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you know what's fun? uncalled for hatred. getting it because of the shit with mark. but you're community seems to stay so goddamn positive it's wonderful. don't mind me slipping back in here for a bit. wowie it's all nice and warm and cozy. what did you do here to make it so nice?

I have so much love for this community. You all are so nice and welcoming. It’s not me that makes this community great, it’s all of you. So thank YOU for making it so wonderful!

I wanted a break from studying, so I whipped up this quick fic that I couldn’t get out of my head. NOTE: Sorry if the characters are OOC and the grammar is bad. I wrote it very quickly. Also, Al= Allura. Enjoy!

   Lana sat behind the counter at Voltron Café viciously flipping through her Engineering Math notes. It was around 1PM so an upside was that the cafe wasn’t as busy as it usually is in the morning hours, but the downside is that she has exactly 24 hours to learn three chapters worth of math so that she has a sliver of hope to pass one of Ms. Iversons notorious exams. Lana pressed her face into her textbook and groaned into it.

“Engineering?” a voice chirped above her. 

“No. It’s actually witchcraft mixed in with an ancient alien language. But, I mean, I guess you could call it Engineering.” Lana replied. 

“Yup, that sounds like one of Iversons tests.” Hunk laughed beside her, putting away freshly baked chocolate chip cookies in the baked goods display. Hunk hovered over her best friends shoulder, reading the problem she was working on. Lana quickly stole one of Hunks cookies. “Lana, all of your work is right. All you have left is to take the derivative and plug in the x.” Hunk mused. Lana quickly did as Hunk instructed her to, and, sure enough, she got the right answer.

Lana looked up at Hunk with her best puppy dog eyes, “Hunk. Bffl. My bestie for life. My sun and stars. The best human being I’ve ever known.”

“I can’t Lana, I have a chem test tomorrow that I have to study for.” Hunk pouted, fiddling with the burnt orange ribbon she always tied her thick black locks in.

Lana smiled, “It’s cool, dude. But don’t think I’m not gonna be texting you problems that I really don’t get.”

Hunk beamed, “Deal. But I know this other girl who’s in Iversons class this semester. She comes into the cafe at around this time, maybe you two can study together.” Lana knew exactly who Hunk was referring to. Dark hair, sparkling eyes, always wearing some form of leather.

“Why do I have a feeling that this girl always comes in on a red motorcycle, sits right behind me in math, and is the bane of my existence?” Lana frowned.

Hunk shrugged, escaping back into the kitchens, “I dunno about all of that, but I do know you made out with her for a good thirty seconds on New Years before dipping out.” she winked. Lana turned a brilliant scarlet, just as the door chimed.

“Welcome to Voltron Cafe!” Lana called out, already scooping whipped cream into a cup. The drink was already finished by the time the customer made it to the counter. Lana turned, hot drink in hand, to face none other than Kat Kogane.

“Whipped cream with a three shots of hot coffee for Kat?” Lana asked in her best customer service voice. Kats eyes widened at how fast Lana made her order. She didn’t even get a chance to watch the cute barista make her drink from afar.

“Y-you- You remembered my order?” Kat stammered out.

Lana shrugged, punching numbers in on the cash register, “It’s not that complicated. And don’t worry, I tried not to make it as foamy.” Kat internally winced at the mention of foam and her awful attempt in looking cool in front of her crush.

“You’re never going to let that go, huh?” Kat frowned as Lana counted out her change.

“Tell you what, Kitty Cat,” Lana smirked, handing Kat her change. “Help me learn the last two chapters for Iversons math test from hell, and i’ll let it go. Shoot, i’ll put every bad interaction we’ve ever had behind me.”

“How generous of you.” Kat deadpanned, taking a sip of her perfectly made vienna coffee.

“I know, i’m just a wonderful human being. So will you do it or not?” Lana sighed, cocking a hip to the side.

“Throw in a couple of those chocolate chip cookies and you have a deal.” Kat smirked back.  Lana threw two cookies into a bag and practically jumped over the counter with her spiral and textbook. “Deal.” Lana will deal with Al’s lecture later, right now, she needed help.

       After a long study session, Lana and Hunk cleaned and closed up the shop together. It was company policy that workers should throw out any leftover baked goods, so that fresh ones can be made in the mornings. That never did sit well with Lana. Hunk was an artist in the kitchen and her food tasted like it too. She wasn’t about to throw that art away, with only racoons to savor it! So she packed up her besties leftover treats in a box and closed the shop. Lana bid Hunk goodnight, and walked to her blue Prius. There was a cherry red motorcycle parked right next to her car. Lana couldn’t help the smile that stretched across her face.

“Hey.” she called out to the other girl, handing Kat the box that was in her hand. Kat cautiously looked at the box and looked at Lana. “It’s not filled with snakes or anything.” Lana rolled her eyes.

“Are you allowed to be giving me this?” Kat asked in a hushed voice.

   Lana laughed, “You don’t have to whisper. They’re cupcakes, not cocaine. But, yeah. It’s company policy that we through out all unsold baked goods. But I usually just take them home, or hand them out to other poor starving college students like myself.” Kat only nodded her head, unsure of what to say. “This was more of a thank you, for agreeing to teach me math. And giving me a sliver of hope for Iversons test tomorrow.” Lana blabbered. Kat turned to put the box of treats on her motorcycle and pulled out a pen from her pocket. Kat grabbed Lanas hand and scribbled her number onto her palm. Kat silently prayed to whatever God was listening to her that her hands weren’t sweaty. It was Lanas turn to look at the palm of her hand, then Kat, then back to her hand.

“It’s my number,” Kat explained quickly, “in case you have any more questions.” Lana stared at Kat with wide blue eyes, and they narrowed immediately. Kats face burned in embarrassment. Did Lana know that she had a massive crush on her? That Kat was dying to give the pretty brunette with crystal blue eyes her number? Shiro always told her she was a shit liar, but Kat thought she had a pretty solid alibi!  

“Oh hell no.” Lana finally spoke. A part of Kat died inside. “I will not let you beat me in the flirting department! That was smooth as hell Kitty Kat, but i’ll woo your socks off. Just you watch!” Lana called, walking to the drivers side of her car. Kat let out a breath, and chuckled.

“Yeah, yeah lover girl. How about you focus on aceing our math test tomorrow?” Kat called, mounting her bike. Lana rolled down her passenger side window to wink at Kat before bidding her goodnight. Kat couldn’t help the stupid grin that was stretched across her face the entire ride home.


((V: I AM LITERALLY SCREAMING RIGHT NOW OKAY, THIS IS SO BEAUTIFUL!!! ASDFHUJIARLEKWDSFHUGIJRKLFDMS!!! I seriously was not expecting this when i logged in today!! Dude!! THANK YOU SO MUCH!!!! 

Lana is SO ON POINT!!! Like, i couldn’t even portray her better than this!!! And it’s so funny omg, I already wanna doodle this omg I love it so much!!! Everyone is so great and aahh this is perfect!!! Thank you for this!!!!!

Y: AAAAAAAAAAAAAAAAa THIS IS TOO CUTE OH GOSHHHHHHHH!!! Thank you for this this was just so cute and honestly made my entire day! I was screaming at Kat this whole time when you mentioned her fuck up like “GOD KAT WHAT IS YOUR DEAL???” 

This is absolutely beautiful and super cute! I loved the way you portrayed Kat as this bumbling awkwardly in love idiot! Like that’s what I’ve been trying to get her to come across as this whole time and you’ve done it so well! SO MUCH BETTER THAN I COULD HAVE OMG THANK YOU!!!!

Thank you so much for this this was just so wonderful! Thank you for putting up with us and our shenanigans and inconsistent updates (mostly me sorry about that yo school kicking my ass im sorry) 

We promise to update much more in the future!!!!))

So… I’m finally doing one of these. Somewhere last week (or the week before?) I reached 200 followers, so I thought I’d do a “follow forever” post as it is custom in the tumblr scene and send out my appreciation to the people I follow.

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Thank you all so much for giving me daily happiness on my dash! ❤


for the first time, one of my fics cracked 100k words!

and i must use the obnoxious title function to tell you about it! ;) tonight’s update of To Make It Right brought it to 101,488 words, officially making it both the longest thing I’ve ever written, and my first work over 100k. Woohoo!

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Thank you so much for all the responses to my anxiety isssue, if helped tons!

I felt much better after reading your messages, there were so many useful tips I haven’t heard of yet and tried out right away. 

I’m sorry I couldn’t reply to any of you last night, I just wanted to breath and sleep and it eventually worked thanks to you.

I hope you’re not dissapointed for not responding, but if you wrote me yesterday, no matter if reply or anon or message, know that I am really thankful.

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omg i can't believe the hate that anon sent you but props to you for handling it so well + your legs look great :)

anon said:
don’t listen to that stupid anon cuz damn, ur legs are fine as hell 🔥🔥❤

anon said:
Ignore the anon hate, you are the most beautiful girl in all the USA and part of Canada 😂😂😂 (?) Just joking, but ignore it and love yourself because you deserve all the love bby ♡

@63koi said:
lmao @ the thighs anon, your response was perfect, seo! :’) also, you don’t need to loose any weight on your thighs at all. you have a really nice body weight and don’t feel pressured by anyone! (+ i agree, you are a smol bean)

anon said:
um what was that person on about?? you’re gorgeous and so are your thighs babs (I mean that in the least pervy way possible, no worries)

anon said:
may i just say that if your legs are big then mine are huge :333 you look great, don’t worry~~

@phantoms-stars said:

anon said:
huh lmao seo you re not fat at all you re sooooooooo cute you know?

anon said:
Ok first of all, there is legit nothing wrong with her(the bloggers) thighs and you would think people would express their jealousy of successful people in different ways besides body shaming hello its 2017 @that-one-anon ;))))))))))))

anon said:
seo I love you so so much whether you know it or not you’ve made other people better bc of your inspiring personality so any hate coming your way is just out of jealousy or boredom and s/o for not letting the hate get to you! you honestly are one of the best people I’ve ever encountered

Let me just say that I absolutely ADORE you. You’re so young and you certainly have such a bright future ahead of you. Your response to hate anon is 10/10 amazing. You really stay true to your ideals because you certainly don’t respond back with hate but with positivity and sassiness haha. Hope I can be a great studyblr like yours!!

oh my god i’m crying with happiness because i logged onto tumblr and saw a whole lotta love and body positivity in my inbox + kind replies to the original anon hate and i’m so grateful to all of you brilliant people and your amazing support :’)))

thank you so so very much :’)

- [ I’m doing this again! Not gonna mention absolutely everyone, but if you see this, thank you so much for following me! I love you all so much, to absolutely no end! Now, I’m going to mention some of my babes and do a little speech so if you wanna read it you can– and if you’re not here, don’t worry, I still really really REALLY love you!!! ]


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Birds and Sam

“What was that one?” Bucky asked, scuffing the front of his shoe on an exposed tree root and not quite tripping.

“Robin,” Sam replied. “Easy.”

They kept hiking up the steep trail which Steve had complained about for the past five minutes, and Bucky tried to drown him out by quizzing Sam on bird calls.

“Ooh, and that one?”


Bucky pursed his lips and looked back at Sam, still not convinced he was making it up. “What about…” He looked ahead and tilted his head, listening. “That’s… a crow?”


“Are we there yet?” Steve asked from behind Sam, his question articulated by a firm slap on his neck to catch a mosquito.

“Get him a granola bar or something, he’s getting cranky,” said Sam.

Bucky paused and fished a granola bar out of his backpack and threw it at Steve’s head. Steve didn’t catch it.

“Okay, what about… ooh! What’s that!” Bucky pointed at a small bird hopping through the tree branches above them.

Sam shaded his eyes from the sun’s rays piercing through the tree canopy and squinted. “A tufted titmouse.”

“A what?” Steve asked.

“What’s it sound like?” Bucky asked over Steve.

Sam thought for a moment and whistled, quick notes jumping back and forth high low high low. “I think,” he said.

Bucky grinned from ear to ear. “This is fun. I like this game. You try it, Steve!”

Steve paused just long enough to catch a high-pitched squawking sound. “What’s that?”

“Pileated woodpecker. See it?” Sam put a hand on Steve’s shoulder and tried to point out the red-headed bird climbing a tree nearby.

“Oh, gosh. That bird is huge!” said Steve, smiling for the first time in an hour. “You’re really good at this, Sam.”

The three of them paused, listening, and they all jumped when they heard a loud chirp chirp chirp chirp in the distance. Sam started looking through the trees frantically.

“What?” Steve and Bucky asked in unison.

“I think that was an osprey!”

“Which way? Let’s go find it!” Bucky bounded off the trail in the direction of the osprey with Sam in tow, leaving Steve to decide if he wanted to traipse through the underbrush and inevitably extend the hike by at least an hour, which he did.

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Omg I absolutely LOVE your Nintendo high school au, peach reminds me of the style that studio killers use in their music videos! It's so cool! Luigi is so cute, Rosie is a queen and samus has been my inspiration since I was a little girl, and the way you draw her all tough n' buff is so inspiring! There aren't a lot of girls like me, (tall, like over 6 feet, blonde, and strong, not soft) so seeing how you draw her is so inspiring! Samus has been my role model for years! Thank you for drawing her

THANK YOU SO MUCH!!! This means so much to me!! I’ve always loved and been inspired Samus too. I try to draw her they way I always imagined her. I’m happy there are other people who like the way I interpret her. 

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[☆☆☆☆ Put this star into the inbox of your favourite blogs. It’s time to spread positivity ◟(◔ั₀◔ั )◞ ༘♡♡ *hugs you tightly* ☆☆☆☆] It's been so much fun to share OP fandom with you and see you at dash, stay awesome ;9

Kyaa~~~!!  Thank you so much sweetie!! ✨💖  *catapults this right back at you*  You deserve so much positivity and kirakira sparkly stuff!!  Thank you for always being sweet! ^^

Special edit to celebrate the Robron wedding! Finally they can call each other ‘Husband’! All of us had faith that these two would get their happy ending, and I know we’re not there yet! But this is such a big step towards that road to happiness forever! There are still dark times ahead of us, but for now we should think about this beautiful wedding! And how they made it so perfect! They have come such a long way to where they are now and I couldn’t be prouder! They showed me over and over again what true love looks like! It might not be a fairytale one, but at least it’s a real one (if you ignore all the kidnapping, deaths, shootings…) They have proven to so much people that love is love, no matter who you are! I’m not only proud of Robron but I’m also super proud of emmerdale who made it happen! Who sometimes really annoyed me by keep on giving them hard times, but if I look back at it I love the bumpy road! And of course Danny and Ryan who are the perfect actors to portray these two characters with so much dept! We couldn’t be luckier!

But we should also be thanfull for this fandom (I know I am) because through the good and the bad we sticked together! We embraced everyone and never let anyone feel alone! That’s what I’m so proud of, so I want to say thank you to all my sweet people out of here who walk with me through every episode! I love y’all so so much!

Here’s to Robron (as husbands), to emmerdale (and its awesome cast & crew) and to our fandom!

Here’s to us!

Awake Part 11

Title: Awake

Summary: You had just graduated with a degree in English and thanks to some writing competitions you had gotten noticed and offered the job of a life time right out of school. This job was your dream job, you were going to be a writer for the tv show Supernatural, your favorite tv show. The whole cast and crew are very welcoming and kind and you find yourself making some of the best friendships, specifically with the green eyed actor that plays Dean.

Pairing: Jensen Ackles x Reader

Warnings: language, smut, fluff

A/N: Thank ya’ll for being so patient, my anxiety has been bad and then school has been kicking my butt so writing has been hard but thank you guys so much for all the encouragement and kind words <3

You and Jensen had spent most of the day in bed not able to keep your hands to yourselves, only leaving the bed for snacks and bathroom breaks. You couldn’t believe that the two of your had said I love you and you couldn’t be happier, you felt like you were in heaven. Jensen pulled you closer to him and you rolled over to place a kiss on his cheek and check the clock.

“We should start getting ready we have to be at your parents place in a few hours” you mumbled as you placed kisses on his neck laying down on top of him.

“Mmm sweetheart I cant get anything done with you like that, lets just throw some clothes on last minute…” he grumbled his hands gripping your ass and he bite down lightly on your shoulder.

You moaned at this and he chuckled but you used all the restraint you had to pull yourself out of bed Jensen frowning at this.

“Baby we smell like sex I need to take a shower and I need time to cover up these marks” you joked pointing to the bruises he’d left up and down your neck and shoulders.

“Fine but I’m getting in with you”

He walked you into the bathroom turning the shower on making sure it was hot before leading you in. He pulled you to him hugging you from behind and letting the water run over the two of you. You leaned your head back against his chest and let yourself enjoy the water. Jensen pulled back a little bit and you turned to see what he was doing. He leaned down and kissed your forehead before motioning for you to turn around. He took the soap and began to work his way over your body. You shut your eyes and let him take care of you, you could’ve fallen asleep if you weren’t standing up.

“Ok sweetheart you’re all done” He pulled you to him again in a tight hug and placed kisses on your neck over the spots he’d left marks, “sorry about those, I’ll be more careful…” he mumbled tracing the bruises he’d also left on your hips and thighs, “I hadn’t realized I was being so rough…” you looked up at him and he was frowning.

You took your hands and placed them on his cheeks standing on your tip toes to place a sweet kiss on his lips.

“Jensen I like it rough, don’t ever apologize for it, I would tell you if you were hurting me…well if you were hurting me in a way I didn’t like” you smirked pulling a laugh from Jensen and he leaned down to kiss you.


Once you and Jensen were out of the shower you put on your make up and were able to successfully cover up the hickeys with some concealer. You decided to wear your favorite red and polka dot button up dress. You were checking your appearance in the mirror when you noticed Jensen watching you from the door way. You turned to face him and he smiled at you, he looked incredibly sexy he was wearing jeans that hugged him just right and a dark blue button down with the sleeves rolled up. When your eyes finally met his you blushed when you realized you’d been caught staring.

“You look beautiful, Y/N” he said grabbing your hips as he pulled you to him.

“You look incredible Jensen, I love it when you roll your sleeves like that…” you trailed off as you traced the veins and muscles in his forearms. He chuckled and pulled you into a tight hug.

“I can’t wait for you to meet them” you felt your stomach lurch, you knew you shouldn’t be so nervous but you couldn’t help it. Jensen must’ve noticed the way you tensed up because he leaned down to kiss you.

“They’ll love you baby” he said holding your face in his hands and you nodded giving him a small smile, “and then later when we get home I’ll love on you…” he said placing kisses on your face and you giggled.

“That was so cheesy” you giggled but it quickly turned to moans as his hands traveled down to your ass and he began sucking on your neck. He pulled away and rested his forehead on yours.

“You were saying sweetheart” he smirked. You tried to suppress your smile but couldn’t help it when he was looking at you like that. You blushed and looked down embarrassed by the effect he had on you. He kissed your forehead and grabbed you by the hand leading you to the car.


“Jensen!” you saw Mrs. Ackles walking down the steps of her house making her way towards her son and pulling him into a big hug.

“Hey mom missed you” he said kissing her head and hugging her back. She pulled back and made eye contact with you smiling, Jensen placed his hand on your back and pulled you forward, “Mom this is Y/N Y/L/N” You started to reach your hand out to shake her hand but were pulled into a hug instead.

“Its so wonderful to finally meet you every call from Jensen was filled with stories of you. You can call me Donna. Jensen’s dad is inside so let’s all head in” you smiled brightly at her loving her already as she lead you into the house.

“Dad!” Jensen said excitedly as an older man pulled him into a hug.

“Missed you, so glad you got some time off. Now where is this girl you can’t shut up about” you giggled with Donna from behind them and you could see Jensen’s face and ears turn red with embarrassment as he gestured back to you, “nice to meet you sweetheart I’m Alan” he said pulling you into a hug like Donna had.

“I’m Y/N, its nice to meet you too” you responded smiling.

“Dinner is almost ready, Alan come help me in the kitchen. You two can go take your seats” once his parents were out of sight he wrapped his arms around your waist pulling you to him and kissing you.

“Told you they’d love you” you smiled at him and kissed him once more.

“How much have you talked about me, should I be nervous?” You giggled as he lead you to the table.

“ You’ve just been a big part of my life lately so you’re in all my stories I have to tell. I think they know you’re more than a friend to me though, but I haven’t actually told them we’re together yet, not that I don’t want to, we just hadn’t talked about telling family yet and I also was nervous about what they’d say about the age gap, it shouldn’t matter too much but I don’t know I guess I get nervous about people not approving and thinking I’m a creep or wondering what a beautiful young woman like you is doing with a thirty something grown man” you turned to him and kissed him and then wrapped your arms around him.

“Jensen you know I don’t care about the age gap, yeah I’m young but I’m still a grown woman and you’re really not that much older than me-“

“I’m almost 12 years older than you, what do you think your parents are going to say about that?” he said his face looking worried. You placed a hand on his cheek and made him look in your eyes.

“My parents will think what they think, but I bet they’ll just care if I’m happy, and I am. And your parents don’t seem to care either, but honestly who gives a shit if anyone does have a problem with it, no ones opinion but our own matter when it comes to this relationship” Jensen nodded and gave you a soft smile but you could tell your words hadn’t set in completely yet and that he was still nervous. Before you could say anything else his parents came back into the room with all of the food.


The rest of dinner was amazing, the four of you talking and laughing. Your stomach hurt from how much you were laughing. You were adoring all of the stories of Jensen as a kid, you didn’t think he could get any redder with embarrassment bit it was adorable. You absolutely loved his parents and you felt like they liked you too. When it came time to leave Jensen’s parents both hugged you and asked that you two come back in a few days for dinner again. You and Jensen got in the car and started to drive back towards his house. You turned your head to look at him, he always managed to take your breath away no matter how much time you spent with him.

“Why are you looking at me like that?” he asked noticing you staring. You blushed but didn’t say anything instead just reaching out to hold his hand that was relaxing in the middle. You leaned over and rested your head on his shoulder and closed your eyes. He chuckled lightly but just leaned down and kissed your head continuing to drive home.


You dozed off for a few minutes before you felt Jensen placing kisses on your face and whispering “we’re home”. You smiled up at him and whispered back at him, “We’re home” it was just a statement and you knew how he meant it but you couldn’t help your heart from fluttering a bit when he spoke like it was both of your home. He smiled at you and kissed you then the two of you got out of the car and headed inside.

“You want to get into some pjs and then cuddle up and watch a movie” you asked wrapping your arms around him and looking up at him with the best puppy eyes you could muster.

Jensen rolled his eyes at you but a smile spread across his face, “you have a specific movie in mind don’t you?” you smiled and stood up to kiss his nose before making your way back into his room, “we can watch whatever you want sweetheart, but there is a request I have…”he smirked and you gave him a questioning look as you stepped out of your dress. He motioned for you to come over to his closet as he eyed you up and down, you wondered if there would ever come a day that you wouldn’t feel yourself blushing under his gaze. You walked over there and he opened a drawer and you raised an eyebrow at him wondering what he was doing. He pulled out a worn ACDC t-shirt. Your recognized it as a shirt that Dean had worn at some point.

“This was one of my favorite shirts from set and I kinda stole it, and I don’t know I guess I’ve always kinda had this fantasy about how hot you’d look in one of Dean’s shirts…” he mumbled out his hand reaching up to rub his neck. You giggled and smiled at him. You reached around to your back and undid your bra letting it fall to the ground and Jensen let his eyes trail over your body hungrily and you smirked at him reaching out to take the shirt. You pulled it over your body and spun around letting him see all of you in it. Jensen laughed at that and pulled you into a kiss, “alright baby now lets watch that movie”.

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Okay, so I really love to draw and paint, art is my passion. But I'm so reluctant to pursue it, because I'm not sure if I'm good enough to be successful, or if I'll be able to make enough of a living on it. But I really love it. Your art is such an inspiration, and I really love your style. Any tips, or advice you could give me to feel confident in pursuing art. Is it difficult at all to live off the money you make off your art? Thank you so much, and I really love you, -Amina x

I believe it really depends. Sometimes you’re lucky and received alot of audience, sometimes you need to work a little harder. I’m somewhere between the two haha!

As for me i need various sources of income (eg: online store, commissions, patreon, zines, etc) and its not really consistent. Its more than enough to treat yourself or invest in merch-making but definitely not stuff like paying rent/bills/household stuff yet.

Though like i said it really depends. Sometimes you hit a jackpot of loyal audiences. sometimes you dont, but that doesnt mean its impossible. If you feel like you’re in the latter, here are some stuffs you can take note of and i hope its useful for you:

  • Draw something that is relevant and popular: thats how you get audiences and followers. From there you can also introduce your personal arts
  • Engage with your followers: Its important to stay close and interact with your followers in order to gain a strong community. Ask for feedbacks and what they’ll like to see frm you in the future. Twitter is a great platform to stay connected.
  • Avoid dramas: seriously. a number 1 rule. You dont need enemies. Be friendly and nice. Avoid ranting and oversharing too much. There are times keeping your opinions to yourself is much wiser.
  • Work hard: i think its my personal opinion but i never felt satisfied with my art? I always felt the need to learn and improve alot and honestly its a good sign bcos you’re constantly upgrading. Though dont overwork yourself and always take care of your body.
  • Befriending artists: This may sound like taking advantage but really i believe its important among artists. Though its not as easy as saying “hey can we be friends?” & “followback pls?” (honestly never say that, they’ll instantly never follow back and be your friend). Artists tend to be choosy with who they’re mutuals with and you need to earn their attention & trust by working hard on your art. Though when you do, the benefits are alot. (eg: recognition among more artists, inspirations & tips, new opportunities and projects, promoting arts, etc)
  • Boothing in Cons: artists gets their biggest income frm events like these. make sure you have a good portfolio and make good quality merchs. Always prepare namecards, thats how you gain exposure
  • Always have plans: multiple of them. While earning income frm selling merch/commissions seems great. I think its important to widen up your perspectives and try to get into the professional industry. Getting some skills on Animation, Design and Gameart might land you on a bigger adventure and cool projects!

It may sound a little difficult but if you’re starting frm the bottom, its expected to be a slow start. Its important to gain a solid fanbase before expecting to earn income frm your art, and sometimes it takes awhile. You need to be patient and not get disheartened by risks and failures.

if you’ve been following me for more than like 5 minutes you know how i feel about my hair and how much i’ve loathed it being out and uncooperative and just frustrating and stressful and like the love i’ve gotten from you guys honestly made me want to cry like i’m so happy i genuinely feel free without my hair and the complex it was giving me like everything you guys have said means so much like thank you all so much i love y’all <3



so instead of spamming yall with these asks that are so beautiful to me, I’ve decided to make a huge post with all of them :3

Anyway here we go <3 (Submissions not included here)

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This place is so nice I could stay here forever. I woke up to 600 followers this morning??? How did this happen?? The support and motivation you guys give me is unbelievable, thank you all so much 😊😚