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HI, as someone who would DIE for some co leadership klance, cab I ask for one in which keith tells lance that he is so thankful for him helping him, and "I teally need you with rn" and lance just. Freaks out. And starts screaming to hunk about it threw the chat.

listen my dude….. i would also die for coleadership klance omfg ilysm thank you for this 💜💜

i will definitely offer dreamworks my left kidney for coleadership klance though. don’t think i won’t because   I   AM    R E A D Y

request from anon.
a little letter for the boy with the buzzcut who’ll be on the big screen soon:

“Dear baby,
I hope someday, somebody wants to hold you for twenty minutes straight.

They don’t pull away, they don’t look at your face, and they don’t try to kiss you.

All they do is wrap you up in their arms and hold on tight without an ounce of selfishness in it.”

“I hope you become addicted, baby.

I hope you become addicted to saying things, and having them matter to someone.”

Bisexual + Hipster/Alternative | Requested by Anon |

Hey friend (and everyone else that’s requested), sorry that some of these take forever! There are, no joke, 250+ requests in our ask box. So, we’re doing as much as we can! Thanks for your understanding and patience :)

And Anon, I hope you like it! :)

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EXO headcanons on having a foreigner S/O

Requested by; anon

Hiiii can u pls make an Exo headcanon of them having a foreigner s/o? Thank u!!!


  • would so learn your first language
  • loves it when you speak your language
  • very awkward around your family
  • “what did they just say to me? I don’t understand and I feel so bad.é
  • very giggly


  • very manly he tries
  • wants to make sure he doesn’t insult you or your family
  • very caring and sweet
  • gets along well with your family
  • “does your family even like me?”


  • laughter laughter and more laughter
  • “can you teach me words in your language?”
  • tries so hard to understand
  • really cuddle
  • matching clothes


  • feels proud as hell when he can understand a word
  • “wait, say that again, you sounded really amusing!”
  • movie nights
  • can have deep chats
  • shows you and your language skills off to the members


  • “you’re so amazing, you speak multiple languages which is so cool”
  • extremely proud of you
  • sings songs in your first language
  • sings duets with you


  • game nights
  • loving bullying
  • pulling weird faces
  • him getting along with your friends a bit too well
  • “no offence but how do I insult people?”


  • really shy around your family
  • doesn’t know how to react when your family talks to him
  • “your parents are so nice but I’m so awkward.”
  • very smiley
  • subtle affection and loving


  • smiles so bright when you’re talking in your mother language
  • “you’re too cool for me, words can’t even describe it”
  • coolest boyfriend
  • power couple!!
  • most fashionable duo out of all duo’s


  • he tries really hard to be polite
  • sits really closed up and is shy at family dinners
  • making fun of eachother with love
  • “your aunt has been staring at me for the past hour, help.”

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Hey, could you post the photo where Yuzu is in training clothes, he wears a blue and black coat and has a knee laid on the ice? Thank you!

anon, that was one hell of a confusing request :) But I think you might mean this picture that I had used in one of my edits?

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Hello!!!!! I absolutely adore the way you portray McCree *-* I was wondering if you could write some short headcanons what his reaction would be if his short s/o defended him against a scary looking person? Pretty please with a cherry on top? ;3

Here you go, lovely Anon!
(By the way, you absolutely made Admin Macaree’s day with that request, thank you!) 

  • This poor cowboy has never been more confused in his life, ever.
  • His s/o is the most adorable thing in the world, a true cutie, and he is absolutely convinced that they would never harm a fly. He’s always had the urge to protect them because of their size, always trying his best to keep them away from danger.
  • “Woah there, what are ya doin’, sugar?” he asks, incredibly puzzled, as his s/o stood up against a person that he himself would even classify as terrifying.
  • Once he realizes what just happened and that person has been successfully scared away by his s/o, a giant grin forms on his face and he instantly turns into the proudest boyfriend on the planet. 
  • He goes up to them and sneakily hugs them from behind, resting his head on their shoulder. 
  • “Didn’t know ya could be such a badass, darlin’” he whispers into their ear.
  • Let’s be real. He’d be turned on. Like, a lot.

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Severa and Noire kissing please! (P.S I love your art, keep up the good work!!!!)

Thank you my dear!! It makes me so happy knowing that! (*≧ω≦*) Here your girls smooching each other!! <333 Hope you like it and tysm for your request!

Rehearse- Jimmy Vesey

Originally posted by siriuslyilluminaeted

Ok so struggle bus hit hard with this one! Not because I didn’t know where to go with it, but because I had NO idea what was going on in the song and yeah… ok Hamilton seems like a good play. Any who, I think I’m happy with this so I hope you guys are too! Enjoy!

Warning: some spoilers for Hamilton?, talks of death

Anon Request: I know this is probably oddly specific, but could you do an imagine where y/n is making her Broadway debut in the musical, Hamilton, and she is completely worried about performing the song Stay Alive Reprise because of how sad it is, and she is scared she will mess up, so her boyfriend, Jimmy Vesey helps her rehearse it to the best of his ability, and she actually makes him cry because she did so good, and it’s so sad? Thanks love ❤



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BTS reaction: their s/o having a really Scottish accent.

Anon asked:

Ahhhh hi! I love your blog so much!! Could I request a bts reaction to you having a really Scottish accent! (Scotlands in Britain but it definitely is not an English accent, I don’t really know how to explain it, it’s not posh anyway) thank you so much! ❤❤

A/N - I wrote this while watching the BBMAS (I was being very productive lol)


Originally posted by apgujeon

Jin wouldn’t make a deal out of it and would probably pretend not to notice it most of the time. But sometimes your accent would come out way thicker than you expected it to be making it really hard for him to understand what exactly are you saying, but he would still try to be as kind as possible and ask you to repeat yourself in the nicest way he could manage.

“Can you please say that again love? No, no, it’s not your accent or anything…I just have…hearing problems…”


Originally posted by leojuseyo

As a songwriter Yoongi gets inspiration from the most unusual things. One of those things is your accent. He finds your accent to be incredibly cool and interesting and every time he needs inspiration he would call you just so he can hear you talk. Also, he would be constantly complimenting your accent at the most random moments.

“Y/N,” he interrupted you, “I know I say that a lot but, your accent is incredible!”


Originally posted by ksjknj

Namjoon would find your accent very interesting. He would constantly be asking you to say different words just so he can study the way you pronounce them. Namjoon would be studying your accent so closely that at one point he would start speaking with a Scottish accent himself.

“Y/N! I think I’m spending way too much time listening to you talk - I’m starting to speak with an accent too!”


Originally posted by btsarekings

Hobi would find your accent extremely adorable. Always awwing or giggling almost every time you say something. If he hears you say something and it sounds really cute he would ask you to repeat it  just so he can listen to it again. 

“Wait, what did you just say?” he laughed, “Please repeat that! I want to hear it again!”


Originally posted by ilovemymochimin

Jimin would find your accent kind of funny, but in a cute way. He would make you read books to him just so he can laugh at the way you say certain words. But he would hug you afterwards and tell you that he was joking and he thinks that your accent is amazing and he loves it.

“Jagi? You know I was just kidding, right? I actually love your accent! I think it’s amazing!”


Originally posted by luhsweet

Tae would constantly be teasing you about it just because he would think that you’re really adorable when you’re angry. He would even start pronouncing certain words in a Scottish accent on purpose, just to annoy you. But if he ever goes too far or if you’re having a bad day he would pull you in his lap and say in the most ridiculous accent he can mange:

“I’m sorry Y/N! Please smile for me!”   


Originally posted by theking-or-thekid

Jungkook would also tease you about it, sometimes pretending that he doesn’t really like your accent (even though you know he’s just pretending), and sometimes he would be a complete asshole to you about it. But if ANYONE, EVER says ANYTHING BAD, or even just JOKE about your accent he would get so mad he would actually RIP THEIR FACE OFF!



Your Poinsettia Allergy Acts Up While Xmas Shopping (GOT7)

Requested by a lovely anon <3 *Again, posting on borrowed computer so no gifs for this one!*

*Don’t own the gif/s yo*

Author: Starlight (Message to Anon: Hello, Anon! I just wanted to take a moment to sincerely apologize for this taking me so long! I have no excuse other than school and work keeping me, and all the admins, constantly busy and I hope you understand! I hope you enjoy the request, even though it is Christmas themed, and thank you so much for your support!)

JB: If you were to have a allergic reaction in front of JB he would be incredibly shocked and afraid, but he wouldn’t show it whatsoever. The moment you started to cry and have trouble breathing he would know something was wrong and would immediately take action, quickly calling the ambulance as he started to drive you to the nearest hospital.

JINYOUNG: Jinyoung would be incredibly frightened, but he wouldn’t show it. The moment you started to show signs of an allergic reaction he would take action, quickly making sure that you were well enough to take the drive to the nearest hospital before speeding off, holding your hand every second of the journey there and back. 

YOUNGJAE: Youngjae would freak out. Period. He would have no idea what to do or how to make you feel better, and he would be so worked up that he would almost start to have some kind of attack himself. With that being said, he would push through all his worry and make it a point to comfort you, quickly driving to the nearest hospital or doctor’s office he could find. 

JACKSON:   If you were to have a deathly allergic reaction, Jackson would freak out. The moment the reaction started to occur he would kind of freeze, complete and utter shock taking over his body as concern raced through him. But, that shock would only last for a few seconds before he would go into full on boyfriend mode, racing you to the closest doctors office or hospital he could find. 

MARK: Mark, like Yugyeom, would be incredibly calm in this type of situation. Of course he would be scared at first, not really knowing what to do or how to react, but the moment the fact that you could be in a lot of danger came to mind it would be like a flip was switched. He would immediately call for help as he drove toward any type of medical attention, constantly making sure you were comfortable during the ride there. 

BAMBAM: BamBam, much like Jackson, would freak the freak out. He would have no idea how to react or what to do to help you. With that being said, as soon as you started showing signs that you were having a reaction he would flip, immediately calling a doctor or yelling for help as he tried to get you to a hospital. 

YUGYEOM: Yugeyeom, though somewhat surprising, would probably be the most calm in this type of situation. The moment you started to complain or show any type of reaction he would be in full on doctor mode. He would make sure you were comfortable and weren’t showing any in moment life or death reactions, and would immediately make his way to the closests hospital he could find. 

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wonho as submissive drabble pleaseeeeethxxx

Originally posted by kittyminhyuk

Good Boy

pairing: wonho x [y/n]

warning: suggestive?? idk sorry

word count: 445

a/n: i hope you guys enjoy this. thank you for requesting anon!


Wonho shivered as he felt your breath glossing over his neck. You had your fingers wrapped around his tie, lips grazing over his earlobe and down to his neck. It was still early in the evening and yet, there you are in your hotel room with Wonho being pinned on the soft mattress. 

“Oh, you’re wearing the chokers that I asked you to wear,” you whispered in his ears as your fingers decided to unclasp the said necklace off of his neck. “[y/n]…. w-we’ll be late for the party–”

“Did I allow you to talk?” you snapped, pulling away from him with your eyes staring right into his, hands now placed on the sides of his head. Wonho softly whimpers and shuts his lips tight with his eyes slowly avoiding yours. “Look at me.” you firmly said with your finger tucked under his chin. 

Wonho’s eyes quickly shifted and met your gaze. You could hear his heart beating loudly against his chest, which sent you into fits of laughter. “Oh, you’re too cute, baby.” you cooed as you pulled yourself off of him and gave his cheeks a slight tap, “Since you’re in a hurry of going to the party, might as well not reward you–”

“N-no… w-we can miss the party if you want.” he stammered as he grabbed your wrists, making you look at him with your eyebrows furrowed. “Oh? But you’ve just stopped me before I could even reward you a while ago.” you lifted yourself off the bed and walked over towards the mirror, eyeballing your own reflection as you gently fixed the ends of your skin tight dress that had Wonho salivating. 

Unable to come up with a response, you glanced over to your shoulder and met Wonho’s gaze. “If you badly want to get the reward,” you paused as your turned around and crossed your arms against your chest. “then, why don’t you do something that could make me change my mind, hmm?” 

Determination glowed in Wonho’s eyes and before you knew it, you had Wonho down on his knees, fingers slowly removing your heels. He then leads you back to the bed before muttering a, “Let me give you a massage.”

However, before he could even lay a finger on you, you stopped him and smirked, “Oops, should our Wonho remove that dress shirt of his and wear this choker while massaging me?” The sight of him nodding had your butterflies go wild and smile has finally found its way on your lips.

Good boy, now you might get that rewards after this whole massaging thing and this time, I’d let you take over for the first time.” 

Of course, my lovely anon! Thank you so much for your request and I hope you enjoy the headcanons!


  • Fran is a very odd girl. Though cute beyond belief, she has no interest in clothes or make-up and often wears mis-matched or odd, almost childish, ensembles and goes fresh-faced. She has a bad habit of talking to herself and has very childish tastes in accessories, carrying around plushie backpacks or wearing novelty hoodies with ears and the like.
  • She hates having long hair and will keep it chin length or shorter. 
  • She cannot stand skirts. If forced to wear one, she likes to wear biker shorts underneath. 
  • She doesn’t really count herself as a feminist because honestly, it really seems like a simple thing that everyone’s equal and besides, she’s not even sure what it means to be female. To her, she just is what she is and she’s not sure if that would change any if she were male.
  • She doesn’t really have any interest in dating but often gets mistaken for being someone who dates a lot of people due to her mostly hanging around with guys. She thinks it’s stupid that people assume that two people hanging out equals dating.


  • Byakuran is gorgeous and she knows it. She puts quite a bit of work into it actually. She’s the most likely to use her looks to get what she wants and is a master at flirting.
  • She has a thing for really tall boots combined with skirts, either mini or midi or leather pants and converse combined with crop tops. She’s also totally on board with the choker trend and mermaid hair - her hair changes colours as often as she can without killing it.
  • She is definitely a gaming nerd and hates the prejudice against girls in the gaming community. She likes to pretend to be a guy online just to avoid it, though she gets a kick out of surprising dicks who go into the ‘girls can’t play games’ spiel by letting them know they’ve been playing with a girl all along.
  • She’s very outspoken about feminism in all aspects actually. It’s an important subject for her.
  • She’ll have a habit of just casually playing with her own boobs because they’re soft and it’s lovely.


  • Colonello has always been a huge tomboy and has played with boys for most of her life. She was very into sports during school and, if there wasn’t a girls team in place, she would always fight to be allowed to play on the boy’s team, always winning in the end.
  • Colonello never went through the boy crazy faze but did date quite a bit. 
  • She didn’t really experience any sexism until she joined the military. She’s been instrumental in taking steps towards making women feel more welcome in the military and in preventing sexual assault and hazing of female members under her command, though the road has not been an easy one.
  • She actively takes birth control, even while celibate, to control the horrible periods she’s always had. She tends to get cramps and mood swings really badly when she does have her period, along with cravings, often for salty things.

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Of course, my lovely anon! Thank you so much for the request and I hope you’ll enjoy the headcanons!


  • Todoroki will not have expected to get anything on Valentine’s Day at all and he’d be blown away to have received any chocolate, be it obligatory and friendly chocolate or chocolate from those he was romantically involved in or who had a romantic interest in him. He’s so thankful for the chocolate and to be thought of on that holiday that he’d be the most likely to go a little bit overboard when returning gifts.
  • While he’d still give chocolate or cookies in return to friendly gifts, they’ll be more expensive or even handmade (though the handmade ones might not be all that appetizing looking, hard as he tried). He might even give flowers to people he’s really close to, such as close friends or relatives.
  • When it comes to chocolates that were given to him by someone with a crush on him, it will depend on how he feels in return. If he’s not into them, he’ll give them chocolates and maybe flowers, with a nice card explaining that he’s just not into them like that and apologizing for not being able to return their feelings. If he is dating someone though and is giving a White Day gift to a partner, he’d splurge a bit and get them something he knew they’d really like, like a special scented candle or jewelry. He’d make sure they were wrapped up in something white, though the wrapping might be a bit distasteful looking - he tried doing it himself.


  • Bakugou is actually the most likely of the three to blow the whole White Day thing off completely. He didn’t ask for those Valentine’s Day chocolates, after all, regardless of whether they were made by a partner or someone who expressed romantic interest in him or simply were obligatory chocolates given by friends. He’d be the most likely to simply blow off the holiday and not get anything or to simply end up forgetting about White Day until half-way through White Day and end up getting something cheap and last minute because that’s all there was left.
  • He’s more likely to return love chocolate than obligatory chocolate. If a partner or someone who harbors a crush on him went out of their way to make chocolate for him, he’d feel a bit more conflicted about not returning the gift. He wouldn’t get them anything insane, probably just something edible like white chocolate, cutely shaped marshmallows, or specialty cookies, but he’d be more likely to get them something in this case. 
  • Bakugou will be extremely grumpy looking when he gives his White Day gift and will make some snide remark before stalking away. He doesn’t mean to be an asshole - he’s actually just a little embarrassed to be giving gifts and a little bit worried about whether it’s a good gift or not and whether the person will like it.


  • Kirishima has always been surprisingly popular on Valentine’s Day, mostly gifted with lots of obligatory or friendly chocolate due to his outgoing nature and wide circle of friends. He really appreciates it and will always make sure to return the favour come White Day. He always makes a list of people who gave him chocolate on Valentine’s, though he always loses the list and has to go by memory come White Day. He’s left apologizing - and sincerely meaning it - to at least one person he’s forgotten every White Day.
  • He cannot wrap to save his life so he always has the store wrap up his White Day gifts for him whenever possible. It’s the only way to ensure that the wrapping paper actually both stays on when needed and can then be removed when needed.
  • Kirishima gives a lot of cookies and white chocolates as obligatory and friendly gifts, always giving them to the person with a wide smile and a ‘hope you like them’. However, he takes a lot more care with any romantic gifts. If he’s in an established relationship, he’s actually going to put a lot of thought into his gift and will likely make a card especially for his partner, though it will look childish and be kind of cheesy and stilted in it’s message, and accompany it with flowers, all left for them to find late in the evening, after he’s taken them on a date somewhere. He’s a little too embarrassed, no matter how long they’ve been together, to just hand the gift to them.

(gif belongs to of-badges-and-guns <3)

A/N: This little piece is for @of-badges-and-guns (hope you don’t mind the tag!) cos they’re who inspired me to start writing Pride and they make AMAZING gifs :P. Feedback is welcomed and very much appreciated. Hope you all enjoy it, as always, thank you for reading <3

Title: Dance With Me

Requested by: Anon - “#46 and Pride?”

Word Count: 734

Pairing: Pride x Reader

46. “Dance with me.”

It wasn’t news to anyone that you weren’t a fan of the big political balls, getting dressed up just to impress the big wigs, having to show your face just to make out that you were interested. If the director hadn’t given you and the team strict instructions to go and make an appearance you would be at home in your pj’s with a large glass of wine or two watching a re-run of Friends.

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Monsta X reaction to seeing their s/o using an oxygen cylinder

thank you for requesting anon!


Originally posted by wonhontology

Shownu; Being greeted by you using an oxygen cylinder was something Shownu didn’t expect to see. He’d ask you what you were doing and what was that you were using, and when he hears your answer, Shownu wouldn’t be that happy to be honest, since he probably knows the hazards of having an oxygen cylinder and it’s side effects. Be prepared to have a serious talk with him but then that serious talk might turn into an argument but would end with him explaining it to you how much he cares for you.

What’s are you doing and what’s that? *eyes the oxygen cylinder beside you*”

“I just had a cardiorespiratory attack…. and I’m using this oxygen cylinder– *sees Shownu walking towards the oxygen cylinder and grabs the oxygen mask away from you*”

“You do know the dangers of using this, right?”

Originally posted by hatununtillahi

Wonho; Just like Shownu, Wonho would react negatively by the minute he sees you using an oxygen cylinder. He’d be quick on feet and would put the oxygen cylinder away, before telling you that he wants that oxygen cylinder out of the apartment. But when you questioned his sudden decisions, Wonho would actually be all out, he’d tell you why you should stop using an oxygen cylinder and he would be frank about its side effects, he won’t sugarcoat the details and he’d literally spell it out for you on how much you mean to him and how much he cares for you.

Why should I put this away? Hoseok, you know that I get cardiorespiratory attacks here and then!” 

“Do you really want to have yourself dependent on something that could do harm to you? Listen, having an oxygen cylinder has a lot of hazards and when you use it too much, there are risks to it? [y/n], listen to me. You mean the world to me and I don’t want to see you suffering just because of that oxygen cylinder in the future.”

Originally posted by hyunqvwon

Minhyuk; Minhyuk would actually listen to your side first to be honest before he lets out what he thinks about you using an oxygen cylinder. Coming home from a tiring tour would have him stressed and grumpy but he’d actually be patient about this. He wouldn’t jump into his emotions but when he thinks that he needs to use it, especially when you won’t listen, he’d really let out what he feels and what he thinks. He wouldn’t really care if it would go to a point that the two of you would argue about it since he just wants you to realize that it was bad or dangerous to use an oxygen cylinder.

Okay, [y/n], I’ll hear you out for now but I also want you to hear me out when it’s my turn to talk, alright? This is not because of selfish reasons but it’s because of how much I care about your own health.”

“*insert your side of story hear; Minhyuk furrows his eyebrows and looks at you intently*”

“Baby, I respect your side but using an oxygen cylinder is not good. It’s bad, okay? Did your doctor even tell you about its risks and side effects? No? Well, it’s time for you to know… *insert his side here*”

Originally posted by monstaxscenariosx

Kihyun; Kihyun was stressed out and he just wanted to wrap you in his arms as soon as he gets home but when he saw you using an oxygen cylinder, Kihyun wouldn’t be happy. He’d be annoyed and would be on his sensitive side. He’d let you explain yourself first but when he hears something contradicting on your choice of words, be prepared to be attacked by him. He’d pull his phone out and show you its hazards and side effects just like the one in the gif. If you wouldn’t agree on not having the oxygen cylinder out from your life, Kihyun wouldn’t stop until he finally gets his point to you. 

Listen, Kihyun, it’s practically safe and my doctor even allowed me to get one since there was nothing wrong with it–”

“Oh, nothing wrong you say? *pulls out his phone and types away the dangers of having an oxygen cylinder; shows you his phone with a stern look* Look here and read it. I think that person who you call your ‘doctor’ is not doing a good job of being a doctor.”

Originally posted by hatununtillahi

Hyungwon; Frankly, Hyungwon would be straight with what he thinks. May it hurt you or not, he’d speak out his mind and tell you right away to stop using that oxygen cylinder. He’s tired and stressed out, but seeing you using something that was bad for you, it’d be the last straw before he explodes. When you told you that it was alright, he’d be so done, to be honest, that I could see him taking the oxygen cylinder away from you before passing you his phone with the risks of using an oxygen cylinder open. It would also take you a day or less for him to talk to you again since he’d be in a bad mood after what happened.

Hyungwon, listen to me, it’s alright. Nothing’s wrong with me and isn’t that a good thing to hear? I had to use this because I got a cardiorespiratory attack.”

“*pokes the insides of his cheeks with his tongue, grabs the oxygen cylinder away from you and tosses his phone at you with an unreadable look on his face* Read that and when you finally realize that I’m right, talk to me.”

“*dumbfounded; watches hyungwon bring the oxygen cylinder to the guest room and hears him lock the door*”

Originally posted by jooheonbebe

Jooheon; It was early in the morning when he came home. He thought that you were asleep in your room but when he opens it, he sees you using an oxygen cylinder which would wipe away the smile on his face. At first, he’d ask you what you were doing and when you told him your answer, he’d pull his phone out and would search if it was safe to use such thing. But when he sees the risks/hazards of having and using it, he’d yank the mask away from you and talk it out with you. He’d be happy if you listened to him but when you won’t, he’d be sad and would be hurt. 

[y/n], what’s that that you’re using? *eyes the oxygen cylinder with caution*”

“It’s an oxygen cylinder.”

“*searches if it’s safe to use and when he finally gets a reliable source, he yanks the mask away from you* [y/n], you do know that it’s not safe to use this? *sees you shake your head* Babe, listen to me. There are a lot of risks on using this and baby…. please… please stop using this…”

Originally posted by livelovelunch

I.M; Changkyun came in the room with a big smile on his face but when he saw you putting back on the oxygen mask, he’d stop you right away. Changkyun would have a little background about the oxygen cylinder since sometimes he’d talk about random stuff with his father or he’d just randomly search about it when he reads it from somewhere. When you answered him that you don’t know the risks.hazards of using an oxygen cylinder, he’d let out an exasperated sigh before he puts it away before explaining it to you. But when he sees that it doesn’t seem to faze you, he’d be a bit frustrated.

What the heck are you doing with that oxygen cylinder?! Stop, don’t you put that mask back on. *quickly walks towards you, takes the oxygen cylinder away and grabs you by the shoulder* Do you even know what it can do to you?”


“Oh my goodness… *sits beside you and starts to explain to you it’s risks and hazards but would let out a groan when you seem unfazed of its risks*”