but that bowtie tho

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4 and 16 for outfit prompt please? Have a lovely day

Number Four: Torn Jeans
Number Sixteen: Bow Tie
Number Fifteen: Suspenders

((I hope neither of you mind that I combined them ;^^))
((Also, requests for this prompt/meme are now closed))


apparently you guys like these?

wow, fantastic baby!

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Any predictions for the upcoming gayo track 13 today? And my procrastinating friend did u do the 7 essays?

Hmmm idk looking at the preview image bases on what they’re wearing I’m really hoping for a Team Trouble comeback?? like all the other members were wearing ties but Tae, Kookie and Yoongi were wearing bowties ( `ิ—´ิ). It might just be a coincidence tho but I really hope we get some taegi/ taekook moments ε(´ ͡°Θ ͡° `)з
─── ❀
also !!! I got the 7 essays done this morning thank you for asking ♡
although, my laptop just broke on me and it had all my music coursework on it, which is due in a weeks time so haha that’s grEAT. T-T I’m screwed.