but temptation was too overwhelming to resist

How I learn languages

So, depending on the level of interest people have in my way of doing things, I might create a more thorough guide in the future. However, in the interest of brevity I will create a very rough step by step guide for people because why not.

1. Pick a language - Pick one you like; don’t worry about it being “practical” or “useful.” If you don’t like the language you’re studying, it’s going to be a miserable experience and learning languages should be fun!

2. Learn IPA - Learning how to read IPA characters (International Phonetic Alphabet) is imperative to being a successful language learner. If you haven’t already, put some time into learning how to read IPA transcriptions because it will save you a lot of time and give you a much better accent when learning the sounds of your target language. Avoid “english-y” transcriptions (e.g. très = TRAY) like the plague. They’re bad and people who make them should feel bad.

3. Learn the alphabet/writing system - Usually it doesn’t take a super long time, and if you’re studying a language like Japanese or Chinese it’s best to get used to using the writing system from the very beginning. You’re gonna have to deal with it eventually so you may as well hop right in. Relying on latin character transcriptions will only put off the inevitable.

4. Learn the pronunciation of your target language - I advocate a pronunciation-first approach. This will be easier or harder depending on how many unfamiliar sounds there are in your TL, but it’s worth going over the phonology (sound system) of your language early and getting used to how its sounds interact. If you don’t learn proper pronunciation in the beginning, you’ll ingrain incorrect pronunciations into your brain which will be hard to undo later on. You don’t have to try to make your accent perfect, accent reduction can come later, but it’s worth spending some time on. This is especially true for language with odd sounds or features (tones, voicing distinctions, etc.)

5. Pick ONE course/book - A problem I see a lot, and one that I have fallen into many times myself, is hording language learning resources. In the beginning, and especially for beginner polyglots, it is better to pick ONE really good course or book to follow, and focus on mastering the material within. If you try to split your time between too many resources or books or websites, you’ll quickly become overwhelmed. Some books/courses/series I recommend that can commonly be found for all languages are: Teach Yourself, Assimil, Duolingo, Linguaphone, and Pimsleur among others. You can always use one of those while you keep searching for more resources, but resist the temptation to dig into multiple books at once.

6. Use an SRS to learn vocabulary/grammar - SRS’s (Spaced Repetition Systems) are my bread and butter when it comes to memorization. Put simply, they are tools for spending your studying time more efficiently, and they warrant an entire post by themselves. Rote memorization is for the birds, so use a spaced repetition system such as Anki, Supermemo, a Leitner Box, or Memrise to avoid wasting your time. (Use Anki. Just use Anki. You’ll thank me later.)

7. Don’t translate - I used to learn vocabulary and grammar using English translations, but you’ll soon find that it’s only useful to an extent as your vocabulary gets bigger and you start running out of unique ways to translate synonyms. A more robust approach to flash card creation can be found in the book “Fluent Forever” by Gabriel Wyner, which I would definitely recommend reading. The short version is: use pictures instead of English translations for picturable words, for more abstract words and grammar concepts, use example sentences with cloze deletion cards (easy to create using Anki. seriously, just use anki.)

8. Speak the language! - Probably the only thing I actually learned from He Who Shall Not Be Named (anyone who’s been in the polyglot community for longer than 30 seconds knows who I’m talking about.) It seems simple but you should really speak the language as much as you can straight from the beginning. “But how can I speak the language if I’m not fluent or if I’ve just started?” Simple, use what you know, and do whatever it takes to make yourself understood. It really doesn’t take much, maybe 100 words or so (a day’s worth of work if you’re dedicated) to start to be able to put sentences together. Learning phrases is even better for this. For this reason, a phrasebook (Lonely Planet is a popular choice) is a worthy investment.

9. Immerse yourself as much as possible! - Watch TV, read books, nespapers, and articles, and listen to music in your TL. Get yourself used to being around the language. Ideally, you’d be able to move to the country or region where the language is spoken and truly immerse yourself, but for many total immersion can be either unrealistic or overwhelming. It’s totally possible to give yourself enough contact with the language and even create a 100% immersion environment all from the comfort of your home. The important thing is to have contact with the language and get used to being around it. This is where you’ll pick up on the rhythms of the language, tonality, intonation, all that good stuff. More importantly, it will get you used to how FAST people talk.

10. Keep looking for things you don’t know. - This is probably the best advice I could give anyone. There are things out there that you don’t even know you don’t know, so the best thing to do is to keep surrounding yourself with new facts, new vocabulary, new grammar structures, etc. If you’re looking for a new course/book, look for one that seems like it has a lot to teach you. Don’t rehash things you already know, it’s a waste of time. This is the basic principle of SRS’s, don’t review until you forget. Going back over concepts you already know is pointless and it contributes to “plateau syndrome” (when it feels like you’re not making any progress in your TL). Review what you need to, when you need to, only so long as you need to. Learning one new concept is worth more than going back over two you’ve already mastered.

11. HAVE FUN - The road to fluency is long. Like super long, I can’t stress this enough. You may not be fluent in 3 months, a year, two years, maybe even 5 years. It all depends on how much time you are willing to spend on the language and to a VERY VERY SMALL DEGREE how talented you are. The important thing is to not rush it and enjoy the experience. If you’re not having fun, modify your goals and your approach until you are.

This is nowhere near everything I have to say, but it’s a start. These are just some things I wish I had known when I started studying languages. So if it helps at least one person well hey that’s enough for me. :D

Mars transits through houses

Mars in the 1st House This is a very active period.High level of enthusiasm and energy, results will come easier than at other times of the year.

Mars in the 2nd House Good time to increase your income through a new project or venture. Good time for self-employment, although be sure to avoid any impetuous actions that could result in a loss of income.

Mars in the 3rd House Thrilling time, that can lead you to exhaustion.Try to stay calm.

Mars in the 4th House Domestic activities and home improvements will be important.Be aware of being impulsive, use caution when considering financial matters.

Mars in the 5th House Self-confidence is high and you will feel especially strong emotionally, this may lead to disagreements with those closest to you.

Mars in the 6th House Activities involving your work will be important at this time and this could lead to difficulties elsewhere as a result.Allow enough time for other areas of your life, or you may find relationships becoming strained.

Mars in the 7th House Period of uncertainty.You may think you’re being honest, but others may find your comments and observations offensive.This may be a time of miscommunication in relationships and you will need to concentrate on staying relaxed.

Mars in the 8th House You may feel yourself moving aggressively ahead, but using caution is important.Areas dealing with bureaucracy will cause you impatience.

Mars in the 9th House Great sense of forward thinking, and you will be overwhelmed with new ideas and enthusiasm.This is a good time to consider another job.

Mars in the 10th House Very active time, many goals will be realized.Take care that you don’t try to accomplish too much in a short amount of time, even though you have the every to do so.Pay attention to detail and be sure to include your family in a significant way.

Mars in the 11th House Social activities are pronounced, and you will find old acquaintances renewed, even as you make new friends.Additional pressures may be felt at work, and you should resist the temptation to share all of your thoughts with everyone you meet.

Mars in the 12th House Period marked by a lower energy level.Use this time for quiet reflection.There will be a preference to work independently on your own.

Scorpio Sun + Gemini Moon
  • Key Phrase: The Power of Persuasion
  • Remarkable Traits: Always knows how to get out of a bad situation, amazing with schemes, keeps their secrets intact but still manages to convince everyone of the opposite, poetic, compelling, resilient, intense.
  • Dark Side: Born manipulator. Great at lying, restless, overwhelming need of space, seems inconsistent, doesn't feel the need to explain their actions to others.
  • Quote: "A compulsion is a highbrow term for a temptation we're not trying too hard to resist", Hugh Allen.
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“Jared, it's… not a big deal. You don’t have to surprise me on my birthday…”

Domino was having a hard time expressing just how much she appreciated this gesture. Nobody had ever done something like this for her before (notably, she’d never exactly told anybody when her birthday was; it sounded too cliché to admit it was the day before Valentine’s Day).

Either way, she stayed close by his side as they wandered the department store. Jared seemed more excited about it than she, herself– or perhaps, on some level, better at expressing it.

Things were happening extremely quickly, between different departments passing, Jared commenting on what he wanted to get her… it was all a bit overwhelming. Naturally, then, upon opening her eyes (it was hard to resist the temptation to peek), it took her a good several beats to process what was in front of her.

The tiny hearts on the necklace were perhaps the most darling thing she’d ever seen, much less been given, and Domino was… utterly speechless.

Her eyes flitted between it and his face for a moment, as if appraising whether he was completely serious, fighting a momentary suspension of disbelief, before–

“It’s beautiful, you didn’t have to. Thank you.”

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For college!5sos blurb night, can you please do a project partner one with either Luke or Ash who happens to be a nerd but owns it like a boss in bed? :DD thank!! x


Wide-rimmed glasses, checkered sweaters and organised timetables; Luke Hemmings is everything you expected. Sure, you’d heard rumours from a few of your friends but aside from that you really had no idea what you were getting into when you signed up for his tutoring.

You were failing a tricky part of your course and he volunteered to help you catch up. You were a little surprised, having never spoken to him before, but gladly accepted and agreed to meet him at his apartment.

So here you are, fist raised and about to knock on the door.

But before you can swing forward and knock you hear the sound of turning locks and before you know it you’re staring straight at him, his wide, crystal-blue eyes looking at you with a shy smile.

“I heard you coming down the corridor,” He smiles sheepishly and steps aside, holding out his hand and gesturing inside. You smile, your books clutched between your hands, and walk into his apartment.

It’s a nice place: everything very clean and concise. You slip off your shoes and hang up your jacket on a peg before turning to see Luke staring at you, a slightly lopsided grin on his face.

“What? Is there something on my face?” You mumble, using your free hand to reach up and softly pat your cheeks. Luke shakes his head quickly, pushing his right hand to fiddle with the frame of his glasses as a fiery blush spreads across his pale face.

“I just think you’re really pretty, that’s all,” He explains, barely above a whisper. You find your eyes widening at his words.

Sure, you may have a little crush on the boy you’ve been unwillingly drawn to ever since class restarted, but you weren’t expecting him to say something so surprising about you.

“Thanks, Luke,” You give him a smile and rock back on your heels. His eyes light up as he remembers the reason for your visit.

“Oh, right, studying. I was thinking we could go into my room and try it in there,” His captivating orbs seem to skim over your body, taking note of every curve and crevice. You shuffle around, finding yourself feeling a little flustered.

“That sounds good, lead the way.”

Luke plods into a room a few feet away and you take a deep breathe. The fitted shirt pressed against his taught back seems to ripple as he makes his way towards his room.

You step in behind him, kicking the door shut and throwing your books onto his bed. Luke’s already sitting on the duvet, his hand patting a spot beside him and gesturing for you to join him.

His eyes seem to follow you as you sit down, sinking into the soft sheets as you peer up to see him looking down at you.

An energy seems to rip through the room as Luke’s eyes flicker from your eyes to your lips, his tongue flicking out to slide across the bottom one and moisten it.

Unable to resist temptation any longer, you reach forward and use one hand to cup his cheek, the silky smooth skin feeling luscious under your toughened palms. Luke tenses, his eyes widening.

You nudge your face a little closer, the overwhelming desire to kiss him growing too much to prevent.

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He Sketched Her in Loving Detail - a solavellan ficlet

I accidentally deleted my account. Now I have to start over. Followers, come back to meeeee.

  • She was only something to be studied, at first. But then he could not look away and each new sketch was a tribute of devotion.




The elven woman lay prone on the stone table, face as serene and still as a moonlit lake. Solas took her small hand into his and turned it over, observing the mark that was ever growing. The mark pulsed to the beat of the woman’s heart, and Solas knew that it was slowly killing her, feeding off of her life force.

I must fix this, he thought. This is my fault.

                A piece of charcoal in hand, Solas started the task of sketching out his observations. Jagged, harsh, gaping. His fingers traced her palm. Fingers slightly curled, palm open like embrium flowers. Small…delicate. Will likely die. Fully intending to examine the subject, his eyes travelled up her arm to rest on the elven woman’s face. She is young, untried and untested by this world, he thought. What a waste. It was the vallaslin he noticed first; the blood markings curled around her eyes like vines, speaking of a history with a meaning lost to the ages. She almost looked…beautiful…with such markings, each line and stroke perfectly tailored to her features. Solas sketched, committing her face to memory. He would remember her, another casualty caused by his foolishness and mistakes.


                He had always lived alone, with only his thoughts and the spirits of the Fade to keep him company. Thoughts could be lost to memory and the Fade is such a nebulous thing, and so Solas recorded both through sketches and paintings. Most at Haven avoided him, only seeing him as an apostate and a knife-ear. That was fine; he was content in his solitude. Lavellan, however, actually sought him out and talked to him, asking questions about the Fade — about him. Perhaps she felt a sort of kinship with him, another lone star in a community filled with unknown shems. Solas recalled the moment he took her hand and held her mark to the rift; her existence opened doors of possibility, yes, but it was how her face looked that he could not forget. Radiant,he thought. Face full of determination despite eyes that held both fear and doubt. Charcoal on paper, again filled with his memory of her. Just an observation.


                Her dreams drew him to her one night. He was growing ever curious, and let himself slip into a meadow ringed by ancient sylvanwoods. His eyes followed paths of sunlight falling from the branches to land on Lavellan’s face, her cheeks glowing with dappled patches of liquid gold. Solas wondered if he had ever seen her so content, and thought that he would have liked to draw her then.


                The cold nipped at the tips of his ears. All around him were faces devoid of hope and filled only with despair. The Herald was lost; Corypheus had dealt the Inquisition a heavy blow. She was to be their guiding light, and he had allowed himself to hope… no, she was a casualty now. There is nothing to be done. There is nothing left here. His hands sketched the people and the camp in an effort to distract himself from the unexpected pain and sadness he felt at her death. He could hear the advisors arguing in the distance, already aimless and lost without her. A shout, people running, wolves howling. Suddenly, Lavellan was there, cold and weak, but alive. She looked tired, oh so tired, but alive. His hands grew slack with relief and he would once again sit by her bedside, for the sake of observation, he told himself, drawing features so soft and beautiful and brave.

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Imagine when Bucky shares a bed with Steve he ALWAYS sleeps on his left side so his bio-mech arm is under him because he's afraid I'd Steve knowing how heavy it really is.

He wakes up stiff and cramped, his left side etched with jagged red lines from the hard plates. His metal arm never gets pins and needles, no matter how long he goes without shifting his weight. That’s pretty much the only benefit of sleeping on it.

“You never let me be big spoon,” Steve grumbles one morning, as Bucky is peeling himself carefully up off the bed to avoid the weird humming sound his arm makes whenever it comes back to life. He suspects it’s not actually as loud as it feels, but the noise grates on his nerves at this hour of the morning - and disturbs Steve, who then starts paying attention and asking questions, which is clearly a disaster. “Come on, let me have a turn for once.”

With his slack face and sleep-mussed hair, Steve is almost too adorable to resist. Almost. “I’m wide awake,” says Bucky, and pushes himself the rest of the way out of bed to prove his point. “The sun’s up, I want to go jogging, and you’re being too clingy.”

Steve pouts, and his free arm makes a very sloppy effort at catching Bucky to drag him back down onto the bed. He misses by about a foot. “Just five more minutes?”

“Nope, sorry.” Before temptation can overwhelm him Bucky snatches up a clean shirt and pulls it over his head. Steve looks ridiculously disappointed, but his arm flops back down and he doesn’t make any more efforts at persuasion.

Maybe next time, Bucky tells himself, in the quiet inner voice he knows he’s never going to listen to.

Lifting life up

If the bad stuff is getting to you too much, create more good stuff. Nothing can bring you down when you’re busy lifting life up.

Don’t fight the negativity, because that will just draw you in deeper. Instead, overwhelm negativity with positive substance.

Constantly complaining makes you more invested in whatever you are complaining about. Resist the temptation to complain, and find a positive response.

Let the negativity be, then let it go. Free yourself from its grip and with that freedom, move forward.

You don’t have to be naive to be positive. Though the negative things are still there, you can choose to focus all of your energy on creating new goodness.

No matter how difficult things are, there is always something good you can do. Lift up life, and put more of the power of positive living in your world.

— Ralph Marston