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Pictures of My Life Currently

- 18 month old Charlie is a hoot. The kid has mastered eating with utensils and saying the word no. Everything is no. He also has a whole arsenal of words and sayings, but not all are the clearest they could be. He currently loves some Paw Patrol and his older brother. He also got his first hair cut, I dubbed it the Lloyd Christmas. The boys (and us) said good bye to their sweet nanny and started back at daycare today. So many tears from all of us. FYI, it’s a lot easier to leave them when they have no clue what is going on. It’s heart wrenching when they are old enough to be scared and tell you about it.

- also I’ve picked up my wine game, I’m kind of worried it’s too strong these days. See 18 month old Charlie.

- we close on our new house in less than 2 weeks. Here is our new kitchen. Don’t be too jealous of that 1995 fridge (yay for a garage fridge). Oh and the countertops and tile floor. I have so many plans for this place, I hope my wallet will be able make them happen.

- how do you pack in advance? I’ve packed like 3 boxes because I’m pretty much using everything. And some stuff I’m just not ready to put away, it will make it way to real at that point. I really am going to try to bust out some packing this week. Closets and attic are my main focus this week. I’m so not looking forward to the attic. If only I could make up my mind on a baby # 3, I could unload half of what is up there.