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Why are you such a hypocrite? If Trump didn't attack Syria (which he did to destroy the chemical weapons plant in the area) you'd be blaming him. But now that he's taking action, you're still blaming him? Btw, there's proof those chemical attacks were fake news, attempted several times over but only getting attention now for Lord Trumps powwrplay. So those charities don't help LMAO!!!! Really? Proof that you 1. Know nothing about politics 2. Are full of cognitive dissonance 3. Are a retard


1. Literally NO ONE wanted him to attack Syria. All we wanted was the victims of the chemical attack to get the proper relief and help they need. They don’t need more violence, they need HELP. 

2.  The right way to “take action” is to set up fundraisers and find real ways to help the victims. He would also let these refugees in our country instead of blocking them out because they’re “terror threats”…Not further proving America is a greedy ass imperialistic country that likes to bomb countries for shits and giggles. 

3. Are you seriously trying to claim that hundreds of people faked being severely injured??? There are literally VIDEOS of people laying dead from that attack. I can’t believe people can be so oblivious… I hope your dumbass realizes that the #SyriaHoax hashtag was created by Russian bots... So congratulations for playing yourself and being a Russian puppet just like your “Lord Trump”…… like idiot, like idiot. 

4. Stop trying to cover up the fact trump supporters are literally one of the biggest laughing stocks right now. All of this whining and boohooing of “I thought he was gonna put America first!!11!!!1″ is absolute bullshit. When we tried to warn you tinfoiled hat rednecks about a possible war, you called us “liberal snowflake crybabies”. I mean… 

you’re all fucking jokes!!! Lmaoooo wtf did ya’ll expect from a president who goes yells are people on twitter???… 

5. I’m not gonna take offense to “knowing nothing about politics” from someone who uses an old 2012 meme as their icon… anyway if a war does break out, I hope it’s you trump supporters who fight in it. Gotta fight for your “Lord Trump” right???? 

Good day. 

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I'm ace, but have been in romantic relationships. My brother keeps telling me that since I'm ace, I have no business dating anyone. He says that there's nothing in a non-sexual romantic relationship that I couldn't get from platonic ones. He doesn't seem to understand the difference between platonic, romantic, and sexual. Idk how to explain why I'd want to get married when I hate sex, or why kissing someone doesn't make me sexual. Now I feel like I'm undatable or somehow "faking" my asexuality.

My dear lgbt+ child, 

That’s funny - I guess I need to inform my wife that since I’m ace, I have no business being married to her! 

Jokes aside: Your brother is (obviously) wrong. Many asexual people still feel romantic attraction, want to date or get married. 

You’re certainly not undatable. There are some people who wouldn’t want a relationship without sex, yes, but there are just as many (both ace and not-ace) who wouldn’t mind or would even be happier in such a relationship. 

You’re not fake, either. A asexual person is someone who feels no or very low sexual attraction - if that applies, nothing else the person does or does not, likes or hates could “disqualify” them from being asexual. 

If you look for some possible ways to explain it to your brother, you might want to

- read my Attraction FAQ (I explain the difference between romantic and sexual attraction there, maybe that helps him to understand) 

- read this letter (I talk a bit more about the definition of asexuality which may help as well)

- use metaphors. I usually find that many people understand metaphors better than abstract definitions! One example could be “I don’t like board games. I don’t see the point, I don’t feel any excitement while playing them. I’m just not a board game person. And therefore I wouldn’t consider board games a important part of a relationship and would prefer to never play them with my partner, even though some couples love to have a weekly board game evening together. But just because I don’t want to play board games with my partner doesn’t mean I wouldn’t love to do other activities with them and feel close doing other things together. Saying “If you don’t like board games, you should never date”, just because some couples love them, would be wrong. It’s the same with sex.” 

With all my love, 

Your Tumblr Mom    

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Memori 20 💜

20. top of head kisses

Emori is sitting on the couch and trying to read through the latest book Bellamy gave her when John gets home. She hears the door hiss open and smiles, saying, “How was the farm today?”

He presses a kiss to the top of her head as a way of greeting and collapses onto the couch next to her. She lifts her book so that he can rest his head on her lap, which he does. 

“Full of algae,” he says tiredly. “Same as always.”

He throws one arm over his eyes and Emori laughs a little. She begins to read out loud from the book, John occasionally correcting her pronunciation. He turns his face into her stomach after a little while, curling up. Emori laughs and he mutters something into her belly.


“I just said that I’m saying hello to my daughter,” John says, lifting his head a little bit. Emori laughs again.

“You don’t know it’s a girl,” she says, amused. John shoots her a sideways grin.

“Of course I do.”

Emori leans down to kiss the top of his head.

“You’re silly, John,” she says. “And I think it will be a boy.”

He scoffs.

“Don’t be ridiculous,” he says, even as he grins. Emori rolls her eyes at him and goes back to reading her book, John repeating her words into her stomach.

send me a number and a ship!

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Looks like you havent updated recently (last post mentions the 7th and its the 22nd as of me writing this). I heard elsewhere that its confirmed now and was surprised there's nothing here (whether the confirmation was fake or true)

Nah, I’ve been updating (as of receiving and writing this on the 22nd, that is) - it just takes asks a little while to get through ‘cos they’re all queued.

As for any confirmations, I’ve received a few hoaxes, plus one very brief mention of a hopeful Vento Aureo anime at… some point in the future in an interview, but there still hasn’t been any concrete confirmation.

You see, anon, my inbox gets flooded every time anything shows up, anyway, so I wouldn’t be able to miss it even if I wanted to.

Les Amours De Marius - Chapter 1 - Elenchus - Les Misérables - Victor Hugo [Archive of Our Own]
An Archive of Our Own, a project of the Organization for Transformative Works
By Organization for Transformative Works

OR The Fakest Fake Dating AU: a farce in four acts.

All Marius wants is for his grandfather to give him permission to marry the girl he loves. He’s not quite sure how this led to him pretending to be engaged to two of the most disreputable of his disreputable friend’s disreputable friends, but here they are, and Marius is nothing if not committed in the service of love.

A (loosely) canon era fake dating AU, staring Marius Pontmercy, Bahorel, and Grantaire.

BTS as tags on my fake chats
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  • Yoongi: #oh my f*** god this shit is hella real

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although I am not officially diagnosed I am 99% certain I have OCD. It has been about 4 years of torturous secrecy and hiding and I am finally ready for help. I emailed a therapist but am now terrified that everything I have experienced and am still experiencing is a lie. Like I feel like there is no evidence of truth in what I have said ever and I feel totally idiotic and nervous for a reply and not wish I never even asked. I am embarrassed asking for help but feel like I need it.

dwdw what ur experiencing is in fact an ocd symptom in of itself!!! doubting ur actually ill is 1000000% a symptom of ocd and many other mental illnesses, theres nothing to be ashamed of, ur not faking it, and u deserve to get help!! pls dont feel embarassed, everything is going to be okay, ur therapist will be kind and understanding, and u can even talk abt what ur feeling rn to them!! if u feel like u need help, then u deserve to get it, and theres nothing wrong with that

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what made you realize that you didn’t id as lesbian anymore? i’m kinda struggling with the same thing and i just feel weird because idk if i should still call myself a lesbian since i don’t really have anything specific that confirms or denies that i’m attracted to men

!!!! i struggled w what i believed to be comphet for a while. obviously everyones experiences are going to be different but what got me was i realized the negative feelings that came w thinking abt guys like that was guilt that i was a fake lesbian, fear of judgement etc and not actually guys?

finding a label is hard, and theres nothing wrong w trying on new ones!!! which is cliche but tbfh its all i got

heres a post i found in my drafts called how fake are the signs
  • aries: fjdhsg aries love to be all "hey i tell it like it is!!" but mostly ur all bark no bite... a lot of aries are fake nice instead of fake hard but ur all pretty sensitive and whether u admit it or not, u want to be liked. which is good cuz generally ur often pretty likable even tho u wont fuckin stop sayin "fight me" or whatever
  • taurus: u will never get a handle on tauruses as a whole but u guys r really big on testing the waters and seeing what the meanest shit u can get away with saying is. but u hate hurting ppls feelings usually even if u wont admit it. also taurus party is gossip party
  • gemini: honestly less fake than ppl think. ur issue is ur not really sure who u are/want to be so you say really un self aware shit that makes ppl think ur fake. but also generally you suck at confrontation which makes u accidentally fake but u dont even do it on purpose u just got a complex
  • cancer: SO FAKE CHILL u want everyone to think you roll with the punches and generally they do think that up until they know you better and realize u still hold a grudge against that kid who took the last yellow crayon just when u wanted to color the sun
  • leo: leos are like "whatever i dont care" one second and then "PLEASE LOVE ME I CANT DIE ALONE" the next and then after that "if i have to die alone at least im doing it beautifully and better than everyone"
  • virgo: DBSNDIDNHB NO DUDE VIRGOS LIKE, virgos are all "ugh i hate fake ppl" but honestly virgos are the most likely to be fake. ur so high strung but u dont want anyone to know it and sometimes if theres nothing to be high strung about u invent stuff. and ur also rarely if ever self aware like u say shit like "be honest with me" when in actuality u want someone to just agree with u or tell u what u want to hear........ thats ok tho. ur friends and shit love u anyway
  • libra: yall go between being ludicrously earnest and p fake... there are a lot of fake tuff libras and a lot of fake nice libras but all of u are genuinely weird. sometimes ppl think u say weird shit so ppl will think ur ~quirky~ but naw u just say some real shit sometimes
  • scorpio: scorpios can go either way really... unlike aries n virgo when u say mean shit its not for the rxn so much as bc u were like "i could stop myself from saying this but like...........ehh". ur secretly sensitive but its not secret bc ur fake its secret bc u got ur bitter crunchy shell guarding ur gooey insides and everyone thought u were crunchy the whole way thru cuz nobody wanted to risk takin a bite. but then u have ur highly conflict avoidant scorpios who r the most passive aggressive mother fuckers but they still got that squishy sensitive interior... and some scorpios are SOOOOOO NOT SELF AWARE TOO the recipe for a fake scorpio is conflict avoidant + lack of self awareness
  • sagittarius: prob the LEAST fake sign. if ppl think ur fake its bc ur mouth ran away with u and said some shit that wasnt true and you realized that after u said it but once it was out of ur mouth it was too late so u just kept talkin n hoped nobody noticed. u DO fake being happy as a coping mechanism or use jokes to deflect bc u dont want ppl to worry but a lot of the time u r just genuinely goofy
  • capricorn: not THAT fake tbh. when ur fake u got a reason for it like ambition or cuz its easier/simpler... ur more likely to keep stuff close to the chest, be a lil cagey. kinda makes u come off as faker than u are really. ppl just dont believe u when ur like talking abt the kind of psn u are
  • aquarius: either too lazy, too tired or too excitable to be fake. like u TRY tbh but u cant keep it up. like ur personality is a pile o dirty dishes and u couldnt find the fabreeze so u were like "it is what it is"
  • pisces: honestly the most pisces thing ive ever seen was someone cryin so hard her fake eyelashes fell off. u try to be fake sometimes but ur emotions and also tears weaken the glue of ur resolve

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Do you know how many comments I've seen today about "missing Eleanor and wanting her back"? Sort of wondering if this is 1DHQ's entire agenda. I don't think it's right to glorify certain beards while calling out others. Also I think what Eleanor did today refollowing Lottie was kind of ugly, there's nothing sweet about trying to worm your way back into someone's good graces after being petty, acting fake nice on social media so people can think you're on good terms with Louis is... ://

Seriously, fuck that girl. Granted she was involved in a significantly smaller bearding trainwreck than Danielle or Briana, but that doesn’t make her morally superior. She was still literally paid to pretend to be Louis’ girlfriend, he clearly didn’t like being around her and now she’s STILL trying to leverage attention for herself off the back of that associated fame. Fuck her.

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Cass, how are u so unaffected?

becauseeeeeeeeeeee it’s so funnnnnnyyyyy and obviousssssss and larry is still reallllllllllllll… like this is just what they have to do… and im always a positive person and can always see the light in every situation… i dont think theres any point in being a nancy about all this because it’s so fucking obviously fake it’s hilarious… seriously people were predicting this a month ago.. i made a post yesterday of the standard steps that are taken with one of these stunts.. it’s SO predictable that it’s stupid… i almost feel like they’re doing it to give us entertainment because ffs this isn’t anything new… it’s like watching the season 4 grand final of a show that has the same cliff hanger ending every single time but spun a little differently… 

im not affected because i can see that this is part of their job and as much as thats fucked up and i dont like it, theres nothing i can personally do about it.. so instead of me getting so wound up and upset about something that i can clearly see is totally fake and set up, i would prefer to think about the nicer things.. i would prefer to think about when louis gets home to harry… i would prefer to think about the fact that it is actually working and people are starting to think that fucking baby is fake… i would prefer to remember that harry and louis are still in love.. no matter how many fucking dairy dates, hand holds and bro side arm hugs 2 people can have… 

none of this shit erases all the amazing larry we’ve seen over the last few months.. NONE of it.. none of it erases their tattoos and the bts stories we hear.. none of it.. this is just something that they have to do and that they’ve had to do for 5 years.. and i KNOW it’s not ideal and no i dont like that they have to do it, but it will never ever change the truth.

No cuddling Calum imagine

I love your writing! Can you please do an imagine with Calum getting jealous when you hang out with your best friend Luke? Thank you

I did so many of this type kind of imagine lol 


You had no cuddle buddy, or as called, Calum, with you, because he went to the recording studio to record again. But Luke was with you. He was your best friend, and Calum didn’t mind. But he wanted Luke no where kissing you or something like that. You were sitting on the couch, being bored without Cal. Luke walked in.

“Hey Y/N!” he smiled. You groaned at him. “Nice waying to say hi back,” he chuckled, and sat next to you.

“I’m so bored without Calum,” you whined. “Aren’t we all?” he laughed. 

“Hey want to do something?” you hit his chest, making him let out a groan in pain. “Ouch!” he yelled. “Oh I’m sorry you baby,” you chuckled. “I’m just kidding that didn’t hurt,” he said. “And yeah. What do you wanna do?” he asked. “I don’t know thats why I’m asking you!” you laughed. He laughed too.

“Lets just hang out,” he stood up, grabbing your hand and pulling you up. “Where?” you pondered. “Prank Michael..” he mumbled, and laughed to himself. “YES!” you screamed. “Alright…” Luke just chuckled at you. You guys went to where he was, which is the boys shared house. You guys walked in quietly.

You saw Michael on the couch, sleeping peacefully. You grabbed a sharpie. You walked quietly to him and started to draw on his face. He was moving a bit and scrunching his face. Luke was laughing quietly. Almost laughing out loud. You put “Idiot" on his forehead, drew kitty whiskers, and a nose, and made circles around eyes. He looks hilarious. He groaned.

"Y-Y/N..?” he woke up, and then you threw the sharpie at Luke. “Heeeey!” you smiled. “Hey.. what are you doing here?” he asked. You tried your best not to laugh. “Just visiting, pretty bored without Cal.” Michael nodded and gave you a hug. “Hey why don’t you go to the bathroom?” you ask.

“Why?” he cocked an eyebrow up. “You look pretty tired. Wash you face,” you smiled. He nodded and went to the bathroom. Luke bursted out laughing. You laughed too.

He grabbed your hand and ran to the bathroom. Michael was washing his face. “Hey theres a spider on the mirror…” you say, and Michael stepped back. “W-Where?” he began freaking out. “Do you not see it? It’s right there!” Luke pointed to the left corner of the mirror. He began “Faking” freaking out. There was nothing there.

“There’s nothing there!” Michael yelled. “Yes there is are you blind…” you holded in your laugh. 

You began bursting out laughing, and Luke did too. “I’m just kidding do you not realize what’s on your face?!” you laughed. Michael looked at himself in the mirror. “Y/N! LUKE!” you and Luke were still laughing, and then you grabbed Luke’s hand and ran. Michael started to chase you guys. “I hate you guys!!” Michael yelled, and tried to clean his face.

“Thats hilarious,” Luke smiled. “Could we just cuddle and watch TV?” you laughed a bit. Luke nodded and you both walked to the couch, then cuddled. His arm around your shoulders, and you on his chest. You heard someone cleared their throat. You saw Calum leaning on the kitchen’s door frame.

“Oh hey Calum I missed you!” you ran to him and hugged him.

“I saw everything,” he crossed his arms. He made his adorable angry face. “We were just cuddling and pranking?” you laughed. Calum ignored you and ran to Luke. “I said no cuddling my girlfriend!” he whined. “But she wanted too! And I did too!” Luke whined back. “I’m watching you,” Calum grabbed you and kissed you in front of Luke. “You guys are dorks,” you rolled your eyes and walked away. You had such a cute jealous boyfriend.

-Kelly :] x


tiffany has been nothing but loyal to her alliance and they go behind her back and act as if she’s some anti christ. frank goes ahead and blows up the blindside yet he’s still in the clear? all I’m saying is they act as if tiffany is vanessa when she’s done nothing to prove to them that she’s playing the same game vanessa did. anyway everything will unravel and point out the fakes from the reals!!! 

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Ppl who call us delulu just won't stop -_- an anon told the OP who posted the truth abt media to stop feeding the "shipper's delusion" OP answered professionally there's new info i think everyone should read. Im on mobile I can't link url is klm-12

Hey anon,

I’ve read it (link). I can’t believe someone still refused to open their mind and actually thought about it. 

I pity them somehow because they’ve closed their mind completely without leaving a small opening. It’s their lost tbh. They refrain their brain from projecting its utmost capability, at the same time reduce their chances in life.

And this statement made me laughed:

you’re saying Kaixxstal is “probably” fake but you have absolutely nothing to back up your claim apart from that “insider” post (btw millions of things never happened in that post but you’re conveniently ignoring that fact) 

OP quoted this from the original post. there’s a high probability that the couples are fake. There’s also a possibility that they’re real and SM just took advantage of it, but it’s less likely. BUT, we will never know if they actually felt something for each other or not. Maybe they did fell in love w/ each other, or they actually have other romantic relationships that the public doesn’t know. Or they’re actually single. Who knows. There are many possibilities but they only know the truth themselves, of course.

OP stated there’s also a possibility that they’re real, they actually felt something for each other or not, maybe they did fell in love with each other. 

3 opinions sided kaixxstal against 1 opinion sided kaisoo. 3 against 1???

And regarding the insider post, did this person actually saw my analysis about the insider post yet? She/he is got to be kidding me. 13 ‘coincidences’ out of 18 actually happened. That’s 72% accurate. 13 ‘concidences. Not 1. Not 2. Not 5. 13 coincidences!

YOU ARE conveniently ignoring that fact!

I can’t believe how ignorant one can be.

Then this….

also why are the conspiracy theories only made by ifans lol, don’t you think Korean fans would know way more than you about their own entertainment industry and yet K-EXO-l don’t doubt Kaixxstal at all and some of them even knew beforehand. That’s so arrogant of you to pretend knowing everything when you’re so clueless

I have to disagree with that statement. It’s not about how kfans know better than ifans. It’s about kfans trust and believe their own people. Like how you believe everything your country’s news stations and the newspapers said. Like how you believe your country politicians’ manifesto. You believe them. Why? Because they are your primary sources. They are the leaders of your country. You depend on them. If you don’t trust their news, who could you trust? A news about your country reported by another country? A foreigner that wanted to run your country?

Kfans know only what they need to know about their own entertainment. If they know better, they’ll start questioning things. But if they don’t question things, they only know what they’ve been told. They are kFANS, not the people who work in the entertainment industry. Would you own a successful company and share your secrets with everyone? Would SM become the most successful entertainment company in SK if he spilled everything to the public? Think.

OP quoted this from that ask which basically support my above judgment.

Now, let me ask you this question: do you know very well how your own country’s entertainment industry works? Do they tell the public how they actually function? The public will only know half the truth about how this business operates, the public will never know the most important parts of this field. Whichever country it is, the public will never know how the entertainment industry actually works. In your country, when media reports something about a celebrity, or about the government, would you question it immediately? Only very few people will question that, only those who have an idea about the strategies media have.

And the part that this anon said that some kfans knew about kaixxstal beforehand are very questionable. Why now? Why they only voice it out after the couple has been confirmed? Why there’re no pictures? Why? And the only answer I’ll probably get is, I just know. Yeah like I just know that kaisoo is real. Duh!

I definitely agree with @klm-12’s statement: That’s so arrogant of you as well to pretend knowing everything when you’re so clueless about me and this industry.

People. Wake up! This is the reality. We’ve been living in this world for so long, long enough to be fool easily.

(omg sorry for the long rant)

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so blisseau (.) tumblr went and got another copy of the BC, and it seems to be legit (in that both their names and signatures are on it). just curious what the legal implications of falsifying something like that might be (she mentioned that a 'live birth' cert. is the same as an actual BC for Ventura)? my heart/brain tell me there isn't a baby at all, so what would the legal implications be of faking that? could you even do that if there's no actual baby? wouldn't everyone on that BC be fucked?

(2) i’m still expecting a denial along the lines of ‘oops, i thought the baby was mine and signed the BC accordingly’, but then paternity test > not his > ‘oops my bad, thought it was mine’ *end of babygate* preferably within the next week or two ><

Anonymous said:When I have discussed Larry and BG with the intelligent, analytical highly-educated, and intuitive people in my life (people who knew nothing about any of this), the reaction has always been the same: Larry is real and the baby is fake, but there is no way L and NT can extricate themselves from this mess by denying paternity. They have to come clean (the carefully-crafted version) or else the “baby” will come back to haunt them. For these people, that was the only real sticking point.


I’ve combined these asks because they’re basically the same. Everything else points to there being no baby. At this stage, the only way I could believe there was a baby is if there were some explanation for why that particular baby (and Briana when pregnant) could not have been shown to the world. What possible need is there for other people’s baby pics and vids if there’s really a baby? Unless showing the real baby would be a dead giveaway that Louis is not the father (say, the baby clearly isn’t the child of two white parents? I’m pulling this out of thin air, but it’s no more preposterous than anything else going on (though it doesn’t explain Briana’s ever-changing bump)).

So, whither the birth certificate? I think the law really doesn’t matter if someone is willing to break it and thinks what they’ll gain from it is worth more than what they may lose if caught. We know the certificate was filed after they left the hospital, so they must have submitted it themselves (or their doc did after that appointment). So, it was already outside the control of the hospital. I think the biggest risk is to the medical personnel who signed it, but maybe they can plausibly claim their signatures were forged. I really don’t know how this will shake out. Even if the birth certificate is an outright forgery, I think that the repercussions would probably be minor – a fine and a slap on the wrist. It’s not as if there is rampant birth certificate fraud (for non citizenship purposes) going on where they’d need to make an example of this.

As for Louis and Harry emerging from this scandal with just a paternity denial, I’m anticipating some escape route we haven’t even thought of. Or just a reliance on time passing for everyone to forget about it when the next big things happens. We in the fandom may never get a coherent explanation, but I don’t know if they care if we understand. 

In sum: I still don’t think there’s a baby, I don’t think the repercussions of a false birth certificate are all that big of a deal, and I don’t know how they’re going to extricate themselves from this but I think they will.