but that bowtie tho

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4 and 16 for outfit prompt please? Have a lovely day

Number Four: Torn Jeans
Number Sixteen: Bow Tie
Number Fifteen: Suspenders

((I hope neither of you mind that I combined them ;^^))
((Also, requests for this prompt/meme are now closed))


apparently you guys like these?

wow, fantastic baby!


lmao, so anyway, i saw hotel transylvania 2 last weekend (definitely not as good as the first one, i was v disppointed) but since halloween is right around the corner and y’all should know i LOVE HALLOWEEN, i said what the hell, and began tinkering around with a hotel au. hiccups a vampire, stoicks probably bigfoot or something famous (valka is a vampire) and astrids a human that heard about a haunted castle type shit so she wanted to check it out

sorry for half assing astrid, i’m going away this weekend so i wanted to post this asap and thought it’d be nice for another half.

oh also:

i pass up no opportunity to draw fishlegs in a sweatervest, he’d wear them in any au it is law (played around with a dif style and eh)

if anyone wants to talk about it/headcanons, really anything, i’m sitting here bein my lazy self and prepping my portfolio (basically done) so hit me