but tate you are the darkness

Little Bug- Tate (pre-death) x Reader

request: Can I have a Tate smut/cute imagine with a lot of kisses and cuddles?

a/n: since i don’t write smut i’m going to make this as fluffy as humanly possible


You still couldn’t believe that you and Tate were dating.  You’d been friends since you were in your mother’s stomachs.  He understands you better than anyone else in the whole world.  He knew exactly what you were thinking and when your mom passed away he was there, holding your hand.

Your heart broke into pieces but he was there, he couldn’t fix you but he helped you heal every step of the way.  You smile as you glance at the amazing young man sitting beside you, blonde hair brushing his dark eyes.

“What?”  Tate asks.  His eyebrows pull up, getting further covered by his shaggy hair.  You just smile at him and shake your head, tossing your silky hair about.  Taking a hand to your boyfriend’s head, you brush back his thick locks revealing his entire handsome face.  Tate’s eyes shut in happiness, and he sighs out at your touch.  You move away when your phone buzzes on the comforter beside you.

Clutching the cold cell phone in your hand you read the bolded name, Joey Bilson.  You cock your head to the side in confusion, why would a random guy from school text you now.  You suspiciously slide the message to the side to reveal a puzzling question; hey girl wanna come over??.  You feel slightly flattered but you love Tate and of course you’d never cheat, you reply quickly, thumbs flying over the projected keyboard.  sorry, i’m hanging out with tate and you feel the vibration of a response before you can even put the cell phone down, that freak? really you’re still a thing.. well i didn’t realize you were such a freak, bullet dodged.  don’t bother responding.  You feel your eyes fill with tears and you slam the phone on the bed and jump onto your feet, fueled by anger.

“Y/N, what’s wrong?”  Tate shifts on the bed, springs squealing as his weight moves.  You huff in anger and pace around, stomping your feet on the soft carpet which muffles the sound.  You spin on your heel and feel as though steam is streaming out of your ears like in an old cartoon, in reality your ears really do get red and hot when you get angry.

“Ugh people suck!! I can’t believe what that jerk said..”  You whine out through furious tears.  Tate picks up your phone, it disappears in his large hand, and unlocks it.  The fact that he knows your password surprises you but you have bigger things on your mind.  He reads the messages and stands up to face you.

“That guy is an idiot, he just can’t see what we have and he’s jealous he doesn’t have it,”  Tate comes close to you, craning his neck so that you’re eye to eye, wrapping his arms around your waist he pulls you into his chest.  Peppering your warm head with kisses and smoothing down your hair, he begins to calm you down.

“Did you know you’re amazing, Bubbie boo.”  You purr out his special nickname and he squeezes you tighter, lifting you off your feet.  Flailing your arms and smacking his back you protest, “Ahh stop- oof.”  The air is knocked out of you as he flops back onto your bed with you still on top of him.

“You-”  He plants a soft kiss on your forehead.   “Are-” now two on each cheek.  “My beautiful-” One on the tip of your sloped nose.  “Little Bug-”  And finally he kisses you on the mouth, pressing soft lips against yours.

Wiggling away from him you laugh out, “Little bug!! I like it!”  He smiles and attacks you with kisses all over your neck and chest, occasionally nibbling at your skin and leaving love bites.  He is everything you want, and you realize he’s right, that asshole just couldn’t see the beautiful relationship between you two.

J. M. W. Turner, Seascape with Storm Coming On, c.1840, oil on canvas, 91.4 x 121.6 cm, Tate Collection. Source

An unfinished Turner for you this Thursday evening. Seascape with Storm Coming On is an impressionistic wonder, with rich gold tones and stunning contrasts between natural light and darkness. The artist’s technique gives an ambiguity to the landscape; it is only really with the help of the title that the viewer is able to read the patches of colour and confident brushstrokes.


Requested by @askrosemarymckneal

“Oh you nerd! Are you seriously- oh my gosh, yes! A thousand times yes!”
You felt like you were in a dream, your ghost boyfriend of four years was proposing to you.
You just felt amazing when he slid that ring on your left ring finger, it was a simple ring but absolutely beautiful to you. Of course you weren’t quite sure how the deal of marriage would work out between the two of you, but right now that didn’t matter. There was just you and Tate, nothing else existed and nothing else mattered. His dark brown eyes met yours and he smiled so brightly that it could light up a room. The blonde boy could not even formulate words to say, he just knew that you said ‘yes’. The darkness cleared for him because he found the light in you, your eyes, your body, your soul. Tate stood up and held your face in his hands.
“Are you ready to spend forever with me?”
He asked trying to give more confirmation that this wasn’t just a dream.
“Tate Langdon, I’ve been ready.”

Are You Afraid of the Dark ~ Bree Connor

Bree has enough on her plate working as a student nurse at Beacon Hills Memorial Hospital. The last thing she needs is more drama - but unfortunately that’s just what happens when she develops an attraction to Jordan Parrish, the new cop in town. Hiding her own abilities doesn’t work so well when she’s trying to help solve the mystery of Jordan’s. Bree didn’t need drama - instead, she got mayhem.


{Tate Connor || Ellie Connor}

15. Can I kiss you?- Kyle x Reader

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Dancing and twirling in front of the mirror, you inspect your date outfit.  The black lace up front long sleeve T hugs your upper body nicely, and the light washed low rise ripped boyfriend jeans compliment it perfectly.  You are psyched to go out with Kyle.  He is so sweet with his sweet dark puppy dog eyes, floppy blonde hair, and football player build.

Three short raps at your door alert you to Kyle’s arrival.  “Hey!” You say as you pull open the front door.  Kyle smiles goofily.  You struggle with your army green bomber jacket, flailing your arms around.

“Come here,”  Kyle half sighs-half laughs.  He steps carefully inside and gently takes your jacket in his hands holding it out for you.  Kyle is such a perfect gentleman, he’s every mom’s dream.

“Thank you,”  You mutter, smiling bashfully, looking up from under thick mascara coated lashes.  Kyle rewards you with a flashing smile and steps aside.  You swing the door shut and head towards his car.  Kyle jogs to get ahead of you and pulls open the car door.  You look at him astonished.  Kyle looks at you confused.

“Why do you look so surprised?”  He asks sincerely confused.  You just smile amazed and shake your head.

“It’s just that you are such a gentleman, no one has ever treated me the way you do.  You are like a disney prince!”  You blurt out excitedly.  You shut your mouth quickly with an embarrassed smile.  Kyle looks at you frustrated.

“You are such an amazing girl… Frankly, it surprises me that no one has ever treated you right.”  He frowns.  You reach over and boop his nose.

“I think you are one of a kind, Mr. Spencer,”  You smile brilliantly, showing all your teeth and squinting your eyes.  Kyle looks at you with his intense eyes and bites his lip.  Even in the dark car he looks like an angel, with his mess of blonde hair.

“Can I kiss you!”  He blurts out, eyes glancing down to your lips hungrily.  Without a word you pull the collar of his dress shirt toward you and meet his plump lips with your own.  The feel of his lips pressed against yours is exhilarating.  His hand travels down to your lower back and pushes you closer to him, you can feel the middle console pressing on your stomach.  Kyle pulls away slightly looking at you intensely and then brushing a piece of hair behind your ears.  He then turns back to the wheel and buckles his seat belt.  You continue to look at him in a frozen trance.  Kyle looks at you expectantly.

“Buckle up.  What movie do you want to see?”  Smiling satisfied you buckle your seatbelt and the date begins.


A poem inspired by the painting “Cosmos y desastre” by David Alfaro Siqueiros, which can currently be seen at the Tate Modern Gallery in London.

You have not painted suffering
Until you have painted
With blood & darkness themselves
Until you have found
Literal relief
In layers
Of dead bodies
Like brushstrokes

Pain is a thing you touch
With the tip of your tongue
Is a thing that bites
Is a thing that fills your nostrils
Until you have no choice
But to journey

Suffering is a thing
Not often painted
Not often written
Reaches a point where it becomes a silence

That gnaws at your edges
Until you become
A quiet space
Something no longer painted
No longer written
No longer known but by those who touch
With the tip of their tongue
And fall prey

Are You Afraid of the Dark ~ Tate Connor

Being the son of the infamous demon wolf means that Tate, as a werewolf himself, has a lot to live up to. Not that he’s trying - he’d much rather focus on living the high life, partying and doing drugs while somehow managing to maintain astounding grades in his engineering degree. Then Tate starts to sober up and take things a bit more seriously. Maybe it has to do with the fact that creepy shit is happening in Beacon Hills…or maybe it’s his sudden, inexplicable crush on Lydia Martin.


{Bree Connor || Ellie Connor}

meatsleep  asked:

3 5 7 10 18 20 32 36 37 39 46 87 88 99


3. what color are your eyes? Dark brown

5. what is your relationship status? Single and ready to m-get a good education

7. what color hair do you have? Black. Super black.

10. how would you describe your style? I DON’T KNOW :(

18. favorite tv show? Trailer Park Boys

20. how tall are you? About 5′8″

32. 3 favorite girl names Aura, Joey, Keegan

36. favorite movie? Perfect Blue

37. do you read a lot? whats your favorite book? I do. My favorite book is the Evolution of Calpurnia Tate and I also like Jane Eyre

39. do you have a nickname? what is it? No :(

46. whats your go to hair style? Really bad bun

87. are you outgoing or shy? Real shy

88. do you like it when people play with your hair? Y E A H

99. what is your zodiac sign Capricorn

∾ℂoming ℧ndone∾


Αn Αmerican ℋorror Story ℛp

The girl gave her best friend a worried look, as she took a nip of her waterbottle. Jolting the schoolbus made his way, towards the long street where the two of them lived - almost door to door since childhood. “You okay, goldilocks?”, she asked careful, unmistakable sorrow in her voice. Tate seemed a little bit tired, dark circles under his eyes. Maybe it was from the whole house moving thing, since his mother decided to thenceforth live with her new lover in that old, monstrous mansion. “Already unpacked all your things? Ready for me to bring chaos and devastation to your new room?” A faint smile covererd the brunets lips. Actually they spent a lot of their freetime together, but at this very moment Amelia was not sure if Tate appreciated the girls presence. He was never the easy lad, always a little bit reserved but with her he seemed to click.“Maybe I could get some of mom’s brownies and a good sci-fi movie, though I would prefer to watch something that creeps us out!” Watching films together was their thing, for the blonde never seemed to be much the outdoor fan - but hell! That was more than okay! At least he had a good taste in music and was not as annoying as the most boys at his age.

Are You Afraid of the Dark ~ Ellie Connor

Starting her senior year after being on exchange in Germany, Ellie didn’t really expect things to go smoothly. Between hot new guy Theo Raeken and the fact that Stiles got attractive, Ellie thinks maybe Beacon Hills might have some potential after all. But then come the lapses in her memories, the nightmares…and Ellie starts to think something horrifying might be happening to her.


{Bree Connor || Tate Connor}

overlyobsessedwithbrits  asked:

Hey! I hope you're still completing ships😊. I'm an ENFJ, and a Virgo. Even though I'm extroverted, I do like my alone time. I'm 5'5, tan, dark brown, medium length hair and brown eyes. I am curvy, and I've got legs for days. I really enjoy reading and writing, as well as photography and binge watching Netflix. I'd like to think I'm on the smarter end of the scale. I try to be as kind as I can to other people because I don't know what they're going through. I also really like to cuddle.

Tate would be adorable with you.  he’d love spending time with you and your ability to be outgoing complements his introversion.  he would love reading with you and watching netflix and cuddling.  he’d also love looking at your photos and having sweet conversations