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Chicken Fight - Steve Rogers x Reader

Words: 711
Pairing: Steve Rogers x Reader
Featuring: Tony, Rhodey, Thor, Nat, Clint
Warnings: swearing maybe
Requested by anon
Hii! Do you think i could i request a one-shot of the avengers at the pool with Steve x reader and the avengers are playing a bunch of games and stuff and they have dating for a bit but have kept their relationship secret and the team does a chicken fight and they kiss underwater?? You can make the ending what you think is best! 💖💖 Thanks!
Authors Note: i h a t e w r i t e r s b l o c k


“How come we don’t make money from this job?” You asked Steve while the two of you were sitting poolside as everyone else was doing their own thing, most of the team in the pool.

“Is saving the world not enough reward for you?” Steve laughed and lifted his sunglasses.

“How am I supposed to buy all the food I want without getting money?” You argued.

“Look, you know I love you, but I really don’t think we have to worry about money. We kind of know a billionaire,” Steve whispered, making sure no one could hear you.

You rolled your eyes, “Yeah, but-”

“Guys!” Tony shouted, “Get your asses over here, we’re playing a game because everyone is ready to fight! So I, naturally, came up with the best idea!”

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anonymous asked:

I really liked your first fic, it was original and it had good content,but this second fic, i have the feeling that it's kind of cliche, like chat is going to build relationship with marinette , then chat is going to confess to lb , she's going to reject him, he's going to cry, she's going to feel bad, then reveal and they're going to get mad at each other(probably) then they're going to talk, then everyone is going to be happy and date. Yes i know" if you don't like it, don't read it." Opinion

thanks for the backhanded compliment

well, im happy to tell you that you’re wrong; this isn’t how the fanfic is going to play out, but thanks for assuming!

the saying “if you don’t like it, don’t read it” is very much true because as an author, i do have the freedom to write whatever i please, even cliches if i’d like, and i’m not entirely sure what your goal was to send this ask…as if i would have changed the plot just because of this message. i understand where you’re coming from and respect your opinion, as sometimes i myself get tired of reading cliches, but trust me when i say that it is not up to me (or you) to decide what other authors write and i am taking a turn with this fic that i am comfortable with and that i find interesting and original.

although, if you would, please refrain from sending authors messages like these. do not assume how fanfics are going to play out just because it may seem “cliche.” give the author the benefit of the doubt, and if you’re not liking how it’s turning out, then don’t read it

thank you for sharing your opinion, and even though this message wasn’t a nice one, i still hope you have a good rest of your day

Ota Motohiro & Wada Masanari upon announcement of Yowamushi Pedal stage play’s new cast:

It’s finally the announcement.
I’m grateful.
Passing on a new baton, a wonderful world will spread again.
Thank you for everything until now.
And, please keep treating me well from now on too.

In February and March next year’s staging of the play “Yowamushi Pedal”, I’m going to walk as ‘Imaizumi Shunsuke’.
Continuing the production that a lot of people love.
Receiving the baton from Ota-san, I’ll work for this production to be loved more than it has been until now.
I’ll turn the pedal with everyone.

Tw self harm, tw pedophilia mention, suicide baiting mention

ive reverted back to cutting myself since people in babycore, kidcore, anti-cglre, anti-kidheart, anti-sfw little space, and anti-nonsexual cgl have taken away my safe spaces one by one. I used to be a nonsexual member of cgl. I got called a kinkster, my friends were told to die. So I got into cglre (not chire, because at that point my experiences with chire had been entirely negative). Again I was told I’m a kinkster, the tag was flooded and the blogs I followed were flooded with people telling me I have to be sexual, that me regressing to a toddler age is sexy, that I’m a pedophile. So then kidhearted was created. Then many people were kicked out of kidhearted, and people started spreading lies that kidhearts get sexual gratification from age play. I can’t go into babycore or kidcore tags because of large flashing signs that say everyone who regresses and isn’t hateful is an evil pedophile. So thanks, everyone. You convinced a person with depression and anxiety, a person who hallucinates, a person who actually was used by a pedophile in their past, that they no longer have a safe space. You convinced me that I can either A) join a hateful group to regress or B) go fuck myself with a cactus and die. You may be reading this and think “well I’ve never sent hate!” Maybe you haven’t, but you endorse a community who does. By being anti-cglre, anti-kidhearted, anti-nonsexual cgl, etc. you have encouraged others that it’s okay to take away people’s safe spaces. You are personally responsible for making me take a knife and slice open my legs. You are personally responsible for the blood on my sheets. You are personally responsible for how I can’t wear jeans because they hurt too much.

EDIT: to clarify, in this post I’m defining people who are anti-cglre, anti-kidhearted, etc. as people who run a blog devoted to being anti-whatever, send hate, “warn” people about those groups, or sexualise them in any way.
Translations Update!

I’ve just added another batch of translations to my mods :)  The Graduation Mod is now translated in both German and Portuguese.  It’s also worth noting that all my mods have been translated into Portuguese :D  Here’s the full list:

If you speak one of the languages listed above and need the translated version of the mod, just delete the old version, then re-download the new one.  When you play your game, the text will show up in your language :)

If you’d like to translate one of my mods into your language (if it’s supported by The Sims 4) and it hasn’t been done already, then let me know! I’d love to see some Japanese translations- haven’t received any of those yet!  Thanks everyone! :)

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So I just got home from work and !!! Dorry for the ranty angsty bits? I swear I was never plotting to murder Ava? Anyway, MORE bc it gets happy! Like Mitch starts to really be and act like (pre mean ex) himself and everyone's like 😍 (1/?)

The team loves to love him. The next time they play the Oilers Davo is all soft eyes bc his friend is /back/ and he can’t help but give Auston his blessing 👀 cue to his chill flying out of the window and his blush going up to his forehead omfg (2/?)

Then it’s Dylan’s turns and it’s kind of weird bc they’ve never met before? But he’s slaps Auston’s back hard and tries to act all adult. He also tells him more about the shitty ex and how they never liked him bc he was just… inconsiderate (3/3!!)

Dylan is the dad friend, you know, the one who tries to act gruff and tough even though he’s still pretty much a bab. Connor is totally the silent soft supportive friend. I can’t believe they give Auston their blessing to woo Mitch!

Paging @mattmarns Ava here for you

anonymous asked:

Hello again!!! Its the Korean challenged anon from before!! I just wanted to pester you again 😉 Did you by any chance know the fast song that always plays in Jonghyun's Blue night- the one Minho was really getting into at their interview? I'm really desperate to find it and appreciate all of your kindness maintaining this God sent blog! Also, just quick because I'm in a sentimental mood after seeing my baby cry, thank you everyone for always supporting SHINee! Everyone stumbles sometimes j

Hello, hello! Assuming you’re referring to “FU-TUR-IS-TIC INNOVATOR!” (let me know if not), the version played there is the 2015 radio advertisement for Kyungbok University (download). Here you’ll find the full, uninterrupted jingle, as used in the school’s 2014 “I LOVE KYUNGBOK” UCC contest.

got my drawing tablet set up so that I can attempt to make this map on Inkarnate and I’m really excited and way in over my head

thanks everyone for like…not getting mad at me for rambling on and on about this I’m really excited to throw myself back into a project of this scale, it really helps with all the brain gunk

godtierwallflower  asked:

Me again! Haven't played Death Room yet, but I really had fun with everything else! Arsenik is my still favorite suitor, but Wind and Onyx REALLY stand out in everything so far (for opposite reasons). I accidentally ticked off Chase in the demo, so I have mixed feelings on him after his temper tantrum. What I like most is how everyone's dialogue shows their personality! I don't know what fair prices are, but I gave some to show how much I enjoyed the games. Thanks for answering our questions ♡

Aww, I’m really glad to hear you’re enjoying yourself - and that Wind and Onyx has caught your attention.

And oh, thank you so much for your support!  Every little bit means a lot to us, so it’s really appreciated.


Thank you all for playing, stay tuned for everyone’s stats, and if the creator of Emma (or is the creator Emma, I’m not sure) would send me a description of her so I can make a pic for next weeks pre-game. Emma will also be in next weeks game because she won this week. 

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i’m p sure i already did this but i’m just gonna do it again,, thanks for tagging me @allineediswifim8 💗
Name: kira
Star Sign: leo
Height: 5"7
Hogwarts house: gryffindor, i guess:)
Pokemon Team: i stopped playing but I was in team valor
Favourite color: i love pastel colors!!
Time right now: 8:21 pm
Average hours of sleep: 7
Favourite character: ahh idk all the gay ones (representation amirite)
How many blankets do you sleep with: one but i would sleep in a hundred pillows and blankets if i coulddd
What are you wearing rn: a pink turtleneck(i lov) and jeans
Favourite music artists: troye, dodie, pentatonix and so many other people
Song stuck in your head: sick of losing soulmates by dodie clark
Last movie: i literally can’t remember
Last TV show: this is us(it’s soo good!)
Dream trip: i really want to go to australia and asia
Dream job: can u get paid for eating and sleeping?
When did you make your account: I think ¾ months ago?
What kind of stuff do you post: literally just stuff that i like idek i’m sorry for everything i post
Other blogs: do i look like i can handle two blogs
Do you get asks regularly: no but i appreciate them a lot:)
Why did you choose your URL: it’s from a song:)

i tag

anonymous asked:

You're seriously one of the most annoying OCs I've ever ran across in this fandom. You try so hard to insert yourself into canon relationships and canon scenarios. The canon characters only role play with you out of pity. One rper said it best "she tries so hard to be one of them". Hit the nail on the head. It's so annoying how you try to insert your shitty character into everything. Just leave already. Everyone was doing fine until you came back.

🙃 thanks. No really, thanks for this non constructive criticism. I really appreciate it. 🙃

I’m one of the few girls in school to be obsessed with video games

Everyone else is obsessed with snap chat, instagram, and other shit.


I’ll be happy enough on my iPad playing Ratchet & Clank: Before the Nexus thank you very much.

Really wanted to show off the full designs of my human!Tikki and Plagg! In my head, I want to think that their human forms change to reflect their chosen each time a new Ladybug/Chat Noir comes along– so these designs reflect elements from not only their kwami forms, but Marinette’s Ladybug, Adrien’s Chat Noir, and maybe a few tributes to Felix!

thank you guys for all the kind comments & asks!!!! i’m really astounded and grateful that people like this silly gta knock-off experiment o(-<

i’ve compiled all the pieces into a wallpaper album (except for jack’s, who i drew mistakenly at 72dpi :^(…) if you’re interested! if you plan to crop or use them for graphics, please keep the credits, thank you ;-;

So as of the current Overwatch PTR, typing gg ez into chat will cause the game to pull a sentence from a pool and cause you to say that instead.  The current lines are:

  • Great game, everyone!
  • It was an honor to play with you all. Thank you.
  • Good game! Best of luck to you all!
  • I’m wrestling with some insecurity issues in my life but thank you all for playing with me.
  • C'mon, Mom! One more game before you tuck me in. Oops mistell.
  • Gee whiz! That was fun. Good playing!
  • Well played. I salute you all.
  • I could really use a hug right now.
  • It’s past my bedtime. Please don’t tell my mommy.
  • Ah shucks… you guys are the best!
  • I feel very, very small… please hold me…
  • For glory and honor! Huzzah comrades!
  • Mommy says people my age shouldn’t suck their thumbs.
  • I’m trying to be a nicer person. It’s hard, but I am trying, guys.
  • Wishing you all the best.
[09/13/2016] Cheritz Team Diary

Hello, this is Cheritz!

It as been long since we came up with another Cheritz team diary. Since it is Korean Thaksgiving, we brought some live news from our dev team.

[NEWS 1]  2.5 months after release, 1 million users.

We are just about to reach 1 million mobile users.(We expect to reach that goal during the Korean Thanksgiving.)

Before we released Mystic Messenger, we never expected to receive so much love and interest from users all around the world.

Thank you for playing Mystic Messenger. 

Although along the way we had to go through a lot of major obstacles and we did not meet the expectations of some of our users, we know that our priority lies in providing a stable game service and making enjoyable game content. 

We want you guys to be happy while playing Mystic Messenger!

Each and everyone of you helped us reach 1 million users. (Because we still carry out our lives like normal, it is hard to believe) We are extremely grateful to everyone. Thank you very much!

[NEWS 2] VIP Package Restock

The English version of the VIP package has ran out of stock in less than 8 days!

The third batch is in the process of restocking and the packages will be available in October.

We have informed the previous RFA VIPs about the change regarding the box design between the batches. 

*If you have previously bought the package of the first batch and did not receive an email about the box design, you can request a copy of the email by contacting us at help@cheritz.com.

Thank you for purchasing the RFA VIP package! We hope you enjoy it!

[NEWS 3] Mystic Messenger Line sticker will be available soon!

The in-game emoticons will be released on Line! We are currently working on it. Please stay tuned.

[NEWS 4] Mystic Messenger New Character Goods

Some of our staff have been busy working on the new goods for Mystic Messenger. It will take a while until we can reveal them. Keep your eyes peeled during autumn and winter!

[NEWS 5]  Mystic Messenger Content Update

A while back, many of you have shared our recruitment tweets for us.Thanks to you we finally have a new programmer and the customer support members we needed! 

We received a lot of suggestions regarding the updates on Mystic Messenger. We expect to make a content update this autumn or winter.

Here are some of the most requested suggestions we’ve received. Please check them out!

Top 5 suggestion on Mystic Messenger

1. Make a new route for Unknown or V

2. Make more hourglass rewards like a daily reward or from advertisements.

3. It will be fun if users could write a message to the characters.

4. More contents for the after endings of each character.

5. Translate Mystic Messenger to different languages.(Spanish/Japanese/French…)

We want to thank everyone who sent us suggestions♡ ♡ ♡

[NEWS 6] Happy Chuseok!(Korean Thanksgiving)

Thank you for supporting Mystic Messenger. 

Our wish during this Thanksgiving is to give more happiness and surprises to you guys in the near future.

We wish you Happy Korean Thanksgiving.

*Customer support can be delayed during the Korean Thanksgiving. Thank you for your understanding.


Puzzlestuck is officially released!!

You can play it at: www.lorenhernandez.com/puzzlestuck

For newcomers, Puzzlestuck is a free Homestuck Puzzle RPG that you play in your browser. It’s inspired by Puzzle Quest and Puzzle & Dragons. Thank you to everyone who’s followed me on this journey! 

And HUGE thanks to all of the artists who gave me permission to use their artwork - this game would literally not exist without you.

This project was so much fun to work on, and I hope you all enjoy the game!