but thank you for the great drawing

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I love architecture and spaces and structures in general.... but I've never drawn them. I've never had the urge to sketch them out, even. Does that mean I probably shouldn't try to study architecture? Or do some architects just have to learn to sketch in school? I know your advice isn't the word of God, but I'd reallllllly appreciate your advice on this one. Thank you!

Architecture is much more than drawing buildings but I can’t tell by your message if you should study architecture or not.

What qualities make a great architect?

  • A good architect should think more by his heart than brain. He should consider each client’s dream as if it is his own….
  • An architect must have interest in the surroundings. When others see land, you, as an architect, should see a plan, ideas, and design.
  • Architecture takes passion and dedication together with creativity.
  • What qualities make a great architect? The one who possesses a great understanding of other fields other than arts and architecture.
  • Imagination, creativity, and passion. Having these three qualities is very important in an architect. Architecture is art.
  • An architect must be a planner every time, every day, everywhere, every movement, to achieve the great wishes.
  • To feel emotion and question it. To see the need and do it. To ask the question when all is complete: Was all done that needed to be done?
  • A good architect must be optimistic. A great architect is not made by way of a brain nearly so much as he is made by way of a cultivated, enriched heart.
  • An architect should be organized, creative, and resourceful.
  • An architect is a person who should be able to handle many co-related jobs simultaneously. Who should have knowledge of geography, history, sociology, and psychology. And capabilities of learning about new building materials in the market, learning about everything, in addition to thinking and designing.

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'for holly' lol up the fuckin ass of the fandoms biggest writer well done for attention seeking

If by attention seeking you mean wanting to thank the person who got me to pick up a pencil and draw again. All that after a two year hiatus because of anon harassment under my old name. Who inspired me to create again, to come back and get to know people in a wonderful fandom. To draw for others and from their ideas. To make great friend’s. If that’s attention seeking and not a simple thank you. Then I guess I am.


@zoehaszazz: I was looking through your art and noticed you don’t draw Shiro that often. If you’re still doing requests could you maybe do Shiro with glasses (nerdy! Shiro is mah life) thank you even if you can’t draw it. I always appreciate people at least reading these. Anyways ur a great artists and an even better person so yeh thanks again

Nerdy shiro? A blessing

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hi, mansi! my name's gabi and i'm a brazilian college student. recently i had to do a presentation on anything i'd like to, in english, and i did it on the raven cycle. i'd just like to let you know that i used your drawings of the gang to represent how i envision them. i haven't presented it yet, so i'd like to know if it's okay of me to use your art. if you'd like to, i could send you what i did! it'd be great to share with a single person before showing it to the entire class. thanks a bunch!

oh dude that sounds amazing! I’m actually really happy you chose my art tbh thank you so much, of course you can use it, I hope the presentation goes great!!

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Hi! You have such a great blog, and you're very sweet. Question, among of Yana Toboso's sketches, which are your favorite?

Awww, let me hug you, Anon. That’s so nice of you, thank you very much! <3

That’s a really difficult question. Yana makes such great sketches, it’s impossible for me to pick a favorite. And by sketches I assume you mean her quick drawings, right? Not the detailed, colored ones (they are so beautiful, too).

But yeah – for the sketches – Yana once made several quick sketches about Sebastian’s expressions which I really like (here). Also…

There are so many great sketches on her old blog or now on her twitter. :)

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i've followed you for years and your art's still one of my inspirations and aspirations. Someday I hope to get the fluid form and line work and coloring like you do! Youre one of my favorite artist keep up the great work!

Aaaaaw man, that’s so sweet, I’m very flattered ♥ Thank you my dear ♥

A little tip: Check out 2D animators’ works! I had been struggling for years to make my drawings more lively and this did the trick for me. The whole point of animation is to make simple lines come alive so it’s perfect when it comes to fluidity and movement.

You can create your own universe
with the power of your hand

Hi, guys! It`s the first time I`m writing such a sentence, because I`ve recently reached 500+ followers (that`s great for me:) and just wanted to tell a great “THANK YOU” for your every like, reblog and messages. I`m really enormously excited about your emotions, which I read in your texts and words or support, you definitely make me go further and not to stop each day:) Thank you so much:)

I also wanted to share with you one thing which is constantly rolling in my head: its the purpose of this blog. When I started drawing long ago as a kid I thought it`s only for throwing out your emotions, but getting older I realized, that it`s not only about your emotions, its about the emotions of other people. Thoughts. Memories. Things. Everything you do is connected with people around you, and with your hand, as well as with your thought, you can create a universe not only for yourself, but also for others to make people`s life a bit happier.

This is my creed. I make things. (I hope) these things are beautiful. Beautiful things awake emotions.

WE ARE CONNECTED by these emotions. By these endless waves of strokes. You and I. You and her. You and the world. 

I`m endlessly happy to you for creating this type of connection. Each of you. You are the stars, you are the wanderers.

So thank you for being together:)


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Hi! I just thought I would be wonderful to know this Harry and all other characters better! Would you like to cooperate with some ficwriters to tell them about how you are imagining these characters and what happened to them, how they are, what do they think etc so that they could write fics about your Harry and the HP world you see? I would loooove to read it. I really want to know more about them because what you do is fantastic!

Thank you! It’s great that you are interested on him this way :) I am a ficwriter as well - although I don’t write in English - so I have this willing of writing about him someday. I’m trying to draw my random headcanons about him now, that it’s slowly inspiring to go back writing. I never thought of sharing the details with ficwriters - as I don’t know many from other countries. But they can always ask me about my headcanons and I will answer it very happy :)

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i think people underestimate how good louis dresses jdfhfgfsk if you look at boys usually they look basic and boring af but louis' outfits are always nicely paired and everything always looks great on him. ps i'm so glad you got harry's album on vinyl! i'm kinda jealous lol but you totally deserve it :)

Totally!!! Louis knows how to dress like no one. He always matches his outfits, even if it’s tiny details like his sock matching the color of a drawing on his shirt dhsjkdhs he’s iconic with his looks, a true fashion icon. And the best part? He looks like a model so every outfit just looks perfect  


If any one is interested, I am opening up ART COMMISSIONS!! 

I’m hoping to get a table for London Comic Con in the future, so this would be great practice! Thanks!

Typically I do traditional pieces, so all my examples here are drawings done by hand. I’m happy to post the physical copies to residents in the UK. If you live outside the UK and would like me to post your art then I can do that but I’ll have to charge extra for postage and packaging.

I also do digital art drawings, which you can find on my tumblr, however I don’t have as much practice with them which is why they’re not included here. If you’d like me to do a digital drawing though, just ask!

I’m more than happy to draw OCs and ships, as you can see above I’ve drawn my own Inquisitor and my cousin’s with their love interests. However I won’t be doing nsfw.

Extra characters will be £3 more per character!

Backgrounds will be £1 more too!

I’ll be accepting payments through PayPal! :)

Feel free to pop me an ask if you have any questions!!

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Hey I was wondering what video you're most recent drawing was from, I went away from youtube for a day and I seem to miss everything. Thanks

haha its okay I understand, my Smii7y comic was from Ohms stream yesterday (i think he will upload it), the Delirious one was from his latest playthrough Prey (highly recommend you watch) and the ohmwrecker was just from all his Friday the 13th videos because he is the best killer I have seen, 

also ohms streaming on youtube right now and its really great 

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wait are you 14 years old? If so you are great at drawing! (you are great even if you are not 14)

Thank you! :) and yes, im 14 years old uwu

121 Days♥ @classica-beethoven

This is not the gift btw, but seems like I can’t finish it on (my)time, and I want something for this day, so draw this before my clock strikes 12. Thank you as always and I already said this but again I’m so glad that I met you♪ I’m so troublesome but you still take care of me and not complaining, hope you’re not tiredXD

I’ll try to finish my part for today when you’re home, I really love your present and thanks to you my day started great♥♥♥

ルーくん大好きだよ!(*´³`*) ㄘゅ💕


Phoenix Comicon Commission Post 2 of 2

And now we have the small commissions! Again, tag yourself if your commission is in here.

Overall, thank you all for a great show! I’m grateful I got to sell at PCC after all (it was looking for a while like Taiyou Con 2018 would be my next local show until this chance came up).

Top row to bottom row, left to right: Saber (rather chibified and drawn on the pocket of someone’s lab coat), a trio of OCs in cosplay, Noodle from Gorillaz, Madoka Kaname, Tina Belcher, Derpy Hooves, Monkey D. Luffy, and Gabriel from Supernatural.