but thank you soo much!

From beginning to end, Lillie was an amazing character in Pokemon Sun & Moon!!! Thank you Pokemon for such a wonderful companion!!! ❤️


travelling with jimin 💝🌷

Iwaoi Dance Au!
Story shared by sweet Anon!! Thank you!!! This is wonderful!!

In less than 2 months we could already have the first PP3 Trailer!

That can already tell a LOT about the canonness of Bechloe in PP3!

Think about it…

Think about what how it could be…About the PP 1&2 trailer…

I’m super hyped for it!

Annnd this is it. I am amazed. 600 followers, seriously. Thank you so much ;v;

Soo yeah, a small giveaway. On April 12th with the help of mighty random.org I’ll pick one lucky person that will get a free fullbody colored drawing of their character. Or their friend’s character,  it’s up to you :D

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here’s a simple chansoo comic ✨ have a warm afternoon everyone 💕

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"Don't give me that look." + iwaoi (btw i love your writing so much, you have such an elegant way with words ;;;)

“Don’t give me that look.”

Hajime sighs, closing his eyes and rubbing his temples with a hand. He doesn’t want to be leaving-

But he has to.

“You know I wouldn’t be going if I didn’t have to.” Hajime drops his bag by the door of their one-bedroom apartment, stepping back into the familiar warmth of home. Of his and Tooru’s home. They’ve lived here for the past three years, and been together for the past five. 

It’s only been the last six months that Hajime has had to travel for work, and every day feels harder than the last.

Tooru hates when he leaves; Hajime hates leaving.

But he doesn’t have a choice, at this point.

“Come on…” Hajime sighs again, crossing the hallway back to where Tooru is leaning on the kitchen door. He sticks out his bottom lip at Hajime, and his eyes are still red and puffy last night from all the crying he did last night when Hajime was called to inform him they needed him in the city again, when he was supposed to have the weekend at home.

Of the last eight weeks,they’ve barely spent one together

This new job was supposed to bring them good things. Peace. Comfort. Stability.

Instead, it’s tearing them apart.

“Tooru…” Hajime draws in a breath, hands reaching out for Tooru tentatively, as if afraid Tooru won’t be there to meet him.

What an idiot.

“Hajime…” Tooru sniffles, hands finding Hajime’s and pulling him in close. Tooru melts against him, fitting in like the spot belongs to him.

Which, well, it pretty much does.

“I”m sorry,” Hajime whispers, running a hand through Tooru’s hair. He kisses the top of his head, wrapping his free arm around Tooru, feeling his body shudder. “I don’t like this any more than you.”

A sniffle, and Tooru’s hugging him fiercely. “I know. I just… I hate being here alone. It’s… supposed to be our house. I’m-I’m supposed to love it, not… hate it. Everything reminds me of you… smells like you…” He inhales deeply, nose brushing against Hajime’s nape. “I miss you… And you haven’t even left yet…”

Hajime nods, squeezing him tighter. “It’s… not much longer, love. Okay? Just a few more months, and I’ll be able to set up permanently here.” He creates enough distance between them to tilt Tooru’s head back to see his face, leaning in to kiss his forehead, then each of his eyelids. “You’ll wait for me?”

Tooru lifts an arm to feebly wipe away a fresh wave of tears with the back of his hand. “Always.”

Super Angsty Starters (ask box open!)

Thank you so much for your kind words! I hope you enjoyed :) 

13.05.17 - 7/100 days of productivity
english revision notes for my exam on tuesday ft. a failed attempt on lettering lol

p.s - guys thank you all soo much for over 1k followers!! I didn’t think I would reach that amount of followers! and to celebrate this i wanted to do something for you but idk what to do, so if any of you have ideas on what you think i should do, please do tell me! xx

So I hit 100 followers overnight and I guess I’m gonna do a follow forever kind of thing??? Maybe oh gosh idk what to say first of all, thanks so much to everyone who follows me and interacts with me or just follows me and looks at my stuff because seriously, i love you all.

Also, because @wildtsukai @avalanchiing and @icelandicandamess sent me the 

thingy, i’m going to take a moment to list 10 of my favourite roleplayers i interact with on here.

@quiet-loudmouth is by far one of my most favourites. I love her OC caden and ive grown very close to her. I consider her a very close friend <3

@i-am-the-bamf anna is a good friend of mine (i like to think) and i love talking to her and sending her pictures of my cat~ She’s an amaing Kurt Wagner roleplayer and i suggest you all take a moment to check her out. Also, she’s the reason this blog even exists sooooo

@wildtsukai dizzy is fantastic and even though we both suck at replying within reasonable amount of times :’^) i love roleplayng with her Todd Tolansky and I swear I’m going to reply to the thread with Mort sometime within like… this week?? ehehe

@blind-mutant sooo i juuuust started talking to gizmo, but i already love them and I used to stalk Rhys when I first came on here and I already love them and ive always loved them and im pretty happy im finally doing a thread with them <3

@mutantleaderinthemaking the very first person i started roleplaying with and i cant thank them enough. i was but a multimuse blog when we started, but because of them, i’ve honed my bobby muse and decided to make this exclusively for bobby drake. they’re a wonderful scott with wonderful headcanons and i love them <3

@exolazarus i love their interpretation of Morgan soooo much, like… soooooo much. He’s a cute Welsh blueberry and Bobby promises to love him forever and ever

@godsperfectidiiot i know theyre not really around anymore, but i really liked the little interactions between Wade and my 616 Bobby <3 and theyre also just a very sweet person in general

@magnokineticheiress So we never really got far with out thread, but i really like how they play lorna and i like their style and it actually prompted me to sit down and start making and editing icons. but theyre really cool and we talked a little bit and theyre nice ^_^

@prodreamer356 another fantastic scott blog that i actually started talking to on ao3.org over some fanfics i had written. they have amazing headcanons and they’re a pretty good scott roleplayer. they’re also fairly new to all of this but theyre really good. hit them up!

@missbigbadwolfie one of the first people i started roleplaying with. Evee is a p cool character and the mun is super sweet. check her out!

So now I’m going to move onto my Follow Forever part of this but this is already pretty long so im going to list them under the cut.
I’m going to try and list 100 different blogs / people so i mean… adfds bare with me plz n thnk

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9. First Time

Word Count: 1030.
A/N: This is my first ever writing and I have to thank Taw of @supersoldierslover for being so effing supportive and helping me out a lot by agreeing to take a look at it and correcting it along with giving a few ideas . THANK YOU SOO MUCH . I LOVE YOU !!
Written by: @amrita31199

Originally posted by sensuous

“Ouch…” “Shit. I am so sorry. I didn’t…” “No. It’s fine. Let me just…” you trail off trying to get out of you shirt while simultaneously untangling your hair out of the hook it got stuck in.

“Wow… Um I mean you have nice boobs.” He says awkwardly whispering the last part .You chuckle. “Thanks” you say looking down at the floor. He sensed the uncertainty and inched his hands towards your hips and pulled you close to his chest. He could see that you were nervous. But so was he.

“May I?” he asked when his hands trailed to your back and to the hook of your bra. You nodded. He unhooked it and your hands instantly went to your chest to cover it. He slowly took both your hands in his and brought it to his mouth and kissed them. “You are so beautiful “. You leaned your back onto the bed as he started to kiss your neck and, your throat and finally your lips.  He lips were soft and chapped at the same time. It was sweet at first, both trying hard to hold back, but when he licked your bottom lip you cupped his face to deepen the kiss.

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Someone reposted your art. Here is their username: imanerdyyoutubefangirl tumblr

Thank you soo much for notifying me <33

I do not understand the logic of these reposters who go like “I cant find the artist so I can’t credit them!” when my sig is ON EVERY PANEL!!?? Like I wonder what “Taffydesu” in every panel would mean?? 

All it takes is a simple google search and BAM you will find me! Just stop being lazy and ignorant please -__-

Originally posted by boldlygiffing

Migraines - Thorin Oakenshield

Warnings: pain, the bad stuff.

Pairing: Thorin Oakenshield x Reader

Request: Hi! Could you do something fluffy with Kili or Thorin? Like maybe reader is with them and the company and has a migraine or is on her period and he tries to take care of them? Thank you soo much :)  ((Anon))

A/n: As a person who gets migraines all the time (they’re genetic) I totally loved this request! There’s a Kili version of this coming up!


Originally posted by avengers-of-mirkwood


Migraines are the worst, what’s even worse is when they’re genetic. You just get them, whenever you smell something terrible or if your sleep schedule is thrown off course, or if you haven’t eaten that day and it’s already night. The migraine you had now was caused by awkward night watches that made you want to tear your hair out just to make the pain stop.

“What’s the matter?” Thorin was on night watch with you tonight, he was sitting on a rock beside you, his sword lying on the other side of it.

“I have a migraine, it sort of feels like someone’s beating my skull in with a hammer.” You rub your temples, elbows on your knees and leaning forward. You felt nauseated, and dizzy, you needed sleep but you couldn’t ask for it.

“You should lay down.” Thorin says, but you shake your head immediately in response.

“I said I’d take the first watch with you, I won’t leave you to it alone.” He looks back into the cave, the fire was nearly dead, everyone was asleep, even Gandalf.

“Come; lay your head on my leg, then you may sleep but still stay on watch.” You smile but don’t refuse and lean your shoulder against the rock and your head on his thigh.

You were so tired, god, you were so tired. If anyone came up the side of the mountain that the cave was on looking for a fight you wouldn’t be able to fight. Your limbs ached from exhaustion and your head pounded. You closed your eyes tried to take some steady breaths and Thorin, probably thinking you were sleeping already, laid his hand on your head and slowly stroked your hair. You smiled, he didn’t see it.

When you wake up you don’t realize you’d fallen asleep. It’s just barely dawn, the sun shines golden pink light on the side of the mountain, glaring in your eyes. Thorin is still sitting next to you, his hand still on your head, but his eyes are closed and his chin in touching his chest. He’s sleeping. He looks so peaceful, less like the grump that you always thought him to be and more relaxed, calm even. You sit up, shoulder aching from leaning against the rock and he wakes up when his hand leaves your head. Gandalf blocks the light from in front of you as he walks to the cave. He smiles at you as he passes.

“Breakfast is served.” Bilbo hands you and Thorin each a bowl and a slice of bread. You take it and eat it eagerly, almost forgetting your manners as you realize how hungry you are.

“The sun rise is beautiful.” You look at the sky, everything look like it was bathed in pink, orange, and gold.

“Yes, almost as beautiful as you are.” You look up at Thorin for a moment before back down at your bowl, blushing madly and smiling widely.

“You’re very kind.” Gandalf still stands at the front of the cave, and you hear a bag being caught, filled with coins.

“Oh no, you didn’t!” You stand up, Bilbo snickers, “You did not make a bet on when Thorin would tell me he likes me!”

Fili laughs, you turn around to throw him a sharp glare and he shuts up almost immediately. Thorin smiles.

“Calm your fiery spirit, a bet is a bet.” Thorin’s voice is happy, and it makes you smile.

“Well I don’t like it.” You cross your arms over your chest. Bilbo catches a bag, you glare at him, Thorin laughs, the sound puts you at ease.

“If one more person tosses a bag of coin to another dwarf someone will be hit.” A bag jingles as it lands in Kili’s hands. Everyone looks at you expectantly as you straighten up with cool fury.

“Thorin-” You put your hand out- “Dagger, please.”

“Of course.” The handle of a blade lands in your hand and Kili stands up.

“You’d best start running, laddie.” Balin says to Kili who immediately starts to run straight down the trail.

“KILI!” You yell as you run after him, Kili continues to run, laughing loudly.

When you come back it’s with Kili behind you, and you’re tosses a small bag of coin in your hand. You hand the dagger back to Thorin.

“Why didn’t you stop her?” Kili asks Thorin who looks right to you.

“I would never try to halt the fury of a queen.”

jenyifer  asked:

Please give me some IwaTeru friend head cannons! I never thought of combining them but, now I'm intrigued. P.s. Doesn't Terushima added to almost any character equal success?

YES! I honestly couldn’t agree more - Terushima plus anyone is a great recipe for success!! <3 Here are some headcanons for an IwaTeru friendship!

  • Together they are huge fans of adventure. They love going out for kayak trips, hiking, snowboarding, and into the more extreme - skydiving, etc. 
  • The two of them love playing games together and get very competitive. Doesn’t matter if it’s basketball, volleyball or a video game, they both get really into it.
  • When they hang out, it’s either the two of them being extremely active or lying on the couch for the entire day playing video games. There is absolutely no in-between.
  • Of course, when they game together it involves a ton of yelling at each other, their other teammates, and generally just a lot of salt.
  • They’re constantly showing each other new music as they have very similar tastes in music. They send each other YouTube links on the daily, discovering new artists and renditions of songs they like.