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Amanda’s 1.5k Blog Awards: Results 

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It’s a lot of people, so I’m adding a ‘read-more link’  …

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An announcement

Good day to the most amazing fandom in the world,

The team behind the Klaroline Magazine have decided that once the final season of The Originals ends, we will close our doors too. It has been amazing to serve with you guys the past four years, but the time has come for us to move on.

Interest and manpower has waned over the past couple of months and as the magazine costs a pretty penny to keep up we have decided that this is the best course of action. However, we are looking for ways to archive the amazing articles that have been featured on the site over the past 4 years.

The idea of the magazine came from a place of pain and sadness, I was deeply upset about the storyline in The Originals and the way the writers and producers were treating us, and wanted to channel that energy into something positive, something that will make fandom members appreciate each other, to showcase talent, to get to know each other better. I thought if the shows didn’t want us, we could create a safe space for ourselves. It amazed me when Tanya believed in my idea, and even more when tons of people over the years have showed interest in wanting to join in and help create art for this website.

It’s weird to look at where we are now, with The Vampire Diaries behind us, and Candice playing a part in the final season of The Originals, this what we dreamt about. And through all the negativity, all the hate, all the challenges, we didn’t give up hope. We, as a fandom, believed that our time would come, and it has. It’s like watching a graduating class, knowing that they made it through every struggle. 

@klarolinegivesback and our Gift Exchanges will continue to run while there is still interest for it, and we will keep our social media accounts live.

In the next few months, we will still be bringing you blogger interviews, feature articles, TO recaps etc.

I, personally, would love to thank everyone who read, participated in, contributed to the magazine, you guys are all wonderful and amazing, and hope you continue to produce amazing art and fanfics that will devour with my whole heart.

Special thank you to @eriberry89 , @realynn8, @klarolinesbuttons and @emmaawatson who stuck with me to the end. I appreciate it so much!


So I got a message from a girl on tumblr last week, asking if I could answer some questions for an essays she’s doing on writers and how writing affects revision/editing techniques (focusing on fanfiction writers). I said yes and received an email from her with the questions plus a request for a first draft of my writing with a new, revised version. 

I just replied to the email with everything she needed and am sat in my room contemplating what just happened. Like, someone thought to ask me about all this. Me and my crappy little writing blog. I still can’t quite comprehend how and why someone would think of me but I’m also weirdly grateful - it feels so nicely heartwarming to be considered y’know? I can’t quite figure out how I got to this point in my life, but can I just say that I absolutely love it.

I love that this blog has led to me helping some girl with an essay, that it’s led to me becoming more active and engaged with my dream of becoming an author, that it’d led to me making some amazing friends ((will never forget kara buying and sending me jinyoung photocards bc i was sad i didn’t get him from the jjp album)). Just, tumblr has given me some amazing opportunities and I am so happy that I decided about a year and a half ago to do this. 

ALSO, on a side note I am seeing the new Thor movie tomorrow and cannot bloody wait. Me and Alyce (one of my flatmates) watched a little clip that Chris Hemsworth posted on instagram and were just fangirling over how good it looks

I found this and… yeah you might guess who this is.

Drunkira’s reign continues. Omg I just thought of a HC where he has to use speech-to-text because his texts can’t be deciphered otherwise. Like he uses a gross amount of emojis and weeb talk like uwu or ‘h-hewwo?’. (submitted by @midnightwerewoolf)

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I hit 700 two days ago n I wanted to do something special! So why not do blogrates!

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if this flops it didn’t happen


Hello everyone!! First of all, thank you all SO MUCH for following me. I officially have more followers on this blog than I do my main, and that amazes me. Your reblogs and comments (even the ones in the tags!) really mean a lot to me, and have been a huge confidence booster over the short time I’ve had this blog. I can’t express in words how much every single one of you mean to me.

To celebrate 300 new friends, I’m holding a little art raffle! In case you cannot read the text in the images, here’s a little rundown just after the cut!

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Thank you to everyone who applied! Our decision making council is going to have a tough few days ahead, but we’re truly looking forward to going through all of the applications and putting together a crew of artists and writers to make this zine the best it can be.

We will be sending a decision email to everyone who applied on Wednesday, October 25th. Once all emails have been sent out, we’ll post to tumblr and twitter as well, so keep an eye out, and please be ready to respond to an acceptance email!

-Mod Team

Hey guys, so I reached 800 followers yesterday, which is AMAZING, and I can’t thank you enough for following me and this mess that is my blog. I love you all so much and want you to know that you can always talk to me whenever you feel like it. I decided to make a fandom family and a birthday page to celebrate this milestone with you all <3 


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You can tag your edits/fics/selfies/anything you want with #clarasfamily !. 

ps: the icons will be my own, so it might take me a little while to make them and add you to the family lmao I’m too slow making icons

                    PSA.          hey hello this is a post to say that i will be abandoning this blog. no, i still do love ura dearly, i could still rant all day about her but i’m just?? not comfortable at all with being on here, this fandom in particular, nor do i feel? idk. happy about anything here really, but most of all with the way ura is progressing. i’ll move blogs again, go under a new alias and being really writing-centered w/o any graphics or of the sort. honestly? it’ll probably be some other muses like ko and ama.mi and i’ll ditch her altogether idk?? who knows. i want writing to be fun, i want writing that both me and another would be excited over, something i can look forward to every day but its not happening for me lately – and i dont get the.. progress? development? id like ura to have.. like she’s not breathing to me?? she just doesnt feel alive and idk if that makes sense but yeah. it’s mostly my fault to begin with so i hope no one takes offense to this?? JKSHJKFJ i’m so sorry for the long inactivity and ooc, and that this post shouldve been done a long time ago. thank you for the few weeks ive been on here and see yall soon on the flip side(maybe)


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jk jk we’ll probably just bond around a campfire and talk about how much we love seventeen

house-in-the-backyard-trees  asked:

taylor swift, red, breathe, long live, state of grace, and 22 💙💙💙💙💙

oh my gosh i love you SO much for sending so many

taylor swift: how long have you been a ts fan?

gosh i know the first thing i ever saw was the picture to burn video im placing that like… 2008 i think? i saw her at the jonas brothers tour shortly after so thats the timeline!

red: what is your favorite season and why?

FALL but like real fall not this california fall i want coziness and hot ciders and actual cold its like 80 degrees right now

breathe: just take a deep breath, you deserve it!

thank you for being an angel

long live: tell me the deepest reason or story of why taylor swift is so important to you

this is so hard! which do i want to talk about, how many times ive cried to tied together with a smile in my darkest times? how every time ive had an emotion ever taylor has a song for it? how just now shes given me a place to escape to in one of my hardest times? how she really solidified the bond with my soulmate friend ashley? how taylor lets me feel empowered and magical and happy and sad and scared and how she supports me through all of it with her songs? shes such a huge element of so many parts of my life shes just in everything.

state of grace: where do you feel most at peace?

in a forest! not to sound like a hippie but when im in nature i feel like im where im supposed to be and muir woods is my happy place, especially when its foggy and cold and a little rainy

22: when’s the last time you just let go and had fun?

over the weekend i had to drive a couple hours north for a very serious thing but on the way there i turned up some of my favorite music and just let myself scream along and it was just so nice to have no responsibilities for a few hours

send me taylor related asks

short & sweet ♡

Last night I hit 1000 followers here on tumblr so I made a Sheith drawing to celebrate!!! I want to thank you guys so much for following me and say that I’m beyond honored and shocked that I made it to 1k in a span of a couple months. Like that’s insane (at least to me haha). I want to take a moment and thank some awesome, wonderful amazing people <33

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You guys are all amazing and I loved getting to know you guys and seeing you on my dash <333 and to everyone else that followed me, thank you so much <333 your support means a lot and I hope you guys continue to stick around <3


everybody screws up. that’s what happens. it’s what you do with the screw-ups, it’s how you handle the experience - that’s what you should judge yourself by. i have a great life and an amazing kid. and i took a detour, i ended up some place good.


Favourite game franchise played: Bioshock | The Collection
                   Happy 10th Anniversary to Bioshock!!!

okay, can we talk about keith’s vlog tho? because all i see right now is that “we already have too much keith” and it makes me mad so i need to rant. here we go.

first of all, coran was so happy that he set up this system so he and the team could record vlogs and maybe talk about fun things and stuff like that. but keith lived on a desert for so long he didn’t even know what “fun” is at this point and he’s not the kind of person that would talk simply to fill the silence. so of course when you tell him to sit in front of the camera and talk, he will finally just say whatever is on his mind. and he starts to talk about being half-galra? 

like, it’s on his mind all the time; not only that he’s not 100% human but also that because of who he is allura hated him and other altea people would probably feel the same. most of the time keith acts like he doesn’t care about anyone but maybe shiro, but the truth is he cares so much? about what allura thinks, about what hunk thinks. he just bottles it up like everything else.

and then the “vol- tron” scene with lance. keith still thinks about that! he’s frustrated because a stupid chant shouldn’t be this complicated but keith thinks it’s important to lance. he doesn’t understand even tho he wants to! i don’t know, i just felt like pointing this out because of Reasons. 

and then probably the most important part. where keith talks about how his mom left him and that’s the reason he has trust issues. like, holy shit, of course you’d have trust issues and if i’ll ever see one more person getting mad at keith for being angry about shiro’s disappearance, i’m throwing hands. both his parents apparently didn’t give a damn about him and shiro was the only person he had, he was and is his only family so of course keith was angry. and in this last part of his vlog we saw how vulnerable he really is, he opened up so much i was surprised because keith is usually a very reserved person when it comes to his feelings, so i think that we saw more character development in those three minutes than in the whole show and it’s important! 

so if you think that it was a waste of time and they’re “shoving keith down your throat” (i saw someone saying that here on tumblr) then i hope you’ll choke on him, because honestly? keith is one of the more interesting characters in the show both because of his backstory and behavior/development. 

so do i think that the other characters deserve more screentime too? of course! matt fucking holt is my fave character so you don’t get to talk to me about too little screentime. but do i think that they should stop giving us more keith content and that it’s okay to insult keith because of the amount of time he’s getting? well, let me tell you that this is bullshit.