but tbh i thought it would be jake

reasons i cant sleep at night:
  • “you weep for the jake”
  • jakes “you had me”
  • “you finally got me”
  • “i hope you live”
  • brooke never hearing his “i love you”
  • jake literately being killed while he was doing what he thought would allow him and brooke to go public && earn her dads favor
  • brooke looking at zoe ad noah and knowing that should have been her and jake
  • jake and brooke
  • jake fitzgeralds unnecessary death
  • “why didnt i say yes?”
  • “where he belonged”
  • “but he didnt”
  • brookes entire speech tbh

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What are you hogwartstuck headcannon? (If you have idk uvu)

ohh like houses and such :?

Dave and Jake in Hufflepuff, John in Gryffindor, Jade in Ravenclaw, Roxy hh either Ravenclaw or Gryffindor, Dirk either Slytherin or Gryffindor and tbh I have no idea where to put Jane, maybe Slytherin?

haven’t thought much of where most of the trolls would be hmm

oh and Eridan refuses to aknowledge magic as real through all the first year despite being in a wizard school lmao

and Dave gets really angry about the moving stairs

Anonymous asked you: I wanna see Dave using magic (he probably be like why aren’t there any spells that make apple juice appear or whatever) :-)

yeah haha maybe he’d try to turn the pumpkin juice into apple juice

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What did you think of act 7

(( Tbh I thought we would have seen fights and a old school kind of flash (as in Cascade or Collide) so I was surprised when I saw an actual animation. The whole thing was just beyond amazing and I admit I was a little confused because a lot of stuff wasn’t brought up or explained, but Homestuck has always been a complicated story with lots of unexplained things. I also think that an open ending was a good choice!! Like this we can keep imaging what happens to them. There’s nothing set, we can still make up theories and stuff, which is gr8!))

Anonimo ha detto: jake and dirk talked and are playing soccer in the final updates what are your thoughts on that

((Dirk and Jake:
✓ Alive
✓ Talked to each other
✓ Are again in good terms
✓ Playing soccer
My mind keeps telling me about possible make ups and make outs))

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Is Jake and Jesy's relationship real? I ask because I just saw they got engaged (awww, if it's real), but I thought I saw a while back he threw shade other? And I figured if anyone might know you would. I guess.

Anonymous said:

hi Sasha! as usual I’m loving your blog. you’re one of my favorite bloggers tbh. I was wondering, your thoughts on the whole Jakesy engagement? I’m a Mixer (cuz IMO it’s easy to love LM as long as I cover Perrie’s face w/my finger and pretend her racist appropriating ass doesn’t exist :]) and clearly I know Zerrie is fake (Ziam all the way) I ship Jakesy. BUT, I think the way he proposed was so attention seeking. not that im surprised but still. actually i dont think it was the best business ½ 2/? move because people already see Perrie for the attention seeker she is, and the GP comments on how thirsty LM is and how they beg for votes, but now on top of all that they have a public engagement? there’s no way it would have trended on twitter (even for that 1 min.) if it hadn’t been so public, so it was clearly at least in part for publicity. also they did an interview not long ago where Jesy said she love to marry him and now suddenly they’re engaged. it seems so staged (cont.) 3/?so I wonder what you think of it do you think they are really together and do you think the engagement is real? I know you say M!M hides Ziam better than Larry cuz they learned the 1st time (i agree w/ u) but I wonder if that applies to Jakesy as well/is it a real relationship or just PR but M!M learned how to make it more believable after the world class fuck up that is Zerrie? i ship/believed Jakesy until the engagement but am now skeptical. wbu? also sorry for my bad english! love you!


Anonymous said:

Zerrie’s ending is near bc jesy got engaged and i think it’s the replacement… Your thoughts?


Lemme start by saying I don’t follow the happenings of Jakesy (is that their ship name?) too closely. I don’t particularly care, either. But just the fact that LMHQ is also 1DHQ and we all know what bullshit artists they are makes me suspicious. Just a cursory review of this makes me think, fauxmance.

Jake’s mom comes up in a lot of headlines. So I googled her. I had no idea who she was. Apparently she’s a minor celebrity in the UK. Is this why she’s a bit thirsty? Also while googling, I unfortunately came across this:

Bitch say what??? So she’s both homophobic and Islamophobic. Sounds like she’d fit right in with the gang at Modest. Yep, I bet if they plotted a fauxmance and wanted to insert her son into it, she’d be all for it. Because she seems to wanna stay (be?) relevant and she also seems to be morally, ethically and intellectually challenged. That’s right up Modest’s alley. Anywayyyyy…

“Smitten kitten”???  LOL Here’s yet another phrase I’ve never heard a young guy utter, ever. And yeah, where The Sun is involved, lies are being told.

That thirsty mom again…

Engagement seeding begins.

How is this even possible?? Sounds like made for tweens fanfic.

Who does this? If you’re in the public eye and your boyfriend is in the public eye, why would you say this unless it was for publicity purposes? Doesn’t publicly announcing you wanna get married seem rather awkward? Wouldn’t that put unnecessary pressure on Jake to propose? Doesn’t that make Jesy look a bit desperate? I’m just sayin’… Oh, and there’s also another obligatory thirsty mom mention. Jesy saying she “loves” “cute” Coleen seems to be a little image rehab after those gay rights/ISIS comments. You wash my back, I’ll wash yours…

The public proposal at an Ed Sheeran concert seems pretty stunty. From a media point of view, anybody who has an alert set for Ed Sheeran (who is indisputably more popular than Little Mix or Rixton) or searches Ed Sheeran is gonna get this story for the next few days at least. So, free advertising for Little Mix and Rixton. Then there was the posting about it to twitter and Instagram, including Little Mix’s account as opposed to Jesy’s (LM has more followers) that also seems like a calculated move.

Overall, I don’t trust anything coming from LMHQ. So that includes this too. And yes, I do think Jakesy could be replacing Zerrie as the perfect LM romance. Zerrie has overstayed their welcome anyway and soon Zayn will no longer be contractually obligated to stunt with Perrie. Now is a good time to turn up Jakesy in preparation for turning down Zerrie. So yeah, I’m very skeptical that this is legit. :/