but thank you

pieplease  asked:

hey so my tags are kinda crazy on your posts but i just realized, im actually familiar with your work (by which i mean i would sell limbs for it holy fuck) and i was just really behind on stalking your art tag. so.. you are hella lovely and i hope u have a good day! -andy

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Idk if this is a weird thing to tell you but I think ur super cute. Not in the attracted to you kinda way. You are aesthetically pleasing. I just wanna wrap you up in a blanket and rub your hair while marathoning like teen wolf, or game of thrones, or marvel movies, or lotr, or something. Is that weird?

10K WAT?! o.O

I don’t really look at the amount of followers this blog has often, but I came to see that my blog has reached over 10K followers. Like whateven??!
This came as abit of a shock to me hence the gif because I only ever made this blog to meet some of the lovely people and to express my inner Phangirl ^-^ This is a BIG THANK YOU to everyone who has liked or reblogged anything. I appreciate you guys so much you have no idea and this blog has really helped me just get out there as I was pretty scared to upload stuff on Tumblr in the beginning. 
I can’t wait to see what other thing this blog will get up to, hopefully I keep it alive and still active even if I’m currently on a semi hiatus

Again thank you so much, ALL OF YOU; My blogs is for you, DnP and ofc THE Dan to my Phil (I love you so much)

Much love,Claudia ❤️

Ugh it’s been a super shitty day, I couldn’t sleep after night shift and only slept a few hours and I have to go back to work. Plus it’s my anniversary and all my husband and I have done today is yell at each other.

Thanks sisters for your sweet words on These Hands and special thanks to @captainpoopweinersoldier for an amazing chapter 2 of All Change; both things have made my shit day so much better. You ladies are a ray of sunshine!