but thas just me


on the left there’s heartbroken lil baby gay alex, with a look that says ‘just kill me rn or get me tha fuck outta here’ like she does nOT wanna be in this situation, she had just poured her heart out to AND got rejected by maggie, who she’s been avoiding for days and is certainly the last person she wants standing right next to her right now

then we have always-on-point maggie fucking sawyer, (like srsly she is always so gorgeous like how) just smiling like an actual puppy like this isn’t awkward af for her either, like she isnt worried she might be losing a friend, like she doesn’t notice that judgey yet amused look the sister of the girl whose heart she may or may not have broken, is giving her

finally we have kara who, from this angle, looks like she’s having the time of her life, just sipping her beer, watching this awkward gay mess play out in front of her just amused af bec she’s the only one who knows what’s really going on

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Anti: Why do larries read into everything. I'm sure it's just a coincide- *Distant yelling* What's tha- Me: *Crashes through their wall* DON'T YOU DARE USE THE C-WORD!

nothing – not even 1d being put together – has ever been a c**nc*d*nc* lol

i love that idea that striders know JACK SHIT abt sports in general so during that scene with Dirk and Jake playing soccer Dirks like winging it like frolicking having fun w/ his guypal whatever but internally he’s like “What that fuck. ????what thefuCK????????” 

ppl are so salty abt yoi winning best animation and theyre like, posting inbetween frames, or pics of what the characters look like far away like?? inbetweens are always awkward, an ive yet to see an anime where intense detail went into the moving parts of the scene like the artists have enough to do…

and i think a lot of it is cuz it didnt fit their gay fetishization, but yknow thas just me

Because I have no cure
  • Me: * looks at watch * 2:00 a.m
  • Brain: Wow, it's already too late. Bedtime
  • Me: Hm ... * sighs * yeah, let me finish this chapter
  • Brain: Okay ... You know it will not end. You should sleep now.
  • Me: what? Of course I can go to sleep after this chapter. I will enjoy that the story is a quiet moment.
  • Brain: You know tha-
  • Me: Oh, please ... Just wait.
  • * 20 minutes later*
  • Brain: Okay ... now that's enough. Have you finished the chapter!
  • Me: Um ... But it ended in such a good way. I need to at least start the next chapter!
  • Brain: No ... If this continues you will go to sleep ace 5:00 am as the day before. NOW IT'S TIME TO GO TO SLEEP
  • Me: * sigh * Okay ... Whatever.
  • *An hour later*
  • Brain: I give up.
  • Me: I stopped reading ... I'm just checking my twitter, facebook, snapchat, tumblr ...
  • Brain: I give up ... Fuck this shit, let's at least read the fanfic.
  • Me: * smiles * That's right brother. If you can not win, join the sinking ship.