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Hi Sherri, I listened to the podcast for episode 310 today. Matt Roberts got a little sidetracked and was talking about how the show is made. He mentioned Season 3 premiere date. He said something like everyone/we all thought the show was going to premiere in April but the delay to Sept. was the decision of the network and studio. Bet they wouldn't have pushed so hard to finish if they knew they would have more time. Also wonder if S/C thought they had a light at end of fuckerytunnel in April.

Thanks Anon. I think that S/C probably were a little blindsided by the extension too. Could be why JA finally played along. They negotiated a great deal for Sam. I haven’t had a chance to listen yet to it, and I do like the opportunity to say

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i submit for your consideration: also, lesbian viscount de chagny

here is the beautiful thing about lesbian phantom of the opera - MULTIPLE POSSIBILITIES.  

- lesbian raoul, in which christine is being stalked by the King of the Nice Guys and she runs into the arms of her childhood friend who is a fancy viscountess that can also swordfight in a graveyard (thanks joel schumacher)

- lesbian raoul AND lesbian phantom.  a great heaping pile of gay drama on top of the frenzied gay mania that is always firmin and andre, and everyone else is exhausted with the endless homosexual hysteria what with all the fighting and singing and chandelier-crashing 

- honestly, my favourite, because i’m still 13 years old and love weepy villains who do Bad Things But I Love You So Much My Beautiful Hero Lady - which is just lesbian phantom, wailing and playing the piano in her weird underground music hovel/potential sex den, whose mask is definitely not a metaphor for concealing her sexuality, why would it be, and i definitely don’t cry when christine kisses her and she sings her sad little christine…. i loooooooooooove you.  and i promptly become 13 years old again, telling everyone to SHUT UP THE PHANTOM IS JUST MISUNDERSTOOD… I WILL LOVE HER FOR US ALL.  

Reaction Exo

Request: Heyyyyy~ can I get a exo react where your on a im a celebrity sorta show together an you get really close? Thank youuu

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Making the pepero game is already cool, but make fun with your Exo bias and better yet, everyone always knew that he was my bias and now that I’m in Weekly Idol decided to play this game with us both, and of course I’m loving

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Running man always had funny tests and with a lot of skinship, the proof that I and xiumin were participating was the following: we were in a space of a phone booth style London and character with huge fantasies entered and the pair that had more character in the booth won , we were already with 7 characters in the cabin, I was so close to the Xiumin that I could feel it to their beats.

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I always loved seeing Knowing bros, I always found it fun and now it was me who was there, right away when I joined Sehun, who would also participate, Heechul soon began to provoke us, saying that we would form a beautiful couple, and that was the program everything.

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Making We Got married with chanyeol was sure to be one of the coolest things you’ve ever done, it was amazing to see that cute and loving side with you.

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Surely everyone in the studio had noticed the closeness to Baekhyun, but he was simply a wonderful person, funny, cute, and always defended you from the heaviest pranks.

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Doing interviews was always very cool, but even cooler when interviewed and his bias, in the case of Kyungsoo from Exo, he was a sweetheart in the interview, and then even invited me to leave, logically I accepted.

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At first I was really nervous about going to Law of the Jungle, since it was very difficult, but I changed my mind completely knowing that Kai would be there and it would be the one who would go with me, and he showed himself a true gentleman, always me helping and protecting.

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Even after We got married, Chen and I ended up keeping in touch, since the program had all commented that we were both very close.

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It was a lot of fun to introduce After School Club to Lay, it was funny his expressions and how he got angry at being called cute, but he still made it more cute

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I'm sadly not able to listen to the Happy, Sad, Confused episode because my Internet won't play it. Could you maybe break down what Jon talks about in more detail? Thank you!

Oh anon, I finally did it!  I hope you read this because it took a good amount of time.  I’ve also never really summarized a podcast before so warning that it’s lengthy, because I also don’t know what not to include since it’s all so interesting to me.   Due to the length, I’m putting it all under a cut to spare everyone else. 

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For @1dindaplace : Hi! Can I have a golden trio and marauders ship please(and avengers if you do?)? My mother tongue is french. I’m smol(5'2"), I have brown hair and green eyes. I love travelling! I like going out with friends, reading, playing piano, juggling and dancing. I’m 22 straight girl. I study psychology at the university. I’m ravenclaw, ENFJ. I try to go out of my comfort zone. Humour is really important for me. I’m optimistic, independent and I try to be kind to everyone(sorry for my english)Thank you.


Golden Trio:

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Everybody was curious about the new girl that would be joining in the middle of the year in Hogwarts, but nobody was as excited as Ron Weasley when he found out that you were French. Ron always had a thing for the French accent and as soon as he heard your voice pipe up between all the others he was mesmerized by it.

It took him a long time and a lot of encouraging words from Harry before he was able to walk up to you and make small talk, but when he did, he regretted not doing it sooner. He loved talking to you and when you told him you could juggle he gave a surprised squeel as he urged you to do it. You had promised him you would meet him in front of the Gryffindor common room where he could open the painting so you could get in and show him your talent.

Later that day he met you there and you had brought the things you needed to juggle. He was seated and stared at you as you juggled. He had a wide grin on his face when you dropped the balls and insisted that you should teach him as well. It soon became obvious that this was hopeless, but it was the most fun you’ve had in a long time.

Ron realized he fell in love with you when he heard you laugh. It was the most beautiful sound to him and he decided that he wanted to be the reason for your smile. So he had come up with a plan after talking to Harry and Hermione as to how to ask you to be his girlfriend. He asked you to come to the Room of Requirement and when you arrived it was decorated in dim lights and a floor which was perfect to dance on.

In the background soft music was playing as Ron stood in the middle. He rememberd you liked to dance and that was exactly what you did all night. You two danced until your feet hurt and were forced to stop and take a short break. He sat down next to you and stared in your eyes. Nervously he asked if you would like to be his girlfriend and without needing to think twice about it you said yes. He was so happy that he picked you up and twirled you around before giving you a passionate kiss.


The boys had added you to the group without consulting Sirius first and that was basically the only reason why he didn’t fully accept you. He didn’t even try to get to know you or to be nice to you while the others kept telling him how great you were.

One afternoon the other boys had left you and Sirius alone in the common room and now he didn’t have another choice than to talk to you. He cracked some lame jokes to lighten the mood, expecting you to just roll your eyes at them like most people, but the exact opposite happend…you laughed. It turned out you two shared the same humour and could chat all day about complete nonsense, but it made sense to both of you.

Ever since that day, you two became practically inseperable and were always there for eachother. Sirius would come to you whenever he had a nightmare or problems with his family and you would lead him to Professor Flitwicks classroom where a gigantic piano stood. You would play all night if you had to, as long as it calmed him down again.

The moment you two got together was during a sleepover with the five of you in one of the secret passageways. You were talking to Remus about your favourite books, the passion burning behind your eyes as you told him all about the stories. Sirius found you the most beautiful thing he had ever seen and when you looked his way with a small smile around your lips, he just couldn’t resist it anymore. He leaped over and pulled you towards him, kissing you passionatly on the lips. You froze first, but soon melted in a kiss that became filled with love. The boys cheered you on as you kissed and your cheeks were bright red when he pulled away. He sat back down in his old spot as he gave you a wink, a sly smile on his face.

Neither one of you had ever asked the other officially, but the both of you just assumed you were together and one day just started to call each other boyfriend and girlfriend. You didn’t need him to ask you properly, the two of you were just meant to be.


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You met him while you were working in a fancy restaurant in Paris. You had accidently dropped a plate with food on him and apologized a lot, only to have him tell you that it was okay. You offered him the food for free to make it up to him, but he brushed it off, telling you that if you really wanted to make it up to him you had to go on a date with him. You were taken back by that, but agreed on it and you went out with him the same night, after he changed his shirt of course.

The two of you had strolled through Paris in the middle of the night, just chatting to get to know each other. Tony had gotten a great idea the moment you told him you studied psychology. He had offered you to work with him as this came to great use for him. This way he had someone who could analyze his enemies and found their weakness. You were hesitant at first, not wanting to give up your entire life in France for a man that you had just met, but the deal was way better than your recent job, you would have a proper living space, and you loved getting out of your comfort zone, so you agreed.

Soon you were living with Tony in America as his assistent, helping him with everything he needed help with. At first the two of you were just co-workers as if the entire date never happend, but that changed when Tony left flowers next to your bed every morning with a cute note or when he would cook your favourite dinner. You fell in live with the man and he had already fallen for you a long time ago.

He had asked you on the roof of a tall building to be his girlfriend and you had no doubt in saying yes. Tony had finally found the love of his life and he couldn’t be happier. The thing he loved most about you was the way you danced. He himself was never really a dancer, but that changed when he saw you dance. The way you swung your hips from left to right or the way your hair wipped around, he loved everything about it. Often he would blast music to get you to dance as he joined you, twirling you around and just lettitng it all out. The two of you would dance as if you were the only ones in the world and you wouldn’t want it any other way.


I hope you liked it! X

Hey there everyone! My name’s Sarah and this is my new, indie Alphonse Elric (Fullmetal Alchemist) roleplay blog! I’m super excited to start playing this character and I would love it if you could give this post a like/reblog if you would be interested in interacting with Al! Thank you!!  ❤

*BTS at AMAs*

*DNA starts playing*




Chanyeol + Instruments ♬     ♪  (requested by @queenhyo)


Hey @therealjacksepticeye I am the one who got you the nes and your reaction is so priceless I will remember it till the day I die. And I really hope u have all the fun in the world playing it cause I bought it for you to play. I just hope u know how much you mean to me and how much this community means to me too and I’m so sorry for everyone annoying you with all there tweets they just want you to know who I am and that I got you the gift. Oh and did @wiishu get my gift it was the harry potter wax stamps and my lil note in the card. Ok so sorry for rambling I am still shaking from last night just thank you from the bottom of my heart u are amazing and keep being amazing. You prob won’t see this I am just so happy you liked it. Ok love you and signe bye

Context: I’m joining into a very serious Star Wars RPG and I’m a doctor who offers free aid to refugees. I haven’t told anyone my name and we just defused the bombs planted in my Clinic.

Me: thank god you were here to defuse!
Scoundrel: it was child’s play. I’m Chezk, nice to meet you.
Me: Don il'Duuk, nice to meet you
Everyone laughs


smoooooch meme sketch dump

Thank you to everyone the other day who sent all the prompts in. I picked my favorite 5. maybe I’ll do something like this again later. 

all jokes aside

All jokes and “the markiplier fandom rn” memes aside, can we just congratulate Mark on his amazing work on this? 

Not only is the recently uploaded video very cleverly filmed and organised, with  witty and entertaining dialogue, but he’s managed to include everyone in the “investigation”, making it personal, creating an entire Tumblr page dedicated to the matter, giving us subtle clues, revealing some stuff but not all of it, creating suspense for what’s coming next… and on top of that, he’s chosen to post this at a perfect time for all those “back home” who couldn’t make it to the tour, which I think a lot of people badly needed. I’m no cinema expert, but this is hella fun and entertaining, and of course there’s a great atmosphere of mystery around the whole thing, so well done!

So Mark, thank you so much for the huge amount of effort and care you’ve put into this, it’s detailed, it’s well constructed, it’s clever, it’s professional,  it involves all your fans, and it’s incredibly entertaining to take part in. I can’t imagine how much time this took to put together, so I think you deserve all our thanks and praise.

And of course this goes for everyone else who’s taken part in the project, like Tyler, Ethan, Kathryn, Amy, and all the actors who were in today’s video, they were great and I’m sure they played a great part in making this as fantastic as it is. 

thank you @markiplier!

and have fun with your theories, everyone!


may I interest you in neko-mami (ama-nyan?) and megane!amami

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uh could you do some hcs bout Michael or Connor confessing to someone they've been pining over for a while? thx fam and good luck on your portfolio!

hello !!! i hope you like these HCs!! and i m sorry they aren t very good aaaa i hope you enjoy!!! and thankyou!!!!


-          Please, let this boy be happy

-          Michael probably had a whole thing set up okay

-          Like either you two are downstairs, playing video games, drinking Pepsi Crystal and he was planning on having a sleepover with u

-          He!!! Was!!! Shaking!!!!!

-          ‘michael wth I m beating u in Mario kart u okay’

-          ‘the student has surpassed the master’

-          Okay but his face would be all red and he d just look really cute

-          He honestly just doesn t believe that he deserves you and thinks that n o matter what u say, you will always be able to find someone better and it just ???? fucks him up and scares him

-          But the two of you will start calming down a bit and maybe u guys are just talking about school and he just turns to u and is like

-          ‘do u wanna share a slushie with me sometime? And maybe go to the arcade?’

-          And at first ur really confused like ???? we go to the arcade and stuff all of the time w Jeremy ??

-          And he sees the confusion, and he quickly adds

-          ‘I mean without Jeremy, yknow? The two of us? And,,, I ll pay for everything and all’

-          And u finally get it and !!!! ur face lights up !!! and Michael sees ur smile and he starts smiling and!!!! He s just really happy that ur smiling !!! and wow!!! This might work!!

-          U tell him that u ll totally go with him, but only if he confirms that it is a date

-          And while blushing and giggling he just responds ‘it’s a date !!!’ and he s all gushy and just !!! wow u actually want to go on a date w him!!!

-          U just made Michael a vvvv happy boy and he s so in love w u ???? he ll do anything for u and will buy u all of the slushies and honestly he just has a heck ton of tokens at the arcade take good care of him <3


-          Lbr connor would repress all of his romantic emotions for u

-          U wanted to hold his hand? No big deal, not like he felt a warm, fuzzy feeling in his stomach or anything ahhhahah what

-          The poor boy would sometimes be a total dick??? Just so u don t suspect anything???

-          But one day the two of you are star gazing and the moon light just looks sososo pretty reflecting in ur eyes and ur hair and u just look so kissable and he just loses himself in ur eyes

-          Once u notice and look at him, he immediately looks away and his face just explodes into a bright shade of red that the moonlight can t show and he s so embarrassed??? Ur going to think he s a creep?? Why would u want to date him??? Wth???

-          He slowly just starts yelling at himself mentally and all of his doubts are coming back but u just kinda slide ur hand onto his and he ??? nearly screams

-          The two of u just kinda sit there like that for a bit and then connor just sputters out

-          ‘I think I like you’

-          ‘you think?’

-          ‘okay, fuck, no’

-          ‘you don t like me?’

-          ‘no – I do like you’

-          ‘are you sure?’

-          ‘why the fuck wouldn t I like you?’

-          And then he just goes on and  o n about everything he loves about you and he doesn t even realize but he just slowly starts adding comments about how he doesn t get why someone as cute as you would hang out with a fuckwad like him

-          And it just breaks your heart?? Bc here is this tall, tough looking dude just g u s h I n g about everything he loves about you and how much he despises himself and he just wants you to be happy and ???

-          Instead of saying anything, u just gently hold his hand and lean ur head on his shoulder and u guys just stay like that for a while, just in each other’s presence and just making sure that connor knows u are here and that u are there for him

-          Connor is doing his best right now, and that s all u can ask for

husband highs — tom h.

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author’s note: GUYS IM SCREAMING because i hit 1k and wow i just wanted to thank you guys by posting something. i love YOU THANK YOU FOR READING MY STUFF and since i never leave a link to my masterlist i thought i should this time so here it is.  → masterlist

  • tom would be the most extra fiance ever like he wouldn’t ever not talk about how he’s engaged to the most beautiful girl ever
  • especially in interviews like he’d be on press tour to promote his movie and the interviewer would slip in a congratulatory and tom would be like
    • “thank you, thank you so much, really. i’m happy, my wife is amazing”
  • and the interviewer would be like tf i thought this kid was engaged
    • “it says here you announced your engagement yester-”
  • and you’d always tell tom that he couldn’t go around telling people you two were married when you two JUST GOT ENGAGED
  • it was sending mixed signals everywhere
  • especially since tom liked to wear a ring on his wedding finger
  • he’d just wanted everyone to know that he was taken because if you had a ring showing the entire world that you were his, why couldn’t he have one to show off he was yours???
  • it was the cutest thing ever and it never failed to make you smile whenever you saw his hand 
  • anyways since he had to finish filming a movie and do a press tour you guys decided that your wedding would be after he finished both
  • that’s probably one of the reasons he couldn’t shut up about you to everyone because he was SO EXCITED
  • while he was away he’d always facetime you
  • sometimes he’d be so hyper
    • “it’s the second-”

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