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And if you think about it, Steve being ~25 and Tony being ~42 is kinda creepy for a relationship. Steve could literally be Tony’s son. It’s possible. But at the same time, he’s also ~95, old enough to be Tony’s grandfather. o.O

I don’t find age differences as creepy once they’re both out of their teens (I only really find them creepy when the significantly younger one is a woman because it happens so often and those men in general are always so damn creepy). But I guess the age difference is easy to ignore because Steve’s lived through the Depression, poverty, and war, so he is mature for his age. But still, people clearly kink on age difference, it’s just a little weird that in order to achieve the kink, they’re always deaging Tony to a damn teenager and then having them get together, instead of just keeping the actual age difference intact and exploring that.