but thank you all for following and stuff wow


THANK YOU guys so much for over 1000+ followers! I’m so glad that you enjoy the stuff that I post. :D

I’m going to be heading out soon for dinner, but in the meantime, I’m going to start planning out some more one-panel comics tonight! Thank you guys for all of your wonderful ideas! I’ll try to do as many as I can when I return home!

Hey beautiful humans of tumblr land <3 So not only has another year done by but I have also hit two thousand followers!!! That is truly incredible and I can not believe that two thousand people actually follow and enjoy my blog! You guys are the true MVPs and I love every single one of you to death <3 So this is just a little shout out to all the lovely people that I follow as a little thanks for me to you :) I love you all and hope you all have a great 2017 🎉

faves = bolded

♔ My Queens  (A few shoutouts to some lovely people) ♔

@hotlatinospacerebel: Kass, lovely lovely Kass, the clarke to my bellamy! I’m so beyond thankful that you are in my life. You are so darling and your writing is so fantastic! (I love that you tag me in your stuff, please continue to always do so). I remember that you were one of the first mutual that I got to know well and wow I’m so glad I did!!! love you so much <333 (btw i love your new url, its absolutely A++)

@tymedfire: ERIN!!! My lovely trash partner <333 Do you know that you literally saved my life when I was watching Prison Break?!?! because you did and I’m so glad that we could bond over our mutual love of actual butterflies michael scofield and fernado sucre. I’m just so thankful that we have become friends! Love you <333

@pepperish: Jess! You are the sweetest and you always send me cute messages and ask me how I am! Like that is so nice of you???!? And you are also so supportive of my creations and it really warms my heart <3 Also your writing is the most beautiful thing and makes me want to cry (but like in a really good way!!) 

@bellamyshugs: Ine, I just wanted to include you in this because I know we don’t talk a whole lot but you are a absolute gem and you are just the nicest. Every interaction with you makes me smile because you are so sweet and positive!! I just wanted to let you know <3 

@nobleallison: Liz <3 You send me cute little asks all the time, and can I just say, that it is literally the cutest thing <3 It makes me so happy that you think of me and take the time to send me those message and you are so pure and beautiful, thank you love!!! 

♔ My Beautiful Mutuals ♔

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Hello everyone!~ so this blog recently reached 5k followers and.. wow I just wanted to thank you all?! I’ve been on tumblr for about 5 years and I’ve never had this many people following me, honestly I still can’t believe it. Anyways, this follow forever is to thank all you amazing people and to give a shout out to all the blogs who fill my dash with prettty stuff ^.^

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someone just dmed me on ig with this picture of my profile and stuff
and i noticed it said big in yuri on ice and i never really ever thank any of you guys for reblogging my dumb textposts and following me so just wow jusjrh
im really emotional because this has sort of been my dream for a while, to be popular in a fandom for posting original textposts and stuff and it happened and i just want to hug every single one of you because i am so stunned and happy and i love all of you so so much and you’re the reason im smiling at my phone. you’re the reason im happy. thank you so so much, have a lovely rest of the year!

Hey guys!
I just wanted to thank you for 3k!

I started watching Mark and Jack on December the 9th of 2015 and I can’t believe it has been a year!
I started reblogging stuff on this blog a year ago?!

I’m so proud of being part of these communities!
You’re all incredible and you mean so much to me!
Thank you from the bottom of my heart for everything!

I appreciate you all so much! 

also im really creepy and every time anyone that follows me or just some random stranger says “wow your stuff is really neat” and i see that they draw too i look at their art and i want to go in their asks and be like


OMG I JUST CAME BACK TO CHECK ON TUMBLR AND I’VE GAINED SO MANY FOLLOWERS!!! THANK YOU SO MUCH FOR ALL YOUR SUPPORT! >.< I’m currently busy with work so I haven’t been on tumblr/updating and WOW! The surprise I had when I decided to check on my account after so long. I hope to have the time to draw more but if i don’t pls forgive me *bows* ANYWAYS~~~ THANK YOU EVERYONEEEEEE!!! PLEASE CONTINUE TO LIKE MY STUFF!!!

It’s Time For...(OOC)

ANOTHER GIVEAWAY! ..when’s the last time I drew a picture for it? WHEW! Anyway! First of all a big thank you to all of my followers, old and new! Seriously, it’s so flattering to see you guys on my followers list!

So let’s get to it! The prize is…*drumroll*

ART! A colored bust of a character of your choice! 

And of course….

Da Rules!

- Gotta be following me. I know, I know, but…I mean. This is a celebratory milestone for my followers. But new ones are welcome! Also please don’t follow me for the giveaway than unfollow. Pretty please?

-I’ll draw pretty much any character. However, nothing overly complex please. My crampy wimpy hands are awful, I know.

-Reblog + Like for 2 entries total. For a bonus 3rd entry, you can comment or add into your reblog a nice message for a RP blog of your choosing. Spread some holiday love and cheer!

-Limit 3 entries per PERSON. If you have a sideblog you’d rather reblog this to, that’s fine. Just no using sideblogs and mainblogs to get more than 3 entries.

-Giveaway ends January 5th! I’ll use RNG to determine the winner!

-Be safe this holiday season! And take care of yourselves, please.

Wow! 428 followers!!!♡

Like I can’t believe all of you have followed me??

I’m so glad you at least enjoy the posts I make and the things I reblog!!


Even if we don’t talk regularly or you just like the stuff i reblog


Remember you can always Ask me anything or even Message me!!

I am ALWAYS available for conversations
Heck I also do requests as well (Bts reactions/fake texts) all you have to do is ask me my babies!!  (´。• ᵕ •。`) ♡



…….why hello there all…..788 of you……that number is getting real close to 800……Hhhhhhhh…..
Well, WELCOME TO LE BLOG NEWCOMERS! I hope you’re enjoying the blog!…..and stuff. Anyways, WOW! Ive missed every milestone except oddly i celebrated 150. Sooo if we reach 800, ill for sure do something for it! Like another raffle or if you guys have any suggestions, please do tell me! Id love to hear what you guys have in mind, since this celebration thing isn’t for me, but for you guys!:3

Guys I….wow I am blown away yet again. I cannot stop thanking you guys for following and supporting me! My blog is almost 2 months old now and you guys have just been so so supportive and I’m so so blessed to have such amazing people who read my stuff and talk to me and keep me sane! My love for all 2,000 of you will never ever die. Never ever. You all are amazing and I will keep putting out content for you guys!

Thank you. So much. I’m so lucky to have this new family on here❣️


anonymous asked:

OK so I saw all your nice yoi art on another blog and I was like 'wow this is pretty, I should follow this person' but turns out that I had been following you the whole time....Why?? Why was I following you before????? What did you do????????

Ahhhhhh!!! AHaha! Thank you for following me!

I predominantly drew HQ stuff before? It might have been that!?

Have a good day!!

Samurai Jack Episode 28

I skipped out on streaming today and did some writing instead, which felt really good. It’s been too long since I last did writing. I need to invest some thought and time into making some stuff I can put on this blog, but for now, it’s time for Samurai Jack.

First though, I see I hit 100 Followers on this blog so heck yeah! Thanks you all for joining. I know you’re here by and large for Samurai Jack, but at the very least I hope I can be entertaining enough to keep some of you when this liveblog eventually concludes.

Anyway, episode 28, let’s do this.

Gonna take a brief moment to praise the art in this show in general, but also just starting with this episode. I mean wow, there’s Good Stuff going on right now.

This looks like a nice episode setting. I’m game.

Honestly me too, Jack. I’m an early riser which means I start shutting down around 11pm. Not an early riser by choice specifically but if I want the time to get home from work to stream I gotta start early. Tis the life.

The silence in this is wonderful too. Really draws you into the scene and locale.

Genuinely surprised there’s even one person in this city.

wow I lost 3 followers from all the stuff I posted just now

Well, if you think that a person posting anything unfavorably about a certain actress who publicly villainised a group of fans of the show she’s in, please unfollow me right now.


I am critical of daft, insensitive bigots.

Thank you very much.

You Guysssssssssss

I just passed 250 followers. I mean, like, wow. It feels like yesterday that I was making this blog and I was excited about 10 followers. My blog birthday is coming up this month as well and I’m working on a whole bunch of stuff, writing, rp and a bit of OOC, to spam you all with so you forget I’m busy all of the time! 
Thank you to my new followers for choosing my blog. Thank you to my old followers for sticking with me. Thank you to my mutuals and friends for being amazing.