but tablet pen

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HOORAY!! You got your tablet pen back! I was wondering if you will occasionally post traditional art? It's very inspiring and lovely!!

Waaa, thank you! ; O ; That’s so kind of you to say! And I’m not sure actually! I didn’t think you guys were interested in my traditionals ; v ; But if you really like them, I could try to post some occasionally! 


(I lost my tablet pen)

strawberrycola: there might accidentally b a th horchata strawberrycola:Pls dnot vore him rotten-dan: *drinks it* *chokes on the kara* strawberrycola: PLS strawberrycola: im drawing this strawberrycola: everyone will know u tried 2 vore our son rotten-dan: why *coughs* wuld u put a tiny kara *Coughs violently* i nthe horchata*dies*  strawberrycola: R I P IT WAS JUST A PRANKHE WAS A SWEET BOY I T W A S J U S T A. PR A N K strawberrycola: well boys dan is dead rotten-dan: my last words: put kara’s ass on my tombstone strawberrycola: I will do this, for you strawberrycola: Y r we like this rotten-dan: cuz: Kara’s ass strawberrycola: blease

hgds. i cant believe this. @rotten-dan is into fkin vore. guys. im disowning.