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Hey Groovers! I’ll be on holiday in beautiful, rugged, and freezing AF
Tasmania till Saturday 8th of July. I anticipate that I’ll still be able to lurk
on my phone, but there will be no story updates until after that date. (Two updates that I am really looking forward to posting are Raj’s meeting with Mia, and Roy’s barbecue. And then there’s also The Truth About Brent, and chapters to be written for Naomi and Alex, and Audrey and Seph, and the hard-working ladies of The Pink Pony …and finally, after only about a year, it will be revealed why Violet was a no-show at the hotel that night. If anyone still cares, lulz.) See you soon, Lovelies!! I LOVE YOUSE ALL!

It’s strange

When the Cats and Dogs trailer was released, I thought I would be past gen 2 by the time Cats and dogs came, So I was sad because I would never get to give Kendra a black cat. But now we have less than a month until we get it and Kendra still hasn’t had kids or even found someone. KENDRA IS GOING TO GET SO MANY ANIMALS AND IM EXCITED NOW! She’s definitely going to get a black cat and a Great Dane. The dog’s name shall be Louie, and he will be gen 3’s best friend. Already decided.

I just have so many reasons why I really, really love Heart no Kuni no Alice.  I’ll try and keep it short though.  First up, I resonate with almost all the characters, especially Alice.  I want to address the role holders before Alice though.  It’s really sad, but when it was said how many of them feel so replaceable…it resonated with me.  I myself have always wished to feel as though there was something only could do, that there was someone or something that could deem me irreplaceable.  That’s the reality though - the world keeps on turning with or without your presence, and whatever gap created by your absence is eventually filled.

Second, with Alice, she represents the wish to escape reality, while still being chained down by responsibilities that she feels obligated to fulfill.  I can’t possibly relate with her more, in terms of the above claim.  Add in her low self-esteem, detachment, isolation, and self-deprecating jokes, and you have such a realistic, complex heroine, and that makes me really, really happy.  Even if wonderland is simply a fictional world, when Alice becomes happy in each route, it gives me some sort of hope that things can become better in my own life.