but thanks 4 existing


the losers’ first christmas dinner 2016 highlights:

🎄 - cosmic and karin’s amazing cooking (and rooney’s baking~)

🎄 - dishes from all different cultures thanks to an extremely diverse group of friends

🎄 - everyone looking super cute (the girls all dressed up and the guys wore their best sweaters)

🎄 - alexander’s reaper sweater (he’s been obsessed since rooney gifted overwatch to him on steam)

🎄 - both matilda and kerry giving cassandra bedroom eyes from opposite sides of the table (and cassandra acting like she doesn’t notice)

🎄 - cosmic getting cute stocking stuffers for everyone (rooney’s was totoro, nasir’s was captain america, cassandra’s was doctor who)

🎄 - matilda eating whipped cream directly from the can

🎄 - everyone comparing tattoos & piercings (because they’re edgy)

🎄 - lake tripping everywhere, not because he’s drunk but because he’s clumsy

🎄 - alexander teasing lake because he’s underage and can’t drink but he’s also underage and can’t drink??

🎄 - karin almost pulling the christmas tree down

🎄 - everyone eating too much

(continued in part two)

10 Things Jumin Love

Her laugh.

 She was ticklish; it was a very wonderful day for him once he learned about it.

 “Ahahahaha!” Left and right she wiggled in his embrace. To her dismay, his hug only tightened, one arm wrapped around her stomach while his right hand traced up and down the side of her chest. “Jumiiii-AHAHAHAHA!” Laughter turned into roaring cackles, she tried to turn until her right side lightly bumped his chest. “Oppa, you’re meaahahahaha!” Unfortunately for her, this only meant for his hand to easily caress higher until deft fingers tickled the left side of her neck.

 Jumin only chuckled warmly as he kissed the right side of her head. Chu, chu, his kisses were endless, smiling lips then traced down to the shell of her beet red ear.

 He bit back a laugh himself once he felt her tilting her head slightly towards him.


 Her laughter bloomed flowers in his heart.

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It must be great to be the reincarnation of a legendary king, though probably you will never realize that :,D

Arslan Senki Week, day 2, Reincarnation AU

can we please keep dingleberry torpedo off my dash i don’t want to see hear be aware of his existence for the next 4 years & forever thank you

Commentary Tag

tagged by @the-princejinyoung thank you I did not know I was this wild in my tags (I’m using my jin tag)

Rules: Pick a tag/thing you tag often and write down the 15 most recently associated tags

1. #I’m going to go find this man and thank him for existing

2. #can I marry him

3. #husband

4. #how much he yelling jc

5. #ethereal

6. #he IS a handsome expression

7. #this is why I stan him

8. #perfect man

9. #he is glowing

10. #Jin knows his Angles™

11. #he has come down from the heavens

12. #kings only

13. #yeesss boiiiii

14. #what an iconic and inspirational man


number 1 and 15 describe my feelings towards him best

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anonymous asked:

adrian omg i just realised u wrote my favourite iasip fic of all time?? idk why i never noticed tht the usernames where the same but omg!!! u wrote the fic tht means the most 2 me (the life nd times of charlie) nd im so happy tht th fic exists nd i cant thank u enough 4 writing it

aaa thank YOU!!! that fic is…. my baby it’s definitely the thing i’m most proud of on my ao3

it’s not finished yet either!! i know i haven’t updated it in SO so long but i do have plans to continue it….

in fact getting this message motivated me to open the document up again for the first time in ages! so thank you again and keep an eye out for updates because they ARE coming sooner or later!

anonymous asked:

When you get this, please respond with five things that make you happy. Then send to the last ten people in your notifications anonymously 🌼


1- the satisfaction of finishing a good book.
2- good meaningful conversations with people I find interesting
3- the existence of Jesse&Jude thanks to Britt and Grae
4- actually just the existence of Britt @wesawbears and Grae @faintlyglow lbr
5- that Ima have tickets to see Ham in London booked by the end of the day tomorrow!


anonymous asked:

i just wanted to say thank u 4 existing and following me on ig ur like mi idol and i almost cried when u followed me

SORRY I TOOK SO LONG TO ANSWER FKSNDKNS thank u so much aaAA i can never wrap my head around it whenever i get asks like this bc im definitely too lame to be anyone’s idol LMAO BUT THANKS ALL THE SAME I’M VERY GRATEFUL

Follow Friday | It’s Friday again. Before heading to workout in about an hour I felt like sharing the first FF of 2017. I’m so glad to see people are still actively reblogging posts from this account. You all are the reason this blog is still existing. So thank you. Here are the 4 biggest fans of this Tumblr:

  1. @ashleytisdaleuniverse
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  3. @confidentlysuiteheavydirtysoul
  4. @maryg1995

Thank you so much for liking/reblogging my posts. Have a great first weekend in 2017! 

10 things to thank you for:

1.) Thank you for letting me go – I would have never learned how to love myself if you didn’t.

2.) Thank you for loving me with every atom in you. I’m sorry that it wasn’t enough to cure the pain I still feel. I tried to make it be enough.

3.) Thank you for showing me the light; I never knew it existed before you.

4.) Thank you for saving me on those nights I wasn’t so sure I could make it. Now I know how to do it myself.

5.) Thank you for breaking my heart and never turning around to pick up the pieces. It made me stronger. I never wanted to believe that it would, but it did.

6.) Thank you for guiding me in the right direction. We fucked up so much, but you still kept me on the right path.

7.) Thank you for making me realize that I never want to be in that kind of relationship again. I’m so sorry for what we did to each other.

8.) Thank you for not taking me back. I wasn’t ready, I’m still not.

9.) Thank you for giving your all. Someone will cherish your love, and the space you give. I’m sorry I didn’t know how to.

10.) Thank you for being my best friend. It’s alright if I’m no longer yours, but you’re still mine. I still cry for you when I’m too drunk to keep my mouth closed. I still want to see your smile in a crowded room. You’re still so beautiful to me.

—  10 things to thank you for (s.s)