but still omg i laughed so hard

  • Garrus: Alright, my turn. What's the first order an Alliance commander gives at the start of combat?
  • Joker: Uh... I give up.
  • Garrus: (chuckles) Correct.
  • Joker: Ohohoh... alright, big guy. What do you call it when a turian gets killed by a horrible spiky monster?
  • Garrus: Friendly fire - come on, that one goes back to Shanxi!
  • Joker: Well, you gotta respect the classics!
  • Garrus: How many humans does it take to activate a dormant mass relay?
  • Joker: (exasperated) 602. 600 to vote on it, one to ask the asari for technical help and one to request a seat on the Council afterwards. How do you know when a turian is out of ammo?
  • Garrus: He switches to the stick up his ass as a backup weapon. Why does the Alliance hire pilots... with brittle bone disease?
  • Joker: Y... you're shittin' me! The turian military has one about me?
  • Garrus: Oh, absolutely. I heard it myself from a private back on Palaven.
  • Joker: Okay, why does the Alliance hire pilots with brittle bone disease?
  • Garrus: So that their marines can beat someone in hand-to-hand drills.
  • Joker: ...damn, you need to tell James that one. Hey, what's the hardest part about treating a turian who took a rocket to one side of his face?
  • Garrus: (deadpan) Figuring out which side took the rocket.

anonymous asked:

Jumin + MC who happens to share the same name as his pet (not necessarily be Elizabeth)? Other RFA members may join in for reactions.

Hello~!! I’m not sure if this is quite what you were asking for, but I went for the humorous side of things :3

– R.I.


Yoosung: Ehh? Are you sure she’s trustworthy?

Seven: Yes yes, I’m already doing a background check on her and so far she seems wait what the- PFFT GYAHAHAHAHA

Seven: be back later omg lolololol what is this…?

Yoosung: what is what?!? Is there a funny photo of her or something? I want to see, I want to see!

Zen: OI!

Zen: Don’t invade her privacy like that! Anyways, what’s your name, mi’lady? I’m sure you have a wonderful name! Must be just as beautiful as yo-

You: Elizabeth the 3rd

Jumin: Oh, how did you know my cat’s name?

MC: What? No… that’s my name…

Yoosung: …


Jumin: …

Jumin: I see. What a wonderful name.

Yoosung: OMG!! So THAT’S what Seven’s laughing about!!

Zen: God. I hope he’s not dead from laughing

Seven: still here let me st o ppp laughinasdfkljsdfj

Yoosung: Seven’s laughing so hard he’s having trouble typing!!

You: …

Zen: Oh! No, we’re not making fun of you, I swear! It’s just… your name is really uhm, unique.

Jumin: ?

Jumin: Why would we ever make fun of her for such an elegant name?

Zen: You, shut up.



  • I’m so shocked!!
  • Her name is the same as Jumin’s cat??
  • Such a coincidence…
  • Should I laugh? But no, I don’t want to be mean, I just met her…
  • But… pfft… oh no, I can’t stop laughing
  • -silently prays to God to forgive him for being a bad kid-


  • This wonderful lady shares the same name as that Trust Fund Kid’s cat?!?
  • This must be a joke or something
  • -exits the chatroom-
  • -re-enters the chatroom-
  • I-I mean… she has a wonderful name but… Trust Fund Kid’s cat…
  • GRRR. It’s all the Trust Fund Kid’s fault for his stupid naming sense!!


  • She shares a name with the most beautiful lady in the world…
  • I wonder if she looks like Elizabeth the 3rd?
  • Hm. I must meet her at once.
  • Would she like to eat lobster…? It’s seafood, after all. Then again, it’s not fish…
  • Wait no, this is a human. Right.


  • -still dying of laughter-
  • Error 707: Reaction Unavailable
  • The Defender of Justice is currently laughing too hard. Please try again later.


so I really really love your fanfic How to Win Friends and Influence People and this part made me laugh a lot so I made this. I hope you like it!!


anonymous asked:

MC snorts when she laughs!!!!

oMG!!! THIs is me!! I snort when I laugh all the time!! (Well, okay, less so now, but when I was in high school, a classmate made me laugh as frequently and often as he could so he could tease me about snorting). Oh, I will have fun with this.


  • Yoosung wasn’t sure what exactly he did to warrant MC laughing that hard, but when a loud snort came out, she immediately covered her mouth
  • She was still laughing, but now she was also red from embarrassment
  • Yoosung was so startled by the snort that he started cracking up
  • MC smacked him with a pillow for laughing
  • When he could, Yoosung would try to get her to laugh hard enough to snort again


  • Aside from being slightly startled the first time it happened, I don’t think she’d react
  • Jaehee, granted, would think it was cute, and smile every time she heard MC’s laugh, but wouldn’t give it much thought otherwise
  • MC’s laugh always puts smiles on other people’s faces, so Jaehee just considers her smile a force for good


  • It was the most ridiculous segment on a talk show about Zen
  • They were watching it on TV and the segment started out normal when, out of the blue, one of the hosts suggested that Zen had a fake ponytail
  • Zen was embarrassed and slightly appalled by the whole thing, but he sat through the segment just to listen to MC laughing
  • The little snorts could have been mistaken for hiccups through her giggling
  • But he honestly thought it was so cute to listen to and see the genuine laugh on her face, he just left the TV on and waited through it


  • They were on the Messenger, sitting side by side, when Jumin made a joke
  • MC immediately started laughing, and couldn’t stop, even as a few soft snorts came out of her
  • Jumin mentioned MC doing something cute, then logged off the Messenger
  • Yes, it’s unladylike, but a genuine, unladylike laugh is better that a fake, haughty laugh any day
  • Jumin kisses her and warns her that if she’s too cute, he might have to keep her locked up for a few days


  • It was so cute
  • They were sitting on the couch, watching a show, when something made her laugh really hard
  • The moment MC snorted, he hands flew up to clamp down over her face
  • Saeyoung knew he had to hear it again
  • So he started making her laugh harder, telling her jokes and puns, leaning over as he did, even resorting to gently tickling all the places that he knew would get her going
  • Soon, she was wheezing on the couch, the victim of Saeyoung’s sadistic teasing, laughing and snorting uncontrollably while Saeyoung held her hands so she couldn’t fight back
  • Honestly, he thought it was super cute until she kicked him in the gut for not stopping when she told him too (she was laughing too hard, he couldn’t tell if she was being serious)
taekook fanfic rec #1

PLEASE feel free to recommend me any of your favorite BTS fanfics (any ship), because I will read them. Also, please let me know if you liked any of the stories I recommend!

IMPORTANT: All of the fics I rec will be on a scale of 8 to 10. (8- really good, happy I read it.  9- amazing, I loved it! 10- perfect, one of my favorites. [*]= top fave)

I hope you love the stories as much as I do! As always, happy reading~

1. Dating For Dummies

Summary: in which twitter is evil, jeon jeongguk is a bit tsundere, park jimin is satan and kim taehyung may or may not have a boyfriend.

Side Couples: Yoonmin, Namjin

Length: 12k words. Oneshot.

No warnings.

AU: Non-idol

Review: THIS WAS CUTE. And funny. And omg. It was a cute read, but the characterization was a little…off? You get over it pretty quick. I enjoyed it!

My Rating: 8.5/10

2. King of the Library, Knight of His Trade

Summary: Moral of the story? Don’t fuck with Jeon Jungkook or else you’ll end up ruining your perfect attendance to chase his coattails. 

Side couples: Suga x Jin (that’s a new one for me lol)

Length: 47.4k – 20 chapters (on Asian fanfic) (no chaps on ao3)


AU: College

Review: OH. MY. GOD. IF YOU HAVE NOT READ THIS PLEASE STOP WHAT YOU ARE DOING AND READ. IT. RIGHT. NOW. Okay. Okay. I’m calm. This is probably my all-time fave Taekook fic or at least in the top 3. I stayed up till 3am to finish this amazing piece of perfection.

My Rating: 10/10

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Take It Back (Soukoku)

Author’s Note: Heeey, @a-flustered-paint-appeared ~ Did I remember you saying that the 14th was your birthday in a post before? I think I did! Happy birthday, cupcake! I wrote this for you as a gift, so I hope you enjoy this along with your special day! <3

Description: Chuuya comes back home from a mission and immediately hits Dazai with a ‘fuck you’. Dazai, feeling playful, begins to chase Chuuya around the apartment and soon catches him to give him the punishment he deserves.

Word Count: 1,366

   Chuuya shut the door behind him and tossed his coat off with a groan. He had just returned from a mission to his and Dazai’s shared apartment and was exhausted from all of the work that he did. Sure, he didn’t really have to do much, but the mission was long and petty and ugh. He was sure glad to be home.

   Well, at least until his partner greeted him.

   He trudged into the living room and was heading to his room, but was stopped in his tracks when Dazai stepped in front of him and hugged him tightly.

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anonymous asked:

So..I've been quite sick for a few days and I missed out the whole confirmation of 2CT and ch129 spoilers.. OMFG! it's getting intense and although i'm not a big fan of 2CT and it makes me so sad to think that OurCiel's name is not Ciel and he'll have to deal with all kind of stuff while Lizzy is still missing and Soma and Agni URGGG but i laughed so hard when i see how shook Sebastian is lol. anyway, thank you SO MUCH for all of your posts, you saved my heart and my soul and everyone's soul <3

OMG I don’t know what I did to deserve such kind words, but thank you!! Hope you’ll fully recover soon<3<3

And yes, while the latest chapter was very serious, it was indeed quite amusing to see Sebastian’s shook face xD





What an Eggcellent Easter


Shiro = Space Dad
Keith = Let me sleep
Hunk = Hunkules
Lance = I Don’t Need Pants I’m a Mermaid
Pidge = Tech Geek Ready 2 Fight
Allura = Queen
Coran = Don’t trash the ‘stache
Matt = Tech Geek

I Don’t Need Pants I’m a Mermaid >> Hunkules,Tech Geek Ready 2 Fight, Let me sleep, Space Dad, Queen, Don’t trash the ‘stache

I Don’t Need Pants I’m a Mermaid: Soooooo! What are you all doing this lovely Easter?

I Don’t Need Pants I’m a Mermaid: I myself am spending time with my familyyy! Gonna go and hunt easter eggs and get candy!

Tech Geek Ready 2 Fight: Aren’t you too old for the egg hunt?

I Don’t Need Pants I’m a Mermaid: YOU’RE NEVER TOO OLD FOR THE EGG HUNT!

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I just had a thought

What if Sebastian forgot how to turn off instagram live and just put his phone in his pocket so during the entire premiere it was just a blurry ass view of his pocket as he walked around and shit 😂😂

And the comments is just people trying to get his attention.

“Seb it’s still on!”

“Turn your phone off Seb!”

A Picture’s Worth A Thousand Words

Oh gosh. Please blame this on @larvesta ‘s wonderful Chloe/Alya art and @miracufic ‘s fluff phase

1.But don’t you have a more flattering one?

Saving face is something Chloe’s has always prided herself on. She’s always strutted her way through life on gilded steps, silver spoon stuck firmly in her mouth as she steps over obstacles and often people.

But being a hero doesn’t give her much room to save face when her transparent wings are still new and stubbornly clinging against her yellow suit. She’s barely an asset on her good days and more a liability to the team on days when Pollen is being particularly stingy with her abilities.

The initial excitement of it all is waning in the face of her shame, as she is yet again, spirited away from a rampaging akuma in Volpina’s capable arms. She maintains what little gravitas she can, her chin lifted high and her gaze set forward as she shouts-

“Put me down you mangy fox! I can totally help Ladybug! Just give me a chance!”

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Love Your Artist Day

It’s the 4th day of the SnK no hate awareness week, and today we celebrate all the talented artists within our fandom! I’m a mess and so is my blog but I wanted to make a list of all the talented artists I know and follow, so here I go:

@lampurple( @lampurpleart): Bianca is an amazing artist, as well as an amazing person! She does commissions and she also loves little creatures, like pokemon and cats. She’s a blessing. Long time mutual right here and I’m happy she’s a friend.

@apetitan: Very sweet and talented, Meisoo is truly a gem to talk to and they’re always giving me some sort of feels. A++

@synstruck( @princelingkit): Very cool person to talk to, great cosplay/selfies, and amazing art, like he draws superb EreRis and he also writes!! He’s a very well rounded person, we don’t deserve him.

@spacebumblebees( @morebeesthanyoucouldimagine): Oh Kayu is a sweetheart, and they make really cute art! They have a love for all bees and they’re sweet like honey.

@dinklebert2( @dinklebert): She blesses our fandom with daily ereris and she’s just a wonderful person in general. Another person we don’t deserve I sob.

@eli-ereri: They make the cutest art ever, and they are another sweetheart. A long standing mutual for me! I feel blessed whenever I talk to them, oh help me.

@erenbaegerr: Oh Nada, they are a blessing to us all. They make wonderful art, and have great ideas, thank you for dealing with all my stupidness in the group chat lmao

@mastia: Cute person who makes equally cute ereris, they have a really nice blog and they are a person I’d like to talk with twin the future.

@erenspencil: more soft ereris, along with a cute and unique art style. Very very nice person! Yuu has a cool sense of humour and is someone I wanna talk more with, so cute ahh

@constant-catastrophe: Really cute, soft ereris and a adorable art style. Like seriously, all their art is precious, have you seen the witch au? I cry, very sweet person as well. They recently hit 1,000 followers and honestly they deserve it all like 10x over.

@roredwarrior3: This person, art, good art, nice, what, what are words. I cry I love their art so much, A+ right here, thank you for existing

@09raito: Thank you for existing as well, your line art and coloring style has me weak like.. always. I haven’t talked to them but they seem really cool.

@dreamxxdream: Beautiful ereris, they’ve been in the fandom so long and it’s a blessing, they draw so much beauty my eyes can’t take it, that recent Mikasa art has me dead I just wanna say, grade A+ right here

@bev-nap: I cry their art is so good, like.. idk how but?? It’s amazing??? Like I wanna keyboard smash in the tags whenever I see their art ah

@shingeki-no-erens-butt: cute ereris, all the cute ereris, very nice, you should go check them out ya

@lolakasa: I’m still cryinf, great artist, best eremikas and art in general. The erens… omg the erens.. so good like??? Bless them as well

@daydream24-7: cries, blessed eremikas and other great art. Very cute person who I’d life to talk to at least once. Her Mikasa gives me life, ooh great artist right here

@drinkyourfuckingmilk: fucking, ??? Goldmine??? She’s so funny and makes the best levihans. Literally so funny like if I wanna laugh super hard I just gotta read her tags??? Bless her.

@roxoah: I’ve been following him since I joined the fandom I’ve seen it all and omg the best art.

@kyo224: BEAUTIFUL. Just beautiful ereris, I love their art style and sketches, their Eren is beautiful, Levi is beau, their art is beau, I’m deceased.

@felixora: I cry that one art of Levi looking at Eren killed me???? It was beautiful??? Great artist right here?? Help me

@alemanriq: funny as heck and makes great art, love their art style and comics, a great person too, I love ahhh

@ererichi: Yes NAOMI YES. beautiful art just beauty, best ereris tbh, the baseball au??? Been in my heart since 2015???? God such a great person, we should talk more I weep

@krista-w-chan: Beautiful Ereris I just…. I.. so nice???? Like how??? Best Levi’s, also that nsfw.. heuheuheu some good shit right here

@strawberry-bell: I love their sketches!!! Grade A Levi’s, like, good shit, some god shit right here yes yes

@mr-d-teufel: wtfff, best sketches ever, and their ereris ar beautiful, have you sent their recent art my heart sings, they way they draw anatomy has me weak as well, I just, so good

@a-puzzling-development: Waah, soft ereris and cute art style? Like super cute, their Eren is precious, Levi is bae and their art is a miracle. I don’t understand all the greatness, I’ve been blinded help

@doodlingclown: I’m gonna cry, okay, fucking cute art like really cute, a+++ comics and their art is so funny and great, love this artist

@eryen-art: bessst, I love their art, great comics and they are so funny? Nice person too, all the goodness ah, they are a gift to all their fandom

@nayawata: the cutest art, they drew this merfolk ereri comic and tbh??? I still haven’t recovered it was so sweet, good person right here

@cang-ye-ji: Soft eremikas help me. Beautiful mikasas.. beautiful Eren’s.. beautiful art?? Yes?? Great person, they seem so soft and sweet we are not worthy

@kesshouka: great ereris and he also does cosplay, so great, he makes the best art and I just can’t even deal, if only you could see my face

@ayhiroshi: soft ereris, good ideas and great art, blesses my heart each time ty very much ah

@eridionn: I remember them all the way back to my early fandom and tbh, their art has a special place in my memory because boy yyy, the best

@selfmadesuperhero: THE BEST, HE MAKES THE BEST ART. like his Levi’s??? Goldmine man, also he made a trans Levi and not too many ppl do that and I made me weep ooh so good right here, thank you Charlie for constantly blessing the living fuck outta me my god

@blauerozen: bessssssst person ever, great art, like beautiful, soft ereris and??? All of their art is??? Amazing?? My heart

@tanekore: All of their ereris and art is good art??? Tbh they bring goodness to whatever fandom they’re in and it’s like, thank you??? Beautiful person and artist, and uh, ahem, that dilf!eren au has me blessed forever js, ahem

@renoidan-doodles: the best tbh, sweet art, nice person, they made this nsfw ereri art and it made me die it’s so funny lmao, great art right here ahhhh

@aivelin: best eruris tbh, whatever fandom they draw for it’s amazing, sweet person and fucking amazing art, the streams they host, omg it’s amazing just.. just beautiful

@isabelmaqnolia: I weep, sweet sweet shingekis, great art, very soft colouring and just-??? Sweetness? Hold on I think I got a cavity

All of these artists are amazing and great and I recommend everyone go follow everyone, yes yes!!! I hope you enjoyed my mess of a list lmao, your art is appreciated and you are loved by this blogger!

riphigenia  asked:

HEADCANON Damen expects when laurent laughs that he's going to chuckle or something more fit to his personality but when he begins to get more comfortable (around tsp) he laughs really bubbly and infectious and slightly snorty like a little kid and it's. amazing.


laurent is one of those people that has multiple laughs. he has his ‘charming’ laugh that sounds real but is completely fake and he has ensnared many an ambassador with it. he has his shy laugh which is really breathy and this close to a giggle omg he blushes so hard. and then there’s the third laugh which used to be his auguste laugh. it’s giggly and snorty and really embarrassing and honestly it’s so youthful that no one thought it existed anymore but aS IT TURNS OUT IT STILL EXISTS AND HE’S REALLY IN LOVE AND THE FIRST TIME DAMEN HEARS IT HE GETS AN ANIME NOSEBLEED

also people think that damen only has one laugh (his casual chuckle that turns really boomy when he’s drunk or finds something hilarious) but when he’s hanging around in bed with laurent in the mornings he giggles he fucking g i g g l e s. it’s impossible to tell which of them is more taken aback but it’s adorable.

Gotham academy+role models

-Olive looks up to red hood because of how he defends people who’s families have been messed with and how he takes none of batman’s shit
-One time Jason was at the school doing Red hood stuff and olive was just 1000% overwhelmed
-This made Jason 1000% overwhelmed too because ????¿¿!? People look up to me ???!?!¿?
-Colton looks up to Harley Quinn and Poison Ivy
-TBH he just stumbled into harley while going to his trailer in the woods
-harley:“Hey puddin ya’ know how we were talking about kids”
Ivy:“I know of it”
Harley:“yeah well we have a son now his name is Colton”
-The two of them just let Colton sit in this apartment and complain about his parents and school (and Kyle)
- Ivy gave him a little succulent so she could keep an eye on him
- Ivy:“This way if your family ever puts a hand on you again I’ll know and be able to beat them up”
-Pom likes Cat woman
-honestly tho who doesn’t look up to cat woman
-Independent Cuban woman with a really high education and self-confidence.
- one night she witnesses cat woman escaping a robbery and she yells “Please just be my sugar mama omg”
-Selina starts laughing so hard she stops and almost gets caught.
-Colton uses his moms to hook up Pom so she can actually talk to Catwoman
-Colton:“boi am I about to make your fucking day”
-Kyle and Maps are the only ones from a pro-batman family
-Maps is super embarrassed that her hero knows her as the kid who got Damian expelled on his first day at a real school.
-Still not embarrassed enough that when she was invited as Damian’s plus one to a fancy Wayne gala she refrained from playing deep throat by cupcakke from the speakers
-that was also known as the time she was running way from Bruce and face planted into the entrance to the bat cave
-For Halloween everyone dressed as their respective role models
-olive:red hood
Colton: harley
Pom:cat woman
Kyle: batman (he saw his friends were uncomfortable and changed in the end)
- maps was too small to get a regular robin costume and had to get the “girl” version
- Damian actually ended up dropping by on Halloween and found it hilarious that people would even sell something like that
-of course they knew they were almost the same exact size and needed to switch costumes
-only problem was Damian forgot to switch back and had to go on patrol as sexy robin
-also the batfam saw the pictures he took of the club and were generally confused
-tim:“why are your friends so against us good guys, you’re the only one in the family that’s attracted such anti-hero people”
-Damian: “super boy”

RFA finding out MC is only eating junk food

***May or may not have been inspired by the fact that I’ve been eating sO MUCH CANDY SINCE HALLOWEEN AND RFA WOULD BE S O DISAPPOINTED IN ME IM SORRY


-he would be so disappointed
-maybe guilt trip you a lil
-“MC you know I like girls who eat well…”
-“I know….”
-would try to cook for you
-..until he realizes there’s literally n o t h i n g
but beer and water in his pantry
-you tag along
-he has to keep you from throwing a bunch of junk food in the cart
-grocery trip success!
-Zen cooking…not so much
-eventually he just gives up
-“let’s just get some goldfish shaped buns”


-He would cook for you
-it would probably look like shit
-but it would still taste good
-that’s all that matters
-he cooks for you whenever you so much as try to skip a meal
-which is pretty often
-he cares about your eating habits more than you do tbh
-eventually he joins the cooking club again
-his meals improve GREATLY
-you lowkey skip meals more often just so he can cook for you
-he catches on eventually
-“MC you know you could just ask me to cook for you right?”
-he teaches you to cook too
-Master Chef Yoosung and MC in the house


-ho boy
-this is RFA Mom™ we’re talking about
-she would give you a proper scolding
-even though she mainly eats takeout what a hypocrite
-would then proceed to feed you properly
-either by cooking for you or talking Jumin into letting one of his chefs cook for you
-makes sure you eat properly from then on
-as if she didn’t already
-you get on her case about eating too tbh
-“don’t worry about me MC I’m fine”
-“i’M FINE”
-“…..omg you sound like Zen rn”
-whoops sorrynotsorry
-you take turns cooking and get better together


-he gets his best chefs to cook a WELL BALANCED MEAL for you
-pretty much all your meals are cooked by his chefs from then on
-“Jumin it’s fine I’m capable of cooking by myself-”
-“No, you must make sure your meals are well balanced and healthy.”
-chefs need breaks too tho
-so when they have a day off Jumin attempts cooking for you
-key word: attempts
-poor bby he’s trying so hard
- Mista Trust Fund Kid has never cooked a day in his life
-20 minutes and one near death experience later he just decides to take you to a restaurant
-“Really Jumin, I could’ve just cooked….”


-*laughs while eating Honey Buddha Chips and drinking Ph. D. Pepper*
-both of you are so unhealthy omg
-how are you still alive