but talking about him dancing inspired me

unpopular opinion: viktor isn’t depressed

he’s bipolar

like look, he definitely shows signs of depression, which the fandom has already picked up on:

  • losing enjoyment in things he once enjoyed (skating)
  • running out of inspiration— a lack of motivation
  • how miserable he looks during the first stammi vicino
  • his tendency to drink too much

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but there are also signs of mania:

  • sudden bursts of inspiration/creativity: there’s only three months between sochi banquet and worlds, when yuuri goes viral. yet in that short period he started and nearly finished not just one, but two amazing SPs inspired by the banquet.
  • starting things but not finishing them: of course, somewhere along the way he lost inspiration and didn’t finish either eros or agape.
  • impulsivity: packing up everything, pretty much ending his career, and flying halfway across the world to be with a guy he danced with once at a party, because of a video.
  • excitement, talking really fast: the entire “do you have feelings for minako? do you have a girlfriend? any ex-girlfriends? LET’S TALK ABOUT ME! my first girlfriend—” exchange
  • grandiosity: viktor is sometimes ridiculous and over-the-top. that’s why we love him!

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so guys. listen. here’s the timeline:

  • pre-sochi (depression): he’s on a downswing. skating is losing its purpose. he’s getting older. he can’t surprise anyone anymore. he’s realising that he’s been “neglecting his life and love” for his whole life, and now he has nothing.
  • immediately post-sochi (mania): meeting yuuri triggers a manic episode. he’s in love! he’s probably waiting for yuuri to contact him and whisk him away into the sunset on a white horse! he’s inspired! he begins choreographing eros, but wait! also agape! he’s full of ideas and creativity! life seems so promising!
  • between sochi and worlds (depression): yuuri never acknowledges him. this triggers another downswing. he runs out of inspiration and is unable to finish eros and agape. he looks tired and miserable during stammi vicino. he’s forgetting important things, like his promise to choreography for yuri p.
  • post-world championships (mania): on the day of worlds, yuuri’s video goes viral. he sees it and suddenly! it’s! a message! this has to mean something! this is a message! to him! (*cough* psychosis *cough*) off he goes! he packs up everything and flies halfway across the world. he’s so excited! to learn more! about yuuri! tell me about yourself! let’s talk about me! let’s sleep together!
  • yuuri seemingly rejects him (depression): he cries himself to sleep, drinks too much, seems a little more serious. reality hits him and he’s suddenly doubting whether anything meant what he thought it meant.

but then their relationship starts to develop slowly. he starts to stabilize a little as he begins to settle into life with yuuri. he’s not so depressed about the “life and love” thing, and he’s also getting used to the unfamiliar environment. he stops swinging so intensely. china happens, then barcelona.

and now we have our sweet, content, and a lot less manic vitya ^^

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NOPE NOPE NOPE, you started this now you have to tell me more about these cuties,, you already have a universe about them? then please tell me more :))) like who are enemies who are lovers who are friends?? what are their stories? pls im curious. and ima be a little bias but Pisces is my star sign feel free to talk about him a little more :)))

Thanks for question! It’s a little troublesome to describe each character thou. Let’s talk about Pisces only if you don’t mind :)
Actually he does not have any open rivals or enemies in general. Has artistic nature, so he spends a lot of time with Capricorn (who dances and sings) and Taurus (she kinda inspires him). He and Scorpio are interested in human stuff Aquarius brings from the Earth sometimes, thats why all three of them have some little issues with Sagittarius, who doesn’t welcome this hobby. Pisces is pretty  romantic. There’s rumor that his kiss can resurrect people, but he denies it.

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okay but please also consider: Yuuri coaching Minami and Victor coaching Yuri. They end up being potrayed as "rival teams" by the media but its all just ridiculous flirty banter between Victor and Yuuri which gets more and more suggestive every time they meet at competitions (meanwhile Yuri is screaming that they are the worst coaches ever)

Okay, Nonny, trust me. I have considered it. I have thoroughly, thoroughly considered it.


–Vicchan never died, and Yuuri didn’t screw up the Sochi GPF. BUT ALSO drunk banquet shenanigans did not occur, and so Viktor never came to him, and they basically just turned into competitors for a few years (more on that later). Because of this, Yurio took longer to figure himself out, get invested in the Seniors, and possibly had a minor injury that set him back, etc. In the meantime, Minami finally hits his growth spurt. Three years later, and we have the start of this AU: Yurio’s 18, Minami is 20, and Yuuri has just retired at 27 and been asked (ahem: begged) by Minami to coach him. Yakov is trying to transition his students over to prep for his own retirement, so he tests out the idea of Viktor coaching Yurio (Lilia smacks him in the head for thinking this is at all a Good Plan). Both Minami and Yurio are the hot favorites for the gold.

–Minami spends half of practice at Ice Castle Hasetsu drooling over his idol, Yuuri, and Yuuri spends most practices with his face in his hands because Minami hasn’t forgotten a single factoid about him since he became a skater when he was 12. “Minami, no, you shouldn’t reference that skate, that was my dark past!” “Coach! Sir! My lord!” “Please don’t call me that.” “Didn’t you win gold at Worlds that year?” “Okay, I did, but–”

–At the beginning, Viktor spends half of practice “subtly” needling at Yurio to see how far he can push him and to try to grant him some humility, while simultaneously sending him on what Yurio likes to call BS Spiritual Quests. “How is babysitting Makkachin supposed to make me a better skater?” “Makkachin is the dog of a champion, Yurio, if you have to ask then clearly you are not a talented enough skater to understand. Also, I’ll be back at midnight! Watch this choreography video while I’m gone!”  

–Hot Springs on Ice still happens after Minami releases a video of him and Yuuri skating side by side to Stammi Vicino. ”That bastard thinks he can do MY COACH’S ROUTINE?” Yakov blows a gasket. “Have you seen this, Viktor, your student’s run off to Japan! Control him!” “Oh no,” says Viktor cheerfully. “Don’t worry, Yakov, I’ll be responsible and go collect him.” Yurio bought the plane ticket with Viktor’s credit card, which he miraculously found lying out on Viktor’s front room table. Viktor definitely spent the last week playing the viral video on repeat to an increasingly aggravated Yurio. “What a surprise, ending up here!” He announces to Hiroko upon arrival, and flips open his trip itinerary on his phone to ask for her opinions. “You’ll never believe who showed up!” Minami exclaims to Yuuri, who frantically drags him into one of the onsen’s bathrooms and keeps him there for an hour.

–After Hot Springs on Ice, the media gets really amped up about the rivalry between Minami and Yurio. Minami does not realize it’s meant to be a furious rivalry, and excitedly shows numerous hungry reporters pictures of him and Yurio from their Juniors days. “Yeah, we’ve skated together since forever!” “BLOODY SKATING RIVALRY IS SIX YEARS IN THE MAKING,” the papers scream. Yurio, to deal with his Viktor-inspired anger, is often caught kicking over tables and flinging objects. “RUSSIA’S PRODIGY CAN’T CONTROL HIS FIERY PASSION OVER THE RIVALRY!” Eventually, they drag the coaches into it too, especially after Viktor and Yuuri make searing eye contact for a solid twenty minutes during Skate America. “COACHES JOIN BROILING RIVALRY BETWEEN PLISETSKY AND KENJIROU! OLD HATRED FLARES UP!” By the time the NHK trophy rolls around, it is downright ridiculous. “PLISETSKY FIRES HIMSELF UP BY COMING TO WATCH BITTER RIVAL, KENJIROU, IN THE NHK TROPHY!” This part is true. Kind of. “NIKIFOROV AND KATSUKI RUN OFF TOGETHER AFTER COMPETITION, PROBABLY TO… FISTFIGHT IN THE PARKING LOT!” Well, there were certainly bruises that developed after that encounter, so the media’s not totally wrong.

–By the GPF, there has been a slow realization among certain internet groups. “Look at how Katsuki and Nikiforov behaved around each other during their last few years of competition,” posts Katsudominate14 on Tumblr. This is accompanied by a flurry of screenshots of them together. “Are they holding hands in this one?” Meanwhile, Otabek is the only one that’s heard a whisper of the other developing issue with the ‘rivalry.’ I HATE HIS GUTS, is typically how Yurio’s text messages start. Look at his stupid face in this stupid interview! He’s so cheerful! Who the hell does he think he is to compliment my skating like that? He makes me want to throw him on the ground! And straddle him! And yell into his face from two inches away! Finally Otabek sighs, and sends Yurio a playlist in response. This is for when you finally get him alone and start making out with him. Yurio doesn’t respond for twenty minutes. Crap, he texts, I like him

–After the GPF, when Yurio’s got his gold medal in hand and silver winner Minami is excitedly engaging him in competition about Worlds, Yurio yanks him around by his medal and yells “you’d better dance with me at the banquet!” Minami thinks being pulled around is surprisingly fun. They do dance at the banquet, but this is overshadowed by the media catching a picture of a tipsy Viktor and Yuuri kissing in the corner. When Yurio is questioned, he goes a bright, furious red and hollers “I DON’T WANT TO TALK ABOUT THOSE IDIOTS! THEY’VE BEEN FLIRTING ALL SEASON! I AM A GOLD MEDALIST! Ask me about skating!” When Minami is questioned, he curls up his cute little nose and laughs, “Oh, you didn’t know? Coach’s liked him since he started skating; Viktor was his inspiration.” Minami is Katsuki Yuuri’s number 1 fan. Nothing gets past him.

–The “rivalry” is disbanded. Yuuri and Minami start training in Russia the next year.

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Ahhh, geez. I’d have to actually put more thought into this. But thanks for asking, Nonny! SO MUCH FLIRTY BANTER, you are right!!

maybe ya’ll knew this, but i’m kinda late

have you noticed that Mon-El never talks about Daxam in past tense? Like “Ah, bribery, got it. We have that on Daxam.” or “is that like a problem here on Earth? On Daxam we call it ‘the more the merrier.‘” or “On Daxam when a woman wishes to please a man…” “Well, on Daxam we have arranged marriages…” The only few exceptions were “I used to dance a lot on Daxam.” “There wasn’t much to inspire me on Daxam.”

It’s like it hasn’t fully hit him that his planet is gone, and that he should talk about it in past tense. My pure, lost, innocent space puppy 

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25 Reasons Why I Love Kim Namjoon

1. His love of crabs, how his eyes light up when he finds one and he cradles it so gently in his hands and shows it to the others. It’s something so simple but it makes him smile so brightly and brings out that childlike wonder in him.

2. Deep, thoughtful lyrics. It’s what initially got me into BTS when I realized their songs weren’t just another love song, that they had a meaning, that heart was put into every word and they were inspired by real life and people. The thing about Namjoon is that he’s so talented he could have easily written catchy pop lyrics and gained success that way, but instead, he wrote about what he believed in, what he’s passionate about, in songs like No More Dream, N.O., Change, and the list goes on and on. He speaks through music, not just in words but in emotions. He once said that there are no language barriers between BTS and Army, and he’s absolutely right because the feelings communicated through music are understood in any country of any language. He gets that. Which brings me to my next point…

3. Multilingual. When he’s doing live streams and he’ll say something in Korean, then English, then Japanese. Also, that one time he was doing a live and said “Konnichiwa!”, then checked his watch and went “Konbanwa!”. Cute.

4. Nose Scrunch

5. Thoughtfulness. Whether it’s his social consciousness, or just remembering details like Hoseok’s favorite tea was peppermint. He’s always thinking of others before himself, working hard for his members and Army. That time in bon voyage when he said the grocery bags were heavy but refused jimin’s offer to help because jimin’s hand was injured.

6. His skin,,, it’s so smooth.. how???

7. Always grateful for Army, not just because they’re the reason for their success, but they believed in BTS and in him even through all their struggles and the times they almost had to disband. BTS and Army have done this together and always, always acknowledges this, thanking them first at award shows where other artists might thank their producer or company. He never forgets international Army, either.

8. Humble. Despite his IQ, immense talent and success he’s still one of the most humble people I’ve ever seen? He’s constantly looking to improve himself and his music, his English and Japanese, and his dancing. He’s an inspiration.

9. Smart. Sexy brain mon. Is there anything more attractive than a guy who loves books?

10. Ice skating. Who knew??

11. He’s so, so passionate about what he does. You can hear it in his voice when he raps and you can see it overflowing from him on stage, that spark in his eyes when he’s performing, when he makes it his and it’s plain to anyone that it’s where he’s meant to be and he’s doing what he’s meant to do.

12. Hard working. He has so many responsibilities as the leader on top of writing, producing, and being an idol, but never complains. This boy was raised right.

13. He looks all intimidating with his height and sharp eyes and a name like rap monster but in reality?? He’s just a big soft boy with fluffy hair and long legs who doesn’t know his own strength and can’t cut onions and has the brightest smile in the universe and the prettiest dimples and just wowowowow have you seen him??? What a soft boy, a cute boy.

14. The sound effects he makes when he tells a story.

15. Let’s not forget that he definitely had a secure future and probably any college he wanted and could have done well at whatever he put his mind to and it would have been so easy to take a path of certainty but instead he gave up those things to follow his dreams and how many people have the courage to do that? Especially to give up the guarantee of security for something as unstable as the music industry? That takes so much bravery but now he and BTS are paving the way for the next generation to follow their dreams as well.

16. Clumsy. A big, adorkable boy.

17. That time on bon voyage when he said goodnight to the moon and stars.

18. Despite his singing and dancing being made fun of it didn’t stop him from singing or dancing and that time when they had to dance to Not Today blindfolded and not even the dance line could do it but he could, and since he didn’t stop singing his vocals are actually really good and Taehyung wanted him to show them off in ‘4 o’clock’ because he has a really nice voice please stop sleeping on his vocals.

19. His softness for his members. He never runs out of heart eyes and gentle smiles to give them.

20. Leg monster

21. #kimdaily. A fashion icon! Has his own really unique style and pulls it off so well. Namjoon, teach me your secrets.

22. Wink monster, pink monster, aegyo monster, dance monster, shopping monster.

23. He’s open about his struggles with mental illness and self-hatred despite it being taboo he still talks about it so others going through the same thing will know they aren’t alone.

24. *trying not to burp* “I shouldn’t drink coke,” *immediately drinks coke*

25. Bottom line is that Kim Namjoon is an inspiration and we’re so freaking lucky to have him and I hope he knows how much he’s loved.

Happy Birthday Namjoon!!


★yoongi likes being in the middle

★he’ll whine if he isn’t  

★played rock paper scissors to see which bed you’d sleep in 

★you took the sofa 

★and still ended up with them next to you 

★matching cute underwear to lounge around in  

★seokjin loves when you and yoongi sleep curled into him

★yoongi always has you and seokjin in his studio so he has inspiration

★and people that will go out and get him food 

★when they’re away they send postcards 

★not of the place they’re in

★one that has their face on 

★with some cheesy message on the back  

★reunion parties 

★which is just the three of you laying in bed and talking about everything you’ve done

★they tease you about  comebacks

★’give me a sneakpeak’


★you get hyped af

★but their sneakpeaks consist of pictures of the recording studio

★and the dance studio   

★make you listen to the album for the first time with them 

★they like seeing your reactions to it

★’hobi sounds nice’

★’but wHAT ABOUT US’

★really protective

★their eyes never leave you when you’re out in public

★what if somebody takes you from them???

★they’re so supportive of you

★got a test?

★they bring you food and water

★going for a job?

★they help you practice what you’re going to say

★dates are really random

★but are fun

★your favourite thing to do is drive somewhere quiet and watch the stars

nsfw from here

★yoongi is a bottom  

★a very needy bottom 

★wants all the attention 

★and wants your lips all over him

★loves eating you out while being pounded by seokjin

★gets mad when you and seokjin have sex without him

★’why are you so cuddling with him?’

★’we fucked in the shower’


★’while you were sleeping’

★’i’ll be right back’

★you watch him drag seokjin out of the room

★and moments later you hear his sweet moans

★seokjin loves seeing you both in pastel pink lingerie 

★’you both look so tasty’

★he can go for hours

★he always covers you and yoongi in love bites

★then blushes when he sees them the next day

Salsa | Tim Drake x Reader
Request: Are you accepting requests? If so, can I request Tim with a dancer s/o (reader) and she’s like a dancer on Dancing with the Stars or smth and he’s jealous that she’s partnered up with a very handsome guy? Thanks!

Words: 1309

Notes: Have I ever mentioned that Tim always inspires me? I don’t know why, but his character gets me thinking about inspirational things and ideas. 

Masterlist | Inbox

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“What’s wrong, Tim?” You finally blurt.

Keeping your eyes locked on his is the best way to get him to talk. You know how much he adores you and your gaze, and you also know how Tim Drake gets when something’s not quite right. You glance back at the TV. He drills holes into the screen as it replay’s tonights Dancing With the Stars episode, the one you had worked so hard to go on. The contest you and your partner had failed.

Did the judges not like salsa? You asked yourself, observing the way you and your partner sensually danced across the massive dance floor on the screen. Or maybe the audience just wasn’t into your dance…?

Tim shook his head,”No. Nothing’s wrong.” He responded, turning away from you to scan the television for… something.

The distant look in his eyes, the tautness of his arms, combined with the impatient tapping of his fingers formed your conclusion; while you had previously thought Tim was mad at you, it now seemed the opposite. He kept shaking his head at himself and whispering ashamedly beneath his breath. Even if you don’t like breaching Tim’s comfort zone, you press deeper into that magnificent mind anyway. Surely if such a genius was upset about something then it would be more serious than you losing a competition.

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Diets...and why they aren’t what you might think

When I was 4 years old I started ballet, by my own request.  I memorized the terminology and had fun.  I started taking it seriously about four and a half years after I started.  My teachers took awhile to learn that in order for me to improve, they had to keep placing the expectations higher, so they moved me up a bit early so that my improvement wouldn’t slow.  The last fourish years I was a scholarship student at my local pre-professional ballet studio.  I practiced contemporary, neoclassical, and classical ballet. I worked my butt off to go en pointe at the age of 12.  By my final years, I was in class for at least four hours a day five days a week, and during those five days, I would have two to three hour rehearsals.  On the sixth day,I would have class for an hour and then at least three hours of rehearsals.  All of this on top of around 10 classes for school and homework, trying to sleep and eat was difficult.

That stress was not minor in the least.  During those last few years, I got into k-pop a bit.  I really enjoyed the music of groups like Super Junior, TVXQ, U-Kiss, and B2ST.  It wasn’t until I quit dance due to injury that I went longer than a month without dancing.  I was in physical therapy for a month, and went to the chiropractor for longer.  I had knee and back problems.

The year after I stopped dancing, I came down with a staph infection, and the antibiotics I was prescribed had an ingredient that I was allergic to, so they changed  me over to something of a last resort medicine.  It put me at risk for tendon rupture.  Way to terrify a dancer, am I right?  

Once a dancer always a dancer, I tried to dance again, but without the classes to go to, I wasn’t feeling inspired.

The next year, I was doing yard work with my dad, and accidentally got into an entire bush of poison ivy.  Back to the doctor I went because of how bad it was.  More medicine, more rest

The next year I was in a car wreck.  I flipped air-born.  Injuries not permanent, but bad enough that I struggled to walk and I couldn’t lift things for over a month.

But during the time before and after the wreck, a friend got me back into K-pop.  There are many groups that inspired me to dance again.  U-Kiss being an early one, and Exo’s Kai flipping the dancer switch back on again, but today I’d like to show my appreciation for a certain group.  I could go on for days about a bunch of groups, from Vixx to BAP to SHINee to just about any group I’ve ever listened to, but today I want to talk about BTS.  

I remember being sent the video for ‘Dope’ by my local K-Pop fangirl, and being told I needed to learn the dance.  This was after she had shown me this wonderful group Exo (I may have obsessed a little).  I clicked the video and was greeted by someone I would later call “Namjoooooooooooooooooon” every time I saw his face.  I watched the video and immediately decided that Jin was the one I was going to cling to as I navigated this really talented boy group.  It probably had something to do with the doctors lab coat he wore.  I like those.  It probably also had to do with his beautiful face that wasn’t intimidating.

As I got to know the group more, I also started to really learn about what these idols go through.  I already knew about how hard they had to work just to at least get the choreography down and shoot MV’s, but it was really starting to dawn on me the expectations placed on them.

I started noticing who had passions for what, and while I could go into what their average day probably looked like and how in awe of them I am, instead I want to focus on the two major dancers of the group.  

I actually have a deep love for J-Hope.  He is the one I currently call my bias, and in honor of him and how he inspired me last year, I will hopefully be performing ‘Boy Meets Evil’ on stage this year at a convention I’m attending.  This man deserves so much love, I can’t even begin to explain.  I wish I could spend a day with him, or even just an hour dancing with him.

This post sadly was not triggered by my bias.  Instead it was inspired by finding out more about Jimin.  You know, that member of BTS that performed legitimately blindfolded on stage?  Yea, him.  LET ME EXPLAIN A THING ABOUT DANCING BLINDFOLDED FOR Y’ALL. When you perform blindfolded, it becomes very easy to get dizzy and disoriented.  That is some difficult next level stuff there.  He already had my respect as a dancer before that, but after? Gosh darn…

Anyways, I heard about his diet during ‘Blood, Sweat, & Tears,’ and so here I am wanting to actually talk about that.  I gave that long preface type thing, because during my time training, I often didn’t have time to eat, let alone eat properly.  I have talked a bit before about my time as a dancer and now I want to talk about the nutrition aspect.

As a recap for those who haven’t read (or don’t have time or patience to scroll through my tumblr and find the posts) about how I’m from a poor family, here’s the gist of it.  I didn’t eat much.  Whether it be so the rest of my family could, or because I was too stressed or forgot, I didn’t eat.  When I did eat, it wasn’t well.  So I was skinny, but I wasn’t healthy.  I felt horrible.  I was practically destroying myself, and honestly I don’t know how I managed to function.  I had migraines near constantly.  Not eating right, on top of dehydration, was horrible

So when I hear about these idols who diet, no, starve themselves, to look good for comebacks, I feel like crying. Because with the schedule they have, and the experiences I’ve had, I know how awful it feels. I’ve never passed out from it, but I’ve come close.  Hearing about them faint from exhaustion or watching them get injured simply due to fatigue, breaks my heart.  I don’t know if people realize just how bad that stuff is.  

This is why I say with full confidence to everyone, from idols to those of you who want to look and feel better: EAT. 

Just…do it in moderation.  Eat according to what you need.  Find what works best for you.  Personally, I’m hypoglycemic (I have the opposite of diabetes basically) so I have to keep my sugars up and balanced with proteins, and with a  busy schedule sometimes that requires me eating out of desperation. But for the most part it just means I have to be specific with what I eat, and so long as I stay active, the pounds stay off.  I have to be careful because of how hyperactive my metabolism is though.  I have had to work really hard to not be too underweight anymore.  

I decided to perform an experiment this year, since I’m trying to be healthier.  I have switched to mostly natural sugars (except when i treat myself which is a little bit daily) and I force myself to consume more protein.  For the two weeks leading up to my performance of ‘Boy Meets Evil’ I’m trying intermittent fasting, which is where I eat all I need for the day within an eight hour window, and then fast for 16 hours(most of which are while I sleep or do late night homework).  My goal was to have noticeable and defined abs by performance time, while still putting on muscle and eating enough and, most importantly, not getting sick.  I also lowered my caffeine intake (I love coffee, ok). 

My findings were as follows:


I also discovered what I already knew.  That I love Jimin’s squish.  The videos where he is happy, and maybe doesn’t have the really defined stomach, those are my favourite. I also discovered that real fans ask you to eat.  They encourage you to rest and take time off.  Real fans want you at your best, and understand that sometimes in order to get that, you have to be patient.  

Idols are humans.  I hope to one day be on their stage.  I hope to perform where they are standing.  I’m not afraid of fans pressuring me about my body image, because I’m human and I’m real.  I want them to see my dancing and hear my music.  Real fans, the ones I really inspire, will be the ones that tell me to eat more than just a bowl of oatmeal or just a banana.  

So I hope Jimin eats.  I hope he becomes squishy.  Besides, squish is good for hugs.  I hope he is healthy and happy, because his smiles make me smile.  Because I love how his eyes disappear when he laughs.  Because I love when he dances with all of his passion, showing his hard work.  Because he, along with all of BTS inspire me.

Because Jimin is perfect when he is happiest: smiling.

So we’ve seen Jimin and Jungkook do dance covers on their YT channel, but I’m just sitting here waiting for Hobi to come out and just RIP into it, y’know what I mean? And like, imagine if it was something HE choreographed. And and and and and and and……..what if he asked them to join him?

Can you imagine how fuckin’ EXCITED they would be???? Oh God I’m getting heartburn just thinking about it. They look up to him SOOOOooOOo much, not just as a dancer but as a person, and being given the opportunity to not only do a dance that Hobi made, but to do it WITH him???? 

Just imagine them staying suuuper late at the dance studio, going over the routine again and again until their muscles are like rubber because they WANT to make Hoseok proud more than anything else and they KNOW how much dance means to him and how much it means to THEM because he’s a HUGE inspiration to them in the dance department 10000%.

Honestly I don’t even know if this makes sense at this point. Just…dance line loves their dance hyung. And I wanna see a collab ASAP.

Black Coffee Love Pt. II

Pairing: Seb x Reader

Featuring: Sebastian Stan, the barista

Warning: fluff

Prompt: your favourite coffee shop happens to be the spot he decides to take shelter from the rain.

Song for the imagine here: (x)

Previous Parts:

Part I

The grey haze of cloud had stayed over the busy city for the following few weeks. Making you stay sheltered inside, writing as much as you could in the comfort of your own home. Though you liked to write in your own, big comfy couch - you really enjoyed having the rich coffee and quiet chatter of the café surrounding you. And for some reason, especially this week, you were very much missing the café.

You had ben distracted mostly, as the week progressed. Your mind was full of only a single face. A face you placed in a category you dared not to peek at. Though, your heart was swarming and overwhelmed with a different sense of passion for this face, you were scared. The feelings that had surfaced when he sat at your table, when he spoke. Those feelings had been stuck so deep inside you, you had forgotten they even existed.

The sky had cleared today, though. It was today that you decided to venture outside your apartment and go get a coffee from the café. You were desperately craving caffeine from a specific place.

Slipping your book bag over your shoulder, you made sure to put in your lap top and one of your recent favourite paperbacks. Grabbing your coat that was hung on the hook by the door, you snugged it over your shoulders and braced yourself for the cold wind of the hustling streets.

The walk to the café was longer than you had remembered. After travelling the same root over so many years, it had seemed, on that particular day, to be extra long. It encouraged you to move faster, for some reason you anticipated the arrival of the café. Your heart began to accelerate as the café came into view. Why? You knew the answer.

It was that single face. Pictured neatly and perfectly in your head. The dark, long hair. The dense, piercing blue eyes. And the adoringly, smothering grin. It was all so captivating. So alluring. And you were hoping that he would be there. Even though, you raced out of the café as fast as your small legs could carry you, oh-so-many weeks ago. But, a part of you had wished you’d stayed.

But it was hard for you. You were a difficult person to work around. To be around. You were an introvert. You were shy. Quiet. Being around people who were paying attention to you was scary. It made you feel so on-the-spot.

And for some crazy, weird reason - he didn’t make you feel that way. And that scared you more than anything. It was a good kind of scary. Like the ‘don’t go into the basement but goes into the basement’ kind of scary. He was so very much enticing, enthralling. Yet, you’d only spent an hour or so with him.

Stepping into the café, the smell of strong coffee and fresh bagels filled your nose. It warmed you up inside. Taking a glance, more of an absolute look-through, you didn’t find the face you were looking for. Sadly, you walked over to your regular spot by the window, taking your coat off and pulling out your lap top in the process.

The barista then walked over. A peculiar and bright smile lit his features as he saw you.

“Haven’t seen you in a long while.” He spoke cheerily, “just the regular?” He asked, knowing exactly what you always got.

“Yes, please.” You sighed, just realising you were more upset about him not being there than you though.

“Okay.” The barista nodded, before giving you a small tilt of the head. “Everything alright?”

You only nodded, giving him a small, taught smile. He stared unsurely at you for a moment before heading off to the counter, brewing up fresh coffee.

Opening up a document you had been working on, your fingers danced on the keyboard as different thoughts and inspiration flowed through your mind. It’d only be minutes before the barista came back over with you black coffee, setting it down softly beside you. Your eyes drifted to the steaming liquid, only then realising that you felt something missing.

“He’s been looking for you,” the barista spoke then, making you look up at him in question. Not really sure what he was talking about.

“Y’know,” he started. “The guy that sat at your table a few weeks ago.” Things clicked together, then.

“H-he’s been looking for me?” You asked in astonishment. The barista nodded his head eagerly.

“Yes, yes!” He smiled cheerily. “Sebastian, right? Yes, he’s been in like twice a week.” your heart had started to hammer against your chest, feeling the pulse in every nerve of your body.

Had he really been looking for you?

“Is-” you breathed deeply, trying to contain yourself. “-is he coming today? Is he around?” The barista was smiling greatly at you, now. This was the most you had ever spoken to him. Well, in general really.

“I’m not sure. The last time I saw him was about five days ago.” He said, looking at you with a tint of sympathy. Your palms were sweating immensely and your head was spinning. 

“Oh,” was all you could manage as you started to mentally hyperventilate. You just wanted to see him, that was all. Maybe hear him talk, or take in his manly, foresty smell.

“Oh! But I have his number, yes!” The barista said gleefully, realising something that was very much helpful to you.

“Could you - would you,” your words were stumbling over themselves as you tried to breathe properly. “Could you phone him?”

“Of course!” He then rushed back over to the counter and disappeared from your line of sight. Your sweating had grown as you waited in anticipation.

What if he had grown tired of waiting for you? Why had he waited and looked in the first place? Did he have something of yours you accidentally left behind? Moments passed as you waited for the barista to reappear. He came back four minutes later, his cheeks flushed to a rosy-pink.

“He’d not in the city,” the barista started, his voice low and dampened with sadness. “He’s not back for another few months.”

It was then that you realised what you had done. You’d ruined any chance of you ever feeling anything other than emptiness. You had walked away, more actually, you had ran out of the café. Rushing, running from something you were afraid of. You shouldn’t have ran. It was only a momentary gap of fear. He was what you wanted. He was what you needed.

Now, he was gone. You didn’t know when he would return to the city. Or if he would ever. It’s not like there wasn’t other girls out there, sure any of them. Most of them were models, actresses, all of the above. And there was you. A quiet, introvert, who spent her time writing in a café. Why wouldn’t he leave the city?

You loved sitting and writing. you loved rainy days at home, reading. But, maybe that’s not what he wanted. He waited to see if you’d show. But you stayed quiet and hidden in your apartment. Being the idiot you were and let him get away.

The barista had walked of, gone to help other customers. Leaving you only to drown in your never ending regret of the decision you made only a few weeks ago. The worst decision you could have possibly made.

Your lap top had shut off to the screen saver, since you hadn’t touched it for ten minutes. Your eyes were strained, focusing solely on the live screen saver that displayed rain hitting a window. It numbed some part of you that felt like it was going to burst. It was then that you felt them. The hot tears that fell silently and slowly down your cheeks. Crying was something you very much disliked, especially in public.

But, you couldn’t bring yourself to move, or to wipe them away. The bell chimed as new people walked into the café. Your thoughts continued to consume you as the screen saver blurred your vision.

“Why’re you crying, Doll?” An all-to-familiar, rugged voice sounded above you. Making you snap your head up at the sound. You couldn’t breathe as your eyes landed on his blue ones.

They were soft, caring. He was staring down at you, a large coat protecting him from the wind outside. His hair tucked neatly back in a grey toque. His hand came up, slowly and carefully, to your cheek, his thumb brushing away the any tears that had stained your red cheeks.

“How’ve you been?” He asked calmly, retracting his hand and taking the seat opposite you. Your head was still buzzing and you couldn’t breathe, let alone form a sentence.

“I-I you were - there w-was,” your breathing was erratic and Sebastian watched you in concern.

“Hey,” he said, stopping you. His hand reached across the small table, grabbing hold of yours as it sat perched on top. His hand swallowed yours, it was much bigger than your petite hands. It was soft, and warm, making you feel completely relaxed in 2.0 seconds. “Just breathe.” He smiled at you.

“You’re here.” The only words that you could coherently manage to breathe out. He nodded slowly, his smile never faltering, his hand never leaving.

“I sure am.” Sebastian started. “I wouldn’t leave without saying goodbye, or getting a goodbye for that matter.” His laugh then floated through the air, filling your ears like  a soft hum of bliss.

“I’m sorry, Sebastian.” You said quietly. Completely embarrassed with the way you had acted weeks earlier.

“Don’t be sorry, Doll.” Sebastian soothed, his thumb rubbing circles along your hand, giving you tingles all the way up your arm. “I understand.” Those two words had your heart hammering.

You weren’t sure if he really did understand. But, the way he said it, the way he looked at you, and how he touched you. It made you feel so very safe.

“I thought you left.” You then said, remembering the barista saying he had vacated the city. Sebastian shook his head at you, giving you a small chuckle.

“No,” he said. “Actually it was just a way for me to get here without, I don’t know, scaring you off? I’m not sure if that’s-” You shook your head, stopping him from carrying on.

“No, I’m fine. It’s okay.” You said to him, adding a reassuring smile. Sebastian’s own face was then brightened by his goofy grin as he looked at you.

“Okay.” He said softly.

The both of you fell silent. It was a comfortable silence. It enveloped the two of you into your own world. There was only you and Sebastian. No one else mattered. It was then, you knew, what was happening. For some crazy, bizarre reason, you were falling for him. You were desperately, immensely, and deeply falling for Sebastian.

His strong jaw clenched in a way that made you want him. His broad shoulders hidden under his large coat. His hair tucked away. Only his sharp-blue eyes drawing you in. The sound of his breathing. The feeling of his hand atop yours. You wanted him to surround you, to devour you. You wanted him closer than humanly possible.

It was impossible to tell where you two were headed from here. It was something so enticing, not knowing where it was going. But it allured you, it encourage you forward. He encouraged you forward.

You were falling in love with Sebastian. Quite possibly already in love with Sebastian. And you couldn’t wait to tell him.

Part III anyone??

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lil things from green day's concert in montreal 22.3.2017

first of all let me preface this by saying that green day put on a fucking incredible show, i’ve never seen so many people come together over music and it completely blew me away, far and away the best experience of my LIFE

- tre came out in a bunny suit and danced to blitzkrieg bop
- “not to name any names but donald trump is a fucking asshole”
- they brought on this dude to sing and it was his birthday, as well as an 11 year old to play the guitar and he KILLED it, billie let him keep the guitar!!
- against me! opened and they were INCREDIBLE, laura jane grace talked about how seeing green day inspired her to start making music
- billie joe sprayed the audience with water and used this gun thing to launch t shirts into the crowd
- he also dragged us for using our phones
- jason white played the saxophone wearing a pharaoh headdress
- “from the bottom of my heart, i truly believe that rock n roll can change the world”
- in the middle of ordinary world billie paused and looked at all the flashlights and said “this is so beautiful” he sounded so sincere and happy i was weeping
- in the middle of holiday: “no racism, no sexism, no homophobia, and no donald trump!”
- since we’re in montreal billie joe kept saying “merci” and “je t'aime” it was adorable
- at one point tre came out to sing while billie jammed on the drums!!
- and finally, not that this is any surprise but mike dirnt is truly the best bass player on this earth


↪Day 24: Why do you love Harry?
Well… It’s really hard to say, you know… It’s always hard to me to answer such a question but… He always makes me smile. Really, whenever I have a bad day he just sort of happen to post something that helps me feel better. I see him a little bit as a father figure… Like kind of? Ugh I don’t know how to voice it, so let’s forget about, okay? Also his passion influence me somehow, but that’s a topic for another day (day 30 to be exact xd). And the fact that he was a shy boy at first and then become a really good actor and dancer is inspiring me… Speaking of which he is inspiring me to be a better person everyday. Oh! And his dancing skills and how he loves what he’s doing! You can see it in his eyes everytime! ❤

5. BTS Reaction When You're A Talented Female Idol.

Note: You are already their girlfriend and are in a girl group. Thanks for the request x


Jin would love to see you perform especially when you can show off all of your talents whether that’s playing an instrument, dancing or rapping. He’d try to make it to most of your shows just so he can show his support and see you do what you love.


He would love having an idol girlfriend that is so talented especially because you inspire him when it comes to his music. He would love seeing you so excited to perform and be so proud every time you did. Yoongi would seriously love that you both are so passionate about music.


Namjoon’s favourite thing is seeing you perform because he can see just how much you love it and the fact that you can do so many different things musically would inspire him as well, depending on what instrument you play or if you were a main dancer he would love to get you to help or teach him to learn new things and become a better musician overall.


He would attempt to be at every performance possible seriously he’d be the most supportive boyfriend ever. Whenever he got the chance to talk about you he would and would be cheering you along constantly, it would be all he ever does. Hoseok is SO passionate about dancing so to see you up on stage dancing away and rapping would make him fall in love with you even more.


Trust me when I say he would know every single one of your groups songs and know all the dances as well. I believe he would be much like Hoseok and be so proud to show you off and praise you in all of your talents. He would want to learn from you as you inspire each other and would love whenever your group did a sexy concept if you know what I mean ;)


Fanboy #1 I’m telling ya. Taehyung would never miss the opportunity to promote your group or miss out on a concert. I believe he would love you and your group so much that he insists for you to teach him everything about your group even if that does mean learning how to rap and play an instrument. Seriously a supportive little bean.


This boy is the golden maknae so there would be no need to teach him your rap/ singing parts nor the choreography (he’s definitely secretly learnt it in his room) Jungkook’s so extra he probably would even wear your merchandise but he would love the fact that you know how to do so many things and he would always (not surprisingly) compete with you to see who can do certain things better all out of love though.
  • if you don’t love son hyunwoo then you’re lying to yourself because that boy is the biggest ball of fluff in the entire world
  • i can so imagine him coming over to your place after a really long and tiring day and falling asleep on the couch
  • and then he wakes up like four hours later and keeps apologising but you’re just like
  • “you’re really cute when you sleep”
  • and also the biggest teddy bear hugs ever can you imagine
  • “thank you so much”
  • smiling whenever you see his smile because he is the most adorable creature on the entire planet
  • he always apologises for being too busy
  • but plans the cutest dates whenever he’s not working
  • he can be really shy sometimes because he’s not great at expressing his feelings
  • but will always tell you how much he loves you and how much you mean to him
  • sometimes you just turn up at the dance studio with food because monsta x think it’s okay to starve themselves when it’s not
  • so you force them to eat way too much food and then they don’t want to finish practice because they all have food comas
  • refusing to be called ‘mum’ because it makes you feel old but hyunwoo thinks it’s cute
  • hyunwoo is just a really chill boyfriend in general but can get really protective of you like he does with the boys
  • he always wants to take you out whenever he has free time but you have to force him to stay in and watch a movie with you because the boy needs to rest
  • and then while you’re watching the movie the two of you get distracted with sex lord help me please
  • i just really think that hyunwoo would be into really loving, slow, passionate sex, especially when he hasn’t seen you in a long time
  • and the whole time he tells you how beautiful you are and how much he’s missed you
  • the most love-filled kisses in the entire universe
  • he can’t always tell you how much he loves you so shows you in his kisses
  • but when he’s really horny… this is where the fun starts
  • this boy will no doubt put his muscles to good use, i’m telling you now
  • you will be fucked against a wall, on the dining room table, the kitchen counters, the sofa, in the shower
  • you name it - you’re gonna have sex there with hyunwoo
  • the moans he’d make literally i need to stop before i nut right here
  • really loud sex at the dorm and all the members hear
  • you hear them teasing him the next morning but shut up as soon as you walk out of the bedroom because they know you’re not afraid to slap them
  • he would literally worship your body
  • not into many other kinks but would adore reminding you how beautiful you are
  • the members constantly tease him about you because he never acts that way with anyone else
  • when you look up ‘boyfriend who goes to his girlfriend’s house with ice cream and chocolate, whether she’s on her period or not’ it says son hyunwoo
  • impromptu dance competitions all the fucking time
  • you’ll just be randomly dancing in your apartment or whatever and he’ll just start busting some moves so you’re all like ‘oh it’s on like donkey kong bitch’
  • you find him at the dance studio one day at 5 a.m.
  • you were worried because he wasn’t at the dorm and hadn’t been picking up your calls and you went there to find him stressing out about a dance he was supposed to be choreographing
  • so you made him do really cute dances with you to make him smile
  • he now uses you as inspiration whenever he can’t think of choreography because you always make him smile like dancing does
  • it’s really hard saying goodbye to him whenever he has to go away for work because the two of you find it really hard being away from each other there would be lots of tears and it makes me sad to think about okay
  • but he makes sure to talk to you every day to make sure that you’re okay
  • you once surprised him at one of his overseas shows and when he sees you afterwards he bursts into tears because he just loves you so much
  • if korean isn’t your first language then he’ll learn little phrases in your mother tongue to surprise you
  • and it always makes you smile whenever he does it because he has the cutest accent ever and it just reminds you of how much you love him
  • you always insist on taking photos of the two of you because you want to treasure the moments you have together because he’s working most of the time
  • you always remind him that you have to take the photos because you ain’t having any of his ‘old man photography’ where you’d probably be missing half of your face
  • he’s not particularly big on skinship, especially in public, but if you’re that kind of person then he’s always go out of his way to hold your hand or rest an arm around your waist
  • imagine falling asleep in his strong, muscular arms and the sounds of his deep breaths lull you to sleep with a smile on your face because you couldn’t be happier that you managed to get the perfect man
‘Meow’ Chapter 9: Sexiled

Sexiled: To banish somebody, usually one’s roommate, from the room for the privacy to have coitus.

Sherlock has to find somewhere else to stay the night. Who will he call upon? ;p

Thanks y'all so much for your kind reviews! It makes me so happy you’re enjoying this new world I’m creating!

“Sherlock, is it true that you’re dating Molly Hooper?” Anderson asked eagerly.

“What?” Sherlock asked in confusion. “No.”

“So you are not aware that your fellow peers are calling the two of you Sherlolly?” Anderson pressed on.

“Of all the inane—” Sherlock began.

“Come on, Philip, stop talking to the freak,” Sally Donovan spoke up.

“I see you’ve been contemplating breaking it off with Sally; wise choice, Anderson,” Sherlock smirked. “Now go away, you’re putting me off.” He slammed the door in their faces.

“Rude much?” John asked.

“They’re idiots,” Sherlock waved off.

“Right. Mate, I’m gonna need the room to myself tonight,” John told him.

“What? Why?” he questioned.

“Mary’s staying the night,” John replied. “As in tonight’s the night.”

“Yes, yes, I don’t need a play by play of your coitus plans,” Sherlock rolled his eyes.

Later that evening, Sherlock found himself outside of 219B. He stood out there for a full ten minutes before Molly swung the door open, clad only in her pink and black polka dot pajama pants and a thin cotton t-shirt in bumblebee yellow. Her hair was loose, cascading over her shoulders in waves.

“Goodness, Sherlock, you scared me!” Molly exclaimed, a hand placed over her racing heart.

“Well, then mission accomplished,” he told her. “It is Halloween after all.”

“Did you need something?” she asked.

“Yes, it seems I’ve been kicked out of my own dormitory and need to find somewhere else to stay,” Sherlock explained. “May I stay with you? I don’t really sleep much, if at all.”

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I need new friends so let’s start here! Charoite is a cute and magical gay gem (he/him). His fusion dance is inspired by the dance style “Vogue Femme”, with graceful, elegant movements combined with dramatic twists. When he is really compatible with another gem he levitates during his fusion dance: sometimes taking the other gem with him so they may dance in mid air. If you’re interested in fusing send me a message and let’s be friends so that we may talk about our gemsonas and see how compatible they may be! (If I really like you and your gem I may want to make a comic with you about Charoite and your gem, so be prepared!)

Enticing - Chapter 2: Want You

Disclaimer: This is for mature audiences only! None of these gifs/photos are mine!

Note: You must read Enticing from chapter 1! Enticing is a story with character development and plot. You will be missing out on a lot of stuff! Every member will have their time to shine, be patient please. Enticing is going to be long!

Note: This is a treat for y’all because I got excited and went on a spree. Don’t expect new chapters to get posted up this quickly in the future! Enjoy!

Note: If you find typos, tell me in my ask box or something so I can fix them~!

Enjoy! Be happy. Be horny. ^_^

    Namjoon pinned my wrists down with his hands. His firm grip excited me and I could tell that he was pleased from listening to my heavy breathing. He slid his tongue from my collarbone, across my neck, and then up to my lips. As his warm tongue slid up my neck I tilted my head back and closed my eyes due to the warm sensation that erupted all over my body. He gently bit my lips and then pulled himself away. He licked his lips when he saw how disappointed I looked when he stopped.

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So, I’ve shared my Cockles photo op story… now for my Misha photo op story!

. I know, it’s a bit late since the convention was a couple weeks ago, but I am definitely still riding the high from this picture.

So, I was stressed to the max about this picture… I knew exactly what poses I was doing for every other picture I took except this one, and this was the only one I was doing alone as well, which added to the stress even more. I decided less than ten minutes before my number group was called that we were going to do a sort of sorority girl pose, so that helped my nerves slightly. While I was in line, I was absolutely freaking out. I was standing in line with my friend who was also taking a solo picture with him, and once we were in the room and able to see him, we basically lost it. I couldn’t believe the love of my life was literally right there. He was chewing gum and dancing a bit, and I swear there is no one else in the world who can sexualize chewing gum like Misha Collins. As we got closer we could hear him talking to people as they got their pictures and that made it even harder to contain myself. My friend went first because I literally was so hyped up about finally meeting the man who inspires me to be better every day that I couldn’t function. She went and took an adorable picture, then finally it was my turn. I got up to him and he smiled so big and said “Hi there!” and basically my insides melted into nothing but happiness. I managed to smile back and said “Hello!” then I looked at him and said, “Would you like to be a basic sorority girl with me?” and he smiled really big and said “Absolutely!” so I faced him and wrapped my arm around him, and then HE reached out and took my other hand, threading his fingers with mine and I swear I absolutely DIED because I said nothing about holding hands.. he just did it himself and I swear I’ve never been filled with more happiness than that exact moment. He pulled me close to him and we turned to face the camera and Chris snapped the picture. I stepped back a bit but neither of us let go of the other for a few seconds. I smiled at him and said “Thank you so much, Misha” and he just squeezed my hand a bit and said “Of course! Anytime!” and i regretfully let go of his hand and went to catch up with my friend. I had to stop outside the room to collect myself because I definitely forgot how to breathe for a bit.

The picture is absolutely perfect to me and I was a bit nervous because he wasn’t smiling for many of them, but then I got this back and nearly dies because of his smile. No matter what, every single time I look at this, I just remember how happy I was in that moment and how I can’t wait to meet him again.

Dating Soonyoung/Hoshi

How you guys met:

  • you were literally going out just to buy a few things from the convenience store and apparently you live very close to his dorm????
  • He’s out buying mutha-fuckin chips n stuff for him and the other members
  • You both reach for the same damn shrimp chips
  • Oh crap, look at that cute lil ball of fluff
  • He’s like, omg, i’m having a moment and offers to let you have it bc you’re hella cute to him too
  • But you’re like nah man I’m good, you go for it
  • Amazingly you keep bumping into him at every location in your area
  • and OH MY LORDY LORD, you know that he’s from seventeen- like YOU KNOW THIS FAMOUS LITTLE HAMSTER BOY IS TALKING TO A REGULAR PERSON LIKE YOU and it is an amazing experience
  • So you decide to do a little research on this cutie at your local cafe, and you sit down with your handy laptop and start watching some of their videos
  • How does he get inspiration from a tissue??? You’re just-
  • “Hey!”
  • And jisoos christ it’s him
  • “Um, hi” *slowly pushes your laptop away because this is hella awkward*
  • Too LAtE he’s already seen you in action and knows
  • “So you like my group?”
  • Welp, might as well commit seppuku at this point, he’s seen you, he knows you like him
  • “Yeah you guys are so talented”
  • watch him become the most happy little creature on the face of the planet as soon as he hears those words
  • the cute girl/guy he kept running into thinks he’s talented
  • You guys start getting super friendly over a span of a month, texting, calling, going out to eat
  • I mean, all the other members are so annoyed because hoshi doesn’t have the balls to actually ask you out so all he does is talk about you non stop
  • During their comeback, and as he’s watching you react to him as you watch their video, he gets this creepy/cute grin on his face the more he gets that you like it
  • “Wow, Soonyoung that was soooooooOOoOO good!!!”
  • Um what?
  • He says he got inspiration for the dance routine by thinking of how to confess to you
  • omG he’s so cute
  • “Please date me”
  • “Hell Yes I will”

Dating Hoshi/Soonyoung:

  • Literally non stop laughing because he’s so freaking hilarious
  • You always telling him to dye his hair back to _____ because you thought he looked really good
  • teasing him about that one time he grew his hair out long bc the CEO told him to
  • “Hoshi, lets go camping one day, you can make all the fires”
  • “I’d burn the entire woods down y/n, my skills are too good”
  • Literally half the things you talk about you won’t remember the next day but does it matter you guys have so much fun
  • Him dancing to music while you watch happily from the side
  • Always being able to put a smile on his face whenever he’s down just by giving him a peck on the cheek
  • You guys are mostly loud, everyone knows it
  • but there are moments
  • when you guys just
  • sit, huddled together, playing with each other’s hands and fingers, in silence
  • and you love those moments
  • being graced with his beautiful vocals
  • Him always getting super giddy when they have a comeback soon
  • because god damn it he wants to tell you what’s gonna go down but also wants to surprise you
  • Almost all his choreographies have you incorporated into them somehow
  • “Soonyoung isn’t this from that time when we were-”
  • “Yes, yes it is”
  • Boo Seungkwan and Lee Seokmin being the Mother-in-laws you never wanted
  • always smiling because he’s always there for you
  • putting on some jamming music as he twirls you around your living room, and it’s so cheesy and you guys are so happy it’s the best
  • The greasiest pick up lines you’ve ever heard
  • “You wanna go-”
  • “YEah I DO”
  • “Out on a date with me?”
  • Him suddenly coming over with a bouquet of flowers on your 1 month and 2 week anniversary only to find out it’s actually in two days
  • “I still love the flowers, don’t worry-”
  • “I’M SUCH AN IDIOT!!!!!”
  • “But you’re my idiot”
  • Him sometimes sleeping over at your place, and you having to get him up by saying “HOSHI FIGHTING” so that he’s not late to practice
  • he’ll come over, tired and worn out, and just fall into you
  • you making him his favorite food when he’s like that
  • petting his head as he falls asleep on your lap, and how could you ask for more than this?