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Victor “A True Artist Gets Dumped After A Party And Milks That Pain For All It’s Worth” Nikiforov

prince AU where yuuri is the sole prince of a small kingdom. he‘s suddenly confronted with the reality that he is to inherit the throne soon when his father, the king, falls ill. stricken with grief, anxiety, and believing he would only bring the country into ruin, he runs away to a neighboring allied kingdom and disguises himself as a stable boy working on a small farm.

he soon encounters this kingdom’s handsome crown prince victor who frequents the farm in secret whenever royalty gets too much for him. one summer together and yuuri learns to admire victor’s ambitions as future king, knowing he will be a great ruler. they eventually fall in love and spend nights in each others arms.

one day, overwhelmed by his feelings for yuuri, victor reveals that he has always known yuuri’s real identity. he was asked by yuuri’s father to find and teach him the meaning of becoming a responsible crown prince, but he had never planned to fall for him at the same time. 

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Reunited With the Prince (Close RP w/field-of-rxses)

“A place that owes you? It does sound perfect.” Connor chuckled and he headed off, vaguely knowing where the place was. The two mostly just stayed in the palace while the prince was gone since they had everything they needed there. Colin held onto the prince’s arm still as they walked through the town to the ice cream shop.

Gruvia Fluff Fest Day Two- Melting of the Heart

This is semi-canon to where the manga is now… It takes place after the Avatar arc. It does NOT follow with the current arc because of the last scene.

Gruvia Fluff Fest Day Two

Melting of the Heart

Gray Fullbuster was a hard person to understand for most people. He was dubbed the Ice Prince of Fairy Tail, not only because of his ice magic, but also because of his personality. He had a sarcastic sense of humor, and he tended to tell people what he thought of them with complete honesty and with contempt. So more than a fair share of people found it quite odd when Juvia came around, and continuously expressed her undying love for Gray. The two seemed like polar opposites, personality wise.

Many didn’t see how anything changed for Gray, for he still seemed like the Ice Prince, but the ones closest to him could see the small changes. How the cringes he made when Juvia was around turned into warm smiles, and how instead of avoiding her, his eyes searched for her. His closes friends often joked that Juvia was melting the ice around his heart, though they would always laugh and have a beer or two afterwards; they had no idea of how close to the truth they were… 

“How exactly do you think Juvia warmed up to him?” Natsu asked his friends, his eyes sparking in mischief. “By getting him all hot and bothered?”

“Gray-san is an Ice-Mage, though. It would he very hard for Juvia to get him hot… Wouldn’t it?” Wendy asked innocently. She was the only one drinking apple cider because after the events at Lucy’s Christmas party, the older ones had been very strict on what the girl was allowed to drink.

“That’s enough, Natsu,” Erza ordered, placing her hands over Wendy’s ears.

“But, come on, they spent a half a year together- alone!”

“Natsu, hush!” Lucy elbowed him.

“Where exactly is that Ice Prick and Juvia at anyways?” Gajeel asked, glancing around the guild hall.

“Gray asked Juvia to go up north with him,” Erza said, removing her hands from Wendy’s ears.

“Up north!” Gajeel’s eyes widened. “Alone? Just the two of them? Why?!” He demanded.

“Gajeel,” Levy giggled. “You’re acting all overprotective… Like a big brother.”

Gajeel shifted slightly, turning from the group as he scoffed so no one could see his blushing cheeks. “I am not!”

“It’s pretty cute,” Levy admitted with a grin, causing the large man to blush even more.

“But why is Gray taking Juvia up north?” Lucy asked, curious as well. “Did he get a job up there?” She looked between Natsu and Erza, knowing that at least one of them would know.

“No,” Natsu answered first. “He’s taking her to where he grew up, the town he lived in with his parents… At least, what’s left if it, most of it is in ruins.”

“You mean…?” Levy began.

Erza nodded, “he’s taking her to his parents graves, to officially introduce her.”


“Gray-sama,” Juvia whined, falling a few steps behind him. The snow was thick, and her legs were  more than a few inches shorter than his. She was having a bit of trouble keeping up with him.

“Here,” Gray turned slightly, grabbing her hand. It was enough to keep her balanced as she trekked over the snow.

“Gray-sama!” Juvia beamed in happiness at being able to keep up with him. He gave her a small, crooked smile, causing her smile to widen. “Where exactly is Gray-sama taking Juvia?” She asked with wide eyes.

“I’m taking you to meet two people who are special to me.”

“Gray-sama,” she gasped. “If Juvia had known you were taking her to meet someone, she would have dressed up more!” She pouted, touching her loose hair gently.

“Nah, you look fine like that,” he assured her. “They can’t see you, anyways… And even if they did, you’d be fine. Look, it’s just right up ahead,” he nodded.

Juvia’s heart pounded as she saw two graves in the distance. She froze momentarily, until Gray, who was still holding her hand tugged it gently. Her stomach whirled and her heart was now in her throat as they continued to walk closer to the two graves.

“So this is where I was born… Where I grew up,” Gray spoke up quietly. Juvia’s heart was heavy as she looked at the ruins of an old house behind the graves. “And you, in a way, met my old man, Silver… And this is my mom, Mika… Mom… Dad…” Juvia looked at him, seeing the pain in his face. He missed them, she could tell. She could feel the longing he had for them.

“Gray-sama…” She gave his hand a light squeeze before letting it go and falling to her knees in front of the graves.

“Juvia?” Gray blinked in surprise.

The Water-Mage gave him a soft smile before looking at the graves once more. She too, had lost her parents, but she couldn’t remember hers like Gray did his…

“Father… Mother…” She spoke softly, bowing her head in respect.

Beside her, Gray’s eyes widened. He still couldn’t believe she was calling his dad, Father… and now his mom, Mother? It’s not that it bothered him… It made his heart race, actually…

“Thank you for having Gray-sama,” she continued with her head still bowed. “Juvia knows you two wouldn’t have left him by your own choice. So, Juvia promises to take care of Gray-sama the best she can.”

Gray fell to his knees beside Juvia, surprising her. He was shaking again, and he wrapped an arm around her shoulders, bringing her against him.

“Gray-sama?” She whispered.

He breathed deeply, looking at the graves. “Mom… Dad… This is Juvia… You two would really like her, I know you would… She’s the one who has stolen my heart, after all…”

What happens next… is for you to decide ;)