but temptation was too overwhelming to resist

Scorpio Sun + Gemini Moon
  • Key Phrase: The Power of Persuasion
  • Remarkable Traits: Always knows how to get out of a bad situation, amazing with schemes, keeps their secrets intact but still manages to convince everyone of the opposite, poetic, compelling, resilient, intense.
  • Dark Side: Born manipulator. Great at lying, restless, overwhelming need of space, seems inconsistent, doesn't feel the need to explain their actions to others.
  • Quote: "A compulsion is a highbrow term for a temptation we're not trying too hard to resist", Hugh Allen.
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“Jared, it's… not a big deal. You don’t have to surprise me on my birthday…”

Domino was having a hard time expressing just how much she appreciated this gesture. Nobody had ever done something like this for her before (notably, she’d never exactly told anybody when her birthday was; it sounded too cliché to admit it was the day before Valentine’s Day).

Either way, she stayed close by his side as they wandered the department store. Jared seemed more excited about it than she, herself– or perhaps, on some level, better at expressing it.

Things were happening extremely quickly, between different departments passing, Jared commenting on what he wanted to get her… it was all a bit overwhelming. Naturally, then, upon opening her eyes (it was hard to resist the temptation to peek), it took her a good several beats to process what was in front of her.

The tiny hearts on the necklace were perhaps the most darling thing she’d ever seen, much less been given, and Domino was… utterly speechless.

Her eyes flitted between it and his face for a moment, as if appraising whether he was completely serious, fighting a momentary suspension of disbelief, before–

“It’s beautiful, you didn’t have to. Thank you.”