but that angry jerk is going to help you save your girlfriend and father

The Arrangement

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Summary: in an AU where the Winchester family owns a multi-million dollar company, Dean’s in a bit of a pinch. Grandpa Samuel is threatening to cut him off if he doesn’t straighten out and stop getting into trouble. Instead of taking some responsibility, Dean comes up with an ingenious plan: find someone to pretend to be his girlfriend. You and Dean have never gotten along, but a fake relationship seems to be beneficial to you both…

Pairing: AU Dean x Reader

Word Count: 2,700

Warnings: language, general rudeness (from Dean), mild angst?

A/N: so this is my new idea for a series! It’s all my brain will do right now. It’s a little rough right now, but I’m hoping you guys like it. Also the title is terrible but it’s all I could come up with.

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Hold me Down - Part 3

You met the Winchester family in an unusual situation. Your father had been killed in a hunt and John saved you, taking you with him.
When he got missing and the thing that killed Mary did the same with Sam’s girlfriend, the younger Winchester couldn’t help, but call you, hoping you would help him and Dean finding out what happened.
But he still didn’t know why you left.

Pairing: Dean X Female!Reader
Characters: Dean Winchester, Reader, Sam Winchester, Charlie (Season 1)
Chapter: 3/23
Chapter name: He just changed, and I don’t know why. 
Word counting: 1100+
Warnings: Time skipping (I’m focusing on the relationship here, not the cases); song; unbetad chapter (is it a warning?); tension between Dean and Reader; Dean is a bit of a jerk, but he’s just hurt; A bit angst maybe? Dunno. 

The images and gifs are from google or tumblr. 

Part 1 / Part 2 -  Series Masterlist


“Gary Bryman.” Y/N sat in front of the girl. It took less than 5 minutes on the local library to find the name. “A 8-year-old boy, died hit by a… Black Toyota Camry, but no one knows who was driving it.”

Charlie’s face was deeply pale.

Can you tell me how we got in this situation?

“What?” Sam leaned over the girl. “What’s wrong?”

“It was Jill’s car. Jill killed that boy.”

She looked at the two brothers. It wasn’t late ‘til they find out a clue about the previous death.

The first thing she did when entering their room was grab the first computer she found.

“Hey.” Dean protested.”I was going to use it.”

“You said it right. “Was”” She rolled her eyes. “Do you have access to national data here? FBI, NCIC…?”

“What do you think I am? An amateur? Of course I do.” He took his jacket off. “What are you looking for?”

“Any Mary is useful.” She reminded him.  “Not that you’d take my word as the first option.”

It was his time to roll his eyes. She was doing that again.

He had missed her, but one thing Y/N was, was deeply and strongly passive-aggressive.

“You’re doing it again. That’s why no one liked to go with you in your car.”

She looked at him almost offended.

“No, that’s why you didn’t like to go with me in my car. I had pretty much fun with Sammy driving and singing.”

He tossed his boot over the floor before answering.

“Well, that’s because Sammy likes girl songs, just like you.”

“At least I like to vary the music I listen.”

He snorted.

“That shit you listen to can’t even be called music.”

I can’t seem to get you out of my mind

Oh… that was pretty deep.

“Very mature, Dean” She noticed. 

“At least I respect other people’s musical taste, unlike some jerks.” She looked at him with a little bit of fire in her eyes.

Dean rubbed his eyes, annoyed with her tone.

“Why the hell are you angry?”

“I’m not angry.”

They didn’t realize, but their voices were a lot louder than normal.

“Do why the fuck are you yelling at me?” He shouted at her.

“Because you started yelling at me first.”

Sam didn’t know what to say. He had expected that the two would fight, but figured it would take a little more time.

“Can we, please, focus on the case?” He finally said.

All this ups and downs

Dean and Y/N looked at him for a second before answering together..

“Fine, I don’t care” 

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[Begin Again #7]

Series: Fairy Tail.
Main pairing: Gruvia.
Genre: Romance, Mature.
Setting: AU: Martial Artist / Roommates.
Rating: M - for eventual mature situations/smut.
Type: Multi-Chapter.
Read others: here.
Read on FF.net: here.

Synopsis: In the midst of losing everything, Juvia is urged by her dying father to seek refuge in the home of a family friend. Imagine her surprise when, instead of the ever wise and doting Silver, Juvia finds his estranged (and impossibly handsome) son asleep on the dojo floor.

A/N: I think this is the chapter you’ve all been waiting for, hahaha. There will be more flashbacks in the future because I really want to write some pieces with Silver in them.

;I still can’t believe that you’re right next to me after all that I’ve done. I don’t deserve your love, but you give it to me anyway. Can’t get enough, you’re everything I need. And when I walk away you take off running and come right after me.

Chapter 7: Darkness.

In his twelve years of life, Gray had never seen so much blood. 

It trickled down the back of Juvia’s neck and over his fingers. She’d stopped crying shortly after he’d stood to help her. Every inch of him ached with the beating he’d just received. He’d never expected those guys to show up here. Not here, not in his special place. He’d only wanted to show her the flowers. He didn’t know this would happen. He didn’t know, when he walked her out of those hospital doors, that he was about to ruin her life.

A thick silence hung over the meadow, choking the life from his lungs. Every breath burned like nails to the heart. He wanted to scream but no words would come. They were stuck here, bruised and battered. He was supposed to be taking care of her, keeping her company. 

Gray cradled Juvia against him and caressed the side of her face. She’d grown a decent amount in the few weeks they’d come to know each other. “You’re gonna be okay, Juvia.”

“Juvia will… I will go home tomorrow, right?”

Gray held her tighter against him. He didn’t know what to say. She’d taken a blow to the head on his behalf – he’d caused this. His tantrums and his attitude had caused this. That stupid dojo had caused this. Kids were always picking fights with him. To think they’d stoop this low. To think trouble would follow him to her. Their voices still rang through his mind.

Oh is that your girlfriend? 

The wind howled in Gray’s ears. The trees bowed and shuddered under its cold touch. “I don’t know.” 

Does she know what a loser you are?

He’d ruined everything. His impatience had cost her everything. He should have waited. She was supposed to go home tomorrow. Everything was going to change for her. The rain would finally stop falling – there’d be sunlight and laughter and hope. He’d torn her whole world asunder. She was bleeding so much. He didn’t know how to stop it. The doctors had said she suffered with a low blood cell count. What if she…

You’re an eyesore.

“It hurts,” she whined, “Juvia’s head really hurts.”

“You idiot,” he scolded, “What were you thinking?”

“They were… hurting Gray,” she whispered, her eyes fluttering to a close. “It hurts. It really… really hurts.”

Gray had to blink back tears as he attempted to lift her off the ground. She was heavier than she looked. It took him a moment under the weight of his injuries, but Gray finally managed to shrug Juvia onto his back. He staggered forward, one step at a time, and made his way through the thick woodlands. 

The hospital wasn’t far.

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