but subconsciously turned into ship

graviolabr  asked:

May I ask please for Oliver telling Felicity his subconscious turned her into a building in the alien ship and he literal way home? Or him not liking the fake Felicity Ray's mind created? Because Oliver knows her better?

So, I was actually working on something similar, Oliver telling Felicity about the hallucination/ dreamworld.

So here it is, I hope you like it

“What was is it like?”

The sound of Felicity’s voice, echoing through the empty bunker caused Oliver to look up.

She was sitting in her usual place, by her computers, facing him with a curious look on her face.

“The hallucination, I mean,” she clarified. “Sara said, she said that Laurel was… that you and Laurel were… And your parents…”

Oliver closed his eyes, the faces of his parents flashed before his eyes, their smiling faces, their eyes gleaming with pride, the feeling of their arms wrapped around him, the sound of their voices, the familiar smell of his mother’s perfume.

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