but that can wait!! !

Norwich H.A.H.D round up

26 food parcels 

12 food parcels for singles

13 food parcels for family’s 

1 food parcels for a couple

which is 53 boxes packed

and enough to feed 66 people for a week

462 days that would have otherwise been spent hungry


Thank you so much to those that came along and I can’t wait till the next one

I am detecting a pattern

Maybe I am tinhatting, maybe I am nailing it right on point, who knows.

We all know Zayn got the lotus & the checkered flag. A lotus tattoo can represent rebirth x and the checkered flag is quite literal in it’s meaning - he accomplished something. 

Now Liam has gotten an eagle with a sun & a skull with roses (and some text, I can’t wait to figure out what it says).

An eagle tattoo can represent freedom, bravery & strength x and all I could think of when I saw the sun was their own lyric ‘Escape from the city & follow the sun’ which is a song about escaping a bad situation. 

A skull can represent change in someone’s lifestyle - if they think they have finally conquered a bad past and is finally changing x 

(A little sidetone a skull is commonly associated with snakes ;)) 

A rose tattoo can mean a lot of things, but I came about this 

‘The rose in tarot is considered to be the symbol of balance. The beauty of this flower expresses promise, hope, and new beginnings’ x

So what we have here is two young men who have dealt with a lot of shit - and we all know and think change will come very soon, and yes I believe that is why they chose these tattoos - it doesn’t have to do with them together, I think it has more to do with the change in management/label later in the year/early next year. They will finally be free and they will finally start a new chapter in their lives. 


MGSV RELEASE TOMORROW!! Click to full view! :)
Purchase on redbubble here!

I can’t believe the wait is almost over. I’m ready to storm my GameStop come midnight… This legendary series has come to its last chapter! It was a joy having you, MGS.


A new illustration from my currently ongoing “Cold In Yokohama” series. As alway with such illustrations I set myself an interesting problem to solve: this time I tried to do some depth-of-field type blur effect.

On the right side of the picture you can see a group of high school students waiting outside a bento (ready-made packed meals) shop. I wanted to put them in one of my illustrations since I saw them on one of my walks and took a photo with my iPhone.

Technical stuff:

  • Lines - mitsu-bishi pencils from HB to 8B
  • Colours - Shmincke and Winsor and Newton watercolours
  • Paper - 300g/㎡ Holbein SAUNDERS cold press F4 size

This time I recorded also the digital sketch and pencilling in the lines on a tracing table so I will show it in short soon and then discuss it in detail in a video at the end of the series (If you are interested in a tutorial).




  • 線画 ー MITSU-BISHI HB~8B 鉛筆
  • 紙 ー 300g/㎡ Holbein ナチュラル 水採紙 中性紙 中目


Super stoked to have gotten this pic of @baphometpuke ’s chest healed (in progress). Photo by @jake_ricker . Can’t wait to finish it. I eant to do more stuff like this. Keep em coming! (at Sang Bleu London)


Hey! I created this look inspired in Ariana Grande to celebrate the amazing hair that darkosims3 made!

It’s a body suit and a transparent skirt thingy, so you can use it with other things, you can find the skirt in the accessories slot, in the ring section!
It comes in 6 matching colors!

Tomorrow I will publish some other things inspired in Ariana’s look! Can’t wait for leahlillith Bunny ears, it will look perfect with the clothes and the hair! :)
If you have any request on what can I do for Ariana’s look, feel free to message me! :)


Bodysuit: [x]
Skirt: [x]
Hair: [x]

Remember to like/reblog if you use it! :) 
Thank you!

my bridesmaid outfit for @cheriecherokee1 ’s wedding 💕 such a beautiful event, i was super honoured to be part of it and can’t wait to show you a few more pics ! photo by @jenwallin


Linework for a velociraptor sleeve I’ve started on Steve. Can wait to continue the project! #velociraptor #fullsleeve #tattoolinework #armtattoo #dotworktattoo # leitbild

5SOS (smut) prefence: Fingering

A/N: Hope you enjoy it

WARNING: smut gifs





The fabric of your panties was the only thing that seperated Luke’s fingers from your clit but you weren’t allowed to take it off. The friction felt so good and the knot in your stomach was becoming bigger as he rubbed teasingly slow over the watness.

“Mmmh I can’t wait to taste you baby”


You were cooking for Calum but you wanted to tease him because you weren’t wearing anything underneath your apron. Calum caught on quickly and told you to bend over the counter while he would give you what you wanted. Your moans had to be quiet because the boys were in the other room.

“You want playtime, you were so sexy in that apron but you are way sexier begging for me”


He had been teasing you for hours now but it was a competition, who touched the other one had to please him/her. You and Michael went to shower together and suddenly he pressed you against the wall, kissing your neck, you led his hand to where you needed him the most. He lost but he didn’t care

“I might have lost our game but this is so much better, I love how wet you are for me”


It was early in the morning when Ashton thought about returning the favor from yesterday morning so when you were sleeping in just your panties, he decided to have some fun. You woke up to him rubbing his hand over your slit, the pleasure was immense.

“Bet my finger feels good, I bet you taste good”

  • me at 18:Wow I can't wait to be 25, I'll have a job and a pretty flat and probably will be living with someone and maybe a kid on the way. We can meet our grownup friends and talk about intelligent stuff and drink nice wine. I will sooo have my life in order.
  • me now:Hello fellow adults, who wants to toast our lack of career perspectives and general aimlessness with some cheap alcohol because let's be honest that's all we can afford? Alternatively, we could cry over our favorite TV shows or shout about the fucked up state of the world that we don't know how to change. Here's a picture of a cat to comfort you. Also, how do taxes work?