but still made me squeal

Paper Planes - Epilogue (Lin-Manuel x Reader)

Summary: You and Lin have very special memories all centered around paper planes.

Word Count: 1,329

Warnings: Ridiculous fluff.

A/N: I wasn’t gonna post this until Friday but I ended up having a really shitty end to my night last night and I wanted to make sure your day ends up being better than mine was yesterday.

This is the epilogue to Paper Planes, which is my pride and joy. Here’s to hoping I did it a little justice with this ending. If you’re still looking for more content I can offer you this post of headcannons or my open inbox. Yell at me, send me your own headcannons, whatever you want.

You stopped having to launch paper planes out of your window years ago but there was something you both clung to when it came to putting words down on paper. It wasn’t really necessary for you to do when you first started dating - you and Lin had exchanged phone numbers and when he wasn’t at the Richard Rogers he was with you - but you continued to do so because of the romance of it all. You couldn’t help but be sentimental about the notion.

After you moved in with him you had decided to exchange paper planes for good morning kisses. Lin, however, persisted. He’d leave you neatly folded paper planes in various places; your purse, your bedside table, taped to the bathroom mirror once or twice. You could never do words justice like Lin could so you’d respond to each one in the form of a conversation, a kiss, or a phone call. It was a quirky dynamic to have one person continuing to write letters while the other professed their love verbally but it was yours and you wouldn’t trade it for the world.

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You did good, Tremors. You did good.”

       Hey Everyone!

 So I decided to try and make a follow forever to thank all the amazing followers and people who have helped and supported me in this Roleplay fandom up until now. You’ve all been so nice and kind to me I don’t know what else to do to show my appreciation. First there will be some specific mentions to some special people of mine:~

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By Anonymous

The two conflicting ships I have are AtsushixEn AtsushixKinshiro. It’s so hard to decide who to ship because Atsushi and En are perfect in many ways but then the past childhood friendship with Kinshiro and Atsushi makes me squeal. It’s so ugh.

By Anonymous

I would really love if ended Kinshirou Atsushi and En ended up in a threesome, I know it’s not likely but I still want it.

By Anonymous

Honestly I love EnAtsu and ep 8 made me squeal like a maniac but if they don’t do something with KinAtsu soon I may tear my hair out.

semoka  asked:

This guys got balls, I respect that. I just don't understand why he decides to hate on someone instead of using those balls to do something productive. Besides make a child. Good lord have mercy on us if that guy makes a child.

*rolls around* I’m still so happy he made an effort to talk to me I’m squealing omgggggg