” He noticed your knee. “Let me help you.” He started getting up.

“Wait.” You pulled him back down. “I’m sorry.”

“We can talk about this later.”

“I promise I’m not getting back together with him….I want you.”

He bit his lip thinking. “But you’re in love with him.”

“We’ve been together for three years so yeah I still have some of those feelings but that’s the past now….I want to be with you.”

You continued. “He kissed me but I promise it didn’t mean anything to me….I was about to tell him no before you got there.”

There was a slight awkward silence before he spoke. “We still don’t know enough about each other.” Jungkook looked at you. “So we need to work on that.”

You smiled leaning forward. He met you in the middle with a tender kiss. Those where the sparks that were missing from Illhoons. You knew Jungkook was the right choice.

You heard a voice clearing from behind you. You both looked up seeing the voice was Illhoon looking away from the both of you.

Jungkook got up and helped pull you up. “Illhoon I-”

“It’s fine, I understand…..you found someone else…I get it.”

“It doesn’t mean I don’t care about you.”

His facial expression didn’t change. “Yeah.” He nodded. “I’m okay….Its my own fault.”

“Can we please talk later?”

He nodded and left.

Next thing you know Jungkook picked you up in bridal style. “I can walk.” You giggled.

“You shouldn’t, you’re injured.” He kissed you again.

As soon as he carried you inside he place you on your kitchen counter. “First aid kit?”

“Middle drawer.” He grabbed it and started digging through finding the necessary items.

He took a cloth and gently cleaned the cut. It wasn’t that bad of a wound but you loved being treated like a princess. He gathered a bandage and wrapped it around your knee.

“Thank you….my hero.”

He leaned in once again placing his lips on yours passionately. “You won’t be in love with him after I get through with you.” You blushed.

“You already started the first night we met.” He peppered small kisses to your neck and down to your chest slowly.

He hooked his fingers into the waist of your shorts dragging them down your legs along with your underwear and being gentle to not touch your wound.

Jungkook knew what he was doing by the way every touch caused your whole body to shut down.

He dragged your hips forward so you were placed back down on the floor. Before you could process what he was going to do to you, he got down on his knees kissing your inner thigh making his way to your most sensitive area. You moaned as he placed his lips against you.

He wrapped his right hand behind your knee and lifted your leg to rest on his shoulder. You felt weak once you felt his tongue swirl through your folds. You grabbed onto the counter behind you to hold you up.

He was working his tongue against you so smoothly, you felt goosebumps. He stopped for a second to admire your facial expressions as he replaced his tongue with two fingers. You moaned his name as he started thrusting his fingers into you. He bit his bottom lip to keep him from laughing. He enjoyed how weak you were to his touch.

He leaned his face forward once more slipping his tongue through your folds as his fingers continued thrusting. You felt the pleasure crawl up through your core, you knew you weren’t going to last much longer.

You were a moaning mess as he quickened his speed. You grabbed the hairs on the back of his head bringing him closer to your core.

“Jungkook I’m-” You couldn’t even finish your sentence as you felt your release. Even though Jungkook has made you feel incredible before, this was by far your most intense orgasm yet. You felt your body shake trying to pass through the feeling.

After he pulled his fingers from you, he stood up so he was towering over you. He smiled from the weakness that still was lingering through you. He brought his fingers that were full of your juices to his mouth, licking them clean.

He closed his eyes as he pulled them out slowly. “Tasty.” He smirked making your stomach twist with butterflies.

Before you could respond you heard a key enter your door from the outside.

“Fuck.” You ran towards your room. You noticed Jungkook laughing from the kitchen still and you turned and pulled him towards your room.

“Your parents are here.” The smirk never left his face.

“We will never hear the end of it, if they found out what we were doing.”

“They’re not going to find out.”

You arched your eyebrows at him. “I think your erection will be a big giveaway.” You laughed as he looked down. “Oh yeah and that I have no pants on…..Oh fuck! I left my bottoms out there.” You quickly went through your drawers and grabbed a pair of jeans pulling them up.

“(Y/N) We bought food.” You heard Lalisa yell from somewhere in the apartment.

“How many times do I have to tell you to stop leaving your panties on the floor.” She yelled annoyed.

Jungkook held his chest as he tried not to laugh. You hit him from the process. “You don’t like wearing panties clearly.”

“Shut up that’s not true.” You argued.

“You just put jeans on….without panties.” He laughed.

“(Y/N) you here?” You heard Rosé call as she heard laughter.

You annoyingly looked at Jungkook. “Be out in a sec.” You shouted.

As you started towards the door you heard Jungkooks phone go off. You left him alone in your room as you faced your friends.

“Hey.” You greeted them and Lalissa held up your shorts and underwear. You grabbed them with an apologetic expression.

“Do you streak while we’re gone?” Lalisa asked.

“No I got in the showe-” As you were talking Jungkook made his way out of your room.

As soon as your friends saw him their curious expression turned to humor. “Ohh….now I get it.”

“N-no.” You started.

“Which counter did you fuck on?” You slapped your forehead embarrassed as Lalisa stepped away from the counter tops disgustingly amused.

“We didn-”

“That one.” Jungkook pointed.

You caught a glimpse of his lip bite, he had no care making it obvious.

“You want to go see a movie with my friends?” He looked at you.

“Anywhere away from here.”

You both started towards the door. “Sex is not allowed in the theater.” Lalisa called after you.


Masterlist | Part 1 | Part 2

you’re the one.

summary: she doesn’t believe in soulmates. she doesn’t believe in soulmates. she believes in soulmates.

a/n: collab w/ my babygirl Lauren ( @alexanderhamiltomes )

You grumbled loudly as you looked over your textbook for the hundredth time that day. You concentrated on the sentences that laid out in front of you and rubbed your wrist, trying to coax understanding out of the three red marks that marred the skin. You were looking for answers. Anything and everything that could help you understand the whole ‘tally mark’ thing. You weren’t suppose to have three. You should have one and only one, but that’s not what’s happening at the moment. Three people who were supposed to turn the marks black with requited and admitted love, yet here you were: a single and broke college student while two of the three were either married or engaged to the ones that had given them their marks.

Your eyes scanned over the words one last time before a knock interrupted your focus. You lifted your eyes for one second but turned them back to the page. Another knock sounded this time, more urgent than the other. You slammed the book shut and stood up to answer the door. The knocking persisted even as you swung the door open, revealing a  short and black-haired man with his fist raised mid-knock. When he saw you his eyes widened and his mouth opened and shut quickly. You looked at him, anger in your eyes from being interrupted as you began to speak to him.

“How may I help you?” you asked as you held the door. A confused expression was painted across his face as he looked at you.

“Does Pippa live here?” he asked and craned his neck to look at the room behind you, you shook your head, small hairs falling in your face before you spoke up once more.

“No,” the word came out harsher than you had meant. His mouth opened and closed for a moment before it opened again.

“Oh. What room number is this?” his voice sounded angelic for a moment. Your finger pointed at the door in front of yours to indicate where Pippa was, an “Oh,” left his mouth once more. You nodded and started to close your door.

“Wait!” his voice came out with urgency, “What’s your name?”

“I really need to get back to studying. Bye,” you said instead of answering him and closed the door. Or at least you were going to before he stuck his foot in the doorway. You groaned and opened the door up again.

“I’m Lin. Lin-Manuel Miranda. But just Lin if you don’t want to remember all of that,” he introduced himself with a huge smile before sticking his hand out to shake. You looked at him and his hand before taking it with a sigh. Your skin tingled the moment it came into contact with his.

“Y/N Y/L/N,” you simply said, a smile still plastered on his face as he opened his mouth to speak again.

“Y/N.” he paused for a slight moment as he repeated your name one last time, “Would you be interested in going-”

You ignored the beautiful way your name fell off his tongue and interrupted him, “Aren’t you supposed to be meeting someone?”

The smile faltered on his face, “Well, yes. But she can wait.” Your eyebrows lifted at the word ‘she’.

“I’ve read that it’s rude to keep soulmates waiting, Lin-Manuel.” You attempted to close the door again but this time his hand shot out and stopped it.

“No! You don’t understand,” he tugged the sleeve of his gray jumper up to show you his tan and blank wrist. “I haven’t met mine yet,” his voice was dipped in disappointment. A split second later a bright smile took over his face, “Or at least they haven’t fallen in love with me yet.”

“Yet?” you asked, a small laugh being brought from your lips.

“Yet,” Lin repeated.

“Maybe you don’t have one,” you regretted the words as soon as they left your mouth. You wished you could take them back when you saw the way Lin’s face seemed to crumble at the thought of not having a soulmate.

“Maybe,” he repeated, sadness lacing his voice. He backed away from your door, shooting you a small smile. “Good luck with studying, Y/N.”

“Wait!” This time it was you who called out to him when he started making his way to his friend’s door. He turned back to you. “I’m sure you have a soulmate. The fates wouldn’t take that away from someone like you.” You winced at your own words, where had that come from?

He grinned at you and took a step towards you. “You think so?”

“I know so,” you said without hesitation.

He blushed and rubbed the back of his neck. “Thank you. I won’t bother you anymore, but I’ll see you around?” He busied himself with his jumper, unable to meet your eyes.

“Maybe,” you breathed and shut the door as quickly as you could. Your back pressed against the door as the events replayed in your head. This was not good.

When you shut your eyes and opened them once more, you moved and sat at your desk, opening the book again.

“Y/N!” A familiar voice called your name across the empty campus. You turned around quickly to see Lin jogging towards you.

“Long time, no see,” you greeted him, a smile gracing your lips although you had put all of your willpower into keeping a straight face.

“It’s only been two days since I happened upon your door. You missed me that much?” His smile was goofy and the tone of his question told you that he was genuinely asking.

You blushed and hoped that he would think it was just the cold air biting at your skin. You had missed him, more than you’d like to admit. The past two days you had been unable to get his warm brown eyes out of your mind. It seemed like every time you closed your eyes you were once again assaulted with the image of him standing in front of you in his loose gray jumper. He was too handsome for his own good.

“Maybe I did,” you shrugged and watched as a smile painted it’s way to his face. A giggle escaped his lips before he looked down at both of your feet. Your heart seemed to skip at the sound of his laugh. You’d only spoken to him for about five minutes and he was already having physical effects on you. What was wrong with you? Were you destined to constantly meet men that you had no chance with?

God, that was a beautiful sound. You thought to yourself before being pulled from your thoughts.

“I would hope so,” a smile spread across your features before your hands met with the pockets of your jeans. The blush that had once graced your face quickly came back but darker.

“Are you saying you missed me, Lin-Manuel?” you asked with a raised eyebrow.

It was his turn to blush.

“Maybe,” he smiled and looked back at you. Your lips stretched again as he spoke.

“Well, I would hope so,” you whispered his words back to him. Lin’s head turned to look behind him when his name was called out. A group of people waved him over, you knew some of them

Anthony and Jasmine were the school couple.

Renee and Pippa lived in front of you.

Daveed was in your writing class.

“Looks like I’ve got to go.” Lin smiled and turned towards his friends.

“Already?” You pretended to pout and was surprised when Lin’s face showed true conflict.

“I mean.. I could walk you to your next class? If you wanted me to?” He ran a hand through his hair.

“I was just kidding. Go to your friends, Lin.” You pushed his shoulder slightly and smiled when he blew you a kiss as he walked away. You tried to catch your breath as you watched him greet his friends. He looked back at you one last time before he turned the corner and waved.

You stood on the sidewalk for a couple of moments longer, thinking about Lin. You didn’t know anything about the man beside the fact that he was terrible at reading dorm numbers, yet you felt a connection unlike any other before. All he did was offer to walk you to class but your heart pounded slow and tense like he had just proposed. Three people had left their marks on your wrist but still, none of them had the effect that Lin had on you.

You began walking down the street, lost in thought. Lin was devastatingly handsome though you doubted he knew it. The way he played with his jumper when you had first met him was almost funny because it didn’t make sense how a man with such warm eyes and full lips could be self-conscious. If that didn’t make your heart beat abnormally already, he was kind. You had answered the door and had been uncharacteristically rude to him but he still stayed and tried to make a good impression. He made more than a good impression on you, though. You knew it was foolish to think this way so soon after meeting him but you felt as though you had always had a small impression in you, a crater that needed to be filled and Lin was the perfect size and shape for it.

A burn you knew all too well radiated from your wrist. You frantically pushed up your coat sleeve and watched as a new red mark materialized on your skin. Your thoughts of Lin flew out of your mind and panic replaced them. You pushed your sleeve down and sprinted back to your dorm. Your Nordic History class could wait. As soon as you entered your room you shedded your coat and held your wrist up to your eyes. The newest tally mark made four, and you knew it had to belong to Lin. The mark was a deeper red than the rest and somehow you knew it was set deeper into your skin than the previous three. You let out a groan of frustration and kicked one of the legs of your desk, making the textbook you had been studying when Lin first waltzed into your life fall to the ground. You glared at the book, willing it to burst into flames. This wasn’t right. Why did you have to have four marks when everyone else you knew had just one clean tally that they could trust would turn black? Why were you damned to try to find a reason as to why fate had given you the wrong soulmate over and over? You picked up the book and threw it against the wall, leaving a tiny dent.

You fell back onto your bed and prayed that Lin hadn’t gotten the mark. You didn’t want love. Why would you? Love wasn’t meant for you, fate had made sure to tell you that.

You let out a sigh and grabbed your pillow, shoving it on your face before screaming in frustration. Your eyes closed for a split second before you lifted yourself from the bed and grabbed your phone. You scrolled through some of the old text’s between your mother and you before she got a new phone.

From: Mom’s old number

You’ll find him eventually, and so what you have two?

To: Mom’s old number

Nobody else has it!

From: Mom’s old number

And? Makes you unique.

You sighed at that word. Unique. Everything about the tally marks were unique.

You let your fingers press the plus at the top of your messages before you started typing out a long detailed text. You then deleted it and wrote a shorter explanation.

To: Momma

So, I have four tally marks now and one of them is a really deep red. I don’t know what to do because I do not want this tally mark mom. I do not want any of these.

Your heart began to beat as you awaited the text. You locked your phone and sat it down, grabbing the pillow you had once used on your face. Instead of suffocating yourself you laid your head on it and waiting for a response, which came quickly.

From: Momma

Do you have his number? If not, get those digits. Love him with all your might.

Your eyes rolled for a slight moment as you read her text. Your mother had always been the insufferable optimist.

You were interrupted at the sound of laughter coming from the hall outside your door. Your fingers locked your phone as you lifted yourself from your bed. You looked at the clock on the wall and saw that your class was starting in five minutes. And it was a mile away. You didn’t own a car, it was starting in five minutes, it was a mile away, and attendance was worth 25% of your grade. You were a history major and needed to pass this class in order to get your diploma.

You threw your coat back on and heaved your backpack onto your shoulder before running out of the door. You didn’t get very far because you were blocked by a mass of people standing in front of your door. They were laughing as a girl with straight black hair swiped her key card over and over without being granted entry into her dorm.

“I swear it was working this morning!” Pippa grumbled. They all had their backs to you, including one person clad in a gray sweater and black jeans. Lin.

You tried to carefully tiptoe away from the group without being noticed. You had only taken a few steps when Daveed’s voice filled the hall. “Y/N!” Shit. You turned around slowly and saw that they were all looking at you. You made eye contact with Lin but quickly broke it, looking down at his right sleeve that was bunched around his elbow. For a moment you didn’t understand why he would roll up the only sleeve. Until you saw a red mark on his wrist that definitely hadn’t been there two days ago. Shit again. “Just the girl we all wanted to see,” Daveed laughed and elbowed Lin.

“Y/N,” Lin took a step towards you. “Look,” he brandished his wrist to you. You stared at the mark that was the same deep shade of red as your own. You felt as though your world was collapsing around you. Every other time a mark had appeared on your wrist, your supposed ‘soulmate’ hadn’t gotten one. Something different was happening here and suddenly you knew what was wrong. The fates have made another mistake. You looked into Lin’s eyes to see complete fondness and adoration shining out at you. It had to be a mistake. When you stayed silent Lin spoke again, “It’s for you. I was halfway down the street when it appeared and I ran back to where you were but you were already gone. I would’ve come here immediately but I thought you were in class.” He took another step towards you. You noticed subconsciously that Lin’s entourage was filing into Pippa and Renee’s room, the keycard must have finally worked. You were now alone with Lin.

“I-” You shut your mouth quickly. You didn’t know what to say. Hell, you didn’t even know what to think.

He gently reached out and grabbed your right arm. “Can I see yours?” Before you could say anything he was pulling up your sleeve. Your mind finally caught up to the situation and you ripped your arm away from him before he saw your wrist.

“No!” You hugged your arm to your body.

A bemused expression swept across Lin’s face. “What do you mean, no?” He tilted his head slightly and bit his bottom lip. His extremely kissable bottom lip. Fuck.

“This wasn’t supposed to happen,” you whispered and felt a physical blow to your chest when you saw Lin’s hurt countenance. “I’ve got to go,” you rushed out and ran down the hall before he could say another word.

You made it to your class five minutes late but today the universe had taken mercy on you by making your usually punctual professor arrive just a minute after you. You slid into the seat that your best friend Oak had saved for you.

“Hey,” he smiled and pulled out his pen from the backpack he had brought with him.

“Hi,” you mumbled and grabbed the notebook and textbook. “Do you have a pen? I forgot one.” Your eyes met his before quickly looking away. Oak’s head nodded before he reached for another pen, handing you his.

His eyes moved over your facial features. You were stressed, that was known. But why was there sadness lingering in your eyes? Why was the one person who was almost always happy, sad?

“What’s wrong?” Oak asked with worry lingering in his voice.

“Nothing.” you said, no emotion was evident in the way you said it.

It was cold.

“No. Something is wrong,” he pushed, your head shook and looked at your paper as your professor apologized.

“What is wrong?” he repeated, you didn’t answer this time.

You spent the class ignoring every plea from Oak. He was worried and you knew that, but you didn’t want him to know about this mark. It was embarrassing, especially for him to see. Oak symbolized your first tally mark. You had gotten it in tenth grade when he had kissed you for the first time. You had been ecstatic and had brandished your mark to him, excitedly telling him that you were meant to be and you were so happy to have met him so young. When you saw Oak’s blank wrist, your world had fallen apart around you and you had never felt so much pain. Oak and you had come to the understanding that your friendship was more important than any relationship you might have had and continued being best friends. You still loved Oak but now more than anything it felt like a platonic love. Oak had been there for you when Thayne and Leslie had left their marks on you as well. Thayne was now engaged, Leslie married, and Oak still had a blank wrist. You didn’t want him to know that yet again you were left behind. It was embarrassing.

As soon as class was over you stood up, gathered your things, and rushed out of the lecture hall. It didn’t matter, though. Oak always caught up with you. “Y/N!” his deep voice boomed out and you stopped in your tracks, knowing that he wouldn’t give up. His broad form caught up to you and you began to walk side by side back to your dorm. “What’s happened?” You didn’t answer him. He asked again and you ignored him, paying special attention to the sidewalk in front of you. Oak let out a frustrated groan and grabbed your wrist.

“Hey!” You tried to pull away from him but to no avail. He yanked up your sleeve before you could stop him and saw your marks. You had both stopped when he had taken hold of your arm and you now held your breath, trying to gauge his reaction.

He didn’t look surprised and just nodded to himself. “Thought so,” he relinquished his hold on your arm and you both began walking again.

“I wish you wouldn’t use your brute strength against me,” you grumbled, referring to the way you hadn’t been able to escape from his grasp.

“You used to like my brute strength,” he laughed loudly at his own joke and you scoffed. After a moment of silence, he spoke up again, “So who’s the lucky guy this time?”

This time. It was sad that Oak was able to phrase it that way. “You wouldn’t know him,” you obfuscated.

“Try me.”

You readjusted your backpack and sighed, “Lin-Manuel Miranda.”

His eyebrows rose as he turned his head to look at you.

“Seriously?” he asked with a laugh, a small ‘yeah’ left your lips while a smile played along his lips.

“He’s a good guy,” he told you, your eyebrows knitted together. “Plus,” he began as he turned the corner that leads you to your building. “He has the biggest heart. You’re a lucky girl to be with him.” He finished.

His hands went to push up the strap on his shoulder as you muttered something that couldn’t be made out. Oak hummed softly and looked at you, “What did you say?” he asked, you shook your head and allowed a few hairs to fall in your face. You both turned a corner before bumping into someone.

“Y/N,” the all too familiar voice gasped as you fell on your butt.

You hadn’t realized your eyes had closed until you opened them to meet Lin’s face. His lips were parted and his eyes were wide as he held out a hand to you. You happily took it.

The touch of skin brought a blush to the both of your faces, your heart began to beat a little faster as you looked at him.

“Lin,” you whispered and swallowed hard. A smile played along your lips at the way you said his name before he looked at Oak.

“Hey,” Lin smiled and waved at Oak who winked at the both of you.

“I’ll leave you to it,” Oak smiled and walked away while giving you both a soft smile.

“Why are you around here?” you asked and kept your eyes from meeting his.

“Pippa and Renee wanted to see me,” he responded and looked behind himself. “Oh.” you let out. Lin’s smile faded for a second before having it return. This one looked painful.

“Would it be weird if I asked you to hang out with us tonight?” he asked. Your eyes widened they quickly went to glance at his.

“I- What?” you mumbled. He nodded as hope filled his beautiful eyes.

“Is that weird?” he asked, you looked at him and shook your head.

“No, it’s not,” you told him, desperately wanting to say it was. It was, wasn’t it? Weird to go out when you didn’t even want him to see the mark he created.

“I’ll talk to Pippa,” you told him before smiling and shuffling away.

“Wait!” he shouted, you stopped and waited for him to say something. “I need your number,” Lin said in a quiet voice. You turned on your heel and nodded, pulling your phone from your pocket and handing it to him. He smiled and allowed you to type your passcode in before he added his number.

“Shoot me a text when you talk to her,” you nodded as he talked before he murmured “Or whenever.” You smiled at that before letting a small giggle fall from your lips.

“Alright.” you nodded.

“I’ll see you later.”

You both waved before you walked off, your heart finally calming down. It took a few minutes for the gravity of what you had just agreed to do to hit you. You shut your eyes for a few seconds, trying to think of what to do. You couldn’t just cancel, you were supposed to meet them tonight! It was too short notice. You pulled your phone out of your pocket and quickly dialed a number. Oak picked up after one ring.

“Y/N? You need me to come rescue you?” His voice sounded genuinely concerned and it made you feel bad for your young self, no wonder you had fallen in love so quickly. But more than anything it reminded you of why he was now your best friend.

“No, the big bad wolf is gone but he invited me to his friend’s dorm tonight. You two are friends right?” You put your hand over your eyes and tried not to scream in public.

“So? Are you going to go?” Oak’s voice was amused.

“Depends. Would you rather accompany me or help me fake my own death?”

“That’s a tough one,” he laughed. “What time should I pick you up?”

“Six. And wear that blue button up with the black skinny jeans,” you remembered the time Oak had taken you to prom and had worn sneakers. Since then you always told him what to wear before you went out to public events together.

“Yes, mom,” you could practically hear him rolling his eyes and you hung up the phone.

Before you knew it, it was 6 o’clock and you were scrutinizing every part of yourself in the mirror. You knew it was pointless to try to impress Lin yet here you stood with your hair falling in waves around your shoulders, carefully applied lipstick, and your best fitting skinny jeans and beige sweater. You hoped you looked effortless but flawless. A living, breathing oxymoron.

A knock rapped three times in a strange pattern at your door. You laughed out loud at Oak using your old code. You swung open the door swiftly and tackled him in a hug. “You wore what I told you to! Thank you! I owe you!” You said quickly in a hushed whisper, you didn’t know if Lin was already at Pippa and Renee’s dorm but you didn’t want to take a chance of him overhearing you.

“Anything for you,” Oak swung an arm over your shoulder. “Where am I driving?”

“Oh uh, it’s right across the hall,” you scratched the back of your neck and laughed at yourself for forgetting such a detail.

Oak groaned, “I cleaned out all the take out boxes from the passenger seat for you!”

You wrinkled your nose. “Ew.” You patted his chest and smiled up at him, “I do appreciate the effort.”

He rolled his eyes and knocked on the girls’ dorm. Pippa answered and squealed, “Y/N!” She beckoned you into the small dorm and you gulped when you realized you and Oak were the last ones to arrive.

“Hope you guys don’t mind I invited Oak to tag along,” you made sure your sleeve was pulled down to cover your wrist.

“The more the merrier!” Daveed cheered and proceeded to shotgun a can of beer.

You met eyes with Lin who was currently staring at Oak’s arm that was still draped around you. “Hi, Lin,” you said with a quiver in your voice and his eyes shot to your face.

“Y/N.” He stood up from his blue beanbag to greet you. You stepped out of Oak’s arm to give Lin a quick hug. You pulled away to see his blushing face. “I- I’m glad you came.”

You eyed Anthony chug a beer as Jasmine looked on unimpressed. “Me too.” Your words made him go even redder, if that was possible.

“Lin!” Oak’s voice boomed inside the tiny room. Oak flew in between you and Lin and enveloped Lin in a warm hug. “What’s up, buddy!”

Lin hugged Oak back, patting his back and stepped away. “There have been a few developments recently,” he looked at you again and you blushed. There was no reason to blush, he wasn’t really your soulmate. It was just a fluke like the previous three were. But he has a tally mark too… a small voice reminded you. You kindly told it to shut the fuck up. And you love everything about him, as much as you don’t want to! You were less kind to it this time.

Oak bit his lip and looked between the two of you. “Ah.”

You had been laughing so much it hurt with Lin when Renee stood on a chair in the middle of the room. “We!” She held her can of alcohol up. “Are playing truth or dare!” It seemed like an excellent idea to you. Maybe it was because you were slightly buzzed from the beer in your hand because a small part of you told you that sober Y/N would not like it at all.

You sat in the circle between Oak and Lin eagerly watched the game begin.

“Pippa,” Daveed slurred. “Truth or dare?”

“Dare,” she said without hesitation, her eyes glinting.

This led Pippa to walk across the room on her hands, Jasmine to admit she didn’t think Anthony was very cute when she first met him (“What!! You’re joking!!”), and for Daveed to somehow effectually lick his elbow.

“Alright,” Anthony spoke up as his eyes went around the circles before meeting yours but quickly flicking to Oak’s. Anthony’s lips touched the bridge of his drink.

“Oak,” he mumbled with a wide smile playing his lips. “Truth or dare?” he asked in a slow motion. Oak thought about it before shrugging.

“Dare.” He shrugged.

A wicked smile played on Anthony’s lips as he took a drink from the can. “I dare you to…” He trailed off. His eyes looked around the circle before he settled on you.

“To kiss Y/N,” a soft gasp was heard at the words.

Oak looked at Anthony with his eyebrows raised, “Okay.” Oak shrugged and leaned over to press his lips against yours.

It wasn’t a long kiss but it was soft and delicate.

You moved away from him and looked at him as a dark blush coated your cheeks along with Oak’s. A soft scoff came from Lin’s mouth when he saw the blush.

The game went on as everyone drank more. You had acted as if you were the Queen of England, Lin had told you how many people he had dated (which admittedly wasn’t very many) and Oak was dared to down three shots of tequila without throwing up. Of course, he succeeded, he was Okieriete fucking Onaodowan.

“Y/N,” Daveed smirked. “Truth or dare?”

You gulped and flicked your eyes to Oak. You would play it safe this time. “Truth.”

A knowing smile flitted across Daveed’s face. “Who’s your soulmate?”

You gasped at the question and you felt Oak’s steady palm press against your back. You should’ve known this was coming. You should’ve picked dare. You took a long sip of your drink. “Now that is a tricky question.” You avoided all the eyes in the room, especially Lin’s.

“What do you mean?” Lin’s voice sounded cautious. You found the strength to look into his eyes and suddenly you knew what you had to do. In your inebriated state, you were able to accept the fact that maybe, just maybe the fates had finally marked you currently. Lin had one too, that had to mean something. The fact that he was all you could think about anymore also meant something because out of the previous men you had supposedly been made for in heaven, none of them made you fall as hard as Lin did. You needed to come clean because one way or another you knew he would find out about your marks and you needed to be the one to tell him.

“Which one are you referring to?” You looked Daveed in the eye and with a surge of adrenaline you were able to pull up your sleeve to reveal your marked wrist to the group. Gasps and shrieks sounded throughout the group and you closed your eyes to save yourself from Lin’s incredulous look.

“Y/N,” Lin’s voice was strained, “Truth or dare?”

“Truth,” you whispered.


You opened your eyes again and pushed Oak’s hand away from your back. Lin looked scared and confused and you hated yourself for doing this to him. He deserved someone who only had one mark for him. “I wish I could. I’ve researched this since the first mark appeared and my soulmate’s,” you put air quotes around the word, “wrist stayed blank. It’s like that every time. Except for you, Lin.” You felt embarrassed to have admitted such a thing in front of all of Lin’s friends but you knew the opportunity wouldn’t come again.

Oak tried to pull you towards him but before you could squirm out of his grip Lin was shoving his hands away and pulling you out into the hall. “Keycard,” he held his hand out for it and you obliged. Lin could’ve asked you to jump off of a bridge and you would’ve obliged without hesitation. He swiped the card quickly and opened the door to the room for you. “I thought we should have more privacy.” He ran his hands through his long hair and his voice sounded as though he was trying to keep himself from yelling.

“Why are you upset?” You tried to put your hands on his chest to stop his pacing.

“Why am I upset?! Are you kidding me, Y/N? The woman I’ve been waiting to meet for twenty-five years has three other soulmates!” He tugged at his hair and groaned, but he stopped his pacing for you.

“Fate was wrong!” You put your hands on either side of his face. He grabbed your arms and pushed you gently away from him.

“Fate’s never wrong,” his voice sounded broken. “I look at you and I see every dream I’ve ever had. I just- knowing you’ve felt like this towards three other men makes me sick. Seeing Oak kiss you killed me and that was before I knew all of this!”

You tried to catch his gaze but he refused to look at you. You rushed at him and held his face in your hands, forcing him to meet your eyes. “I don’t want this, Lin.” He scoffed and tried to pull away but you tugged back towards you. “I thought after three failed attempts the Fates had just decided to make me into their running joke! For a couple of days, I haven’t been able to get your laugh, your wit, your face out of my mind! I’ve been trying to get you out of there, trust me. You just won’t go.”

His eyes softened at your words but his face was still cold. “You’re drunk.”

That wasn’t a lie. “Do you think I’d be able to admit this if I wasn’t? I’m not brave, Lin. That’s something you should know. Since my first mark showed up and Oak’s didn’t, I’ve been trying to run away from this.”

His entire body tensed at Oak’s name. “Really! Oak? That’s why you brought him to the party, isn’t it? You were trying to let me down easy!” Tears began to flow freely from his eyes but you didn’t let him go.

You wrapped your arms around his neck and pressed your body flush against his. There were only a few inches of room between the two of you and it made heat pump through your veins. “Have you not been listening to me? I’ve never felt this way before. No one else has ever gotten a mark except you! Do you know what that means, Lin?! You’re the first man to have ever reduced me to a blubbering and stuttering mess and I don’t even know your birthday!” A thick silence enveloped the room and you watched as Lin’s features slowly began to melt before your eyes.

“January 16,” he whispered and wrapped his arms around your waist.

“God, I can’t tell you how happy it makes me to learn that. I want to know everything about you. I want to know everything about my true soulmate,” your voice gradually got softer.

“I’ll tell you anything you want to know,” he whispered. “I’d do anything you ask.”

“That must be a side effect of having a soulmate because I was just thinking the same thing,” you wiped away the tear tracks on his cheeks.

“Then kiss me.” You did. You kissed him softly at first and your lips burned from the electricity that coursed between the two of you. In the back of your mind, you noted that this was what a soulmate’s kiss was meant to feel like. You saw fireworks go off behind your eyelids when you felt him begin to kiss you more deeply. His hands tangled in your hair and he pulled you even closer to him.

You both broke the kiss with gasps. You hadn’t wanted to stop kissing him, but when you felt what seemed like cool lips touch your wrist you were startled out of the reverie that he had put you in. The two of you held your wrists up and you watched in awe as your marks that represented each other turned black. You watched in silence as the three other marks on your wrist faded into nothingness. You looked up at Lin, his face more relieved than you had ever seen.

“I’m the one,” his voice was giddy with happiness.

“You’re the one.” Suddenly you knew with all of your beings that Fate hadn’t just been toying with you. It was merely preparing you for this whirlwind of a man who had crashed into your life with just a couple of knocks.

You kissed him again.


“Troop Leader” Part 2

Summary: How will you handle a broken heart and an over protective father?

Pairing: Bucky Barnes x Stark!Reader

Warnings: Cheating, angst

Word Count: 585

A/N: welcome to part 2! lets see how this goes. my permanent taglist is open and so is the series! my summaries suck. this is just to get things rolling. the next part will be longer.

Part 1

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Bucky kept coming down to buy cookies. He almost bought a whole entire table, but you convinced him to stop. He needed to stay fit for missions, even if his metabolism was as face as a race car. You would shy away from his advances and them change the subject when he would try to ask you out. You could never say yes.

You were in a happy relationship. Taylor, your boyfriend, was the perfect gentleman. He opened doors, pulled out chairs, and kept his hand on your lower back. He was absolutely amazing, and what you felt for Bucky confused you. His 40’s charm along with his beautiful face made you question everything, but you knew you were in love with Taylor. You guys even talked about marriage.

Leaving the tower, you headed back to your shared apartment. Taylor had been gone one business for his job all week and you missed him terribly. That is probably the explanation for your misguided feelings. Right?

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request: “Could you do one with Julian where s/o is pregnant and he’s over the moon about being a father” — by anon

a/n: finally, a julian albert request lolololol kinda feel guilty for finishing this first than the other requests (sorry) but i’m kinda happy about how this imagine came to be? idk, hope you enjoy it!

Masterlist Request here!

“He’ll freak out, I’m sure of it. He might even start being a jerk again and break up with me. Hell, he might actually disown the baby and my child would have to grow without a father and then I’m going to be that kind of single mom who who grows old alone in home for the ages or something and -”

“Y/N, stop. Just stop.” Iris didn’t let you finish what you were saying for you were far deep into your own head, digging up ridiculous reasons and thoughts that has been running on your mind for the past few days. “We all know Julian can be difficult sometimes but he wouldn’t be that kind of boyfriend, would he?” she raised an eyebrow.

You sighed. “Yeah, I guess he wouldn’t.” you frowned. “But still, a baby? Would he be ready to commit himself into something like that? I don’t know, Iris. I love him with all my heart and I trust him but I’m afraid that he might find this a little bit too much.”

Suddenly, the door to your apartment opened and Julian Albert entered the room, immediately removing his coat and hanging it on by the hanger before noticing that both Iris and you were sharing a cup of coffee at the dining area.

“Ms. West, what a pleasant surprise.” he walked closer and gave your forehead a sweet kiss, turning to your friend and smiling.

“Hello, Julian, I was just about to leave actually.” she returned the warm smile. “I’ll see you two around.” she gave you a meaningful look as she heads to the door, knowing it was best that you have some privacy with him.

You stood up and grabbed Iris’ mug to place it in the sink, Julian following you softly behind.

“So, what were you talking about before I came home?” he asked casually, your cheeks heating up at the moment he did so.

You shrugged, washing the said cups. “Nothing much, just … relationships and stuff.” you murmured the last part but Julian was able to hear.

“Relationships and stuff? Really?” he quirked an eyebrow. “What about it?”

“Why do you want to know?” you questioned back rather quickly.

He pursed his lips, “Because I didn’t mean to eavesdrop, darling, but I heard you say something about a baby and another someone who I assume happens to be me.”

You felt your heart drop at his words.

“H-How much did you hear?” you stuttered just as he steps closer, locking you by the counter with two of his hands on each of your side.

“Enough.” he frowned. “Is it true then? Are you really pregnant, Y/N?”

You rush your hands on your face to cover your embarrassed expression. “Julian, I swear, I was going to tell you but I was trying to measure the chances that you wouldn’t break up with me.” you admitted.

There was a short pause between the two of you and you abruptly heard his amused laugh, your eyes opening the second the sound entered your ear drums.

“I’m panicking here and you’re laughing at me, how can you be so cruel?” you exclaimed which made him laugh even more and pull you in for a tight hug.

Julian kissed your forehead again, “Y/N, as you should know, the idea of having children and most especially a family with you makes me ecstatic as ever. So instead of breaking up with you, I probably would have proposed to you instead if you’ve told me sooner.” he told you.

You found yourself grinning at what he claimed, “R-Really?”

“Why wouldn’t I?” he said instead.

You grabbed his chin and pulled him down, so that you could reach his lips. Julian smiled at the kiss and deepened it for a minute before letting go, though not exactly moving his face away from yours.

“Am I really going to be a father?” his hand went down to your belly, even though there was no bump or indication that a fetus was already in there yet.

You nodded, “Yeah. I found out last week. It surprised me but I’m happy that our love bloomed into something so wonderful.”

Julian lets out a breath of happiness. “Darling, this is amazing.” he kissed you again, longer this time and a lot deeper. You could feel how truly happy he was through the kiss, and you couldn’t be relieved enough because of it.

“I’m glad that I’m going to go through this with you.” you stated while staring at his blue eyes, “I feel rather foolish right now for ever thinking that you would leave me.”

He understood where you were coming from. “It’s alright. All that matters now is that you know I will never do it, and I’ll be here with you with every step of the way. I love you, Y/N. I can’t wait to start a family with you.”

Before he can lean down to plant a soft kiss on your lips once again, you stopped him.

“You do know you’re supposed to propose to me sooner or later because of this, right? I need to be wed to the man responsible for my pregnancy.” you teased which made his eyes roll, giving you a kiss anyway.

“I told you I would, right?” Julian smirked and straightened his posture, confidence dripping on his tone. “And besides, I’m just surprised you haven’t found the ring yet.”

“Wait, what?”

sleepy, sleepy // jjk

RQ:  could I request a scenario in which jk comes home to his gf late at night bc he’s busy preparing for the new comeback? :) fluff, smut, fluffy smut idc hehe

Genre: Fluff~


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Tonight was supposed to be a movie night with your boyfriend of 2 years Jungkook. However - it was already past midnight and your bunny boyfriend was nowhere to be seen. You tried texting him a couple of times, but after getting no response, you just simply cuddled yourself into a blanket and fell asleep on the couch.

A couple hours later a loud noise followed by silent curses woke you up. You sat up straight, rubbed your eyes to adjust yourself to the dark room and turned on the light.

You were sitting there for a while, waiting for him to come.

Eventually - Jungkook slowly dragged himself from the hallway to the living room with his head down, and sat next to the table. 

“Jungkookie?” you asked him and tapped on his shoulder.

He answered with a loud yawn before turning his head towards you.

“Comeback stuff.” he muttered and leaned his head on the table.

You couldn’t help but chuckle, rubbing his back.

“Are you going to sleep on the table?”

“Mmhmm.” was all he ‘said’.

You shook your head and tugged on his hoodie. 

“I’m pretty sure the couch is more comfortable.” you laughed and helped him up.

He rested his head on your chest as you hugged him tightly and closed his eyes. You were cuddled up for a couple of minutes, when suddenly Jungkook started talking.

“I’m sorry I missed our movie night.” he muttered sadly, eyes still closed.

You sighed and shook your head again. “It’s okay, Kookie, you were busy at work. We can have movie night some other day.”

He slowly lifted his head and rubbed his eyes. 

“But I promised since we didn’t have a proper date for so long. I don’t want my girlfriend to feel abandoned because I have a busy job.”

You stared at him for a couple of seconds, before kissing his forehead and cuddling him again.

“I do not feel abandoned, Kookie.” you reassured him and chuckled quietly.

“And if you want to spend more time with me, I can bring you lunch when you have dance practices.”

Jungkook lifted himself up again, eyes sparkling.

“You’d really do that for me?” he smiled, flashing his cute bunny-like teeth.

“Of course, you dummy.” you flicked his forehead.

“And I think we should really go to sleep now, if you don’t want to be a walking corpse in the morning.”

Secrets (Part 2) - Peter Parker x Reader

Prompt: Best friends don’t keep secrets, but Peter’s secret sure is a big one.

A/N: A double post??? Wow we are on top of it today! Anyways, here’s part 2 to Secrets! I would love to know what you guys think of it so far :)

Part 1 Part 2 Part 3  MASTERLIST

- Written by Brie - 

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High school for you is not as bad as most people make it out to be. You don’t mind your classes, you get good grades, and you actually enjoy attending sports games, but what you do mind is people - more specifically, Chloe Hansen. Now, you’re not the type to judge right away, you like to give people second chances because first impressions are almost always entirely wrong. However, Chloe has proved time and time again that she doesn’t deserve any chances at all.

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TB: Speaking about taking the heat… did I tell you about the trick I played on Don Kennedy’s (the defense investigator at the Leach trial) wife while we were waiting for the Leach verdict to come in?

HA: No.

TB: I was in the lawyers’ room there and I was making some phone calls, and I called Don’s house in Lake City and his wife answered. I said. “Is Don there?” I knew he wasn’t. I had seen him an hour before. I said, “Well, he’s supposed to pick me up here, in front of the courthouse. Im out here and waiting. Do you suppose you can find him?” She said, “Who is this?” I replied “Ted Bundy.” The phone clicked and I damn near laughed my ass off. When Lynn (Thompson, another lawyer) came in later, he asked me what I was laughing about… Did I know something he didn’t?

Ted Bundy tells a ‘joke’. Taken from Conversations With A Killer, written by Stephen G. Michaud and Hugh Aynesworth.

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so... back to this series again... what would young children and other viewers in general of ATLA have learned from a zutara relationship in place of a K@taang and m@iko?

One of the reasons Zutara is a superior narrative to the canon ships is that it supports the preexisting messages in the show, as opposed to creating a new message that contradicts previously established themes. Here are a few ways Zutara strengthens and reinforces the show’s messages:

1. Balance. Avatar the Last Airbender is all about balance. The people of the Four Nations have strengths and weaknesses that play off each other in a beautiful counterpoint in the Avatar world. 

Koh: Tui and La, your Moon and Ocean, have always circled each other in an eternal dance. They balance each other… push and pull… life and death… good and evil… yin… and yang.

Zuko: You rise with the moon. I rise with the sun.

Aαng and Katara don’t have a balanced relationship. On Aαng’s side, the relationship is one-sided because he pines for her while never allowing Katara to know how he feels. On Katara’s side, the relationship is one-sided because Katara spends much more time and energy catering to Aαng’s emotional needs than Aαng spends catering to Katara’s. 

But in order to have balance, you must first have …

2. Equality.

As Katara grows in her waterbending abilities, she is shown to be more and more Zuko’s bending equal. Zuko and Katara have comparable amounts of drive and determination, a moral code that gets challenged as they go through their journeys, and are two of the most developed characters in A:TLA. 

Mαi and Zuko are completely unequal in terms of characterization.  Mαi never goes through a redemption arc, realizes she was wrong about the Fire Nation, or treats the people around her any better at the end of the show than she did at the beginning. And it should be noted that unlike with their canon love interests, Zuko and Katara spend about equal amounts of time in the show being “in the wrong” or “in the right” when it comes to their interactions. In Mαiko, Zuko is always the one to blame, and in Aαng always gets irritated when Katara refuses to follow the wisdom of the monks.

3. Redemption. A large part of the show focuses on redemption–not just of Zuko, but of the Fire Nation as a whole. Things that went terribly wrong in the past can be rectified. Relationships that failed in the past can be restored. This is the point of the Avatar Roku/Firelord Sozin dynamic that foreshadowed Zuko and Aαng. If the “Cave of Two Lovers” had foreshadowed Zutara as it was likely intended to early on, it would have carried this message through flawlessly.

So it always baffles me when canon shippers make the argument that Zutara shouldn’t happen because of the Crossroads of Destiny, or because he captured her in the past. Zuko did far worse things to Aαng than he ever did to Katara, and yet the former end up best friends. And Katara gets, not a redemption arc, but a forgiveness arc with Zuko, where she lets go of her hatred that has been poisoning her ever since she was little. With Mαiko, not only does Mαi herself never get fully redeemed; Zuko going back to Mαi at the end of the show means going back to a superficial relationship based on attraction and gift-giving, rather than substantial principles in common. It’s jarring to see next to the rest of his peerless character path. 

4. Freedom of destiny. 

Aαng: You didn’t really see love in my fortune, did you? You just told me what I wanted to hear.
Aunt Wu: I’ll tell you a little secret, young Airbender. Just as you reshaped those clouds, you have the power to reshape your own destiny.

Iroh: You know, Prince Zuko, destiny is a funny thing. You never know how things are going to work out. But if you keep an open mind and an open heart, I promise you will find your own destiny someday.

Sokka: What about us? [Meaning Sokka, Toph, and Suki] What’s  our destiny today?
Iroh: What do you think it is?

Aunt Wu: I feel great romance for you. The man you’re going to marry… Katara: Tell me more!
Aunt Wu: I can see that he is a very powerful bender. 

[later in the episode]

 Sokka: Man, sometimes I forget what powerful bender (Katara’s expression instantly changes at this, remembering Aunt Wu’s words) that kid is.
Katara: Wait, what did you just say?
Sokka: Nothing, just that Aαng is one powerful bender.
Katara: I suppose he is…

One of these things is not like the others. And the only reason to disturb the ongoing A:TLA lesson of choosing your own destiny, is for Kαtααng to happen at the end of the show. 

It also doesn’t help that the canon ships BOTH have hints of the endgame pairings when at least one of the people is still very much a child.

These characters are too young to be dating! They do not have the mental and emotional wherewithal to choose their romantic destiny when they haven’t even started adolescence. Freedom of choice is an essential theme of the Avatar world; it’s just a pity the romance gets so little of it.

Norman Reedus - Makeup Tag

You are a YouTuber and you’re dating Norman Reedus. Fans love it whenever Norman appears in your videos and have been begging you to do a makeup tag video for a while. One day, you finally cave and decide to do the video. It’s fair to say that it’s quite fun.

Pairing: Norman x Reader

Requested by Anon

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Ok. Here we go. Let's do... avengers x reader? I guess specifically Bucky x reader What if... avengers find reader amongst Hydra files and locate her only to find out she has no memories of her own, but has all Bucky's memories. What if there was no machine and she was the memory eraser and the more she erased Bucky's memories, the more she lost her own and gained his?!! Angst, some fluff, I think you can cook something up MCU of course ;) Ooo this is gonna be fun

Hi, dear! Thanks a lot for taking part to this celebration, and sending in such a marvelous idea!

I hope you’ll like how it came out in the end.

Soldier and Eraser

Pairing: Avengers x reader, Bucky x reader

Warnings: oh well, this is difficult… there are so many bad things in here; I’ll try but I’m sure that I won’t be able to name everything, so just be cautious. Lots of angst, some fluff, violence (mostly mentioned more than depicted), manipulation, messed up minds and induced way to think, stealing, passing frontiers illegally, swearing and bad language, allusion to sex and to the use of it as part of a conditioned behavior, guilt feelings, … and probably something else.

Notes: this is quite a mental trip, sorry. The story begins soon after the events of CA:TWS; and X-men and the Avengers coexist in the same universe, but normally they mind their own business and do not really interact much, unless they are interested in the same thing. (I have heard that in the comics they should live in the same universe, but that in the movies they are apart because of licenses or something like that. By the way, I haven’t read enough comics to have an idea of their coexistence there, I have mostly just watched the movies. And I’ve thought that for this fic it would have been useful if they lived in the same universe. That’s all.) I’d really love if you could leave some feedback!

Word count: 7094 (Yep, this is much longer than my usual.)

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Steve reviews the files of the folder Natasha has given him. It has been weeks and not him nor Sam have been able to find any good lead on Bucky. He absentmindedly turns page after page. His eyes fall on something handwritten on a corner.

‘Always keep the eraser to hand.’

Few pages later another note.

‘Keep the eraser out of cryo as long as the soldier.’

Steve frowns. There are mention of the ‘eraser’ through the entire dossier and until now, he has supposed that it should be some kind of machine, but a machine would never be kept under cryostasis. The ‘eraser’ must be some kind of living being.

Steve updates Sam on the new piece of info he has just discovered.

“Wait a minute.” Sam hums on the other hand of the line. Few seconds of silence follow. “I knew it! Meet me by my house in an hour. We can have a lead.”

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“Is your head feeling better, Dad? Can you come play with Sully and me now?”

Theodore sighs. “You two seem to be having plenty of fun without me. Are you sure you want-”

“Pleeeeaaaase?!” Lila Grace wails. “I want to play with BOTH of you!”

“Greedy little thing, aren’t you?” he chuckles. “Well, I suppose I can finish my book later, but we can only stay for another hour.”

“Two hours,” she demands.

“An hour and a half,” he counters.

“Okay, deal!”

Theo shakes his head ruefully, but glancing over at the look of delight on Lila Grace’s face he decides he doesn’t mind so much. Work can wait a bit longer.

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Prompt: “What about a Soulmate one with bones.” -Anon

Word Count: 2,140

Author’s Note: In doing my research for this one, I learned that I think I love this trope. It’s so cute. I hope you guys like this, we’ve been waiting on this one for a while!

Tags: @bkwrm523

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Model Predator

Also on AO3

“Good evening Princess!“  Chat Noir’s voice announced his arrival just before he landed on her railing.  Quickly taking note of Marinette’s scowl, he stepped down and looked at the sketch pad.  "Oh dear.  Designing evening not going so well?”

She dragged her pencil tip heavily through all the brainstormed designs in rejection.  "Ugh.  No. These are all awful.“

He caught her hand before she could turn the page.  "What’s wrong with this one?”  He tapped on a doodle in the upper right corner of the page.

She screwed up her face a little and sighed.  "Technically nothing.“  Her fingertip outlined the sketch as she explained it.  "It’s a simple suit, designed to appeal to young men for nice events that aren’t quite formal.”

“Date suit,” he said.  "I like it.  I’d wear it.“

She snorted.  "The biggest problem with that one is that I have no one to model it.  At least not until summer’s over.  And I don’t want to wait that long.  I have so much work to do to get my portfolio diversified.”

“All your friends go backpacking across Spain or something?” he asked, leaning his hip against the table and crossing his arms comfortably.

“Some of them have.”  A number of her classmates, Nino included, were starting their gap year with that very hike.  "And the ones who haven’t wouldn’t really bring it to life in photo format.  They’re too shy, or too obnoxious…"

“I thought you were friends with that Agreste guy,” Chat interrupted.  "Can’t you ask him?“

"Adrien?”  She shook her head quickly.

“Not that good a friend?” he asked, sounding a little sad.

“Oh, no.  I could totally ask him, and I’m sure he’d be super nice about it,” she explained.  "But I couldn’t do that to him.“  She sighed.  "I don’t think he really enjoys modeling that much, for all that he’s incredibly good at it.  He’s so busy this summer, and he’s probably under some sort of exclusive contract that would make it… hard.”  She shook her head again.  "I know he’d want to help me, but I’d hate to make things more difficult for him.“

Chat stared at her for a moment, his expression thoughtful.  "Can I volunteer?”

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A Lesson in Love (The Honeymoon Phase)

Summary: (College!AU) In which you’re assigned to write a story about romance, a subject you know nothing about, and Bucky, a hopeless romantic, offers you his assistance.

Pairing: Bucky x Reader

Word Count: 4,126

A/N: The tag list for this story is officially CLOSED. Also, I don’t know how this part got to be so long, but I hope you enjoy it 😊

“A Lesson in Love” Masterlist + Soundtrack

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When you wake up the next morning, it’s fifteen minutes after your alarm first went off. As you rush around your room in an attempt to avoid being late to class, you scold yourself for staying up as late as you did. You knew you had to be up early and yet, that wasn’t enough to get you to sleep any sooner.  

What you don’t admit to yourself as you pull on a pair of tights and the first sweater you can get your hands on is that you didn’t deliberately stay up late. In fact, you were in bed by eleven thirty, face washed, teeth brushed and pajamas on. No problems arose until your head hit the pillow and you closed your eyes. That’s when every single thought you suppressed came tumbling out of the cage you locked them up in. And, similar to a wild animal that’s been kept holed up in one place for too long, those thoughts were wild and vicious once they were freed.

For hours you were tortured by their incessant need to remind you of a boy with sapphire eyes and a jawline whose sharpness could cause some fatal damage. How did this happen? How did these feelings for Bucky develop? How did he worm his way into your thoughts, your heart, without you knowing?

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