but sweetie i locked myself out where are the spare keys

Counter Act

Spencer x reader

Flood warning

“I’m drunk!“

“Kinda gathered that Pen. When you started hounding Reid to play strip poker it kinda gave the game away,” you laughed at your best friend, trying to push her into the back of the cab Reid had hailed.

“I don’t know where my keys are… I’s losted em.”

“Yep,” you fastened her seat belt. “That’s why you’re staying in my spare room remember sweetie.”

The cabbie turned around, “If she vomits, there’s a $100 soiling charge.”

You nodded waving a plastic bag at him, you had it covered. You and Spencer climbed in on either side of your wasted colleague. You lived in the same direction so he was gonna help you get her to yours and carry on home in the same cab.

The driver set off, Garcia rambling incoherently before passing out on your shoulder.

“How is it that it’s Morgans fault she’s this pissed, but we get stuck making sure she gets home safely,” you looked over at your friend.

“Because Morgans’s the only one that can handle Rossi when he’s wasted. I think we got the easy end of the deal,” he laughed back at you. “She’s drooling on your shoulder by the way.”

“Yep, I can feel it,” you grimaced.

The taxi pulled up outside your house ten minutes later, you shaking Garcia awake.

“No, no no, sleep,” she mumbled as you fiddled with her seat belt and climbed out of the taxi, tugging her with you. She wouldn’t budge.

“Spence….. I think you’re gonna need to come in with us, I’m not gonna be able to get her up the stairs by myself. I’ll call you another cab later or your can crash on the couch.”

He shrugged, paying the driver and hopping out of the other side.

Between the two of you, you managed to drag Penelope inside and push her up the stairs to your spare room.

“Spencer! You’re soooo pretty Spencer. Our little boy genius,” she kept grabbing at his tie much to his amusement as you unbuckled her heels and pulled down the cover to the bed.

“You just need to loosen up a little…. ” she’d managed to completely unravel his tie now it hanging loose at the sides of his neck. “Y/N you think he’s pretty don’t you. She’s told me….. ”

“Sleep Garcia,” you covered her up, placing a glass of water and some advil on the bedside table. She started snoring before you’d even closed the door, and you led Spencer down your stairs to your kitchen.

He went to call a cab, coming back in a few minutes later. “There’s an hours wait, can I just crash here?” he’d rolled his sleeves back up. They’d come loose in his tussle with Penelope.

“Sure thing. Beer?” you pulled two out of the fridge ready. “I’m not quite ready for sleep yet.”

He took one off you taking a long drink as you leant back against your kitchen counter watching him.

Penelope was right, he really was pretty.

“What?” he clocked you watching him, licking the residue of his beer off his lips.

“Nothing, I was just thinking that I agree with Pen. You are definitely pretty Spence. Pretty hot.” Smooth Y/N, smooth…

His eyebrows shot up in suprise, “What?”

You shrugged, “You’re hot Reid.”

“You think that I’m hot?” Disbelief clouded his voice.

You moved closer to him, taking the beer bottle of his hand and placing it on the counter besides him.

“Yep,” you popped the p. “Especially now, slightly dishevelled, tie hanging loose.”

“Erm, I kinda think you’re pretty too,” he blushed slightly, biting his bottom lip.

It was the lip bite that did it and you reached out grabbing the loose ends of his tie.

“Good, it makes this so much easier,” you tugged hard on the tie ends pulling him towards you, his lips coming down to meet yours.

His mouth crashed onto yours, his hands moving straight to your waist and gripping firmly. You started fumbling with the buttons on his shirt making quick work of opening them.

Tilting your head to the side you flicked your tongue out, dragging it across his lip and feeling them part, his own tongue coming out to meet yours hungrily. Fuck, the boy was a good kisser.

Pressing his body against yours he started walking you backwards until your felt the edge of your kitchen island jabbing into your back. His hands moved to bottom of your top, pushing it up and over your head, your lips breaking contact so you could pull it off.

He stared at you hungrily, taking in the curve of your breasts. Tugging on his tie again you pulled him back down, him hesitating before pressing his lips to yours again, “Are you drunk Y/N?”

“Not in the slightest Spence. We don’t have to do this though if you don’t want to.” Giving him the chance to bow out now.

“No, I do want to. I like you, a lot. I just…. Didn’t want this to be a drunken mistake.”

“I like you too Spencer, have done for a while. Now can you just kiss me again please,” you yanked on the tie now, seeing a grin appear on his face before his lips pressed against yours again, moving faster now.

His hands started roaming up and down your torso, grasping at your skin and making you gasp when his palms skimmed over the cups of your bra. He moved his hands up to your shoulders, pushing down the straps. Your hands found his belt buckle, fumbling with it and then popping open his button and zipper.

Moving his hands to your butt, he crouched slightly picking you up and placing you on your worktop, pushing your skirt up as he went. You locked your legs around his waist pulling him tightly to you, feeling him hard against you.

Reaching his hand between your legs he began massaging over the fabric of your panties, the friction making you cry out. Moving from your mouth he started kissing a wet trail down your neck to your breasts pushing down the cups of your bra as he went. Your hands moved to his hair, tangling in his messy curls as he sucked one of your nipples into his mouth, you feeling it harden instantly as his tongue flicked out against it.

“Fuck Spencer….. ” You moaned as his hand moved faster between your thighs, pushing your underwear to one side so he could caress you, feeling how wet you were. You didn’t want to wait any longer, you needing him now. You untangled your hands from his hair moving them down to his pants and shoving them open and down, hearing his buckle clink on the floor. Gripping his erection you positioned him at your entrance, sliding as close to the edge of your counter as your dared without risking falling off.

He kissed back up to your mouth, before pushing himself into you, a groan leaving his throat as you tightened around him.

“So….. So good Y/N,” your legs locked around his waist he began thrusting, filling you deeper with each move. You gripped the sides of your counter to stop from coming off as his pace increased, his hand slipping back between you to massage and rub at your clit, the sensitive nub already throbbing.

Kissing and licking his neck you stifled your moans as his fingers increased their rubbing, driving you crazy.

“I’m close Y/N, this is too good,” he rasped out, his other hand digging into the curve of your ass.

“Mmmmm I know, just a bit…… Oh fuck.” You’d been about to say harder when he hit your sweet spot deep inside, making you bite down on his shoulder.

A few more thrusts and you felt yourself going light headed, that familiar heat rushing through you. “Spencer, I’m gonna….. Ah…ah, fuck.”

The contractions from your orgasm sent him over the edge too and a few hard, fast pumps later and he moaned the same, long low “fuuuck” as he came.

You held each other panting, your legs loosening their grip on him.

“Wow,” he whispered into your neck.

“I know,” you chuckled back.

“Guys…. Are you done? Can I get another drink now?” You heard a voice from the other side of your kitchen door, you both pulling apart quickly.

“Shit!” You both exclaimed grabbing at your clothes, Garcia pushing the door open seconds later a dirty smirk on her face.

“The kitchen counter….. Nice work genius!”

Take Care of You

Pairing: Luke Hemmings & (y/n)
Rating: This is more fluff than smut, but there is still a bit of smut so please read with caution.
Words: 2,600+
Request: No
Summary: Luke just wants to take care of her and not be rough for once.

No matter how hard I tried I could not get comfortable. Shifting on the couch for what had to be the hundredth time I positioned myself to lay on my stomach supporting myself up with my forearms and elbows and with my legs behind me up in the air with my ankles crossed. There that felt a little better.

Friday night and I was sitting on the couch in one of Luke’s comfy cotton black tees and yoga leggings, my blanket now underneath my body as I had just changed positions intently watching the new episode of Say Yes to the Dress. 

After only ten minutes of feeling content, the bruises on my hips began to ache from my current position and with a huff I left the couch and walked to the fridge. I grabbed a bottle of water before returning to the couch to sit normally before picking up my cell. I clicked on his name and it rang a few times before I was greeted with his cheerful tone.

“Hi baby.”

“Hello, are you still at the studio?”

“Mhmm. Just finishing up now, what’s up?”

“Nothing, just curious.”

“I should be home in an hour, an hour and a half max, wait up for me, sweetheart?”

“Duh. Now get back so you can come home to me.” I smiled into the phone even though he couldn’t see me. I had been thinking of him all day.

“Alright, love you.”

“I love you too, Luke.” I clicked end to our phone conversation before taking a swig of water.

I turned my attention back to the show, but I kept getting distracted by the fact that Luke would be home soon. My mind wandered off to last night and how truly incredible it was. Luke was the sweetest boy I knew, but when we were in bed together all of that flew out of the window.

While being intimate Luke morphed from my awkward cuddly best friend into this man who was dominant and kinky, resulting is the most perfect combination of a boyfriend that I could have ever dreamed of.

Yesterday I had felt horny all day long, but that wasn’t my fault with the way he was looking. His black skinny jeans were nothing out of the ordinary but I could clearly distinguish the outline of his package, and I couldn’t resist touching him to get him into the mood. My plan would have been flawless, if we weren’t in a public area. 

His smile from Calum’s stupid joke had been completely wiped off his face as he leaned into my ear.

“Stop it. Now.” His tone was demanding and his blue eyes looked down into mine daring me to try something again.


“You just look so good baby, I can’t help myself.”


Pinching the bridge of his nose Luke closed his eyes as if he were in pain and left his seat motioning for me to follow him away from the crowed brunch table.


Smoothing out my dress I followed after him smiling sweetly to Michael who raised an eyebrow as we both left the table. Luke noticeably flustered, while I held a smile. Luke walked at a quick pace and once we were down the hall away from our friends Luke grabbed my waist and threw me into the bathroom before locking the door. His firm grip pushed me up against the wall as his hands raked down my body.


“Think that’s funny? Feeling me up in front of our friends?” His hands pulled up the hem of my dress as his right hand went to rub me in small circles over the fabric of my panties. I could already feel the wetness forming, I loved rough Luke. The moan fell freely from my lips as he entered a finger in between my folds causing my hands to grab his hips for support.


Suddenly Luke removed his finger and placed it on my lips. I opened my mouth to suck his finger as I would suck his dick and moaned as I licked the juices of myself off of him.


“Enough. Go back out there and be a good girl, or else.”


“Luke,” I wined as his hands left me completely and he went to wash his hands in the sink. “I can’t go back out there like this.”


“Now you know how I feel.”


“Please, please baby, just fuck me here.”


“I am not fucking you in a bathroom, sweetheart.” He kissed my lips before unlocking the door and placing his left hand on the small of my back leading me to where our friends sat. My dominant was still a gentleman as ever.



I wanted nothing more than for Luke to walk through the doors of the house we shared, rip off my clothes, and fuck me like last night. I lifted up his shirt I was wearing to examine the aftermath of that wild and passionate night and ran my left index finger over the bruises scattered on my hips from Luke’s strong grip. 

The bruises had been bothering me all day, but it also had me longing for more. Such a strange combination I couldn’t quite comprehend.

Waiting for Luke was more than my impatient self could handle, entering the kitchen once again I opened a bottle of White Zinfandel and poured myself a glass of wine. Downing the pink drink in no time, I filled up my second glass.

The door shut causing my head to snap up as I gulped down my second glass before Luke made his way into the kitchen.

“Hi baby.” Luke’s smile stretched out across his face, apparently the aftermath of last night had a lasting affect on him as well.

“Luke, I’ve wanted you all day.” This was true. I simply could not wait any longer.

“Oh sweetie,” Luke walked up to me before putting his hands on my cheeks and pulling me in for a sweet kiss. “You’re not wasting any time tonight.”

“Nope. I want you, want you now.”

“Well, I’m exhausted, let’s clean up and get ready for bed and then I can have you.” He kissed down my neck causing me to moan before he backed away. “Clean up first.” He smacked my ass before walking into the living room to turn off the TV and fold the blankets.

Luke was such a neat freak it was absolutely ridiculous. Before we could go out to a nice romantic dinner, vacation, or even have sex, you name it, the house had to be spotless. I wouldn’t call myself a messy person, but I was nowhere near close to how neat Luke was.

Luke was almost never irritated with me, but one of our biggest arguments is when he surprised me by coming back early from tour and our house was in complete disarray. I had invited the other boy’s girlfriends over and we stayed up watching TV, eating cookie dough, and drinking wine. When Luke came home we had empty glasses scattered around the kitchen, discarded clothing around the living room from when we decided to jump into the pool, Michael’s girlfriend was sleeping on the bathroom floor after getting sick from too much wine. Calum’s girlfriend was in the guest bedroom, but she didn’t make too much of a mess.

I think what really set him off was Ashton’s girlfriend Lilly and I got drunk and decided to watch The Conjuring, which turned out to be a horrifying movie. So Lilly climbed into Luke’s side of the bed. The next morning the duvet was on the floor and the sheets all crumbled up. When he was cleaning up our room he even found Cheetos in our sheets, oops. Luke was not a happy camper that morning. Even with consecutive blowjobs everyday for a week he still could not laugh at the situation.  

Rolling my eyes I put my wine glass into the dishwasher and put the cork back into the wine. “Cleaning doesn’t turn me on Luke.” I wined. 

“I don’t even want to hear it, I can get you in the mood in no time.”

“It’s not fair, all we do is clean. Lilly has a maid…” I was cut off by Luke’s face who was approaching me. His once loving baby blue eyes turned stone cold. 

“Enough. Get upstairs, now.”

Turning on my heels to proceeded upstairs ready for whatever was about to come.

“Strip.” Luke said before shutting the door to our bedroom. There was no one else in our house, but we closed it out of habit. Ashton had a spare key and would sometimes make impromptu visits.

“Yes sir.” I smiled sweetly removing his cotton black tee revealing my lacy blue bra. I noticed Luke’s breath catch as he took in the sight of me.

“You like? The color reminds me of your eyes.”

Luke inched closer to me closing his eyes and nuzzling into my neck sucking lightly on the area, my heart rate began to increase as he moved his hands to play with each one of my breasts.

“What do you want, princess?”

“You. All of you, hard.”

“That can be arranged.” He whispers sensually before pinching my nipple causing a low audible moan. With two hands grabbing my ass Luke picks me up before tossing me onto my back on top of the duvet.

Scattering kisses on my collarbone Luke uses his tongue to lick up a hickey from last night events. “I like this on you.” He mumbles almost inaudibly through my heavy breathing. Lightly he grabs the hem of my yogas, and I arch my back as he rids it off of my body. His eyes scan over my body only clad with a matching bra and panty set before a frown appears on his face. 

“(Y/N)…” He whispers before covering his hand over his mouth. I look down to see what he is talking about and sure enough I have bruises scattered on my hips and thighs from last night.

“It’s okay, it doesn’t hurt…” I try to say before I’m cut off.

“Don’t even give me that shit. Why didn’t you tell me?”

“Because I’m fine, really.” I attempt to grab the collar of his shirt to pull him towards me but he resists.

“I can’t. Not when you’re hurt.”

“Lucas Robert. I want you. Now.” I shifted my hips to meet with his but he didn’t return the favor, instead he let his beautiful face continue to frown before he flopped down beside me cradling me to his chest. 

“I’m so so sorry.” He spoke softly into my ear. “I promise not to be so rough with you again.” 

“Luke, I like rough, and I’m so wet for you.”

With a huff he kissed my hair before looking deep into my eyes. “Fine, but no sex.” I groaned at his words flopping my head back on the fluffy pillows dramatically. “Don’t throw a temper tantrum or I wont do anything at all.” And from his tone I knew he was not kidding.

His hands went to work unclasping my bra and throwing it off of our bed before slowly pulling my thong down before tossing it off as well. Luke began to trail kisses from my knee to my thighs carefully massaging them as he went.  

“If I hurt you at all. I need you to tell me. Do you promise?”

“I promise.”

With a nod Luke got back to work kissing his way to my center. His hot breath blew onto my wet center causing a chill to run up my spine. His long tongue began to lick in between my folds forming a wonderful feeling that warmed my belly.

His slurping sounds caused my head to roll in pleasure, his hands delicately caressed my bum as he worked magic with his tongue. “Luke, that feels amazing.“ I moaned out in pleasure before I wrapped legs around his back bringing him to a new angle.

By this point I felt my climax approaching and Luke was getting more into it, increasing his pressure and speed within me. My fingernails dug into his back as he lost himself inside of me. As a result his mind was only focused on one thing and he slipped his index finger inside my folds causing me to wince at the intrusion. It looks like my hips and thighs weren’t the only things sore from yesterday’s events.

“Shit. I’m so sorry (Y/N).” His doe eyes gazed into mine clearly upset with himself. 

“Baby, I’m fine. Keep going please, I’m so close.” I mumbled lifting my hips anticipating him inside me once more. 

Luke grabbed my hips lightly forcing them down before he entered his tongue into me once more. The intense feeling in my stomach returned as my toes curled in ecstasy. I shut my eyes as I lost myself into the sensation, “Luke, I’m…” I moaned before I fell apart on his tongue.

As I came down from my high Luke cleaned me up by licking up my center before kissing a quick peck on my lips.

“Thank you.” 

Luke flopped down next to me as he brought me into his chest before kissing the tip of my nose. 

“Don’t I get to please you now?”

“No. You’re hurt.” 

I couldn’t resist the urge to roll my eyes. “Luke, stop it. I’m fine you just ate me out for crying out loud.”

“Do not roll your eyes at me.” His tone was sharp before he left me by getting up from the bed and walking into the bathroom. I could hear the water wondering and I wondered what in the world he was up to now. 

Luke returned moments later naked as well. He leaned over the bed and carried me in his arms before setting me down in the warm bathwater.

“Luke, you didn’t have to do this.” I was sat in the warm water in the large tub that was in the bathroom adjoined to our bedroom. The water smelled of my vanilla bubble bath and instantly relaxed me. 

“When will you just accept that I like to take care of you?” His baby blue eyes were sincere and I felt a shiver run up my spine at his sweet words. No one ever made me feel so special and taken care of before.

Luke went to turn off the water and I noticed the scratches that aligned his back as he got in with me. 

“I didn’t mean to hurt you.” 

“What are you talking about?” His eyebrows furrowed as he looked at me confused before grabbing a loofah before applying the body wash and gently running it over my breasts.

“You have claw marks in your back.” I let out a small giggle because, although it probably hurt, it was kind of cute to see Luke marked up from me. Would let all of his screaming fans know that he is taken. 

“Doesn’t hurt me one bit.” He laughed too before moving the loofah down my body and lightly grazing my thighs.

“I’m glad.” I sat back and allowed Luke to take care of me before he washed himself off much quicker and rougher than he had done with me before draining the tub and carrying me back into our bedroom bridal style.

In our room he sat me on the bed and went over to the dresser before throwing on a pair of boxers. He brought back to the bed one of his Green Day tees and black panties and helped me dress. Then he walked over to turn off the lights while I climbed underneath the covers. Luke snuggled up next to me playing the big spoon role before kissing my hair lightly.

“I love you.” He mumbled.

“I love you, and I love when you take care of me, even when I complain.”

“I know you do baby, now get some sleep.”

Prove It Requested by thejulietfarciertlove

Author: Me! :)

Character: Kol MikaelsonxReader

Word Count: 1386

Reader Gender: Female

Warnings: None

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