but still unf


a moment to emphasize on how important it was for Kevin to come back for Randall

for a second, people suffering from anxiety were told “hey. it’s okay. you’re not alone.” 

and that is so fucking important. 

Arthur ~ S1E1 The dragon’s call

The Seven Seas. Rudyard Kipling. New York: D. Appleton and Company, 1896. Cover design by Evangeline Mary Daniell. First American edition.

“We have fed our sea for a thousand years
And she calls us, still unfed. 
Though there ’s never a wave of all her waves
But marks our English dead :  
We have strawed our best to the weed’s unrest
To the shark and the sheering gull. 
If blood be the price of admiralty.
Lord God, we ha’ paid in full !”


( HOLY SHIT THAT IS FAST–Yes, this is my first time seeing this video my bad haha ; u ; )

( *snickers* )