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servantofclio replied to your chat “Ryder: So you, a gay man, are bringing me, a woman with a turian…”

*tears out hair* Why. Why does this gay man have the most heteronormative storyline. Why. Plus, even my Ryder who’s a woman in a relationship with a man, and might like to have children someday, doesn’t want to be browbeaten into having them NOW.

THIS. ALL OF THIS. Ryder didn’t go to Andromeda thinking “boy, I can’t wait to arrive and procreate”. LEAVE RYDER ALONE. THEY HAVE BIGGER PROBLEMS RIGHT NOW. 

skylo-ben replied to your chat “Ryder: So you, a gay man, are bringing me, a woman with a turian…”

I AM STILL NOT OVER THIS. It was so uncomfortable. I was definitely sitting there thinking “they can’t procreate…. Gil please stop Jillian.. Stop Jillian!!!!”

Yeah I was cringing pretty hard. I like Gil a lot as a character, and I wish they would focus more on him than this weird friendship with Jill.

syzara replied to your chat “Ryder: So you, a gay man, are bringing me, a woman with a turian…”

Now you know why that meeting lasted only 2 minutes ;) That said, there is a surrealistic weirdness to that whole story arc that I was quite slow to realise.

Yeah that whole scene I just wanted it to be over. I’m grateful it was short.

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i already sent this in but i forgot a bit. can you please do a fic where holtz is trying to get the reader to go on a date w her but she's playing real hard to get? and it just really confuses holtz bc usually the ladies are all over her. obvs they end up together

A/n: This kinda strays away from the prompt but not gonna lie, I really enjoy the turn out.

“Oh come on, it’ll only be one afternoon.” Jillian complained, trailing after as you walked to the printer on the second floor of the firehouse.

You sighed, breifly looking back at her. “I’m afraid I can’t, my schedule’s pretty busy tonight.”

“Liar, you don’t have anything going on until your aunt’s birthday party next week.” Jillian countered.

That caused you to stop abruptly, turning around and looking at her with peculiar expression. “How do you know that?”

Holtzmann must have caught onto her mistake because she blushed and cleared her throat. “Um, I may have…sort of, found your planner and looked through it.”

You blinked, still starting at her with wide eyes. “You are…so bizarre.”

She still followed after you once you started walking away again. “Trust me, I know. But c'mon give me a chance.”

You didn’t reply for a couple minutes, choosing instead to shove a small stack of printer paper into the holder, pressing a few buttons on the side.

Jillan noticed you purposely ignoring her gaze.

So she ducked her head to look up at you, causing you to jump back a little at her sudden close proximity. This only caused her to smirk and move her face a little closer to yours.

“C'mon, I know you dig me.” She said quietly, tilting her head to the side a little.

You tried leaning away from her, but she followed in your path so your faces remaind at the same proximity. “I dunno, I’m not a big dating person.”

Jillian pouted, huffing unhappily. “Why do you have to be so stubborn.”

Your eyes shot back to look at her. “Well I’d like you to ask nicely so I don’t look like such a pushover.”

Holtzmann laughed, leaning closer to her forehead touched yours. “I’ll pick you up at seven then?”

You sighed playfully, looking down at the floor. “I suppose.”

She grinned, letting her lips press against yours for a few seconds. “Excellent. We can carry on with this more later.”

The head cannons no one asked for but I’m giving you: Holtzbert which one…

Worries about how they will look when they’re older

  • Erin, mostly because she’s already older than Jillian, but Jillian makes puns about Erin’s hotness almost daily, and Erin stops worrying

Makes the mix tapes/cd’s

  • Holtzmann. Jillian has an infinite playlist of 80s-90s songs that are all about love, that you can both rock out to, or serenade someone with. Jillian does both, dancing around wildly while singing into a screwdriver or wrench (she has a really good voice which totally surprised Erin the first time Jillian sang to her, but now Jillian sings almost all the time and Erin loves it). 

Clings to the other during scary movies

  • Erin. She always says she’s not scared, but she just impulsively jumps, and goes for Jillian’s arm or hand. She usually squeezes just a little too hard, and Jillian doesn’t say anything, but later in bed Erin always kisses the little pale yellow bruises and Jillian starts to enjoy horror movies way more than she used to.

Cooks them dinner

  • Holtzmann. She once explained that cooking is like a scientific equation, or mixing your own rocket fuel. If you follow a formula or recipe it will turn out alright, but if you’re really good at it, you can make it perfectly on a gut feeling. Somehow Jillian has a natural talent and constantly makes Erin gourmet meals and makes little heart shapes or ghost on the plate.

Goes all out on valentine’s day

  • Erin is a hopeless romantic, but their first valentine Holtzmann turns it into a competition, and she gets really competitive so she had to win. Jillian took her girlfriend for a picnic under the stars, and then when they were done eating she set off huge fireworks, and an automated rocket that did some skywriting. Now it has become a tradition, and every year Jillian outdoes herself with bigger and better explosions and foods and cute little thing, and Erin is worried that one day Jillian might just blow up the moon or something to make a bigger explosion than the year before.

Is good with kids

  • Both of them, in their own way. Jillian is like a kid herself. She can amaze children and amuse them, make them laugh, inspire them, keep them entertained. She can make an interesting machine out of almost anything, and kids always love it, and she is great at childish jokes. and because Jillian is such a kid, they listen to her too, and know they can talk to her about anything. Erin on the other hand is caring and understanding. She is more like the mom friend; she is responsible, and kids know that if they ever need anything they can come talk to her, and she will help them out. Erin can always find a solution to things if you need it, and is great to talk to. The combination of Erin and Jillian is the ultimate babysitting/parenting couple.

Is the big spoon

  • Jillian is the big spoon, or rather outer spoon. She’s more like a jetpack

Loves Christmas

  • Erin. She has some great childhood memories of Christmas, and it really means a lot to her. Every year she starts celebrating way too early. Holtzmann isn’t big on Christmas, but when she sees how much it means to Erin, she makes it a big deal. Jillian decorates the Christmas tree like its a sport. She makes the tree so extravagant (and with so many lights, because Jillian loves bright, twinkling, and sparkling lights) that Erin is afraid its a fire hazard, so Jillian decorates it even more, with star that she has modified to detect fire and immediately douse the whole tree should anything go wrong. Erin always get Jillian the prefect gift, what she wants the most like that one piece she was still missing for a machine, or a material she has been trying to get her hands on for months, and Jillian always gives Erin a cool new gadget personalised for Erin (and it comes with a little engraved heart with ‘from Holtzy’ next to it)

If you’ve got more you can add them, or you can give me a ‘which one’ question in my ask box and I will reply with a head cannon