but still silly things are fun to draw lol

Did some practicing to draw Steven from Steven Universe today. Trying to get better in learning this style, cuz, if I do end up animating a fun silly thing of SU like I have with Undertale, I would like it to be as accurate to the show as possible. lol With how much SU has influenced my art style, you’d think it would be a piece of cake, but it’s actually proving to be rather difficult. You can still see a lot of my style bleeding into these but lol. none the less I’m pretty happy with them. 

Art Tip/Disclaimer: (by the way this does not mean I’m adopting the style from SU. I’ll still be drawing in my style(s) like usual just the same. I just wanted to try to get better at learning Rebecca Sugar’s. and for those that are wondering, it’s always good to have your own style, but it’s also good to be able to mimic other’s styles separately. The reason why, is because in the industry, any art job with a company, or studio, you will most likely not be drawing your own characters or in your own style, and it will be required for you to be capable of mimicking/learning different art styles that are not your own. :> so it’s good to try out other’s styles, just remember to keep ahold of your own as well.)