but still prince on ice


Victor “A True Artist Gets Dumped After A Party And Milks That Pain For All It’s Worth” Nikiforov


“You can notice there’s a bandage on his right eye, he had an accident with the door when leaving the hotel, was in first aid and treated when he arrived at the arena….”

Hanyu jumps his opening quad toe and everyone gasped.

“What’s obvious to me is that walking through a door is harder for him than doing 4 revolutions.” XD

I love CBC commentaries but the video quality is quite low and sometimes so hard to find =.= Here if you want HQ vid :D

[EDIT: More information on how he hit the door thanks to @ettle and @jardinaquatique (thanks), I’m glad he hasn’t got to that level of carelessness to hit the door on his own :)))]

“I think this incident had to do with fan encounter and he hit his head as a result.”

“i remember this! i believe it had to do with some sort of overzealous fan interaction distracting him and he walked into the door and injured his eye as a result ;;; that’s why he had to wear glasses at the banquet“

I miss free!
I miss haikyuu!!
I miss all out!!
I miss yuri on ice!!!
I miss kuroko no basket
I miss oofuri
I miss diamond no ace
I miss tsuritama
I miss days
I miss Prince of tennis
I miss yowamushi pedal
I miss battery
I miss cheer boys

I need more sport anime to come out!! My love for these anime is too strong😢

prince AU where yuuri is the sole prince of a small kingdom. he‘s suddenly confronted with the reality that he is to inherit the throne soon when his father, the king, falls ill. stricken with grief, anxiety, and believing he would only bring the country into ruin, he runs away to a neighboring allied kingdom and disguises himself as a stable boy working on a small farm.

he soon encounters this kingdom’s handsome crown prince victor who frequents the farm in secret whenever royalty gets too much for him. one summer together and yuuri learns to admire victor’s ambitions as future king, knowing he will be a great ruler. they eventually fall in love and spend nights in each others arms.

one day, overwhelmed by his feelings for yuuri, victor reveals that he has always known yuuri’s real identity. he was asked by yuuri’s father to find and teach him the meaning of becoming a responsible crown prince, but he had never planned to fall for him at the same time. 


Hani; MAXIM Korea photoshoot 

From the Ground Up - Ch 12 Preview

An extended preview of Ch 12 of From the Ground Up to make up for the loooong gap between chapters this time! Enjoy!

Words: ~1000
Work: From the Ground Up
Fandom: Legend of Zelda, Breath of the Wild

To the untrained eye, the Eastern Reservoir appeared empty, its waters so still they could be mistaken for ice. The Prince dipped a webbed foot into the water and winced; ice the water nearly was, as close as possible to freezing. Yet the cold that came with the onset of winter didn’t reach under Sidon’s scales. There was too much salt within, thickening his blood, deterring the crystals that would dig their way underneath and seek to push him out.

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Who is more ideal- Leo or Ravi of Vixx?

Thank you for asking dear anon. 😘 This is a very easy choice for: Taekwoon. Let me count the ways: he’s a prince (an ice prince, but still), he’s a soft marshmallow inside, he’s a great cook, plus he shares my love for books and coffee and children!! *screams* He would’ve been my bias if not for me getting Han Sanghyuked.

*looks at @merlionmen​* Yes, I’ll be returning your man, don’t worry.

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💕 Send me 2 idols and I’ll choose which one is more of my ideal type. 💕

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Oh, no. A lion. And a grey furred one!? He’s probably evil. The raccoon thought to himself with a loud whimper, he knew that lions ate small mammals and that was just what he was. Hopefully if he sucked up to the lion, he wouldn’t get hurt. As the lion passed by, he bowed, but he still prepared to die. 

“H-Hello, m’lord.”

I still miss you.

But the world isn’t kind enough to not say your name.

The streets aren’t close enough to know that hearing your name makes me feel like the prey of a lion that’s bound to devour me.

I long to flee and leave everything behind.

I still miss you.

But the sun still shines just as brightly without you, but every sad song seems to whistle a tune that reminds me of you.

Were the night skies always this empty?
I had no idea that I could even relate to the resemblance of the darkest time of night.

Love makes you vulnerable.

I still miss you.

But I’m that little dent on the side of a car, noticed but not as noticeable.
Still quite astonishing to many.

I am frozen ice, and you were my scorching flame. I wouldn’t melt for anyone else but you. Oh how blistering and sultry you were.
I didn’t know that I wasn’t the one you were burning for.

I still miss you..

But I notice how my heart seems to create its own benediction for you every time you

messed up or made a mistake.

no one made as many mistakes as you and that’s when I knew.

I still miss you..

But I hate that I fell in love with you.
That you ruin every song on the radio.

I hate that my heart yearns for you.

I hate that I let you break me.

The skies are still blue and the clouds still move but there is no you.

There’s no more us.

I saw all the signs but I still let you prance like a pretty little prince on my frozen ice until your knees grew weak with uninterest.

I was once broken but allow me to self-destruct all over again.

You were the only one who could mend my broken pieces together, for a little bit.

You’re my home,
please stay, I would say.

And I would still take you back when your new lovely became too problematic for you.

Little did I know, I was a problem too.

I still miss you..

But you’re no good for me.

You’re the Lady’s man. The player. The guy with a reason for everything.

I thought you were the most resplendent in your own way.

I loved you deeply.

I sat in my room and I cried out.

What was I supposed to do with all this information?

Your favorite songs with lyrics that explained bits and parts of yourself that I never understood.

Your phrases.

Our plans.
you know, the ones that evaporated within thin air.

Our song makes me sick to my stomach,
I can’t bare to hear it. I cringe.

There’s a stain on my lips from your kisses.

You told me that to say you didn’t love me was blasphemy.

We were a blasphemous love,

and You’re my permanent tattoo.

I still miss you..

But I should have known..

You warned me yourself.

There are some forests out there that should have never been explored.

I still miss you…

But I am a newly found fawn who can finally stand up straight with my long bulky legs after the fall.

I am a window with curtains,
you can no longer see what’s inside but surely I can say
my renovations are just the beginning of beautiful.

I still miss you..

But I am better off without you.

I am aware of the pretty curves on my body and the exquisite one on my face.
I still think about you.

But, the ache in my soul and the cancerous stress in my head touches your memory lightly with soft angelic strokes before ripping it apart.

Who knew that a person like you could make me question my own worth so much?

Love makes you vulnerable.

I don’t think I miss you anymore.

—  sincerely ( I am learning how to love myself )
How RFA feels about snow

Just trying out a new style as I write this! That and a belated Merry Christmas!(Note: I only played Zen’s route for the Christmas DLC, so some stuff might be inaccurate)
~ Ion

“Snowflakes will come down, gently and gracefully drifting with the winds as they differentiate from each other with their unique patterns… isn’t that just beauty? But they will never be more beautiful than I am, because– Ugh, seriously? Why did they enter my house again?”

  • Look. His house is a half-underground apartment – this means sometimes he will exit to open to a flood of snow entering his house
  • You think the snow will be merciful although he is beautiful?
  • He has to dig his way through in order for him to go out sometimes
  • Will be posing and taking selfies to entertain himself
  • And will be late for practice when that happens
  • When he comes back from work and wants to get a bath he just screams because he will always forget that the snow fucks up the water heater
  • He at least makes the effort to appreciate snow
  • That’s good enough, right?

“A time to have fun! We can have snowball fights, build snowmen, make snow angels…”

  • And sometimes it injures him because the layer of snow is not that thick
  • But he loves spending time with his buddies playing with them
  • Probably the only time you will see him outside and not play LOLOL
  • Really competitive during snowball fights, but makes sure that other people are fine while playing them (Eg. Not getting hurt, making sure there aren’t a-holes who put a rock inside the snowball [Looking at you FFTA])
  • Doesn’t mind doing secret Santa or trading gifts with people
  • … Although he might not be able to pick the best gifts, he still will try to make the gifts relevant to you

“Well, I used to like snow… but now I am really worried about how to get to work when it’s snowing.” ~ To quote the game lol.

  • Sort of like Zen, there will be days Jaehee will be ALMOST late for work
  • It stresses her out, especially when the weather reporter did not get their reports right, like;
  • “It will be a fine and sunny day tomorrow!”
  • -snows the next day-
  • “… seriously”
  • When she travels to work, she will always remember how she used to love snow and played with it
  • “Too bad I’m now too old for it… Wish that I’m like Yoosung sometimes.”

“It’s still a normal, usual day. Is there anything to bother?”

  • Ice prince not gonna be bothered by it, since others would already prepare the necessities for him
  • Hot water for bath? Boom, done
  • Food? Boom, served fresh AND hot.
  • Transportation? Boom, smooth af
  • (Thanks Driver Kim for all your hard work)
  • But hc that the snow at least holds some significance because of a certain memory with V
  • Maybe when they were younger they have played snow together and he holds onto those memories dearly
  • But now he is just tired with how V never told him anything
  • And boy, how he wishes that things can be like how it was in the past.

“Snow? Oh, it’s okay, I guess.”

  • He sounds meh
  • But in reality snow just reminds him how cold he was in the past in winter when he was with his brother
  • Those times were the worst, okay?
  • There was no heater, their mom would purposely give cold food, they didn’t even have hoodies/jackets/sweaters
  • Oh and btw, I don’t think Santa ever visited them even though they are precious cinnamon buns who had been nice for the whole year
  • He just views snow as how it is just cold, sad and how they bring bad memories to him.