but still prince on ice

“you can’t put flowers in my hair and expect to get away with it…”

this was a very touching scene asdfjkl; TToTT <3 from Like a Fairytale by @lucycamui (check it out!)

lineless version (didn’t turn out as good so I redrew it as a chibi):


Victor “A True Artist Gets Dumped After A Party And Milks That Pain For All It’s Worth” Nikiforov


“You can notice there’s a bandage on his right eye, he had an accident with the door when leaving the hotel, was in first aid and treated when he arrived at the arena….”

Hanyu jumps his opening quad toe and everyone gasped.

“What’s obvious to me is that walking through a door is harder for him than doing 4 revolutions.” XD

I love CBC commentaries but the video quality is quite low and sometimes so hard to find =.= Here if you want HQ vid :D

[EDIT: More information on how he hit the door thanks to @ettle and @jardinaquatique (thanks), I’m glad he hasn’t got to that level of carelessness to hit the door on his own :)))]

“I think this incident had to do with fan encounter and he hit his head as a result.”

“i remember this! i believe it had to do with some sort of overzealous fan interaction distracting him and he walked into the door and injured his eye as a result ;;; that’s why he had to wear glasses at the banquet“

fantasy au where hux is fire and kylo is ice, both princes of rival realms that have been enemies since creation

both princes, being a little rebellious of their parents, travel across the realms to explore and find out more about their worlds and hux & kylo inevitably meet

they’re wary of each other at first because of what their parents have told them of the firekind and the icekind–“they’ll burn us down until we’re ash!” said kylo’s family, “they’ll melt us into a pile of skin and bone!” cried hux’s family– but they become curious about each other so begin asking questions

they become friends and meet frequently to being relics and objects from their homeworlds to show to the other for learning, and things get very friendly when kylo accidentally touches hux and it doesn’t hurt…the coolness of his icy hand on hux’s fiery skin feels good, as does the warmth from hux onto kylo

things escalate and they eventually have sex in one of the enchanted forests in one of the neutral realms, exploring every part of each other’s bodies, never feeling any sort of pain or burning or chillblain from being touched by someone of the ‘enemy’ race

but little does kylo know that when he goes out one evening to meet hux, he’s followed to the neutral realm by the royal guards who see hux and immediately think that he’s going to harm the prince so they attack him and restrain him, overpowering him with their icy weapons that hurt him, and kylo can’t do anything as the guards drag hux back to the icekind’s king and queen for his fate to be decided

queen leia has little mercy on the firekind because they destroyed her childhood home and killed her parents so she sentences hux to death but kylo steps in and begs his mother to let hux go because he’s innocent, and he’s in love with him

in front of the whole throne room and council, kylo frees hux from his icy chains and they hold hands, and every firekind in the room gasps as they see the fire prince and the ice prince touching–impossible!

still unconvinced, despite prince kylo’s pleas and king han’s support of his son, queen leia orders the fiery princeling to be locked away until she decides what to do but word has already gotten back to king brendol of the firekind that his eldest son is to be executed in the rival realm and he’s got his army to go and retrieve his son

a blazing army descends upon the icekind’s royal palace with king brendol marching in like he owns it and demands his son be released back to him

the only problem? hux doesn’t want to come home; he wants to go to the neutral realm where he can be with kylo and where there’s no pointless fighting between their kinds

with both sets of parents not wanting to lose their sons, they agree that they shall be married in order to bring unity to their realms and an end to a war that no living person remembers why it began

and their marriage & mating brings unity across their races where icekind and firekind aren’t afraid of each other and they fall in love like their princes, who create a home in the enchanted forest where they were first together in the neutral realm and where they can live in peace whilst still remembering where they’ve come from

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prince AU where yuuri is the sole prince of a small kingdom. he‘s suddenly confronted with the reality that he is to inherit the throne soon when his father, the king, falls ill. stricken with grief, anxiety, and believing he would only bring the country into ruin, he runs away to a neighboring allied kingdom and disguises himself as a stable boy working on a small farm.

he soon encounters this kingdom’s handsome crown prince victor who frequents the farm in secret whenever royalty gets too much for him. one summer together and yuuri learns to admire victor’s ambitions as future king, knowing he will be a great ruler. they eventually fall in love and spend nights in each others arms.

one day, overwhelmed by his feelings for yuuri, victor reveals that he has always known yuuri’s real identity. he was asked by yuuri’s father to find and teach him the meaning of becoming a responsible crown prince, but he had never planned to fall for him at the same time. 

Tadhana (ft. hwang minhyun) part 2

Characters: hwang minhyun x oc
Genre: vampire!au ; college!au ; angst?? lolidk
warning: what is proof reading– also, cuss words. tnx

part 1 here

At the unexpected
Meeting of worlds
There are only a few that connect”

The confrontation with Minhyun didn’t end so well. The female  storming out of the house at 12mn right as Wontak had arrived, the other girl dropped off at her home already after getting her leg checked.

Frustration above other feelings had been what Jiwon felt as she walked down the hall of the condominuim, and the cold fall wind hitting her skin right away as she exits the building, wrapping her arms around herself and mentally cursing for forgetting to bring her bag after walking out.

He wouldn’t give her actual answers and kept repeating how she wouldn’t understand nor believe him and the fact that a voice that sounded exactly like the male’s kept whispering in her head. She couldn’t even remember what happened from 5:30 PM during the chase up until when she finally woke up. 

It couldn’t be possible to be just out of it for 5 hours right? Groaning, completely annoyed as she kicks the air she’d been walking on, contemplating whether to go back and get her bag or just leave it be. She had enough money for a bus ride home anyway but still, her phone and house keys were back there.

SIghing out loud as it suddenly crosses her mind that as much as her parents were used to her being late out for school, she would always inform them before hand and felt bad that they were probably worried sick right now.

As much as she hated the thought of seeing Minhyun or Wontak, family was more important than her anger. As Jiwon made up her mind to walk back, taking a turn, she almost lets out a scream as she felt her heart drop for a second.

“Jesus Christ Hwang Minhyun! How long have you been following me?!”

Taking a moment to catch her breath at the sudden appearance of the male, holding onto her chest as she calms the erratic beating of her heart. There stood the male, looking apologetic with her bag in one hand. She was sure that no one had been following her and the fact that if he indeed had been walking behind her, she would have heard and felt his presence but here he was, an arms length away with no warning whatsover.

“Uh.. well.. yeah. I’m.. sorry about that” Was all he could muster up. He looked kinda… cute being like this. As cold as he looked, he seemed incredibly awkward with other people. A little bit shy despite how he often carried himself back in the university. “I brought this for you, incase you needed it tomorrow” He quietly said as she takes the bag from the male, a tad bit harsher than intended but atleast it gave him a clue that she was still pissed off for her unanswered questions.

Rummaging for her phone right away, indeed, there had been a few missed calls from her worried parents. And as much as she hated lying to them, she didn’t know herself what had happened.

“Mom!” Her tone changing into a brighter one, completely ignoring the male’s presence as she paced forward and him quietly following along, listening to their conversation. “Uhm yeah, I’m really really sorry mom. I got so carried away with the article work that I didn’t notice the time. I’m really sorry. It was due in a few days and we had to finish it up since it still needed to be checked” She could only hope she sounded convincing enough for her mom.

Distress was written all over her face as her parents had been lightly scolding her over the phone in which she had taken in every word, she hated disappointing them.

The walk towards the bus stop had been awkward yet again, nothing but silence as the female had been too annoyed to want to talk to the male.

“I’m sorry” Minhyun quietly said as he kept the distance between them. He sounded truly apologetic and despite the anger bubbling in the pit of her stomach, Jiwon wasn’t rock hard but she kept her ground not wanting to make him think that everything was okay.

Keeping her arms around herself again, finally reaching the bus stop as Jiwon continued to refuse acknowledging his presence. Not until he started boarding the bus with her.

“The hell– What do you think you’re doing?” Almost lashing out but the words in a whisper like manner.

He looked liked a lost puppy more than anything and almost instantly had the female want to take back her words. He sounded so unsure as well. “I.. uhm.. taking you home?”

As much as she wanted to just push him out of the bus, it would be a bother and she wasn’t that rude. Atleast he had the decency to sit behind her rather than beside her.

The ride was still as quiet as earlier. Part of Jiwon wishing he could have just stayed behind, perhaps even, being together like this. It felt as if he brought chaos in her peaceful life. Unlike others, Jiwon never wished for her life to be a little more “exciting”, the excitement she wanted could be filled in once she started working as a professional journalist and not something like this.

“I’m really really really sorry, why won’t you talk to me. I want to tell you everything but I really can’t”

damn, there goes that voice again. Removing her earphones, super juinior’s mamacita playing from the buds. “Did you say something?” Jiwon snapped, looking back at Minhyun, who shook his head vigorously. All she did had squint her eyes at him and look back upfront.

 Pressing her lips together starting to get annoyed thinking she’d been hearing Minhyun’s voice in her head due to wanting to get answers that bad, that it seemed like her brain had been making it all up.

Everything was still silent… and awkward and uncomfortable as Mihyun continued to walk behind the female never uttering another word and Jiwon slowly starting to think she may possibly be obsessing over needing answers that his voice still continued to resound in her head. Hearing words that seemed to be things he wanted to say… or atleast, she thought would be the things he should say.

“You should go home now” Jiwon had stated as they reached the front gate of her home.

Minhyun still as awkward, a huge difference from the supposed ice cold prince like vibe he gave off in the university. A small chuckle over the thought almost highschool-ish. He wasn’t what people expected of him. Perhaps that had been the reason why they never really expanded their small circle.

“Alright. I.. uhm.. Good night?” Sounding more like a question rather than a statement, Jiwon let out a soft smile which Minhyun did not fail to notice, making his own lips tug up.

He looked… So inhuman, too beautiful specially like this standing in the dark, dim lights. Like how he looked from earlier but seeing him closer like this had Jiwon hitching her breath. Specially now that he was smiling.

No other words as Jiwon went inside, the male waiting until he was sure enough that she was settled.

It was just that, for Jiwon, she had half hoped that everything was more like a dream and that tomorrow things would go back to normal and boy was she wrong.

Their supposed impenetrable circle had a new member. Just like everyone else, he was beautiful. Infact, too beautiful to be human too. Did they ahd some sort of qualifications? It seemed like he had enrolled late for the start of the second term.

The article for the school paper barely finished, Jiwon calling up her hoobae to meet up and re-group for ideas. Minhyun barely sparing her a glance, making things from yesterday feel like it was a fleeting dream.

“Your leg… Wontak…” Those words were the only thing she had managed to say as she saw the two sitting down on the chair opposite of hers, Wontak assisting Gayoung’s every move. It was sickeningly sweet but Jiwon enjoyed watching the both of them. Half hearted happiness as she continued to keep the soft smile at how attentive the male had been. Despite how cold Wontak had always been acting around Jiwon, he seemed to have softened up a bit towards the way he talked to her.

The cafeteria suddenly growing quiet, the two females from the table immersed with their conversation once they finally had an article to write about. Something that had to do with students involvement over current events and so. Suddenly feeling as if all eyes had been on them, Jiwon looked around only to be met yet again with the familiar pair of dark brown orbs.

“So you’re Shin Jiwon” a deep rapsy voice startling her from behind, taking the empty space beside her as she freezes up. Head craning to the side, met with Hyunbin’s intense gaze and smirking face. Nayoung and Chaewon had made their way as well towards the table but with seemingly disapproving looks on both their faces. Jiwon and Gayoung politely giving a bow towards their editor-in-chief.

“you’re bothering them Hyunbin” another voice spoke, turning to look at the other male who had his hands in his jeans pocket.

Hyunbin frowned over Minho’s statement but before Hyunbin could say anything, he had left without sparing another glance at the group. It was completely uncomfortable to be stared at by most people inside the cafeteria and even more uncomfortable to be around their group.

“You look terrified” Hyunbin continued to point out with a small smirk that annoyed Jiwon. “What’s there to be afraid of?” His voice teasing, as if there was so much more to the words he’d been saying.

“Hyunbin that’s enough. We have to help Yongbin settle down” it was Chaeyeon’s voice this time, she seemed somehow mad at the tall male’s actions. His cockiness was definitely on Jiwon’s list of things she hated. The cafeteria had started to gain back the chattering a moment ago, although there had still been a few stares here and there from the other students. It wasn’t normal. They never make way or bother with others unless it was by their clique and the addition of a new ‘member’ plus what happened today would surely make a small buzz around the campus

it had been almost two years since they last had an addition to their group. Jiwon watched as they left after Nayoung had muttered an apology and a goodbye, Chaeyeon basically dragging Hyunbin off and looking quite pissed at that.And for a moment, despite the small ‘choas’, Jiwon found herself thinking why Minhyun wasn’t there when his group had approached them. Shaking her head to break off her thoughts, she suddenly sees an arm extending to her side and a can of cold coffee now on her table with a small note stuck to it

looking up, it was Minhyun who offered a completely awkward smile along with an awkward stance, she still found it funny how contradicting his image and personality was. “Yeah…. I’m uh…. I’m gonna go” and before she could mutter a thanks, the male had already dashed away in embarrassment but Jiwon couldn’t tell. There was no tint of color upon his cheeks. The pair had left her for their classes a few minutes ago, leaving her in the still flooded university cafeteria.

she had left the coffee to finish her work, taking another thirty minutes and man sometimes it was annoying getting long breaks inbetween classes but sometimes they were helpful. Only being able to remember about the can of coffee when she was shoving her things back in her bag, curiously reaching for it, turning to read the note. A small smile spread across her lips as she places the drink inside her bag as well, sticking the little post it in her notebook as she left for class.

“I’m really sorry for what happened yesterday :c”

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WIP of a set of kids long-sleeve tees I’m working on as a gift for @san-myshuno-dreamin, with icons from TS4. I’m still not completely satisfied with the colours, especially the frog prince, ice-cream cone, and maybe the atom. Also, I now see that there’s no yellow tee here, so maybe I’ll switch something out for yellow.

Edit: switched out the ice-cream for another llama. I think I like that better. Edit 2: made the rocket yellow (thanks, @mikexx2!) and used the lighter orange on the frog. I’m sure I’ll continue to tweak them, but they’re coming along.

kiazareni  asked:

for the writing prompt ask: 5 and Viktor&Chris

5. things you didn’t say at all


Bronze medalist Giacometti heartbroken and friendzoned
S. Meyer, 10/05/18

Put your hand on your heart and swear on your mother you’ve never imagined the other hottest bachelor of the figure skating scene with the Ice Prince. We still don’t believe you. And as it turns out, Christophe Giacometti has had the same dream, once upon a time.

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“Viktor! Oh my god, I know what you’re reading, oh my god, please, stop right now and let me explain, oh my god, I swear, I never ever ever said such things, that article is fucking stupid, oh my g–”


Viktor waited until his friend stopped his rapid-fire French blabbering and took a deep breath. His best friend called him in the afternoon on Facetime, and his struggle was painful to watch; he kept running his hand through his sandy strands, his eyes were uncharacteristically baggy, and from what Viktor could see he was lying on a hotel bed, but he had clothes on. This had to be an emergency. Christophe never did that.

He went on, slower, but nonetheless flustered.

“Viktor, please, you have to believe me. If Yuuri’s there, tell him not to kill me just yet, or, you know what, I’ll call him myself, this is my fault, I’ll fix it, I’m…”

“Christophe, stop…”

“The reporter blew it up, I swear, both hands on my ass, the only thing I said was that I’m jealous of your sex life!”

His next plea to calm his friend down got stuck in his throat to escape as a burst of laughter. He dropped his phone as he flopped down on his… their bed, so his friend currently had the same view as him, staring at their ceiling.

“What is so… Viktor Nikiforov, this is serious! Stop it!”

Viktor was clutching his sides and covering his mouth, but this was just too fucking good. However, at a sudden realization he sat up and picked up his phone again, gasping.

“Wait, wait, wait, what’s wrong with your sex life?!”

“Distance, duh?!” Chris frowned. “Have you forgotten, silly, I’m in New York for a photoshoot.”

“Oh! Right, right,” he nodded. “Sorry, I did forget. But hey,” he winked, and that drew a slow smile on his friend’s face. “those pictures will surely make up for it for you two, no?”

“You. Bet. Your. Golden. Ass. They will.” He winked back, but there was still a strange glint in his eyes.

“By the way, I believe you,” Viktor assured him. “Remember you once told me you trust me to tell you the truth? Well… same.”

Christophe looked at him sweet from under his long lashes.

“Thank you. And… uhm, well…”


“I wanted to tell you something else, but then I saw the article, and just ugh… but actually…”


Christophe simply turned the camera to his hand.

The door flew open as Yuuri almost fell through inches of solid wood. Viktor probably should have considered not screaming at the top of his lungs; he would have turned sheepish, seeing Yuuri’s worried expression, but he was just too happy to feel anything else, and he wanted his husband to share that feeling with him.

“Look, Yuuri, look!” he yelled, switching to English, holding up his phone for him to see. 

“Oh my god…” Yuuri took the phone in his hands, seemingly involuntarily, and sat down next to Viktor. “Is that… Christophe!”

“Hello, Yuuri!”

“Congratulations!” He and Viktor said in unison, smiled at each other, then back at their friend, his reddening face in focus again.

“Thank you both. I love you guys, but I need to go now. Oh, one last thing - remember what you promised for my stag party, Viktor.”

Viktor’s face went suspiciously innocent.

“What exactly did I…”

“That Yuuri here,” Chris winked at him, “will dance for me in his Eros costume.”

With a coy laughter, he disconnected then, and when Viktor saw Yuuri’s annoyed scowl, he tried to put on his best heart shaped smile

“I never said such thing…”

“Didn’t you now.”

Yuuri leaned closer to him, and as he noticed the mischievous smirk reaching his husband’s eyes, suddenly he was glad they were already in such a comfortable place. He gulped, and Yuuri continued:

“What if I said I’ll do it?”

“Yuuri, oh my god.”

“On one condition.”

Their lips were almost touching. Their breaths mixed as they whispered.


“You’ll have to dance with me.”

And yet again Viktor couldn’t control his giggles, killing the mood, but all the happier for it.

“I see, so you do want to kill him…”

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