but still pretty darned cute

Giant Libero Child

He’s only been here for two chapters but Komori is pretty adorable

Look at this giant child

Look at his brows

Look at him smile while in the presence of someone who might murder him with hand sanitiser 

Truly fearless

BONUS: Smiling bub

Tentative conclusion: he’s pretty darn cute (still tentative but furudate hasn’t really made a two faced nor completely evil player yet so it’s probably safe to say that he’ll stay cute)

Alright, it’s long past time for an episode wrap-up. This episode was a very good one for a lot of reasons. The odd thing about it is that even though I caught Navy’s suspicious look at the beginning of the episode, I was still a little surprised by her betrayal just because… well just because it’s this flipping show! I wouldn’t have expected a bitch in sheep’s clothing to turn up in a show that runs THIS FAR on the idealistic side of things, and yet here we are. When we first saw them in Hit the Diamond, the Rubies just seemed like a little gang of lovable idiots, and while they’re still pretty darn cute, they’ve proven to have a lot more depth to them when given some time in the spotlight.

But far and away, the star of this episode was easily Lapis. On paper, the plot may have been about Navy’s betrayal, but this was Lapis’s episode through and through. We finally got to see her open up about a lot of the insecurities that have been plaguing her lately, including ones that we had only suspected at. She bluntly told Steven that she didn’t think she deserved his forgiveness back in Alone at Sea, and now she’s admitted how hard it’s been to readjust to her life back on earth.

That’s why Navy’s betrayal was ironically so cathartic for her. Lapis thought that she had failed because Navy was instantly able to do something that she had been struggling with for months. But nope! Bitch was just playing them! Her laughing fit at the end of the episode was a beautiful moment of catharsis for a character who finally believes, maybe for the very first time, that they’re going to be okay. After all of the shit Lapis has gone through, she more than deserves it.

The next episode of Steven Universe is a couple weeks out, so I’ll see you then!

(August 2015)

You may have seen a crop of this before - if you frequent the page of my blog or see me on picarto. I had planned a lot more into this, but never got past the base shadows… still pretty darn cute though. 

I got so many projects done yesterday, and one of them was finally putting my antler crown back together! This picture is a terrible example, but it also gives me a chance to show off my new fancy cabinet c: It’s a small corner cabinet with mirrored sides, glass shelves, and a little display light at the top which I’ve yet to hook up. It’s the perfect place to put my skulls and big displays in, and god knows I needed the space!

Back to my crown, though! After it’s test run at last fall’s ren faire, some flowers broke and others weren’t secured well enough to last long. I got out a bunch of my dried flowers and decided to make it bigger and grander than before! I may add some feathers to it eventually, but that’ll definitely be for another day. For now, my new doe loves her pretty headdress C:

bunny-loverxiv  asked:

I saw comic with Smol Damian calling Talia "Mama" not sure if that's still canon but silly idea of a AU where he continues to call her that no matter how old he gets or what side he's on.

Damian calling Talia “Mama” is absolutely canon, and it’s pretty darling.

((Notice how he says father and not papa? “Mama” was a name he used with endearment and affection– when did that change, I wonder??))

If he did continue to call her that, he’d look like one of the most spoiled kids ever (which he is)– not a great name for dramatic moments, but still pretty darn cute.

‘They All Asked For You’

Have this sweet little goodie that I did a shoot with right before vacation. This is my sister’s 3 week old daughter, Mia (Mee-Uh), had such a blast shooting her indoors while it was all rainy and we were all trapped inside. The power went out and we lit the candles, had to pull out my camera and get some shots of her! She had just been changed by daddy and slept through it all hence some movements in her sleep. Her cheeks were SO kissable but I had to refrain from her forehead because she was getting some baby acne :| Nonetheless she was still too cute! My first candle lit shoot [: Pretty darn proud too.

{If you know where I got the caption from, winkyface I love you}


Hey everyone! I’ve made a couple of ship drawings to put up on my Redbubble, based on an old drawing I did. The pairings are of course Spideypool and SpideyGwen! I’m sorry I didn’t draw them up in time for Valentine’s Day, but by the time I finally got around to drawing them it wouldn’t have been enough time. :< But, I think they’re still pretty darn cute, and can be worn all year round!


I’ll be making more of these in the future if there’s enough interested in them! The other pairings I have planned are Spideytorch, Peter/Spidey and MJ, MJ and Gwen, Stucky, Stony, Ruby/Saphire, as well some pony and TMNT pairings. These pairings can of course be romantic, platonic, whichever you want! They definitely aren’t solely meant to just be romantic.

If you have any pairings in mind, feel free to shoot me a message!

I hope you enjoy these little guys, and have a great Valentine’s Day!

A sample piece I’ve been working on & am almost done putting together. Made the mistake of sewing some of it while I was drunk, hah! But I think it’s still pretty darn cute. 🎀

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