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Eric Bana as Zane Garrett [as Corbin Porter], Karl Urban as Ty Grady [as Del Porter], Jessica Chastain as Michelle Clancy, Terry Crews as Fred Perrimore, Bruce Greenwood as Dan McCoy, Oded Fehr as Varten Armen, Gal Gadot as Norina Bianchi, Franco Nero as Lorenzo Bianchi, James Marsters as The Real Del Porter, Pedro Pascal as The Real Corbin Porter

Descendants 2 Theory

So at first glance, I thought that the ending of Ben suddenly being spelled by Uma was rushed, forced. But after thinking on it more, and re-watching it to see the things at first I did not see. That Ben had been spelled while in Uma’s clutches. Back while Ben was tied up, Uma does this:

Now, knowing that Ursula’s necklace could spell Prince Eric into doing whatever she said, I think the same was done to Ben. Now I know what you’re going to say, “but the isle of the lost has a barrier around it that prevents magic usage!” See I thought of that too. But you remember what Jane did, right?

And again, I know what you’re thinking, “but fairy godmother would have restored the barrier!” Yes, but it’s possible that she fixed it, but not completely. Which would allow some magic in, but be able to keep everyone there so that no one could escape. Now, obviously Ben wasn’t some walking zombie like Prince Eric. He seemed to at least show emotion and show that he knew who he was. Rather than stand there and answer the important questions needed. But, this could be because of how weak magic could be on the isle from the potentially weakened barrier. IF Uma spelled Ben with her mother’s necklace, it seemed to only slowly take effect.

If you notice during It’s Goin’ Down, Ben didn’t seem overly worried about himself? My friend argued that it was his training to be King, be calm in those sorts of situations, but the VK were pretty much literally going to feed him to the sharks. I’m sorry but King or not, that deserves some kind of reaction. But the second the wand was in Uma’s hands, anyone else notice Ben began to stare? Granted, it could have been because initially he thought Uma had the real wand. Even after that it was like he couldn’t keep his hands off of Uma. Yes during the fight he had no reservations about fighting Harry Hook, but he wasn’t spelled to be in love with Harry Hook, now was he? (Also, can we discuss just how UNF Harry Hook is? He has NOTHING on his father(the love of my life), but still, UNF) But Ben seemed hesitate on leaving. Uma also did not seem overly pissed that Mal was getting away. Like, annoyed? Yes. I’m sure Uma wanted her original plan to go off without a hitch. I’m sure she wanted some revenge on Mal. But she wasn’t in a hurry to get anywhere, like outside the barrier for instance?

After Getting saved, Ben, who went to the isle in the first place to bring Mal back, claims he loves her, and kind of insults her about the plan she originally came to Auradon with. (Although, let’s be honest, Mal’s plan(despite the bumps along the way) worked out almost perfectly. She just decided she didn’t want to be evil. But Mal could have released all of the villains and sided with her mother. Uma had a very bad plan that wouldn’t have worked(until she spelled Ben), Mal’s plan actually worked.) And Ben defended Uma, which, normal un-spelled Ben might have done. Ben just seemed very checked out the entire time. When he’s shown the finished art for Mal, Ben doesn’t care. Instead he asks Mal if she wanted to cancel. Now, thinking back to the first movie, and how Ben knew that Mal had spelled him, but still gave her a chance, you would think Ben would want once last try to show Mal that he loved her. Instead he barely looks at the art and point blank asks, “Do you want to cancel?” Again it seemed like he didn’t care at all. Like he spent the entire car ride thinking about how he was going to get Uma. And again, if Uma used her mother’s necklace on Ben while at the isle, the magic wouldn’t have been very strong. Which would explain why Ben was more himself than Prince Eric had been.

When Ben showed up to Cotillion, doesn’t it look like he’s wearing the pants you’d wear to the isle? They could have been just part of his costumer for the movie, but they didn’t look Kingly to me. They didn’t even really match his shirt. And I’m sorry, but Uma diving through the barrier? I REALLY DON’T THINK SO. She didn’t seem to be in a hurry to catch them, plus Mal had cut off the shortcut. The entire barrier didn’t come down to let the limo out, that would be WAY to risky. The barrier seemed to only open where the bridge was. And I’m sorry, but Uma either swimming to that spot or running? I don’t doubt as daughter of Ursula that she’s a good swimmer, especially since we’ve seen they have access to some water, but swimming around the island to the exact spot where the barrier would open? Uma running through the streets of the isle AFTER getting Mal’s spell-book and then running to catch the limo and dive out of the island? I’m not buying that shit. Ben went back for Uma. I’m sure he had help. Someone had to design that dress. (He probably went to the faeries who raised Aurora and called in a favor or something.) Besides, even if Uma found the spell book, even if the barrier was weakened after what happened, there is not enough magic to get Uma bot off of the island and to Ben where she could give him a magical love cookie. She could have made something to reinforce the spell she put on him, sure. But only using the book? I’m calling bullshit.

And if you come at me with, “the necklace didn’t break like in the Little Mermaid, how did the spell just break?” Um, true love’s kiss? Ariel never kissed Eric until the end of the movie, after the spell had been broken. And before then, Eric didn’t know that Ariel was the girl he was searching for. It’s possible IF Ariel had kissed Eric before the necklace broke, her kiss might have woken him up. However, that’s not how the movie went down. But in Descendants, Mal kissed Ben. And as Disney is always telling us, true loves kiss can break any spell or curse.

William Heath Robinson (1872-1944), ‘We have fed our sea for a thousand years, and she calls us, still unfed’,from 'A Song of the English’ by Rudyard Kipling, 1909, Hodder & Stoughton, London


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Comicpalooza 2017 Recap

Just got back from Comicpalooza 2017 in Houston, TX and it was a con with a lot of ups and downs.

I am going to link to a lengthy run down of the bad.  Those higher ups with the con security were absolutely abyssmal to people dealing with mental disabilities - not believing them when they said they needed help and being outright threatening.  A high-up manager at the convention was absolutely unaccomodating, refused to believe that the incident occurred, and refused to apologize that it happened.  

HERE IS A LINK TO THIS FULL STORY  because it really does need to be heard, but I want to keep it separate from the good things that did happen.

So- Hiiiighlights!

Anyway, most of Friday was spent in the hotel room after getting in and getting the two things done that were a bit time sensitive.  

We holed up until that evening beacause one of the things I was /really/ excited to try my hand at after nearly chickening out a few times, and then not sure if I was in the mood to - was a Crossplay Drag Show - not just the costume contest but everyone doing a full on lip synch presentation.  But even after the incident, my wife really encouraged me and bolstered me - wanting to push through and watch me.  We’d been talking since I heard about the event since I read about it on Thursday before the con, and she suggested THE BEST SONG to perform to: a male vocal of “You Don’t Own Me” from the Dirty Dancing soundtrack.  

I’ve never done anything like this before - I’m usually Awkward Penguin whenever I do anything in front of crowds and have been trying to build my confidence in that regards.  I usually feel very uncoordinated and awkward when it comes to choreographed movements, but this sounded - SO FUN - and fortunately, the person organizing the event, Bex - was suuuuper nice and encouraging.  

My wife got a faboo recording of my performance and I posted it here:
My Winter Soldier DRAG SHOW

And holy cow you guys… I won!  I won the “Mr. Comicpalooza” title, complete with sash for the Drag King competition.  
As it turns out, I wasn’t the only drag show newbie - a fantastic DragQueen cosplaying Black Cat and I talked for a while, bolstered each other up.  She’s also just

been dipping her toe into drag - through Halloween and parties and this was her first public foray.  And as it turned out she also ROCKED it and won Mrs. Comicpalooza .

Awesome photo is from her instagram, Bobbie. Dollie 

Saturday things were turning up.

We got to meet up with our good friend @defilerwyrm who recently moved away and spent some time with him and met some of his awesome family, meander the dealer’s room together and went to an AWESOME shadowcasting of Rocky Horror done by the After Midnight crew who was most excellent.  It has been probably 10 or 15 years since I saw a shadowcast of the show, and man it brought back good memories.  All of the company were super nice, really enthused to be performing, and man, I forgot how cathartic a bawdry, vulgur production of Rocky can be. 

“Janet” was shadowcast by this awesome woman whose costumes were Gaga inspired (and damn she looked like her too), and they had a genderbend Rocky who was a short blonde who was a delght to see pick up their Frankenfurter.  And really, everyone was high-energy and into the production :) 

And wyrm’s sister who we sat next to knew soooo many of the callbacks that I have mostly forgotten so it was great being able to hear them all so well and really get into the interactivity!  

Saturday we also got to do photos with the amazing Mike Colter and Anthony Mackie!

You could tell that Anthony Mackie is in Marvel shape right now for Infinit Wars - not only is he bringing the guns with those arms of his like usual, but man, you could count his abs through his knit henley.  But he was soooo engaging and friendly even for the SUPER FAST photo shoot.  All con photo shoots are very in and out quick - and that’s really all I was expecting, but he said hi, Welcomed us, and instead of just assuming a standard pose asked what we wanted to do.  And he grinned when he saw our cosplay and called me “Buckette” (which is awesome, still grinning about that).  I had an idea in mind and was thrilled when he was up for it:  

I had to play up the fantastic sibling-rivalry chemistry with Bucky & Falcon since my wife and I were cosplaying, so we went for this “Cap Family Photo”  - I asked to kind of do a play fight pose with me with me in a choke hold - and when he was up for it but asking for kind of his expression/motivation my wife, @shipperhipster said “Can you move your seat up?” And it was on X3  

Mike Colter… man, I have also kind of been nursing a crush on this amazing human being.  He was fantastic in Luke Cage - such a genuine character ,earnest and /good/ person - and still… unf… He has such a beautiful face with kind eyes, and, well, he is soooo toll and thicccccc..  SO I have been saying for a while I really would like to meet him and bet he gives the most amazing hugs (Spoiler: he does!)  So I was still in costume when we met him and not only did he call me gorgeous and gave a great hug, but elaborated a bit more again when we got his autograph a little later - said that the stubble make up was really good - and I made a beautiful man and wondered what I looked like underneath - my wife helpfully showed him a photo and he smiled and said in a very complimentary that I looked a bit like Tina Fey.  We chatted for a bit - he said that filming Defenders was a lot of fun, and that he’s excited for the faster plot-paced 8-ep season and that his story arc and chemistry with Danny in the series is good .  

So I was just a bit aflutter.  And so mabe I also had to go back Saturday for a second meeting out of costume.  He recognized me, said of couse he remmebered me from the day before, and got a swoon-worthy photo with him dancing/dipping me *___*  

We also briefly met Jessica Henwick - who is the actress who plays Colleen Wing in Iron Fist (and soon to be Defenders).  She was awesome!  Seemed really enthused to be there, and we talked about really loving seeing strong female characters in the MCU and Colleen is a great character - seeing her running her own dojo and kicking ass.  She personalized the autograph “Power to badass women!” So yes -  even though I wasn’t a big fan of the casting choice of Danny Rand ( though Finn Jones granted seemed very nice) Colleen was kickass!  

We also got to meet Pom Klementieff, who played Mantis in GotG2 - and seems just as sweet in real life.  This was apparently her first con and we had been in line early to see her.  She wasn’t up for special poses for photos (I had hoped to get a pose of her touching my wife’s arm and pointing at me when we were in Steve & Bucky costumes a la the Starlord/Gamora scene, but she was nice about it).  

We also went by Jon Bernthal’s table (Have I mentioned there were a ton of marvel actors at this con?  Definitely the reason we went! ) - and glad we did.  We’d seen him before at other cons but were getting something signed for a friend this time, and he was very friendly and open.  We congratulated him on getting his own headliner Punisher series and said we were excited to see it/that Punisher stole the show in Daredevil season 2 - and he said he hoped we liked it and that he was so nervous!  I was just… oh my goodness it is so endearing and refreshing when someone who plays a role like that to still get butterflies about doing a good job on a show lead and portrayal of a character.  He also runs a pit bull rescue, and that is amazing and wonderful and we expressed that to him.