but still super cute omg

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I remember when you were SUPER into soriel omg I still think it's cute thou

oh im still thinkin about it, dont u worry

one of my fav neutral endings is the Exiled Queen ending where sans goes to live with toriel in the ruins (the one where paps dead too). i did some sketches late last year (i dont know where they are) of their life as roommates. the doodles were pree sad, sans was unpacking his stuff at Tori’s and finds pap’s fav book PEEK-A-BOO WITH FLUFFY BUNNY and pretty much crumbles like a biscuit. I guess the entire thing is just them comforting each other 👍  and maybe slowly they become more than just friends


@cataposa I was at the library today for like two seconds and was skimming the Tinkerbell comics and they were super gAY.

one more note I really liked how my boyfriend was listening and acting interested in things that are silly like I was showing him pictures of how my plants have grown and he asked “is that frankie? oh god I know the names of your plants” like it’s just nice to be able to talk about dumb things that excite me and have him pay attention and act genuinely interested


Miss Martian in “Welcome to Super Hero High” (x)

Super salty at mikayuu fans that they freaked out about end card, ummm, 

Sure Mika and Yuu are holding hands, but Yuu and Shinoa are holding hands also, so is Mika and Krul,,, 

[NEWS] Super Junior Sungmin Passes Audition For Seoul Police Special Promotions Unit
  • Super JuniorSungmin has passed the auditions for the Seoul police special promotions unit.
  • If he enlists in this unit, he will be the fifth Super Junior member to be enlisted.
  • Sungmin is currently still in debate as to whether he will enlist this year or not. It will depend on what Super Junior’s plans will be for this year. This police promotions unit works in publicity effort through theater and entertainment channels, and many actors, comedians, and singers have enlisted for this effort.
  • SM Entertainment also revealed that although he did go to the auditions for this unit, he has not set anything into stone.
  • They also added that he might not enlist this year as well as nothing has been confirmed yet.
  • Sungmin played an integral role in the group since his debut in 2005. As Super Junior is known for individual activities per member, Sungmin was casted in a musical along with being a radio DJ for “Super Junior’s Kiss the Radio” prorgram.
  • On the other hand, actor Yoo Ah In and Supernova Sungjae have also made the audition for this unit as well.
  • Super Junior’s Shindong, Eunhyuk, and Sungmin have also been invited to the Congress as the lecturers for a lecture titled, “The World is Immersed in K-Pop.” They vowed to share their experiences as Korean nationals who are on the very frontline of hallyu culture.
  • The Chinese unit version of Super Junior, Super Junior-M’s Henry was recently casted for a role in “Real Men” where he showed off his naive personality and lack of knowledge of the Korean military culture, which brought a huge sensation in Korea. Other members of the group are busy in other activities in the industry, with several of them being MCs in TV and radio, appearing in musicals, and other variety programs.
  • Source: KpopStarz

Tessa & Scott || practice

  • enjoying the moment during All That Skate practice [x]