but still play nonetheless


Pkmn SM x MonHun, again. 

this time Nanu as ニャンター (’Nyantaa’IDK what it’s referred as/called in dub vers of the MH game) because WHY NOT? 8D — & then we have Rajang replacing Tapu Bulu’s position in this verse…. >w>;; 

Nanu here is also a “King” (aka: Kahuna) chosen by some of their world’s strongest mons! & in this case, he was chosen - & respected - by the all mighty Rajang!  (;゜▽゜)  

((chose rajang cuz it somewhat look like a bull more than other MH mons IMO? plus, definitely way too strong enough to be worthy of the “deity” title))

Where Pentagon Members Take You On A Date

Jinho - Café date! He would actually be such a gentleman, he would order everything for you and give you compliments every now and then.

Hui - Stay home, cuddling on the couch, and watching all your favorite action movies together

Hongseok - He would cook you a romantic dinner and maybe watch a cheesy romantic film together afterwards (because Hongseok is that romantic)

EDawn - His house ;)

Shinwon - McDonald’s (I mean, where else would he take you?)

Yeo One - I can totally see Yeo One taking you to the pet store and looking at all of the cute kittens. He would even end up buying the kitten that you’ve had your eyes on for a while.

Yanan - You two would order Chinese take-out and eat on the living room couch while watching cartoons together

Yuto - He would take you to a fancy Japanese restaurant. You would order the same thing as Yuto since you know nothing about Japanese food.

Kino - He would take you to the amusement park during the cold nighttime and hold hands together while walking around, searching for fun rides to go on together

Wooseok - Same as Kino, Wooseok would take you to an amusement park. But since Wooseok is too tall for almost every ride, you two would just stick to grabbing some food and playing arcade games. Nonetheless, it’s still a fun date!

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Lords reaction to an mc who has an angelic voice or plays an Instrument please? Have a nice night.

Uwah~ Thank you! This request was really fun to write, I hope you enjoy it!


He was hoping that his favorite source of heat was returning to his side in bed soon, but she doesn’t come back as quickly as he expected. Concerned, he silently pulls open his paper door, only to be met with the back of his lover, hunched over a humble-looking shamisen. She plucks each of the strings softly, creating a simple melody. After doing that several times, she begins to sing, just loud enough to carry over the easy notes of the guitar. Her voice pulls at Nobu’s heartstrings, and he just stands unmoving. Watching as his pretty little fool wins his heart all over again.

“And you’re just full of surprises, aren’t you? You brazen little thing.”


Mitsuhide was positive that nobody in Oda’s castle could play the flute. Play the flute well, that is. But when he walks into the empty kitchen, he is positively surprised to find his darling girl, expertly playing a flute as the rice for his onigiri boils over the fire. She stops when he walks toward her, ashamed at being caught when she is supposed to be working. He rests his chin on your head, arms gently weaving around your waist as he presses you to continue your song.

“Darling, why did you cease? Please continue, I would love to hear more.”


Saizo didn’t learn to play the harp recently, did he? Following the melodious playing, he finds himself in the garden. And there he finds you, sitting cross-legged in the grass as you weave your fingers across the delicate strings of your instrument. Your eyes closed with concentration, you open them when you hear Yukkin stumble into the garden. Looking him straight in the eye, you sing confidently. About his eyes, about his personality, about his stubborn attitude, his kind nature, how your life changed for the better when you met him.

“Do…do you think…you could sing to me some more…?”


There could be a number of things the average man could be thinking of as he watches his woman fix his meals in the kitchen. The slope of her neck, the firmness of her chest, the swell of her bottom. But all Saizo could focus on was your angelic sounding voice as you made him his dango. You couldn’t see him, which is what he preferred, as you just hummed little things about your day, putting mundane words into a melody. Then you really caught his attention by fitting “I love you, Saizo” into a cute little song of your own.

“I don’t think it’s this healthy for me to love you this much, little lady.”


He was so very, very close to sleep after a long day’s work. Head pillowed in your lap, eyepatch discarded, he was in the midst of drifting off until he heard your soothing voice, singing sweet nothings to him as you ran your fingers through his hair. He thought he’d go to hell if he ruined this moment, so Masamune laid awake, and listened. But when you stopped, expect him to ask you to continue, for sure.

“Looks like I’ll be well-rested tomorrow morning…And the next, and the next, and the next…”


At first, he thought Shigezane had stolen his flute again. Then he realized that the person playing it was actually decent, fantastic even! So imagine his delight when he sees his precious girl, perched upon the veranda in her off time, performing a little melody. He couldn’t stand by and just watch that’s for sure. But he did have to try and restrain himself from taking you right then and there. And Kojuro wasn’t even mad that it was his flute.

“You didn’t learn that just for me, did you?”


“You play?” Hideyoshi asked curiously when you picked up the shamisen lying in his closet floor. You nodded your head in response, beginning the strum a tune lying in the back of your mind. He was all ready to help you out and reteach you how to play, but he wasn’t expecting you to be fantastic at it! Hideyoshi bobbed his head softly to your music, tapping his hands on his knees to the beat. In exchange, you weren’t expecting him to sing along to your tune, and be extraordinary at it.

“You know, you’re so cute when you’re concentrating like that.”


He had heard you sing as a child, but young boys are dense, and he never really acknowledged how good of a singer you were. Especially when you’re treating his wounds, and you sing a song to hopefully take his mind off of the pain. Your voice causes the world to blur at the edges in Inuchiyo’s vision, his muscles instantly relaxing. He lets his eyes slide shut, and you lullaby him as you finish bandaging his injuries.

“You better not be trying to tease me like that!”


Hey. Kitchen wench. You’re supposed to be grinding herbs, not singing,” Ieyasu would scold for the nth time in one day. But the moment he left, you’d start humming softly under your breath, eventually breaking into song when just mumbling became too much. And every time, Ieyasu would be close enough for him to hear and he smile at your perfect voice before swooping back into the kitchen to scold you.

“You’re pretty good…now maybe learn to multitask, hm?”


He hasn’t ever heard you sing before and is starstruck when he does. Mitsunari first heard you when you were dusting books on his shelf and rearranging them all. The room was deathly silent and you had just began humming under your breath, as to not disturb Mitsunari while he was reading. But your voice just increased and increased in volume. When he bitterly barked “manju-girl” you were discouraged, but he only wanted you to continue.

“I’m not asking you to sing for me, you shameful dullard! I…just am not entirely opposed to hearing your voice…”


He finds it a bit unorthodox when he catches you fiddling and playing with a flute outside his chambers in the dead of night, but still finds in charming nonetheless. Shingen often asks you to play just for him, and you’re happy to oblige whenever he has the urge to hear. It’s a different kind of Shingen you’re used to seeing: calm, undone and vulnerable. It’s not a bad thing though.

“I could get used to this.”


You weren’t surprised to see a dusty old harp lying under a pile of kimonos in Kenshin’s treasury. You hold it up to him, making a joke about his infinite list of favorite things. He chuckles and resumes poking around. Feeling nostalgic, you sit down, and begin idly playing. Kenshin’s head immediately shoots up, his eyes darting to you. His timid smile immediately stretches into a wide grin, and he crawls towards you, so he can “appreciate your music playing better.” He’ll try his hand at the instrument, seeing that if his lover can play it, then he can. He tries.

“I’m positive that I have been sent an angel.”

KBTBB Fantasy AU

lol so here’s another self-indulgent AU to add to the growing pile

@maidofstars @bolt8826 @tsundere-eevee @alolan-lillie @themysticaldaydreamer lolol maybe this is something you guys might be interested in

After being led by a mysterious hatted man down a rabbit hole, MC finds herself in the now-cursed Kingdom of Tres Spades. For years, no one has found a way to break the curse that has plagued its citizens—until now. There is a prophecy that talks of a hero, hailing from another world, coming to rescue the Kingdom in its time of absolute need. Now, MC and her eight newfound companions must find a way to save the kingdom, lest the curse destroy them first.

Eisuke: The king and ruler of the Tres Spades Kingdom. He’s the most powerful person in the land, and his name strikes both awe and respect among the people. He’s actually a fair and just ruler who makes sure everything in the kingdom is in order. However, when the curse befell the land, he was cursed with the inability to love. He started inflicting cruel punishments to anyone who defied him, citizen or not, and all his enemies were never heard or seen from again. Though his kingdom remains the most powerful and prosperous, his citizens despise him, the throne is suffocating him, and he isn’t happy at all. Probably because of the gaping hole the curse left in his heart…

Soryu: The loyal head knight of the castle. He is known all over the kingdom as the most skilled knight in the land. Though he’s an effective leader, and a good person at heart, most people don’t think so. He’s feared because of his cold appearance and reputation as King Eisuke’s right-hand man. This is made even worse when he’s cursed with the ability to turn anything he touches into ice. He’s despised even more because of his uncontrollable powers. Though Soryu acts like the curse doesn’t bother him, even someone like him needs the touch of another human being once in a while.

Baba: An adventurer with a penchant for the thrilling. He was just a traveler who sought escape from boredom in the Kingdom of Tres Spades. Luckily for him, the kingdom was full of interesting characters. He ended up having to do a bit of favors for the king when he found out about Baba’s talent in reconnaissance. In the kingdom, he’s a known womanizer, but because of the curse, the moment any woman looks directly into his eyes, she immediately falls in love with him. At first, he was happy that his flirtations were finally reciprocated, but soon enough he eventually realized that it was all forced. Now, Baba can’t go anywhere without wearing a special set of enchanted goggles.

Ota: The most renowned artist in the kingdom. His works of art are so famous, that even those outside the kingdom would pay a greedy price just to see his art. Rumor has it that his works are so beautiful, that even the gods are jealous of their beauty. Unfortunately, the fame and fortune started taking a toll on him, and inspiration came to him less and less. To make matters worse, the curse inflicted upon him gave him a slowly-growing blindness; he can’t see colors anymore, and soon enough, he’ll be unable to see anything at all. He’s starting to regret taking his sight for granted.

Mamoru: A shepherd that used to serve as a knight in the castle. Mamoru generally tries to keep away from royal affairs after an incident caused his friend to die in a tragic accident. Now, he lives a pleasant, quaint life in the countryside, away from all the problems in the inner circle of the kingdom. However, the curse forced upon him took his peacefulness away; Mamoru can’t sleep without having horrible nightmares from the incident. Every method he’s ever tried won’t take his nightmares away, and he’s always perpetually exhausted. He longs for the day he can sleep in peace again.

Shuichi: The kingdom’s wisest scholar. He gives good insight as to how the kingdom should be run in terms of politics and reforms. Oftentimes, he butts heads with the king when it comes to kingdom affairs, but they both usually come to a general, albeit reluctant, consensus in the end. When the curse happened, Shuichi was afflicted with short-term memory. His memory unfortunately resets every 24 hours, so he has to write every event that has happened to him in a day so he can read them the next day. He still tries his best to help the kingdom, but it’s difficult when he can’t form any new memories.

Luke: The most gifted cleric in the kingdom. Because of his immense talent in the healing arts, everyone in the kingdom seeks him out whenever they get sick or injured. Still, he secretly feels a bit lonely because outside his job as a healer, no one really wants anything to do with him because they all think Luke is bad luck. He feels more comfortable in the palace because he can be himself there. When the curse hit the kingdom, he was burdened with an ironic jinx—every time he’d heal someone, Luke would receive the injury/disease in his patient’s place. As much as Luke wants to help people, the pain he feels makes him question if it’s still worth being a healer.

Hikaru: An ex-mercenary now working as a palace servant. He used to be a formidable mercenary, but after the toll his job took on his sanity and peace of mind, he quit. He’s trying to atone for his past mistakes by living a peaceful life and helping out in the kingdom. He assists Shuichi with his job around the palace, and life slowly seems to be looking up for him. His curse, however, inflicted him with the ability to see the ghosts of all the people he’s killed. They follow him everywhere, and Hikaru always feels the sins of his past crawling on his back. He feels as if the curse is a punishment he deserves.

MC: The heroine of the prophecy. She unwittingly gets led into the Kingdom of Tres Spades, and the heavy duty of saving the land now rests upon her shoulders. Honestly, everyone has their doubts about her ability to save the kingdom, and she, too, doesn’t believe she’s the one meant for the job. Unbeknownst to her, she has also been afflicted by a curse—absolute selflessness. Every time she sees someone in need, she’ll feel compelled to help them, even at the cost of her owns safety. At first, her companions think she’s just a martyr at heart, but they realize towards the end of their journey, that, maybe, something isn’t right. She goes around saving everyone, but who’s there to save her?

Rules: Re-imagine your founder (or a sim you made as an adult) as a teen! maybe even on prom night?

I was tagged by @threelittleducks. Thank you!!

Teenage Quence: He was the band geek, but was still popular. He never played any sports, but the girls loved him nonetheless. He was the class clown as well as the teachers pet. 

Teenage Shania: She wasn’t very active in school. She did just enough to get by and graduate. People knew her as, “red” because that’s what Quence always called her. Lunch was her favorite subject. 

They went to prom together as best friends. His girlfriend, at the time, was out of town and Shani didn’t have a date. 😋

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Could you please do a namjoon imagine where you two are dating and it's very fluffy and namjoon gets jealous of the other members who love you a lot lol? luv your blog btw~

Originally posted by jinkooks


Words: 1085

He was obviously unhappy. Namjoon had been giving Jungkook the evil eye for at least 5 minutes, without the boy even noticing. What was up with him today? He’s normally fine when he’s around the boys. Maybe you did something to upset him…

“What’s wrong, Namjoon?” You slid your arm through his, pulling him closer to you. Your voice was low so nobody heard you besides him. He looked at you and smiled, but had no time to reply to you.

“(Y/N)!” Taehyung called, putting his arm around your shoulder and happily dragging you away from Namjoon.

“Mm, what?” You wondered, sitting down on the sofa next to him. Taehyung chucked a Wii controller your way, and readied up Mario Kart. He flashed you a cute grin, giving you the play-with-me eyes.

“Just one round?” You sighed, and he nodded his head quickly.

“Just one! Don’t cry when you l-”

“No!” Namjoon cut Taehyung off, plucking the controller out of your grip. He threw it back towards the younger boy, and made you climb to your feet.

“We’re hanging out today, (Y/N). Whose your boyfriend, again?”

You furrowed your brows at him, feeling slightly irritated. “You’re my boyfriend, obviously. Why are you so upset today?”

“Yeah, hyung! You’re being so annoying. Nobody else will play Mario Kart with me.” Taehyung pouted, earning a karate chop on the head from Namjoon.

“I will.” Jungkook interjected, looking up from his phone. He looked completely lost in whatever was on his phone, but still listening nonetheless. 

“Shut up, I want to play with (Y/N).” Taehyung hissed playfully, jabbing his hand into Jungkook’s side. He swatted Taehyung away, and was hit once again by an angered Namjoon.

“Stop hitting him!” You snapped, punching him right in the lower abdomen. It didn’t do much to him, besides make him more irritated. Namjoon wrapped a protective arm around your shoulder, glaring around at all the other boys.

“I’m (Y/N)’s boyfriend, got it?” He snapped, right when Yoongi walked from his room.

“We got it, damn. Go brush your teeth because all I’m smelling is jealousy on your breath.” He sounded annoyed, and looked like he’d just woken up and rolled from bed. Yoongi motioned as if he were trying to get a nasty smell away from him with a swatting hand.

“Nice one, hyung.” Jungkook meant for a high five, but ended up hitting Yoongi on the shoulder as he walked by. Yoongi paid no mind to it and went right into the kitchen for something.

“Let’s just go out for dinner or something, okay?” Namjoon pleaded, pulling you towards the door. You shook yourself free of him, walking back over and sitting on the sofa.

“No, Seokjin oppa is making us food right now, so why do you want to go waste money?”

“To get you away from these idiots!” He plopped down next to you, making it very hard to sit on a small sofa with 4 people. He sat between you and Jungkook, and wrapped his arms around you.

“There’s no need to be jealous, alright? I love you.” You cupped his chin, kissing him on the forehead. He was obviously still flustered, so you kissed him on the lips this time.

“Ew, there’s children in the room!” Taehyung was flicking Namjoon’s ear, in which Namjoon reciprocated at least 3 times harder. Seokjin entered the room, letting everyone know that it was dinner.

All of you went to sit down at the table together, in which you sat with Hoseok and Jimin.

“(Y/N)ah, do you want some juice? Here, I’ll pour it for you.” Hoseok poured some juice for you, glancing over at Namjoon every couple of minutes. It was obvious all of them had set up some sort of plan to piss him off as much as they could. It was working by the way Namjoon’s blazing eyes met each one of theirs. Yoongi and Seokjin had no part it in obviously, they just ignored and ate their food quietly.

You wished you could do the same.

“Is your food good? Should I feed you?” Jimin held up some rice on his spoon, opening his mouth. “Say ‘ah’, (Y/N).”

“No, it’s fine…I’ve got my own food.” You promised, pushing his spoon towards his own mouth. Another spark lit up in Jimin’s eye, and he seemed to use this to his advantage. 

“Oh, you want to feed me, you say?”

“Ah, hyung,” Jungkook flicked Jimin’s ear. “She’s just being shy. Noona wants you to feed her.”

“She does not want you to feed her.” Namjoon snapped, throwing down his eating utensils a little too loudly. He stood up so quickly, his chair almost fell back.

“Hyung, sit down.” Taehyung pulled on Namjoon’s shirt, who shoved him away. Namjoon stormed out of the house, by the sounds of the front door slamming shut. For a moment, everyone stared around at each other, before you stood up.

“(Y/N)…” Jimin mumbled. His cheeks were flushed a little, obvious distressed by Namjoon’s explosion. You placed a hand on Jimin’s shoulder.

“It’s okay, I’ll talk to him. He’s just being a little touchy today, that’s all. When we come back, could you guys lay off making jokes?”

Everyone agreed unanimously, and you left the dorm to go find Namjoon.

He hadn’t gone far, sitting down at the edge of the street near the dorm entrance. You sat down beside him, wrapping your arms around him.

“Namjoon, let’s go back inside…It’s cold.”

“Mm, you go back in.” He didn’t look at you, and you sighed.

“The boys are just joking around, you k-”

“I know!” He cut you off angrily, turning to face you. His turn jerked you away from him, but it was unintentional and you let it slide. “That’s what pisses me off! They’re just joking but I’m still so jealous seeing other guys so close with you. I’d never tell you to stop being their friends, but I just want them to stop joking around.”

You lightly ruffled his hair between your fingers, shuffling closer to him once again.

“They promised to stop. If any guy ever tries anything again I’ll punch them, how does that sound?”

He snorted, looking over at you with a smirk touching at his lips. Namjoon got up, helping you up as well. He wrapped his arms around you tightly, burrowing his face in your neck.

“If you need help, I’ll lend you my fists as well.”

A stand that’s literally just your roommate Greg in a fursuit. He insists that he’s a stand, but you know the truth. Nonetheless, you still play along. He can occasionally be heard snickering loudly.

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Ooh, another imagine page?! Hiya! So how would the Iwatobi + Samezuka guys react to getting jumpscared in a videogame? If you know it, more specifically Five Nights at Freddy's. I hope to see this blog go far ^_^

Thank you very much! ^^

Here you go:


Haru couldn’t get anything out of horror games and usually they also didn’t scare him. So he just agreed for the sake of his S/O to play this particular game, after they annoyed him the whole day with it. At first everything went as expected, and he could keep his cool. But not having played these kinds of games too often and not being very experienced he didn’t saw the real horror coming, that terrified him when he least expected it. With a sudden he turned ashen, freezing completely and making a sound, anyone who didn’t know him would’ve thought he just cleared his throat.
Now he could even less understand why people would play horror games.

Makoto had tried everything to avoid playing this game, but somehow when he wasn’t paying attention his S/O got him too. And it was terrible. He already wasn’t a big fan of horror movies, but at least he could cover his face with his hands, while watching them. Since this was a game he was trying to play and cover his face at the same time. When he and his S/O got jump-scared he lost it once for all, he let out a high pitched scream, dropped the controller and buried himself behind the pillows of the couch.

Nagisa loved horror games with a passion, so he was the one to suggest to play one. You could tell he enjoyed it and only waited to be terrified, so the adrenaline could rush through his body. When finally a scene came, on which even his S/O who knew any enjoyed those kind of games as well, would shriek, he yelled out of excitement and starred, with a big grin at the screen. He obviously loved it.

Rei was calculating the whole game; in which corner, after which quest they were going to be frightened and how. Most of the time he was actually right, and though he had to keep himself together sometimes, his theories kept him at ease. He just pushed his glasses knowingly up his nose and started to outline his new foreseeing “And exactly after thi-”, when it happened. And it happened at no point he thought it to be, which caused him to let out a very unpleasant yell, almost letting him drop his controller and pushing himself, as near to the couch wall as only possible.
For the rest of the evening his Partner had to cheer him up and explain to him that he couldn’t foresee everything and nothing was wrong with his calculations. Luckily he got a hold of himself soon and swore the next time he would be right.

Rin was playing it cool when his S/O asked him to play a horror game. Of course he would! Someone like him didn’t get scared of such kid’s stuff. However, he didn’t saw what he got himself into. While the first round was going well and he could successful beat the game without flinching once, the second part got him really bad. His first reaction was to hop away and almost rolling off the couch, while letting out a scream which he still tired to suppress, letting his voice break.
Well, you could reproach him much, but not bad reflexes.

Sousuke wasn’t easily distracted, not even talking about scared. So he just shrugged his shoulders and agreed to play the game with you. You slowly had to accept that he won’t be scared while playing, nonetheless you guys had a lot of fun still. However soon there was an entire different problem revealed. Whenever he could he walked in the wrong direction, getting lost in the world of the game, without any clue where he was supposed to go. Half of the time you directed him how to come back to the actual play route, so you guys would be able to come forward.

Momotarou loved games overall, and horror games wasn’t something he said no to as well. So he naturally was immediately hooked when his S/O asked to play one with him. Both of them had a lot of fun, and Momo saw the perfect opportunity, to show his S/O how cool he was, beating the game and always being one step ahead. At first it all went after his plan and he could successfully prove how stunning he was. His S/O gave him a little smile, while concentrating on the game, which caused him to blush and read on their expression if they still very stunned. But suddenly his S/O started screaming out of shock, which made him scream even louder out of surprise, almost getting an heart attack.
“Why are you screaming?!”, he asked them upset.
“You screamed even louder!”
“Y-yeah b-b-buts that’s only because I-I wanted to distract t-them!”, he pointed at the flickering screen, with a shaken hand. ‘Game Over’

You can tell that Aiichiro was similarly thrilled to play that game, as Makoto was. Already at the main menu he was a nervous wreck, clinching his teeth together trying to stay calm. However since he was a guy, who was used to overcome himself on a daily basis, he did his best and almost enjoyed himself while gaming. Exactly when he was into the game the most, determined to beat it he got jump-scared, letting out a quick scream, rolling over and losing his balance, falling over the couch lean and slumping on the ground.


a couple of faux painties! these are the designs for my furry!cecil and and furry!carlos villagers on furvilla! however, i wanted to be respectful to the No Copyrighted Characters rule, and since things are still shifting in beta, thought i’d rather play it safe! but, still, i wanted to design these nonetheless, they were very theraputic to work on! <3

7. rough [suga]

Originally posted by bwiyowo

anonymous said:

Hi! Can I request a aftercare fluff with yoongi after really? Just really fluffy and ahhh!

genre: fluff; smut(?);

word count: 2206 Words

warnings: Light swearing and mature themes I guess?

a/n: dedicated to the terrible @lovelyoongis-nim who didn’t tell me it was her birthday today. nonetheless, please continue to do what you do now and I will support you through the whole way! good luck for the future unnie! jjang <3

The streams of light coming from the outside, already awoken, world brought you out of your slumber. As much as you didn’t want to, you had too many assignments to finish that day, and every minute you spent was officially equivalent to gold.

You rolled over onto your side, only to have your vision blocked by a mint haired head, and a pale sleeping Yoongi. Your naked limbs were tangled together comfortably, displaying to the world just what you did the night before. Smiling softly, you brushed his hair away from his face, before sitting yourself up.

Your clothes were lazily sprawled around the room, more ripped than actually disposed.

The two of you had gone out to dinner, when you bumped into an old colleague of yours, who obviously had a thing for you during your high school days. You didn’t protest when the latter begun hitting on you, dropping suggestive comments about your figure and your appearance. Nonetheless, you still played along, which lead to an unfortunate (for you that is) night.

You gazed down at your bare stomach, peppered with purple bite marks, and the bruises dancing across your inner thighs, all of which being Yoongi branded.

Sighing to yourself, you stood up, only to be sent back flying to the comfortable mattress from the excruciating pain streaming throughout your lower half. You whined to yourself, trying your best to massage the pain away, but it didn’t work.

‘That’s weird,’ you thought to yourself, running a hand through your tangled locks. ‘It wasn’t like this last night…’

“Y/N-ah? Are you awake?” Yoongi’s raspy voice spoke from behind you. You whipped your head around to look at him, giving him a small, apologetic look.

“Yeah, did I wake you up?” you questioned, pressing your lips to his temple, ignoring the pain within your calves. He shook his head, shifting his position to sitting beside you.

“No,” he replied softly, placing a hand on your bare thigh. You flinched back at the pressure, which only made your boyfriend frown and remove it quickly. “Are you okay?”

You nodded with a fake smile.

Yoongi had practice today, and you had college. Cramps couldn’t get the best of both of you.

“Y/N, tell me the truth,” he warned sternly. Your façade was burnt down almost immediately as you sunk into his broad shoulders.

“Fine, fine. It does hurt, but just get ready. You have practice today,” you whispered in reply, grabbing a fistful of his flesh and pulling it up to stand. He stared back at you with confusion flooding his half closed eyes. “What?”

Before you could register what was going on, he had lifted your body onto his back and begun carrying you to the bathroom. You wailed for him to put you down, hitting his bare back repetitively, but he didn’t listen and simply placed you into the tub.

“Yoongi-ah, you’re going to be late. I’ll do this by myself, just go,” you whined, watching as he completely ignored you once again and began running the water into the tub. You pouted, reaching out to turn the faucet off, but his hand caught your wrist faster than you could.

“We’re going to take a bath, and I am going to help you with your cramps, arraseo?” he stated, dropping a bath bomb into the water. You rolled your eyes at the older boy, crossing your arms over your bare chest.

The water splashed around you as he got into the tub beside you and dragged you onto his lap.

“Where does it hurt?” he asked, turning you around to scan your naked body. Slowly, you pointed to your torso where he had buried his nails whilst thrusting mercilessly into you. He pressed a kiss to the bruises in that area and stood back up to look at you. “Where else?”

You pointed to your stinging neck. He pressed a kiss there. You pointed to your stomach. He pressed a kiss there.

You giggled at him, pressing a soft kiss to his cheek before settling onto the cast iron of the bathtub.

“Close your eyes,” he commanded, and you obliged, squeezing your two eyelids together.

The feeling of your loofa surprisingly made you squirm amongst the warm water, the tickling sensation making it hard to suppress your laughter as he scrubbed your body down.

“Stop moving!” he whined, taking a pause so that you could catch your breath. You opened your eyes slightly to see him crossing his arms over his shoulders, his eyebrow cocked up as if he was waiting for you to give up your act of defiance. “Can I keep going now?”

Inhaling sharply, you shut your eyes once again, nodding at his request before the material hit your skin again, and you were once again trying to suppress your bubbling giggles.

Nonetheless, you managed to do so, and he was soon lifting you out of the bathtub, and settling your body onto the counter where a towel was set down. He grabbed another, beginning to wipe your soaked body as a father would to a five-year-old.

“You know I can do this myself, right?” you questioned watching as he continued to do so. He simply rolled his eyes, unlatching from your body to dry himself off as well.

“Didn’t you say your thigh hurt because of what I did to you last night?” he questioned back, mirroring your cockiness. You fell silent at his statement, a pout overcoming your confident façade. He smirked, pulling his boxers onto his legs. “I thought so.”

“So, what have we learnt from the night’s experience?” he began questioning you as he picked up your hairdryer. Pouting even more, you crossed your arms over your chest, averting your gaze from his figure.

“Don’t hit on other guys…” you mumbled stubbornly, which only lead to the latter’s smile growing wider as the plugged the appliance into its socket.

“And?” he pressed on, knowing that your temper would soon explode.

“Always listen to Yoongi whenever he says he’ll fuck you until you reach Hong Kong…” you added, pressing your thighs together at the memory of his words pouring out of his cum covered lips that night. He smiled, holding the hairdryer steadily in his hands.

“Good job, Y/N-ah~” he cooed, switching it on and beginning to dry your hair.

Your black strands flew all over the place, the hot air coming out of the device making you squirm a bit. Yoongi held you by the hips, covering every nook and cranny of your undried hair until it was volumised (A/N: Is that a word? I don’t know, but I’ll use it.) as it normally would be.

“Done!” he cheered, switching the machine off and placing it once again in the top closet of your drawer.

You watched as he wrapped a towel around your body, but what you were not expecting was for him to throw you over his shoulder and carry you back into your room.

“YAH! Min Yoongi, put me down!” you screeched, banging your fists onto his back. He ignored your frantic shouts, kicking the wooden door open and placing you onto the mattress, as you had requested.

You huffed angrily at his treatment, furrowing your eyebrows together. It wasn’t like you couldn’t walk!


The older boy begun going through the contents of your drawers and you couldn’t help be curious as to what he would have chosen. Being an idol and all, he would definitely have a better fashion sense than you.

“Do you have a lecture today?” he questioned, looking back at your sitting figure. You nodded slowly, but immediately regretted it when he picked out your navy-blue dress that pooled up to your knees along with a pair of leggings and a long white shirt. “Here.”

“Oppa!” you whined, stomping your feet onto the floor at the sight of your school girl-like clothes. Did he seriously expect you to wear that? “I don’t want to wear that!”

“What do you want to wear then?” he questioned warily, scanning over the contents of your drawers. There weren’t as many things different from the outfit he had just picked up. Sweatpants, sweatshirts, shirts. He looked to your direction, looking at you suspiciously as your face widened with happiness and your finger pointed it’s way to your closet.

“Check there,” you spoke, watching as he cautiously stooped over to the direction, opening the closet doors slowly.

His eyes widened at the sight of the stacked up piles of leggings, tights, jeans and tank tops sitting inside. He slammed it closed, shaking his head furiously at the idea of his woman dressed like that in front of other men. Never going to happen.

“No way are you wearing that,” he stated, shaking the thought out of his head. You pouted even more at his reaction, stomping your feet even more, despite the pangs of pain shooting up your thighs.




He looked to you, who had the fully equipped sparkling puppy eyes and sighed.

“You’re lucky I love you,” he grumbled, throwing a pair of leggings and over-sized t-shirt out of the wretched bunch of clothes.

“Thank you oppa~” you cooed, raising your hands so he could slip the shirt over your head.

“Whatever,” he murmured, looking through your drawers for clothes of his own.


“Are you sure you can walk?” he questioned warily, keeping his hands below your body, just in case you were to fall. You gripped onto the doorframe, turning around to roll your eyes at him.

“It doesn’t hurt that much Yoongi, just relax and drop me off. Your fans are probably going to come looking for you at this time,” you said, glancing at your wristwatch. He furrowed his eyebrows together, shaking his head.

“No, no, no. We’re going to take as much time as you need, understood?” you simply sighed, turning around o walk out of the apartment door. Yoongi locked the door behind you, stopping only to fix the beanie placed on top of your head.

The cool morning breeze hit your skin harsher that you thought, but nonetheless, you proceeded to walk towards Yoongi’s car parked in the corner of the underground parking lot.

“Do you feel cold? Does it still hurt? Is the seat comfortable?” he continued to bombard you with questions, to which you only responded with a small smile as you fastened your seatbelt. He started up the engine with a sigh, but before that, turning to you and asking “You’re okay right?”

“I’m fine! Come on, you’re going to be late as well!” so in response, he simply turned around, firing up the engine and begun to drive to your campus.


“Are you sure you don’t need me to walk you to class?”

Huffing, you turned to him, slapping his shoulder violently.

“Ouch!” he yelped. “What was that for?” he whined, releasing his grip on your shoulder to rub at his own. You rolled your eyes at the older boy, continuing to limp forward to the doors of the gigantic building.

“I can walk myself Yoongi, you can go now!” you shouted, holding up your hand in signal for him to go to his own schedules. You could faintly hear the whispers of the BTS fan girls that had newly transferred to the institute at the sight of the famous man, but unlike he normally would take that as a cue to exit the scene, he simply ran up to your side and latched onto your shoulder again.

“Maybe just to be safe.”

And to that, you rolled your eyes again, but you didn’t take the time to shoot back a clever retort. You were already late, so why not take your famous-ass boyfriend with you?


Class was long done, and to your luck, the results to your assignment (and the reason you couldn’t walk that day, I might add) turned out pretty well.

Chaerin, a friend of yours from high school, immediately noticed the way you relied on your left foot to walk across the room after you finished talking to the ahjummas who just couldn’t stop gushing over the fact you were dating the Min Yoongi.

She jogged over to your side, wrapping her fingers around your forearm to halt you in your steps, successfully managing to grab your attention.

“Y/N-ah? Is your leg okay? It looks like you broke it or something,” she mumbled, the amount of genuine concern in her voice making a small smile creep up to your lips.

“Yeah, they’re just a bit sore, I guess,” you shrugged it off, continuing to walk forward. She followed next to you, scanning your body until her eyes landed on a patch of discoloured skin blossoming on the skin of your neck.

Upon seeing this, her lips transformed into a sly smirk as she raised an eyebrow expectantly at your oblivious frame, still struggling to walk towards the door where your boyfriend was probably waiting for you.

“Rough night, hey?” she questioned, teasingly bumping your shoulders together.

You caught on quickly, walking past the glass of the sliding doors with your lips tilting upward into a smile. Turning back to her, you gave her a small wink, replying with a short sentence.

“Rougher than you’d have thought”


~ Ichigo’s Season 3: 10 Years Later Proposal Route /佐藤一護 の10年後プロポース編 ~

I’ve been waiting for a sequel for so long!! So I sped through the S3 sequel cause I love DDIWT so much! It’s super cute ;3 the only complaint I have is I don’t really like the hairstyles they gave to some of our boys…it’s like Voltage was super lazy and just plastered new hairstyles onto their pretty face lol nonetheless I will still play all of them ;A; Haru has his own law firm, Ryu is a teacher, Take is a training instructor, Ricchan is a professional pianist and Joji just has a new hairstyle and super broad shoulders lol

First CG, Haru & Ichigo fighting over you!! Anyways, Im not going to write a summary cause it’s a proposal route and that’s all that matters <3 I hope they make a wedding route, married life route, kids route, etc XD

"Trapped" Pt.1 Zootopia Fanfiction

“Alright, Cottontail. Let’s head out!” Nick said to Judy as they walked through an office building. Judy laughed.

“Okay, but we’re taking the stairs this time.”

“What?! We’re on the 30th floor. No thanks.” Nick said as he walked towards one of the many elevators.

They had just gotten done interrogating the owner and boss of the company building that they were currently in called BioBucks. The company earns money by planting trees where various construction sites happen. It was a very profitable business. The boss was Mr. Buck, a white-tailed deer. He witnessed an attempted murder a week ago and they just wanted to drop by to get some details before he was brought to court. Now, they were patiently waiting for the elevator.

“Aww, c'mon. Taking the stairs is healthier!” Said Judy as she ran energetically around Nick. He rolled his eyes.

“Yeah, well, the elevator is quicker.”

They both heard a ding and the elevator door opened. Even though they had both used the elevator earlier to travel up to the 30th floor, Judy suddenly had a weird feeling about using it this time. She looked inside cautiously. The elevator, being built to accommodate animals of all sizes, was about the size of an elephant. Nick entered the elevator and observed how hesitant Judy was to step inside.

“Pfft. What’s wrong? Scared of the elevator now?” He bluntly asked as he pushed the button to Floor 1.

She planted her feet firmly on the ground and both paws on her hips as she looked up at him and scowled. “No!” Her scowl softened. “…I just have a weird feeling… That’s all.” Her ears lowered and her nervous look returned when the elevator door closed. They both jolted forward a little when the elevator started to move down.

“Well, I told you not to eat that donut Clawhauser gave you.” He smirked.

“Not that!… It’s something else… Besides, that carrot donut was delicious!”

“Whatever you say Cottontail…” Nick pulled out his phone and began to play on it. He frowned and started to raise the phone high up in the air. “Wow. They have horrible reception here,” he added. Nonetheless, he still continued to play on it.

Judy’s attention turned to the paw print-shaped floor counter on the wall. She anxiously watched as the floor number lowered. 16….15….14….13…..12……11…….


Both of their ears stood alert in unison at the unnerving sound. At that moment, they shared the exact same thought, ‘What…was that?’ They looked at each other wide-eyed. Nick smiled and laughed nervously before promptly taking ahold of the railing of the elevator. Suddenly, the hum of the elevator turned chaotic.




They were jerked forward as the elevator began to shake violently. Soon after, the lights began to flicker and shift from on to off. It felt as if they were slowly being lifted into the air. Judy lifted her head to look at the floor counter. 9….8…7..6. The elevator was going down too fast.

‘Oh my God!’ She quickly stumbled towards Nick and hugged him tightly. He held her close as he realized their situation. They braced themselves for impact.



Both of them met the floor with a violent, painful thud. For a while, it was silent—nothing but the sound of their breathing. That soon ended when Nick let out a groan of pain.

Judy’s eyes snapped open. Everything was blurry. Although she couldn’t see, she could definitely feel her body facedown aching on the cold floor. Especially her cheek. Her cheek really hurt. So did her knee… What happened? She didn’t want to get up. Why did she wake up again?… Oh, Nick! She looked around helplessly for her partner without leaving her spot on the floor. She forgot she could hardly see.

“Nick?…” She called out weakly. There was no answer. At least she could hear him breathing.

‘Okay Judy. The next step is to just get up,’ she thought as she tried to pull herself up but failed when her arms buckled from underneath her, causing her to land painfully back on the cold floor. ‘Okay… Easier said than done.’ She continued to lay there motionless as she built up the motivation.

‘Come on, Judy. You can do this! Get up. Get up!’

Suddenly, Judy let out a huff of determination before lifting herself up off the ground and turning over. She then pushed herself towards a nearby wall where she propped herself up on it. She panted, exhaustion and confusion taking over. She had so many questions going through her mind that she couldn’t even count them all, let alone answer them.

Judy shook her head. She needed to focus. ‘Nick. Where is Nick?’

She wiped her eyes before blinking a bit to clear her vision. It became less blurry but it was still a bit cloudy. She surveyed the elevator floor. In the left corner, her eyes met with a slumped over fox who was lying facedown on the cold, hard floor; his muzzle being horizontal to it as he lay there silently. Taking note of the shifty elevator, she cautiously crouched down and started to crawl towards Nick, cringing every time her knee made contact with the floor.

By the time she reached Nick, her vision had cleared. Without hesitation, she shook him gently.

“Nick… Nick, wake up… Please, wake up Nick…” He didn’t stir; he just continued to lay there, breathing faintly.

Judy waited for a moment while she stared at his closed eyes. Her lower lip began to quiver and her eyes began to water. She fell backwards onto the wall and slowly lowered herself next to Nick as she cupped her teary eyes. Even though it wasn’t her fault, she just couldn’t help but blame herself for this mess.

‘How could I have let this happen?’

“Judy?… Why are you crying?” She heard a weak voice ask.

Judy gasped and her ears stood up straight. She quickly halted her crying and looked down to find Nick lying on his back giving her a half-lidded gaze.

“Nick!” She lunged at him with her arms wide open which turned out to be a harmless hug. That was the case until she began to squeeze harder.

“Oh, Nick! You’re okay! I was so scared! And now I’m so happy! It’s amazing!” She exclaimed happily, relieved that they both were alright. Meanwhile, Nick was desperately trying to escape the hug of death she was giving him. He didn’t even think she was physically that strong.

“—ugh, yeah–c-could y-you–gah–let go!” He wheezed out. She immediately let go and he gasped for air. She blinked, slightly surprised, then blushed and laughed nervously. “Hehehe… Sorry.”

Nick held his sore ribs as he gave her a small scowl, “Yeah, ouch.”

He leaned back on the wall, now sitting with his tail curled instinctively around himself. She noticed he didn’t use his left paw too much when moving. His brow furrowed as he sighed before his tired eyes met with Judy’s.

“So, what exactly happened?”


Author’s Note:

Yeah, so this story is at least going to have 3 or 4 parts so stay tuned! I wanted to do something to help strengthen the bond between Nick and Judy and getting them trapped in an elevator sounded perfect, haha. Also, depending on how long it will take me to write the other parts, I might upload other stories in between. Check out my Fanfiction account to find all of the Zootopia Fanfictions I’ve written so far: https://www.fanfiction.net/s/11740129/1/Zootopia-Fanfictions Thank you so much for reading!

Before Thomas had left, Rapunzel sent him on his way with a green racing car cupcake and hoped that he would at least nibble on it. Although it was just a cupcake, it held memories of them on his birthday going to the bakery that was only a mile from their house. The day was absolutely lovely outside as they walked and she could feel the summer breeze running through her coils. A dreamlike smile took over her facial features, lighting them up completely. Fluttering her eyes closed, memories of them flashed in her mind one by one. Slowly, then all at once. Only opening her eyes to nod her head, signifying that she understood the rules spoken. “I’ll be alright, don’t worry. Stay safe, alright? I love you so much. I’ll try not to stay up too late, I promise."  Her mind was in a daze as they gave each other on last romantic kiss goodbye and then, he was gone. Just like that. It was officially made to her as she closed the door behind him. Through the door, she could hear it lock. Desperately, she wanted to seek someone out for comfort. But, at the same time, she wanted to be alone. She felt contradictory. 

She pressed her slender fingers to her lips as she inhaled and exhaled deeply, choking back a sob. Her frame was draped with a sleep shirt of his that was soft against her porcelain skin. With one hand held over her heart and the other protectively gracing upon her womb, she walked slowly to their bedroom. On top of the dresser was where his cologne and her phone lay. Grabbing both of them and before plopping to sit down on the edge of the bed, she sprayed a couple of spritz’s on his shirt, the pillow she would bring into the living room, and to Thomas the teddy that was wearing the cutest little soccer uniform. Or football, as Thomas would call it. The thought of them playing soccer back in England filled her mind, causing her to smile and giggle softly to herself. It was certainly hard for her to play due to her pregnancy, but she still had fun nonetheless. The pitter patter of her slight dancing to catch his cologne on his shirt that she was wearing carried her to the bed and she sat herself down. On her phone, she clicked the circular button to turn it on and there was the picture she snapped of Thomas and Iron man. Looking down at the photo, she smiled sadly and held the phone to her heart. 

"Heal what has been hurt, change the fates design, save what has been lost, bring back what once was mine, what once was mine…"  The song she sang ever so softly was no longer her healing incantation, but would be Thomas’s lullaby. To comfort him, to heal his wounds and to restore him emotionally to his whole self. Rapunzel was absolutely dreading this night and wished for it to be over soon, for her love to return to her. Her phone contained the time and the clock barely changed. This was going to be a long night. With a little sigh, she gathered what she needed and walked to the living room to place the pillow, teddy bear, and blanket. Looking down at Thomas the teddy, a song popped into her head that she couldn’t keep herself from singing. ”Baby let me be, your lovin’ teddy bear! Put a chain around my neck, and lead me anywhere oh let me be, your teddy bear!“ As she sang, she began to twirl around in a little fit of giggles. "I don’t wanna be a tiger cause tigers play too rough! I don’t wanna be a lion ‘cause lions ain’t the kind you love enough!” Mid song she picked up Thomas the teddy and spun him around and round along with herself. “Just wanna be, your teddy bear! Put a chain around my neck and lead me anywhere. Oh let me be your teddy bear!

After singing the song, she went to their little kitchen table and dragged a single chair across the floor, to their window. In view, Thomas the star was up in the sky shining brighter than ever. A telescope wasn’t needed to capture its full vibrant beauty. Out of all the stars, that one shone the brightest just as her Thomas did out of all the people she knew. Cause when I look to the sky something tells me you’re here with me and you make everything alright were the lyrics that replayed in her mind like a song being played over and over again. She untucked a single coil behind her ear. Although she wasn’t religious and only prayed occasionally, she believed in God. Closing her eyes tightly, tears streamed down her face that was now pale with somberness. "God bless Thomas on this night and keep him safe, please. I already have lost him once and I don’t want to do it again.” Her breathing began to increase as she spoke her words, her cries becoming much more audible. “Why is it that you let bad things happen to good people, God? You’ve already taken his grandmother and father away from him, haven’t you put him through enough?” There was no use in trying to take deep breaths and calm herself. Nothing would work. Her elbow was held across her mouth in an attempt to contain her sobs, but nothing would work. “And why is it that I only come to you when I need something?” The last question was in a whisper. She was not only upset with God, but herself. 

Not able to take it any longer, she darted towards their leather sofa and came crashing down upon the material. Unbridled sobs flowed onto the pillow she brought from the bedroom. The pillow that smelled like him. His cologne was strong, yet it was sweet. It seemed to reflect his personality in the most beautiful way. After hours and hours of sobbing into the pillow, she finally began to sleep and her heart was pounding against her chest, awaiting his arrival. 

I was actually excited to finally start the start the Shakespeare part of the course this semester. That is, until I got handed a Romeo and Juliet script.

Really, Mr. Reynolds? Any good drama student knows it’s the most overdone play in history. Don’t get me wrong, I’m still interested nonetheless; but I’d have thought he would’ve at least come up with something different, like The Tempest, perhaps. Analyzing the script isn’t exactly what I’d call a fun Sunday.

anonymous asked:

Babe?...hellooo?.. can you put the controller down for a moment and pay attention?...I THINK MY WATER JUST BROKE YOU DIPSHIT!!!PUT THE CONTROLLER DOWN!! (michael)

Michael had been sitting with his eyes glued to the TV for hours playing his playstation and trying to get as much time in before you gave birth to lil baby Clifford next week. He didn’t mean to ignore you, but he was so focused on the game and he had his headset on so loud that he didn’t hear the plate shatter in the kitchen when your water broke. You had waddled to where he was sitting in the basement turned man cave and yelled for his attention. You tried to stay calm as you spoke up and said, “Babe?”, but it was like he was in a different world because, he hadn’t even noticed that you had come downstairs, so you tried again, “hello? Michael, can you put the controller down for a moment and pay attention?” But nonetheless, he still was oblivious as he continued to play his game. By this point you were losing your cool because you could feel the contractions and the thought of having your baby in the next day scared the shit out of you, so you yelled “I THINK MY WATER JUST BROKE YOU DIPSHIT! PUT YOUR CONTROLLER DOWN AND DRIVE MY ASS TO THE HOSPITAL OR I WILL GIVE BIRTH ON THE CARPET!” Michael looked up at you with a small smile, obviously hearing your voice but not knowing what exactly you had said. He quickly paused his game and took off his headset and smiled up at you and went to rub your tummy but was stopped when you grabbed his hand to try and pull him up. “We have to leave now,” you said before waddling towards the stairs. “What? Why?” He questioned while still sitting on the couch looking confused as hell as to why you’re rushing him out of the house at 11 pm on a Saturday night. “The baby’s on its way, like right now and I’d rather not give birth on our brand new carpets so lets fucking go”. 

send me a sentence and I’ll write a one shot/blurb thing based off of it please!!