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After looking at the 12 Posters, 35 figurines, six plushies, my stack of trading cards, my book bag hangers, and my shirt, I came to realize that FNaF is still one of my favorite fandom’s in in.

bi girls:
  • it’s okay if you once thought you were gay
  • it’s okay if you once thought you were straight
  • it’s okay if you’re not sure
  • it’s okay if you prefer men
  • it’s okay if you prefer women
  • it’s okay if you prefer trans* people
  • you are not obligated to date both sexes
  • you are not obligated to like both sexes equally
  • you are valid 
  • nobody else can decide your sexuality for you
  • no matter what anyone says you’re still bi bi bi

Happy one year anniversary UNDERTALE !

Today on twitter someone told me I should SUPPORT the shows and movies I’m talking about instead of just tweeting about it because “tweeting about it doesn’t get them views/money” and I’ve never, ever, encountered someone who so badly missed the point of my entire online brand. Wildest thing someone ever said to me. 

I’m happy to announce that I will be hosting a James Olsen week to show our love and appreciation of James Olsen.  James Olsen week will take place from August 12th to August 18th

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If you have any questions at all please feel free to send me an ask or message me :)

Themes for the week:

  • Day one (August 12th): Favorite trait(s)
  • Day two (August 13th): Favorite Quote(s)
  • Day three (August 14th): Favorite relationship(s)
  • Day four (August 15th): Favorite outfit(s)
  • Day five (August 16th): Favorite badass moment(s)
  • Day six (August 17th): Favorite tender moment(s)
  • Day seven (August 18th): Free Day

medalion confirmed isabella is a lesbian, which means ssc had a black girl as a main as well as a black man as a prince and a middle eastern lesbian princess and tons of other rep for everyone, but you guys decided to sleep on it because white feminists were pissy. got it. 

New Material from One Direction

Harry Styles

Label: Columbia
Release date: This Friday
Team: Managed by best friend Jeff Azoff. Recruited James Corden’s PR reps Dawbell. Mentored by Sony US boss Rob Stringer and UK chief exec Jason Iley.

Louis Tomlinson

Label: Syco
Release date: Second single released in June
Team: Only member to stay loyal to Simon Cowell. Signed to Ant and Dec’s management James Grant. Still repped by 1D’s PR Simon Jones.

Niall Horan

Label: Capitol
Release date: Second single released in May
Team: Only member to stay with 1D’s management team Modest, where he has his own golf firm. Also repped by the band’s PR Simon Jones.

Liam Payne

Label: Capitol UK / Republic
Release date: First single released in June
Team: Joined up with David Beckham’s manager and BFF Simon Oliveira. Chose the same publicist as Robbie Williams and Elton John in Murray Chalmers.


my thoughts on every rep song

ready for it: still tied for my favourite with one other. i just love it idk why. i was literally so shocked when it came out i just… IDK I GRAVITATED TO IT.

end game: catchy! not something i would really listen to if it wasn’t taylor, you know? but it’s still a bop. she’s also a lyrical genius, like they’re all so well written. ‘and i bury hatchets, but i keep maps of where i put ‘em’. so fucking good.

i did something bad: hands down my favourite alongside ready for it. it’s my type of music, if that makes sense? this is my ‘haunted’, ‘ikywt’ and ‘i know places’ of the album. it’s my favourite 100%.

don’t blame me: adore it. definitely a ‘overdose on drugs’ song (lmfao that’s what my sister calls what my music taste is like) and yep i love it. so good and sultry and catchy and darker and she is taking no one’s shit.

delicate: really good. i love her lyrics. i love the beat. i wanted a lil somethin more, feels very… one tone? idk i don’t know music verbiage but it’s still very good and def gonna be a good driving song.

look what you made me do: a banger. ‘nuff said.

so it goes…: ‘you know i’m not a bad girl, but i do bad things with you’ ripriprip i really love this song too. i honestly adore the direction her music is going in. whenever i say ‘ya i’m a taylor fan’ people will be confused cause she’s normally not what i listen to but this is definitely going in my typical direction and i LOVE her exploring it.

gorgeous: it grows on me every time i listen to it. i wasn’t feeling it the first time i listened, but when it comes on now i’m like OH WORM??????? again, her lyrics are other worldly but we all knew that. not to mention that cat lyric was literally written for me.

getaway car: the robot noise at the beginning is… inch resting. but this song feels very… 1989 taylor for sure. it’s a good thing. it’s a banger. i’m going to be screaming it in the shower. but it’s not my favourite. still catchy tho.

king of my heart: this one feels very forgettable when it starts but then that…hook…chorus…drop… (seriously i don’t know music terms) hits and you’re like OH ALRIGHT ALRIGHT ALRIGHT? i can’t wait to dance to this at the concert. but the talking-singing part is a little ¯\_(ツ)_/¯ to me but that’s okay cause it just gets me more pumped for the DROP!

dancing with our hands tied: a banger. this one intrigued me the most by the title alone, and i wasn’t disappointed. wasn’t my FAVOURITE but i have a feeling all these songs are going to grow more and more on me over time till they’re all my favourites so. but i do love it? not much else to say.

dress: so i want to do the do to this song. it’s sexy. it’s so different. i absolutely love that she’s exploring new things and new lyrics and just!!!! so proud!!!!

this is why we can’t have nice things: lorde vibes??? anyone????? 22/new romantics vibes during the chorus, not sure why. i think this one will have to grow on me? 

call it what you want: so soft. so pure. so good. i want to drive down the coast with my lover’s hand on my thigh to this song.

new year’s day: lyrics! lyrics! lyrics! i wish i loved it more but i think that will come in due time. i’m just hyped and it’s lower tempo so i think this is going to be a song i need to listen to when i am crying. i’ll update you once i’m in that mood lmao.

in conclusion:

taylor swift murdered me!!!

The Get Down was such an important show to me because it portrayed that even if you are brown and come up from nothing​ you an still be something. Dizzee’s bi rep was important to me as a fellow bisexual because it just shows that, yes we do exist. The relationship between Mylene, Regina, and Yolanda showed that women build women. Strong female relationships are so scarce in this age of t.v and film. The Get Down also had the most fire soundtracks I’ve ever heard. I love TGD with all my heart and even though it’s not likely it will come back I really love the community it has built and what it has taught me.

Remember back in 2008 when the fandom’s consensus was just that these two were married as hell? I kind of miss it tbh we had bad  hawt yaoiz tropes but the domestic stuff was otherwise pretty cute

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But really, very seriously, I think Ana being trans would be an excellent decision, creatively (and therefore is one Blizzard is unlikely to make /salt). Her womanhood and motherhood are clearly very important to her, and narratives of trans motherhood (and womanhood outside of the context of transition) are very, very rare.  It would mean a lot to see that there is more to the trans experience than just transition, that our lives don’t end there, that the meaning of womanhood (or manhood in the case of trans men, or a non-binary identity for enby people) is and continues to be important to trans lives.

I’d love to see a character (like Ana) as trans representation, because while being trans wouldn’t be the only facet of her character (like cis people like to do with their token rep), her womanhood is clearly still something that is very important to her, and enhances her character.