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Happy Birthday Min!

All sides of you are irresistible.

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Morning💟 I’m so glad he finally blessed us with the live , and I’m so happy because he made it clear that they’re doing great in NY . Also , he looks happy to be there and that made my life💓💓 I was really worried about him as some of you guys know but thanks god he’s doing fine💓💓but still he looks a little tired and he has to rest more💞💞 I Love him💗💖

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Niall looks like a full grown man these days and I'm not breathing! It's so weird to look at pics from the beginning of last year to now. He looks so much older and my brain can't process adult Niall. MAN Niall. You can't even mistakenly call him a boy like nah that's a man

YES you’re absolutely right there’s been such a chance, like let’s start with the end of 2014

look at him he’s still such a boy, his hair is so wild, his face is so cute boyish still and his clothing style.. not wearing a suit to an event like he would now

and then at the end of 2015 he’s already quite different too, he’s gotten a bit more classy, with the glasses and the suit, he tries to be a bit more grown up, look a bit more adult.. but still he looks like a young boy here in a suit that doesn’t belong to him isn’t it? 

here’s niall in june 2016, he’s already looking a little different, mature. his posture somehow looks broader, his face looks a little bigger, rounder. his hair is not as boybandy-perfect anymore

and in the end of 2016 he looks like this, the blonde is almost gone from his hair, he definitly looks broad, his beard is growing well. he’s starting to look like the grown up niall we know now 

and then, niall in 2017. brunette, beard, broad, shorter hair, no quiff anymore, nice suit, large head, beautiful. such a man, such a husband. this is what we were waiting for isn’t it. niall was always beautiful, the blonde was perfect and it fitted him so well and i do miss it but look at him now.. isn’t this the most beautiful man, isn’t this pure art?????? i love it so much, definitely not a boy anymore !! also last one just bc 

three years apart.. look at how different his chin is?? his nose also looks bigger, his neck looks thicker, he looks so different but still the same as well. AMAZING

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Not sure if it's been asked already but does Gabe shapeshift into cute small animals when Jack's (unless Jack has a favorite animale Gabe shifts to) having a bad day and needs some cheering up?

it hasn’t “bean” asked, haha. ;)

hm…jack does have a favorite animal he can turn to….the bean is one of them but gabe also turns into a dog, and believe it or not, a pig. the bean is the most popular but the pig is a close second; jack used to live on a farm and they had a few pigs. his favorite pork friend was a sow named babs, and he would nap and cuddle with it a lot.  

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I think I'm ace but I'm not sure. I'm a girl and I'm attracted to cute boys. Fluffy hair, adorable smiles, silly giggles, dorky personalities etc. but I've always been repulsed by muscles and what is considered 'hot' by the norm. I've never once looked at a boy and thought he was 'hot'. I like the idea of someday being in a relationship (not now because I think I'm still too young to date, I'm only 16) but only a cuddle-hug kind, neck kisses maybe. But does that mean ace? Thanks for the help> :)

if you want to figure out if you’re ace, you need to ask yourself one simple question: do you feel sexual attraction?

make sure what you’re feeling isn’t another type of attraction (platonic, romantic, sensual, etc.)

if the answer is no, then you’re ace. ta-da. nothing more to it.

what you find attractive in a person doesn’t really help figure out your sexuality either


Clayton Keller - Lucky Puck

Anon: Hey if you can and if you have the time can you do a Clayton Keller one where the two go to collage together and Y/N plays for the girls hockey team but they hate each other but they still support each other at their hockey games and at one of his games that Y/N watches at the end he kisses her?

A/N: OMG I love Clayton so much and I can’t wait for him to play with the yotes. Look at how cute he is, I mean c’mon. This was so fun to write. 

Waning/s: Mentions of sexual tension, swearing 

Word count: 1,207 

Song: ILYSB - LANY, or if you’re feeling angsty like me all the time: Certain Things - James Arthur (this is very cute with this so)

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If your request stream is still up and running can you do Fashion + his personalities as voidling?

Here’s Fashion! It’s really turning into more of a “Staff and friends fuse with Fashion and friends” kinda thing, but he looks too cute. X3

I’ll do the others later, I promise. XD

Fashion belongs to @fashionistasans

Just wanted to say a huge “Thank You” to everyone for the unbelievable support. My knee hurts and my eyes are swollen from crying, but my heart is full, my motivation is strong and my man and family are simply amazing 😍😍 Plus, I can still look cute rockin the leg brace and crutches for a few weeks 😉😙. Thanks again to those that have sent their support, funny comments, prayers and offers of volunteerism 😄.
#me 💋💋💋

Perfect - Carl Gallagher x Reader

Requested by Anon
pairing: Carl Gallagher x Reader
Description: You and Carl just officially started dating and he surprises you with a date night
A/N: This is extremely gushy and I wrote it while I was half asleep and honestly I can’t deal it’s too cute brace yourselves for the cutest thing ever (and I couldn’t write about How Would You Feel, so I’m sorry but look this is still cute)

You sit on the back porch steps of the Gallagher house, smiling to yourself. It was dark out, which made the butterflies in your stomach soar. What could Carl possibly have planned at this time? You couldn’t help the feeling in your chest for the surprise.

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Okay, so I saw this picture of a friend today that was comparing herself two years apart. March 25, 2015 to March 25, 2017. In the first she was very thin, full face of makeup, and wearing a pretty dress. The whole nine yards. In the second she was very much pregnant, no makeup and still looking beautiful.

She captioned it, “Oh Lord, pregnancy is not making me cute!”. I know she is just fishing. But seriously. Do you actually think like that? Or do you want other women to think like that? You are growing another human inside of your body. Of course you’re going to gain weight. But there is NOTHING that is “not cute” about that. If anything, you are more beautiful than before.

I know it’s not my place to speak like this probably because I’m not the pregnant one, but I just hate the image that puts out. You do not need to be skinny to be beautiful. You would never walk up to a pregnant woman and say, “Oh Lord, pregnancy is not making you look cute”. Why say it to yourself?


On that note, it makes me look at myself. I have the same mindset that I am seeing in her. I see the weight I’ve gained over the past however many years and think how much more beautiful I could be if I were only “X” pounds less than I am. Here I am going on this long rant of weight not being the deciding factor in beauty, yet, I think that way daily. I look at thinner women and think, “Wow, if only I looked like them. Then I’d be happy with how I look.” I look at old pictures of me and it makes me feel like crap about how I look now.

But here’s the thing. Maybe there’s nothing wrong with me in the same way that I see there’s nothing wrong with her.