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I’m genuinely curious as to how far our little Tellyhead comic fandom goes!


Hey guys, I’m terribly sorry for the lack of updates lately! I’m moving out of my hometown and everything is a mess, so instead of new art have two old sketches that I posted on twitter and then forgot about lmao

Hey Everyone! 

As you may or may not know there are some exciting spoilers from Season 2 on tumblr. From what I’ve heard, it was leaked from a French television conference and not intended for the public to see. 

Out of respect for everyone who worked on the show, I will not be posting any of those spoilers as they were not officially released by anyone on the Miraculous Team. 

I know everyone is excited but as a reminder please remember to tag your spoilers as #ml spoilers or #mlspoilers.  

idk about you guys but i really love the little teaser picture aaron posted yesterday

i mean, doesn’t this look just awesome!

this season is setting them up for rising from the ashes. this shows that s5 will actually give us that

i know i’m excited, are you excited??

marielgum  asked:

Are you scared about moving? I know you said it's exciting and also exhausting but I was wondering if you ever felt like "oh god what am I doing?" haha

Not scared so much as anxious. I just want it to be over and there’s still a lot to be done but I’m super excited about it. It’s sort of lighting a fire under me. 

SM Entertainment Confirms Henry’s Plans To Release New Music

Super Junior M’s Henry is set to release a new song soon!

On March 8, a source from SM Entertainment stated, “Henry will be releasing his new track on March 11 at midnight KST.”

His new track was briefly revealed during his appearance on an episode of MBC’s “I Live Alone,” and is titled “What Should I Do?” The track received attention after the show’s broadcast for being a song that Henry wrote himself. After a flood of requests for the song, Henry has decided to release the track.

Meanwhile, many are anticipating to hear the full version of “What Should I Do?” and are excited to hear a new release from Henry.

Check out Henry’s hilarious walk-through of his song on “Yoo Hee Yeol’s Sketchbook” below!


In this whole luncheonette, why am I the only one who sees you’re beautiful

… No wait. I mean…


New Speculation for the Goo-Rick and Morty episode

Originally, I called this the Goo-Rick and Goo-Morty VS RaM episode. I was expecting these versions of Rick and Morty to be alternate dimension versions, possibly looking for a new dimension to live in (and possibly non-goo bodies to take over, especially if they weren’t originally gooey).

But now I’m thinking, based off of what Dan told us during the SDCC panel, that this might be the ep where Rick and Morty “go through a process that separates their bad qualities from their good.”

More specifically, I think Rick and Morty are going to extract their worst qualities. For Rick, that would be his anger, and for Morty, his nervousness. Why do I think that? Because every time we’ve seen the goo versions, Goo-Rick looks angry and Goo-Morty looks worried.

I imagine Rick’s goo-self also encompasses his aggression and/or self-loathing:

Meanwhile, we see the two Mortys having a scuffle:

Goo-Morty still looks panicked while our Morty only looks angry. It’s as though our Morty no longer has the panic inside of him. Hmm. So why are the goo-versions fighting them? Are they just trying to get back to where they belong? I’m not sure, but I’m still super excited to find out!

You can blame @buginettedupaincheng for this

I know usually when there is a formal event in fics Marinete either wears a ladybug inspired dress or smt pink. I want her in a chat noir inspired dress with an updo imitating cat ears. Cat eye makeup. Dark red lipstick cause it slays. And a gorgeous af black dress. Also let’s say they are older so the dress can have a lowcut back and be a little tight and super elegant in a ‘I’m literally a princess now but I could pull a knife and cut your throat in the next second without spilling blood on my dress’ type of look. Everyone wants Marinette to walk on them they would thank her. In the stiletto heels she is wearing. Cause I have a headcanon Mari can run in heels (I know she is clumsy but still you can pry this headcanon out of my cold dead hands)

An akuma attacks. Marinette is one step away from exploding because Adrien was just about to ask her to dance. So she downright marches to the akuma kicks the akuma’s ass, take their object, breaks it, hits the butterfly with a plate resulting in nailing it to the table and repeatedly stabs it with a butter knife. Then she dusts off her hands and goes to Adrien smiling sweetly ‘so where were we? Alya was recording the whole thing she’s still shook to this day. So is everybody else. Adrien finally manages to ask her to a dance in between dying and fainting and almost asked her to marry him or step on him he’d be fine with either. Everybody is silent when they go on the dance floor. Mari glares at the orchestra to play some music. The dude in charge almost pisses his pants in fear and immediately starts playing. Cue romantic dance scene.

After the party Chat Noir goes to visit her and she shows off her chat noir inspired look and does a little twirl to show the whole look and he is hoping if he’s blushing that his mask is covering it (just barely) bc even though he fully knows Mari can kill a man she’s still so dang adorable. And Mari is super excited to show him her dress cause hey, it was inspired by him, she wanted a honest opinion. And she does this adorable little dance around and just looks at him with the big blue eyes sparkling when she waits for his opinion and Chat is close to die. He tells her she looks stunning and she’s so happy he likes it and does the Butt Wiggle™ and he just keeps dying

solaela  asked:

Got one for noct mostly but the bros (and iris due to nature of ask) can react too in a meeting them sense Noct survives the events of the game and S/O have twins with him. A boy and a girl. s/o wants to name them regis and lunafreya after the two people who are not here now who helped him most.

I really, really looked forward to this! Like I’m gonna try to fluff the hell out of this!

Please be aware that all of my knowledge of childbirth comes from me reading the internet at 3 in the morning, going “well that seems painful” and than going on ebay for 20 min.


You waddled out to the garden, waddle being the key word, one hand to your back, the other rubbing protectively across your stomach. Your enlarged stomach that housed your precious baby, and the future heir to the newly rebuilt Kingdom.

Nearly 5 years had gone by, prior to the the defeat of Ardyn and the ‘Death’ of Noctis, you two were wed. Yet with quick thinking on your part, you managed to get most of the gods on your side which assisted with returning your husband back to you from the afterlife. The first few months were rebuilding the city, and the next few years flourished underneath the new King and his Queen. Now everyone was waiting for the next generation.

Once news had broken that the King and Queen were expecting, it was a rather joyous day! Now all you had was just about 4 more weeks and you would be able to hold the new Princess or Prince of the Kingdom. No one knew what to expect as the little one never wanted to get X-Rays right, sometimes it appeared to be a boy, sometimes a girl, yet most of the time with their back to the camera.

You stopped suddenly clutching your stomach, as you received a rather rough contraction. Turning as you heard a whine, “No, no Umbra it’s just a Braxton Hicks. I’m fine.” You smiled to your now constant companion, ever at your side if your husband was not.

Yet unfortunately your husband was currently locked away in a meeting with Ignis, and a few others from neighboring countries in Eos. Since the Starscourge was vanished, all of Eos was in a unity. Rather sad that it took the death of so many.

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i know this isn’t the usual route w/ this but i’m p.sure that my ryder just thinks its the coolest thing that cora served in a commando unit and has no qualms about telling people this if he’s talking about her ‘do you know my girlfriend is an asari commando’ ‘do you know that she could flay a man with her biotics, (even if she wouldn’t…)’ ‘have you seen her biotic charge it’s fucking amazing.’ ‘yes that’s right she served alongside asari huntresses’ ‘yeah they’re only the best biotics in the milky way galaxy what does that tell you about cora’ ‘do you fathom how cool that is’ ‘BY THE WAY MY GF IS A COMMANDO AND-’