but that bowtie tho


lmao, so anyway, i saw hotel transylvania 2 last weekend (definitely not as good as the first one, i was v disppointed) but since halloween is right around the corner and y’all should know i LOVE HALLOWEEN, i said what the hell, and began tinkering around with a hotel au. hiccups a vampire, stoicks probably bigfoot or something famous (valka is a vampire) and astrids a human that heard about a haunted castle type shit so she wanted to check it out

sorry for half assing astrid, i’m going away this weekend so i wanted to post this asap and thought it’d be nice for another half.

oh also:

i pass up no opportunity to draw fishlegs in a sweatervest, he’d wear them in any au it is law (played around with a dif style and eh)

if anyone wants to talk about it/headcanons, really anything, i’m sitting here bein my lazy self and prepping my portfolio (basically done) so hit me

No big deal, just the Leader of the Official Opposition in the Canadian House of Commons Thomas Mulcair chilling with his wife Catherine and actor Tatiana Maslany at the Canadian Screen Awards.

Dat bowtie tho.