but stillllll


expectation: hot7
reality: dork7

hamilton characters as texts from our group chats
  • Aaron Burr: "yup, im full of bad decisions and shitty judgment"
  • John Laurens: "i guess nothing about me is straight *does finger guns, trips, falls down stairs*"
  • Lafayette: "thanks also kindly fuck off"
  • Alexander Hamilton: "i cannot be quiet for the life of me"
  • Eliza Schuyler: "but wait till its like mad late and cuddle your way out of it"
  • Angelica Schuyler: "imma fucking grab you and throw you in the trash where you belong"
  • Peggy Schuyler: "my parents are sleeping im not going to fucking lunch they can't see if i did or not ahahahahah HAHAHAHAHAH"
  • George Washington: "stillllll i worry i'm the mum friend i can't help it"
  • Samuel Seabury: "*does jazz hands, dances away*"
  • Charles Lee: "ALL I DO IS COMPLAIN"
  • King George III: "i actually have an evil smile on my face right now sbahfjskf its so fun being in command"
  • Thomas Jefferson: "im not going to consider your opinion cause it makes mine wrong"
  • Philip Hamilton: "at least im going to die with style"
  • Maria Reynolds: "i just stood in front of the mirror in my underwear for a good three minutes looking at myself like,,,, bitch"
  • John Adams: "i can't understand whats happening"
seungchuchu things
  • seung-gil being the most uncharacteristically soft boy when he’s around phichit. like, soft smiles, heart eyes, blushing furiously
    • everyone is so surprised bc who is this person pretending to be seung-gil lee?
    • but theyre also not surprised bc everyone is at least a little in love with phichit
  • phichit and seung-gil sitting close or cuddling while on their phones and not speaking to each other. it’s a comfortable silence. but seung-gil will smile and laugh at any video or picture or meme that phichit shows him
  • phichit: hey seung-gil, i found this husky plushie at some store in bangkok and he reminded me so much of your dog!!! also omg i found three hamster phone charms that i wrapped around the dog’s collar isn’t it cute.. wait seung-gil babe are you crying????!!
  • seung-gil is so touched starved now that he and phichit are boyfriends he’ll take any chance to be as physically close to him as possible. even during competitions he will be hugging or kissing phichit the moment he steps on and off the ice
    • everyone not even phichit and seung-gil himself expects this (both arent complaining anyways)
  • seung-gil, crying as he takes a snapchat of phichit’s hamsters chillin on top of his husky dog
  • phichit: look it’s us (shows seung-gil pictures of hamsters and dogs cuddling) seung-gil, in tears: i’m fine
  • BONUS ROUND: phichit/seung-gil as andy/april from parks and rec
    • phichit: seung-gil you’re like an angel with no wings seung-gil: so like a person
    • seung-gil when he proposes to phichit: i guess i kinda hate most things but i never really seem to hate you so i want to spend the rest of my life with you. is that cool? (phichit, tearfully: YES)
    • phichit: awww babe you had a crush on me, that’s embarrassing!! seung-gil: we’re engaged phichit: stillllll

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Haven't heard from you in a while? R u okay? I miss you and your art (・´з`・)

I’m really sorry my dude I don’t mean to be a recluse; been trying to get my drivers license and deadlines for my thesis film are fast approaching and I’ve been struggling with ideas for one meanwhile my computer has been having processing issues

Squeeze in therapy and experimenting with meds and it’s been pretty….difficult

Picking a Voltage Character

Voltage: “As you see, we have plenty of wonderful options.” *gestures to all handsome pixel men*

Me: “They’re nice, but…” 

Voltage: *flabbergasted* “But what?! Look at all this beauty!” *snags a guy from the row* “And this one has a tragic past and soulful eyes!” 

Me: “Oh, you know I’m a slut for tragic pasts and soulful eyes.” 

Voltage: “Yes we know.” 

Me: “But still….” 

Volatge: “Or how about this one!” *snags another pixel man* “He plays sports and is only devoted to you!” 

Pixel man 2: “I play sports and am only devoted to you.” 

Me: “Okay, but stillllll…..” *leans sideways to look past the pretty pixel men* 

Me: *points* “I want that one.” 

Voltage: *looks back* “You want the tiny, blonde, sadistic one?”

Me: “No, the one next to him.” 

Voltage: “Oh wait,” *turns back to me, pointing to the back* “The short hitman with the ‘pug life’ t-shirt?” 

Me: “Yes!” 

Voltage: “But what about the tall, dark, and handsome thing?” 

Me: “Nah, I’m more of the short, dorky, and dangerous kinda girl.” 

Voltage: *exasperated, stepping back with their hands in the air* “Have at it.” 

Me: “YEEEEEEEEEEEEEE.” *tackles selected Voltage man*

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Persistently reminding myself that Gilbert Blythe in Anne w/ an E is played by a 17 year old actor and that my fully legal 21 y.o college grad  self should stop being all heart eyes on him every time he graces my screen.

Guys. Halp.


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HE`S A CHIIIIIIIIIILDDDDDDD who plays his character so damn good

but stillllll he`s a KID 

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An emotional break down of end of an era

0:00 - yes gotta love that classic marianas trench a cappella

1:03 - is that…masterpiece theatre????

1:11 - omg omg omg masterpiece theatre III

1:27 - masterpiece theatre + ever after?! /dies

1:37 - astoria theme


2:53 - cinematic feels

4:27 - this is alibis, i’m not okay

4:50 - astoria, porcelain edition

5:16 - masterpiece theatre + ever after, porcelain guitar edition

5:29 - a majestic scream

5:44 - let’s change it up

6:27 - astoria~

7:10 - I will always love you stillllll~ but astoria must end…