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What's Jungkook's favorite meme?


Jungkook: [sweats] haha,, gtg  ᕕ( ᐛ )ᕗ

i’m just gonna be sappy for a moment (hey, it’s been a while) and say thank you to everyone that still puts up with me on this website. that follows me, just adds notes to my content, or occasionally chats 

all the friends i’ve made here (sorry we barely talk anymore it’s my fault and i’m sorry), all the lovely nonnies, be it dave, music, whatever, have really brightened my days for the past few months 

it just… it means a lot

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congratulations on your follower milestones ! your art is very cute and unique!! may I request a drawing of hayato,, bby needs more love / 7 \

request from anon.
a little letter for the boy with the buzzcut who’ll be on the big screen soon:

“Dear baby,
I hope someday, somebody wants to hold you for twenty minutes straight.

They don’t pull away, they don’t look at your face, and they don’t try to kiss you.

All they do is wrap you up in their arms and hold on tight without an ounce of selfishness in it.”

“I hope you become addicted, baby.

I hope you become addicted to saying things, and having them matter to someone.”

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show me someone as whipped as yebin with minky I'LL WAIT

…I don’t think such a person exists??? ALTHOUGH I can show you that our devoted girl Yebin isn’t the only one that Minky has wrapped on her finger…

Exhibit A: Sungyeon PROPOSING to Minky at a fansign <- Video

Exhibit B: Kyung is only submissive with two members and Minky is one

Exhibit C: Minky using Kyulkyung and Yehana as shoe tying minions <- gif

Exhibit D: If this isn’t Nayoung being whipped af I don’t know what is


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Your blog is fast becoming one of my favourites on this site - you seem to find the best SU fan art and as a bonus you mention vegan things sometimes! Two of my favourite things!

but seriously, i kinda hunt SU artists to follow them hehe and if i run into a blog that post fan art i didn’t see before i follow them too, so im super covered in that aspect lmao

and i try not to post too many not related su stuff but as a vegan cook, if something goes super good for me i wanna share, yaknow?


a four year redraw: 2014, 2015, 2016, and now, 2017! each time it’s become easier and faster, until this recent one was just a 30 minute sketch compared to the first one taking seven hours.

aurora, my embarrassing character from when i was 12! she’s stuck around for quite a bit…

Hope of Morty

Look, I know there’s like a million Hope of Morning vids already, but trust me. This is a Rick Sanchez song.

Watch on Youtube: (x)