but sully sees this and feels bad and hugs him and everything is okay

Money Isn't Everything Part 3

This was highly requested so I hope you guys love it! :)

“What the hell do you think you’re doing?” Your husband asked sternly as you stood on your tippie toes reaching up to get the crackers from on top of the refridgerator.

“Uhh getting crackers. I’m starving.” You said reaching up even higher.

“Sit down and stop doing that! Marcy get in here!” He yelled to the worker that he had hired to watch over you.

“Yes sir Mr. Hood?” She asked obediently.

“What the hell is Mrs. Hood doing up?” He asked sternly.

“Uh sir…” she started to say.

“Because I can get my own damn crackers! Seriously Calum you’ve got to let me do something, I’m going insane just sitting around all the time! I’m surprised you even let me piss by myself ” you said rolling your eyes and putting your hands on your hips.

“Well excuse me for wanting you safe!” He said getting pissy.

You rolled your eyes. “It’s crackers Calum I’m fine.”

He scoffed. “Something could happen. You could lose your balance and fall or something. I don’t want you to get hurt.” He said defending his actions.

You softened and smiled at him.

“Come here.” You said motioning your finger for him to come closer.

He folded his arms across his chest and walked forward-sulking.

You ran your fingers through his hair and looked into his beautiful brown eyes.

“Baby I appreciate all that you do, but you are smothering me. I’ll take care of myself and our baby boy, I promise. Please baby let Marcy go home for a bit, the poor girl has been under my feet for months now. I won’t do anything to harm us. We are safe honey and we love you.” You said hoping he’d believe it.

He softened up and looked down at the ground, placing his hands in his pockets.

He shrugged. “I just love you, that’s all.”

You smiled and grabbed his hands, placing them on your belly. “I know baby and I love you. We both do.”

He smiled and rubbed your belly before placing a kiss to it.

“Marcy, babygirl please go home and get some rest. Thank you so much for everything.” You said smiling politely at the young girl.

“Are you sure mam? You don’t need anything else?” She asked confused - but relieved.

“I’m sure. Enjoy the week off.” You said nodding and smiling kindly at her.

“A week?” Calum asked with concerning eyes.

“A week.” You said sternly.

He pouted and huffed.

“Mr. Hood is it okay?” She asked nervously.

“I guess. Enjoy your week, kid.” He said shrugging.

She smiled and gave you a hug.

“Thank you.” She said before walking out.

Once she was gone Calum sat in his favorite kitchen chair and ran his fingers through his hair.

“A week y/n? I don’t like this. I have meetings all week. Who will be here to watch you?” He asked very concerned.

“I will. I’m perfectly capable of taking care of me and our child. I’m a big girl. A VERY big girl.” You said giggling as you protruded your belly out.

He chuckled and shook his head.

You sat on his lap and he made a face.

“Sorry.” You said quickly hopping up.

“No, no baby you’re fine. I just got through with my morning jog and my legs are sore, that’s all.” He said grabbing your hands and trying to make you feel better.

You smiled a forced smile and held his hands.

“See, I need to get up and do something before I break your legs. I’ve gotten huge Cal.” You said giving him a sad look.

“No you haven’t. That’s just our baby inside of you.” He said defending you.

“No it’s fat. Some of it is the baby, but most is all that good food Marcy fixes.” You said trying to stifle a giggle.

“She is a great cook. Might have to keep her even after the baby is born.” He said winking at you.

“Hey if she makes that cinnamon-apple strudel everyday then I’m down.” You said smiling.

He looked at you with wide eyes.

“What?” You asked.

“Shit. I’ve been so busy I’ve completely forgot. Have you come up with any names yet?” He asked practically panicking on the inside.

“I have a few that I want to run by you.” You said smiling.

He pulled out a chair and motioned for you to sit.

“Okay I’m ready…go!” He said excitedly.

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Satyr and Cerberus [Part 7]

This is the second part of your birthday present TORAH! The most adorable dragon in the woooorld! HAPPY BIRTHDAAAAAAY <3

“Hello, I am here to speak to the Satyr that has enchanted my little brother.”

The Sheriff, as he was titled by the Satyr’s in his area as the protector of their small land, stared at the curt Cerberus that thought she was intimidating. And she was. She was clearly upper class, and despite how bored her two counterparts appeared on her shoulder, they had sharp teeth and could strike at any moment. The Sheriff might have been strong for a Satyr, but he was still lower on the food chain.

“There is no such Satyr here,” he stated confidently, not folding in front of the Cerberus because she technically had no jurisdiction outside of the city of Athens. “Only my son and I reside here and neither of us are interested in male Cerberi. So I suggest you look else-“


The Sheriff cringed at the voice of his son from behind him in the doorway of their home. He sounded timid but, more cringe-worthy of all, he sounded guilty. He sighed knowingly, “Stiles…”

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