but still play nonetheless


Pkmn SM x MonHun, again. 

this time Nanu as ニャンター (’Nyantaa’IDK what it’s referred as/called in dub vers of the MH game) because WHY NOT? 8D — & then we have Rajang replacing Tapu Bulu’s position in this verse…. >w>;; 

Nanu here is also a “King” (aka: Kahuna) chosen by some of their world’s strongest mons! & in this case, he was chosen - & respected - by the all mighty Rajang!  (;゜▽゜)  

((chose rajang cuz it somewhat look like a bull more than other MH mons IMO? plus, definitely way too strong enough to be worthy of the “deity” title))

anonymous asked:

do you know any realistic eyes with small irises?

AlfredAskew’s ‘Model T’ eyes have the smallest irises out of all the eyesets I have, and they’re semi-realistic (or at least, I’ve never seen a maxis-match player use them on their sims :). They may not match everybody’s playing style, but I still think they’re a nice addition nonetheless. I’m also very fond of Alfi’s recolors of Mouseyblue’s Neptune eyes; while Mousey’s eyes generally tend to have pretty large irises, her ‘Neptune’ set is an exception, and these recolors are really lovely. Tealeaf also made a couple of nice eye sets (’Brick eyes’, ‘Embrace the Deception’), and so did Jessi-dot (Her Cats Were All Calico, The One Who Said Goodbye, Keep it All Inside). I listed some of my favorite sets here, but I recommend you also go through her general eye dl tag, as you might find other sets you like.


a couple of faux painties! these are the designs for my furry!cecil and and furry!carlos villagers on furvilla! however, i wanted to be respectful to the No Copyrighted Characters rule, and since things are still shifting in beta, thought i’d rather play it safe! but, still, i wanted to design these nonetheless, they were very theraputic to work on! <3


guys he did it again XD

but i wish he used all of certain parts of clips he used, like the first route 66 one, i killed a roadhog too with a headshot XD

oh well, still good nonetheless :3

i also played some good widow games and got potg, gg guys. i’m getting better???